Rush Limbaugh called out Barack Obama for lying about this big crime

Barack Obama’s lie about his administration being “scandal free” continues to unravel.

The mountainous levels of corruption, wrongdoing, and illegal activity continues to surface.

And Rush Limbaugh called out Barack Obama for lying about this big crime.

During a recent broadcast Limbaugh dissected a recent Politico article about Barack Obama where writer Ryan Lizza reported Obama told associates after meeting Trump in 2016 that Trump “knows nothing.”

The Fake News Media took that to mean Obama sized up Trump as ignorant on matters of policy and government.

But Limbaugh made the case that what Obama meant was that Trump knew nothing about the massive spying operation the FBI conducted against the Trump campaign.

Limbaugh stated:

Obama was running the spy operation on Trump at the time. That’s what Obama meant when he said Trump “knows nothing.” They want us to believe that Obama is saying, “This guy’s the biggest blithering idiot! He doesn’t know a damn thing about this job.” If you ask me, Obama, after the first meeting with Trump after the election…? This FBI sting operation, it’s been going for months before the election, and it had really geared up afterwards. I think Obama was saying, “Trump doesn’t know anything about our operation…

…Does anybody believe this? That Obama was hoping Trump would seek his advice? What world’s Obama living in if he really actually thought that would happen? Keep in mind the Obama DOJ, the Obama FBI, the Obama CIA director, the Obama Director of National Intelligence and the Obama FBI director, James Comey, are running this Trump-Russia collusion hoax before the election…

…I’m telling you that when Obama is telling people Trump knows absolutely nothing, he’s talking about Trump knows absolutely nothing about our operation. And this is being cast as Obama, the brilliant, greatest president ever, judging Trump’s competence and saying he doesn’t know anything. That’s not how you would criticize somebody newly elected president, even if you disagreed, even if you thought they were an idiot. “He doesn’t know anything.” That’s too broad-based. It’s too scatter shot.

The Obama administration and the FBI attempting to sabotage Trump’s campaign and then his Presidency with an illegal espionage operation is the worst scandal in American political history.

As more Americans learn the ugly details of the Obama administration’s Soviet-style scheme to frame Donald Trump for colluding with the Russians, they are wondering why Obama’s top FBI officials haven’t been charged with crimes.


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68 Responses

  1. James Fielding says:

    obamination (abomination) obama bin laden the skinny organ grinder monkey (he even looks like a monkey!). HARDENED ARROGANT CRIMINAL.

  2. Jack Handy says:

    What Limbaugh Says IS TRUE.
    >0bomba .Brennan. Clapper.Mueller
    Hillary. W/Long LIST ETC.
    ‘think ppl are ‘UnAWARES’ /stupid.
    > I Don’t think so. <
    (but some Are, on this site & elsewhere.)

  3. John Vieira says:

    The Main Sewer Stream Fake Media has been “running interference” for the political establishment for at least forty years, to the point of complicity. All their crimes have been “whitewashed” or ignored purposefully. They were assigned the task of getting rid of the non-politician who got elected, despite their most heinous attempts to stop him and are now caught in their own web of deceit and have no other choice but to continue the “Big Lie”…

  4. John D Cole says:

    Barry Soetoro is not a mastermind of anything he’s a low IQ script reader and nothing more

    • Kurt says:

      NoBummer Lovest IQ. of any president ewer in the US history at 118, and very high for a Muslim. Bush not too bright with 122, 15. year-old Baron Trump, 135. his dad 165, Highest ewer of any President in the US history. No Wonder he Outsmarted all his 16. Opponents, the Bushes, All the MSM, got Billions in free airtime Than He outsmarted the Clinton NoBummer Mafia than the FBI. the CIA, Clapper, and the DemonRat Pack are still trying to Oust No.45. to no avail after 3. Years. a complete Standstill.

  5. Leon says:

    Obama administration is corrupt from the top down. He still has not proved he’s a natural born United States American.

  6. A Seeker says:

    Beto O’Rourke is not smart enough to either out done, nor out-smart President TRUMP! No one surpasses the WITS of Trump!

  7. gerard bauer says:

    The only good Democratic politician in Washington is six feet under. All the rest CAN be put there by 67 million plus true red blooded Americans. Federal and military law DOES NOT allow military to guard any member of the US House or Senate. But it does allow them to arrest, prosecute, convict and imprison everyone of them for treason, espionage, contributing to terrorism and espionage. And nothing can stop armed military personnel from carrying out this order. Because anyone that tries can also be charged as accessories to harboring fugitives.

    • CHENZ says:


    • Will says:

      gerard,, What you are describing ,, sounds a lot like { A Political faction}
      this is also mentioned in,,, what is a COUP ,, and you are so right

  8. John M says:

    Not ONE traitor has been indicted!
    No one is in prison.
    Who’s got an eye on election fraud in the 2020 election ? 22 million new Democratic voters hopped the fence.
    Is no one upholding the laws already on the books?

  9. Chenz says:


  10. Debbie Downer says:

    Obama was the first affirmative action president.
    He only got the job because he’s black.

    • Norman says:

      Joe Biden was made Obama\s VP because The Democrats knew no one wanted Biden as President, so this insured no assassination attempts. That is why it is so weird then trying to run him for President today!!

      • Debbie Downer says:

        Biden still polls well among democrats which either shows them to be idiots or desperate.
        You put Biden up against Trump in a debate and Biden will get slaughtered so I guess that’s why impeachment is so important to them.

      • Will says:

        Norman,, that`s pretty much all they have left ,, and they are all crazier then a Sh*t house rat



  11. Sherry says:

    Obama still lives in Washington! No other President has remained in Washington. Why do you think Obama has? Not hard to figure that one out. Still hard at work trying to take this President out.

    • Pont says:

      I thought he paid something like 12 million for a place out on Martha’s vineyard.

      • Drew says:

        He did but he’s awash with money from somewhere and has never worked explain that one. Let’s see million dollar homes not one three Chicago, DC, Martha’s Vineyard that one 16 million. Can I be president one term so I can become a multimillionaire?

    • gerard bauer says:

      militia needs to declare a civil war against Obumass and not take any prisoners

      • Eileen Trent says:

        gerard bauer

        On Oct. 3rd. Pres Trump activated Marines Directive 550/19.

        Trump activated Marines for emergency within the U.S. for defense of the homeland.

        I believe in response to the foul-mouthed Tlaib actively seeking for a way to arrest Pres. Trump and his cabinet. BTW it’s she that will be going to prison, hopefully soon.

        Also, Pelosi inquiring from the sergeant-of-arms in Congress how she can have Trump arrested..

        The threat from a former FBI agent on CNN saying Trump better watch his back, cuz someone from one of those intel. agencies will “stick a shiv”( sic) in his back!!

        U see, this is not an impeachment, it’s a coup……And Trump is prepared for anything the DEEP STATE attempts!!

        Pelosi thought she cud have Barr arrested, now they want to impeach him too—-they’re all nuts!!

        The so called impeachment is nothing but a smokescreen 4 their REAL plan…..the overthrow of the government.

        They’re like animals cornered cuz it’s all coming out about all their crimes, and now they r desperate…….Trump has it all under control!

        Everyone of the coup attempters can be arrested.

        I thought everyone knew about that Directive, it’s been out there since Oct. 3rd., lest any loony left wails conspiracy…..LOL

        • Will Penny says:

          I hope the Far Left Wing Looney Tunes make a move , it’s high time this Sham Show is put to a End . With the DemonRats walking up the steps to the Gallows . The Old Hangman has work at hand , for there’s many Sinners in old DC , A Good Old-fashion Neck Tie Party is in Order !!

  12. Jan says:

    Obama is a perfect ass!

  13. David Fuller says:

    Obama played Saul Alinskis rules for
    radicals right. He fooled the American people. We are in a war for our country people. Buckle up.

    • Saddlebum says:

      AMEN BROTHER, why was soetoro so gung ho to take all of our guns away. The time is coming people so you all just better
      LOCK AND LOAD!!!!

    • trump played you for a fool – he is a member of the radical right and is leading this nation into a Nazi state. Obama at least tried to fix the immigration mess but was hindered by the Republicans. Mitch McConnell stated when Obama won his first election: we will do everything to make sure he is not reelected. Your hatred of Obama is racist and you forget God created man and women equal – there is no distinction in His eyes in what skin color you are. Trump lies and what he did with the children of asylum seekers was morally wrong. You just do not separate children from their parents – Hitler did that. Hatred only makes you suffer from medical and mental health issues. Jesus wants us to love one another not hate – trump does not know how to love anyone but himself. One cannot reason with a person who is biased. Perhaps, you should read your Bible more, you would be much happier and less hateful.

      • Chenz says:

        Joseph Your a idiot
        Obama= Antichrist!

        • Chenz says:

          Yeah your Obama s bible has no room
          For jews, whites, Christians.
          OBAMA Farracon jackson Sharpton
          Thrive on your stupidity!!

      • jreb57 says:

        “You just do not separate children from their parents – Hitler did that.”
        So di9d Obama. The courts made him stop, not Mitch McConnel.

        • mike says:

          In YOUR town when someone commits a felony what happens to their kids??? Hmmm.. What are YOU doing about it???

        • Chenz says:

          YOUR an idiot to, if your arrested and detained, do you think your kids go in the slammer with you !
          And those pictures of kids in cages were from the Obama years.
          And no one drank out of a toilet ,the sinks are attached to the top.
          You are the uneducated voter they will destroy this country With.

      • Joe Biden says:

        YOU, sir, ARE THE WORST STUPID IDIOT EVER. AND YA CAN’T FIX STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Will Penny says:

        Joseph your a complete Dumbass . You nothing about Hitler’s Third Reich and what a truly Evil Monster that even was . When I see one of you SIMPLETONS comparing Trump to Hitler , that just tells me your most definitely are a Simpleton Dumbass Liberal Idoit !!

      • Mike says:

        FACTS…. Obama built the CAGES. Obama separated more kids than Trump.. In every town in America when a parent is arrested what happens to their kids??? The police,CPS and courts are NAZI’s ??? I read your post and see hatred, mental health, read your bible. DO YOU OWN A MIRROR??? 19 minutes after Trump took the oath of office the first newspaper article appeared calling for impeachment. If you are even slightly objective what was racism before and after Obama??? America is so racist we elected a black man TWICE!! The media says Trump lied 10,000 times?? What about 15 a day??? If so then you should be able to name FIVE. Obama not Trump built the CAGES. Obama separated far more than Trump. Did Obama appoint the first black general? Trump did because he is a RA CIST

      • Will says:

        Joseph You have no idea ,, how much I hate people that hide behind the bible ,, and you rank right up there ,,, you are wrong ,,and Trump was not the one that,, divided the children from their ,, what ever ,, most were not real families ,, that was implemented by your Wonderful Black EX con man Oblowbag.. Shut up and forget trying to change everyone`s minds about becoming communist ,, we don`t want it and if you do ,, go to China

      • Jo says:

        You actually describe Obama accurately, not Trump. Nice try deceiver.

  14. Dale Hammond says:

    I would enjoy seeing Obama and the TRAITOROUS Democrats get their due in this life. But they WILL get it in the next life. Judgment WILL come. That in no comfort to me because it will be too late for those without Christ.

    • glenn dupuis says:

      Obama knows that he is safe, protected by millions of leftists, ANTIFA, blacks that love him. If he was ever brought to justice there would be riots from one end of ths country to the other and he knows it.Soros would pour millions into stoking the riots.

      • David says:

        Bring it. We have all the guns. I for one would love to see negro bodies dead in the streets. Millions of them.

        • S.COCHISE says:

          David, why are you making such a statement? There are a multitude of good,descent black americans and most of my friends are black. Get on your knees and pray to GOD for forgiveness. By the way,I’m also an avid supporter of President Trump. In case you’re wondering, I’m half Irish and half Cherokee.

      • Jerry Sweet says:

        Then machine gun them down and that vile God hating soros America lets take back our country

  15. JG says:

    All involved need to be hanged in public!!!!

    • Bogee says:

      That’s a little harsh, having their houses raided in the middle of the night and being walked in public in handcuffs ,a swift due process and seeing them in orange suits is fine for me

  16. R says:

    Obama is what you call a sly cat he kept everything on the down low until he was president than he went crazy with all his executive orders and no body said nothing when he fired all the ambassadors of the U.S and than put all his people in high positions all his transcripts should be reviewed I bet a lot of dirt would come up

  17. There’s no doubt Barack Obama was the top cat that initiated the scandal, with half a dozen government employees with their aimed to derail Donald Trump’s election of 2016. We all knew Barack Obama was corrupted.

    • Allen Morgan says:

      The Fascist-in Chief–Obama with Biden lead the most corrupt regime in modern history. The scandals are filling books and investigations at this time.

    • Debbie says:

      Only God is perfect! Obama is just an ass and he needs a target drawn on his back! Let he who hadn’t sinned throw the first stone. If Obama doesn’t stop lying us Christians know where he will go!

  18. Maggie says:

    Obama was a sissy his whole life because he was a liar his whole life. He thought because he was black he was special. He should be tried for treason and hung in front of all America for his idea to tear down America and destroy it with his indifference and rape it financially. He should be forced to pay the airplane loads of American cash he gave to his ilk. He is not American. he was born in Kenya. Very strange happening. When his grandmother said he was born in this hut, Obama flew to see his Grandma before he was elected and the next morn she was dead. Hmmmm!
    Why is it we have to judge people by their color or because they are gay? What does that have to do with anything intellectual? It’s the soul of the person that is important, not their sexual persuaion. But in today’s world, we have to honor their sexual persuasions. How gross and demeaning.

  19. Wyatt Earp says:

    In his father book Obama said it was his father dreams to bring America down to it knee’s! If he didn’t try by started ISIS? BLM? Attacking our law enforcement? Given RUSSIA BOMB MATERIAL AND MONEY TO IRAN? ALL IRAN HAD TO DO WAS PURCHASE THE MATERIAL FROM RUSSIA! Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out! During his FIRST FOUR YEARS FIRED EVERY MILITARY GENERAL WHO DIDN’T AGREE WITH HIM!!! Questions come into play what was his idea for firing them? Put general in who would kiss his ass and screw up the troops? Obama deserve nothing put a firing squad shooting!

    • Will Penny says:

      Yes indeed , the Kenyan Tribesman, the Communist / Towel Head lover Obumcrap deserves to be Hung By The Neck at the Gallows . Along with many more communist that are elected officials , from the DemonRat party of Traitorous Liars !!

  20. Doris Konduros says:

    obama never approved of trump ==how he underestimated this brilliant man–the exceptional president for certain.

  21. Eric Britko says:

    If u do ur homework,,,true Historians will declare & permanently write in History books that Barack Obama was the worst President in US History,,,Please do ur homework b4 u spew out undocumented Hooplah on the Obama Administration,,,But as Forrest Gump has stated,,some people in this world are Stupid is As Stupid Does,,,But in all honesty,,,I believe our Government had been deeply corrupt for many yrs,,,especially the Democrats,,,But nothing compared as to this Collusion Operation from the Obama Team,,what a disgrace we Americans have to endure as operations like these procede,,,we are the world’s stage & this is what we present as the Leader of the globe,,,I hang my head in shame @ times especially the Adam Schiff operation,,I thought we were highly educated people,,,it proves that theory unequivocally wrong,,but in the endgame,,I’m a patriot & a proud American true & true,,we just need to readjust our gears in policies & get this country back on track to true freedoms which are being striped away slowly

    • I agree with you 100%. Obama’s intentions from the minute he filed to run for the presidency, was to obtain power and like all DemoRATS get rich. He got his wishes. He was broke when he was elected and now he’s a millionaire.

  22. Fidel says:

    Half-breed fraud from Kenya obama, is evil as you can get. Love to see him swing from a rope. Yes lynched. Now all the snowflakes can rantt

  23. Carl Bujan says:

    Obama lied about everything while he was president.

  24. most dems are EVIL Liars says:

    Scandal free, so is my ass. He lied about everything. He did not have the interests of the American people in mind. he had the interests of his fellow muslims in mind. POS!

  25. Jerry says:

    Obama the lying racist kenyan born idiot

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