Rush Limbaugh called out Barack Obama for lying about this big crime

Barack Obama’s lie about his administration being “scandal free” continues to unravel.

The mountainous levels of corruption, wrongdoing, and illegal activity continues to surface.

And Rush Limbaugh called out Barack Obama for lying about this big crime.

During a recent broadcast Limbaugh dissected a recent Politico article about Barack Obama where writer Ryan Lizza reported Obama told associates after meeting Trump in 2016 that Trump “knows nothing.”

The Fake News Media took that to mean Obama sized up Trump as ignorant on matters of policy and government.

But Limbaugh made the case that what Obama meant was that Trump knew nothing about the massive spying operation the FBI conducted against the Trump campaign.

Limbaugh stated:

Obama was running the spy operation on Trump at the time. That’s what Obama meant when he said Trump “knows nothing.” They want us to believe that Obama is saying, “This guy’s the biggest blithering idiot! He doesn’t know a damn thing about this job.” If you ask me, Obama, after the first meeting with Trump after the election…? This FBI sting operation, it’s been going for months before the election, and it had really geared up afterwards. I think Obama was saying, “Trump doesn’t know anything about our operation…

…Does anybody believe this? That Obama was hoping Trump would seek his advice? What world’s Obama living in if he really actually thought that would happen? Keep in mind the Obama DOJ, the Obama FBI, the Obama CIA director, the Obama Director of National Intelligence and the Obama FBI director, James Comey, are running this Trump-Russia collusion hoax before the election…

…I’m telling you that when Obama is telling people Trump knows absolutely nothing, he’s talking about Trump knows absolutely nothing about our operation. And this is being cast as Obama, the brilliant, greatest president ever, judging Trump’s competence and saying he doesn’t know anything. That’s not how you would criticize somebody newly elected president, even if you disagreed, even if you thought they were an idiot. “He doesn’t know anything.” That’s too broad-based. It’s too scatter shot.

The Obama administration and the FBI attempting to sabotage Trump’s campaign and then his Presidency with an illegal espionage operation is the worst scandal in American political history.

As more Americans learn the ugly details of the Obama administration’s Soviet-style scheme to frame Donald Trump for colluding with the Russians, they are wondering why Obama’s top FBI officials haven’t been charged with crimes.

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