Rudy Giuliani sent Nancy Pelosi a threat that will keep her up at night

Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment plan is falling apart.

She continues to get smacked with bad news.

And Rudy Giuliani sent Nancy Pelosi a threat that will keep her up at night.

As Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani is taking on the Democrats with no fear.

He is exposing all of their wrongdoings.

And, while on The Laura Ingraham Show, he revealed his most serious action against Democrats that he is planning on pursuing.

He is planning to launch a lawsuit against a number of members of Congress on behalf of President Trump and other members of his administration.

Giuliani alleges they are violating his constitutional rights by denying him the ability to form the foreign policy of the United States.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Trump Attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Laura Ingraham on Tuesday night that the Trump administration is considering a lawsuit against Congressional Democrats.

Rudy says the Trump administration has several charges they are considering filing against House Democratic Leaders.

Rudy Giuliani: I had a couple talks with civil rights lawyers and a constitutional lawyer today and here is what they are recommending. That we should bring a lawsuit on behalf of the president and several people in the administration, maybe even myself as a lawyer, against the members of Congress individually for violating constitutional rights. They’re doing extraordinary things. For example: They’re interfering with the president in exercising his rights on Article 2. The president of the United States gets to form the foreign policy of the United States. They’re calling foreign leaders, they’re going to foreign capitals. Senator Murphy went and threatened the President of the Ukraine. . .

Rudy Giuliani added, “We have to raise their violation of constitution and civil right! This is worse than McCarthy.”

Democrats are flying around the world and communicating with foreign leaders on their own time.

President Trump is the Commander in Chief and controls what the U.S. foreign policy will be.

In their blind hatred, Democrats believe they can defy Trump because they believe he is an illegitimate President.


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  2. Trish says:

    All of you…hold on! The Barr & Durham investigation reports are coming. How can any of you judge Pres. Trump when you do not have all the facts. Everyone has the right to their opinions but gheez don’t condemn our Pres without the facts. My opinion…the Pres. is innocent and victim of the Deep State, and until the FACTS prove me wrong, the House needs to stand down. Pres Trump won America’s vote (legally) because of his promise to “Drain The Swamp”. He’s doing what he promised to the American people!

    • Bobi says:

      Its not a matter of condemning. Everyone knows there’s no there there! But this one sided abitily to subpoena anyone and evryone with hopes to find dirt that’s useable or cam be twisted for impeachment is justifiably illeagal!
      Corruption at its best! It has to be STOPPED!!!

    • domaho says:

      Barr and Durham’s reports are not part of his lawsuit. read in-depth between the two. WE THE PEOPLE should start class action suit against all 233 demorat congress lunatics for obstructing the progress of our duly elected POTUS and charge them for non-performance as duly elected officials.

  3. ABC says:


    Trump will sacrifice any one to avoid being found guilty. He ever tried to throw Pence under the bus by saying to look at Pence’s conversation with Ukraine officials. And Trump is acting like Giuliani is not even his lawyer. Rudy, you are going down and better watch your back – – Trump sold out Cohen and many others (like the Kurds) because he has no morality or loyalty!

    • veritas says:

      Have you noticed how many government officials are quitting or leaving government as they prepare to testify against Trump? Are you not aware how the Ambassador to Ukraine defied state dept. order and honored her subpoena to Congress and testified against Trump? Have you seen how many court cases went against Trump on Friday 10-12-19? Watch how the crooks will start turning on one another and how Trump will stab them in the back and lie.

      • BHR says:

        And did you hear, when The Ambassador testified, he said Trump had said no quid pro.

        • veritas says:

          BHR, you obviously did not listen, because the ambassador was a WOMAN!! And evidence of a “quid pro quo” comes from the text messages of some of the foreign workers for the US government.

        • Mary Ann says:

          Since it was not open to the public, can you tell me where you heard it?

      • Korean Callahan says:

        Since you are so knowledgeable about who is going to testify against President Trump, maybe you can enlighten all of us on who exactly you are talking about. And exactly what is it you think they are going to testify about. There is NO THERE THERE! Just like the Russian hoax, hooker debacle, UK phone call and the rest of the lies they can’t support. But the fools that follow the clowns like Pelosi, who is out of control, or her other comrades are in for a rude awakening.. Our president has done nothing wrong except win. The bullies still can’t get over themselves. I guess that includes you.

      • Pat says:

        You have nothing to do with Project Veritas. Your insinuation that you do is a joke. You’re just another Trump hater who doesn’t have balls enough to identify yourself.

      • robert says:

        How about the Senate doing the same thing that Congress is doing- Interview and interrogate the same witnesses they called and also start the same procedures that they they are doing at the Congressional level but do this at the Senate Level x There should be no opposition to this

    • ABC says:

      Have you seen how many people are leaving government service to testify against Trump, Giuliani and others. Notice how many court cases Trump lost on 10-11-19? As the heat increases, the rats turn on one another . . . . and Trump has no loyalty and will throw anyone under the bus.

      • Thomas G says:

        Are you saying that Paul Ryan was right that this might be “the beginning of the end of the Trump era?”

        • robert says:

          Paul Who – the RINO who was the Speaker but was a Wimp x They should have taken him out after 6 months of the Start of the Trump Admin x What a poor excuse and to think that He was running for VP

        • robert says:

          Paul Who – the RINO who was the Speaker but was a Wimp x They should have taken him out after 6 months of the Start of the Trump Admin

      • LOL says:

        And the rats are leaving the sinking Fox network ship!!!!

        • reconviper1 says:

          That fudge packer Shephard Smith is a Trump hater. Even though Fox is still controlled opposition, they are still the highest rated mainstream fake news outlet.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        You are a MORON!! Have u not read my posts?! I’m trying to educate u indoctrinated libs., but I fear it’s hopeless! I will attempt to again enlighten you all. ALL TOGETHER NOW!! Repeat after me………POTUS HAS THE SERVERS!!! That’s right—the servers of the “QUEEN OF DARKNESS,” and all her 33,0000 + emails she thought she deleted. Nothing is ever truly deleted! Also, the DNC server, which the RUSSIANS! did not hack! Seth Rich gave those emails to Assange. And I told u that POTUS , Pres. Trump has it all. So bloviate all u want. ROTFLOL???? POTUS WINS!! MAGA

    • reconviper1 says:

      The only ones still on the left are you Marxist trolls. All the rest who used to vote demonrat are voting Trump. He will not be impeached and will win a landslide in 2020 by at least 75%. Suck on that, losers.

    • Jim says:

      Get your facts straight before you run your mouth. Trump did not sell out anyone and Cohen sold out the president and himself with all his lies just like you are doing now

    • James says:

      Really? You fit the statement that you can’t teach stupid!

  4. David Kennedy says:

    We have got to keep dupporting the President, until the swamp is drained

  5. David A Murphy says:

    Most likely all this crap against Donald Trump as a smokescreen because of the uranium one deal because that has to go all the way to the top Democrats and Republicans are involved in this and they will do anything to try to stop Trump from investigating the uranium one deal

    • Amen says:

      The Uranium One deal has been debunked by several people including Fox News, and is only believed by the ignorant, and the ones who wish to divert attention away from the REAL issues.

      Bottom line for Trump supporters: Follow the Money! Who PAYS for all this right wing propaganda, conspiracy false stories, and inaccurate stories – – the rich people like Murdoch, Koch Brothers, and upper rich who want you to support the GOP because it takes the tax burden off the rich, and in many cases they pay LESS of a percentage than even middle class people! Just realize that the “tax break” Trump and Moscow Mitch pushed through – – a whopping 83% of the benefits went to the richest 1%!!! Check it out with the G.A.O. !!!! The rich do not fund these conservative sell outs they call “think tanks” to benefit lower and middle classes – – they want to keep you diverted and foolishly having your attention elsewhere, as they run the corporations that charge us so much for insurance, medical care, pharmaceuticals and so forth. Why is the richest 10% richer than ever and we are relatively not keeping up with our fathers??

      • reconviper1 says:

        Boy, the Marxist left really got their brainwashing money’s worth with you. Here is a bit of reality for you, see if you can follow along. The mainstream media, you know, the ones who “debunked” the uranium one scandal, are owned by the people who employ the Clinton and Bush crime families along with a whole host of other traitors put in place over the years in every nook and cranny of our government. This includes FOX NEWS, GENIUS. Fox is owned by Australian globalist Rupert Murdoch. If you do your homework, assuming you know how since you were obviously indoctrinated by the “everybody gets a prize for trying” liberal “education” system, you can still find actual journalists who are unbiased and do their jobs of investigative reporting. Turn off the boob tube, it is rotting what little brains you have.

      • TontonB says:

        Like a good Liberal you’ll question the source of an honest report if it doesn’t come from your pious ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC et al. Give your mind a chance to learn and read this short article.
        BTW is was published in the Canada Free Press.

      • L.S. says:

        It’s that no good traitor George Soros who pays billions out to help
        The worthless DUMOCRAPS!!!!

    • reconviper1 says:

      Believe me, it goes way beyond uranium one. That is just the tip of the iceberg. But you are right, it is a smokescreen to cover their own butts because Trump has all the N.S.A. gathered proof of their treason, plus Putin gave him terabytes worth of Russian intelligence on criminal activities of American politicians. They are terrified, and for good reason. Many are going to face treason charges before military tribunals.

  6. Dee says:

    Why dont you say justice for Hillary clinton,who left an openo server for all foreign countries to read destroyed 30,000 emails bleach them ,destroyed computers ,containing secrets of our national security,and she was aquited before being tried ,and bengazie, three of most loyal Americans were burned alive while, hollering to her for help,and her reply was so what.

    • reconviper1 says:

      My dear Dee, their day is fast approaching, and they know it. This is why the swamp (demonrats and rino republicans like Romney and others) is trying anything and everything, including phony made up crap to try and destroy Trump. It is not going to work. Trump has Hillary’s emails and her servers ( the N.S.A. records EVERYTHING) and a mountain of other damning evidence against politicians from local, state, and federal levels. There is a reason that there are over 127,000 sealed federal indictments waiting to be unsealed ( a matter of public record, don’t let the lunatic left try and tell you this is fiction). The average year has about 1,500 sealed federal indictments. More than one individual can be named in an indictment so this is potentially a hell of a lot of people. Here’s a hint: a lot of these people will be charged with child sex crimes like pedophilia and trafficking minors, others with corruption and treason / sedition.

    • L.S. says:

      No Dee!!! Hitlery called the death of our boys in Benghazi “a bump in the road”. That was cruel and unfeeling to the families of these boys.

  7. james connolly says:

    you have it all wrong,Lovelace had no offspring she swallowed everything.Catch my drift

  8. Jan J Searcy says:

    The nutty dems don’t know what the word law means! they are slathering blabbering idots with an old madam at the head of the helm. Sick and tired of hearing them styling and profiling wasting time. More to the point, nancy pelosi needs to be investigated and all the other dems, what about E cummings too he is not above critisicm just because he is black. He is a racist sell out to the African American community! They all should come unde scrunity! Trump is right, the rest of the world is laughing their tales off at us…

  9. JusticeforTrump says:

    Giuliani years ago prosecuted the NYC mafia families, now he is defending the worst mobster in American history, the traitor Trump. He is lying just like Trump, he is confused and yelling, just like Trump, he is not doing the work needed for his position, just like the traitor Trump. You are brainwashed and/or evil slugs, not only defend everything Trump does. you probably are sending in money, you racist scum.

    • Doug says:

      You need your head examined, Trump has done more for this country than any president since Regan. Get a life libby!

      • hardfacts says:

        Trump has doubled the annual deficit, has not built the wall, has not gotten Mexico to pay for the wall, has sacrificed leadership on the world community by attacking our allies and defending our worst enemies, including Putin and Kim Jong Un, as well as Saudi Arabia’s prince. Trump has betrayed our ally, the Kurds, who did the fighting in Sysria with the Islamic State, costing them 10,00 lives and US soldiers only 17 lives. So, Trump is now allowing Turkey, the second largest army in NATO, to MASSACRE THEM!!! Trump has promised to deliver his tax returns before the inauguration and has committed numerous crimes like obstructions of justice (10 from Mueller Report alone), his seeking THREE TIMES to have foreign interference in our elections (which is illegal), and funneled over $110 million of taxpayer dollars into his own pockets. We could go on, but generally Trumper minds have already close, as even Trump bragged he could do ANYTHING and you would still support him (like sheeple).

        • your alter ego says:

          hardfacts Well aren’t we all just a fun filled lollipop tripled dipped in phychosis. Trump may have gotten the wall built if the DemonRATS hadn’t prevented him from doing so. You F^(king scum sucking left wing nuts ain’t got enough brains to think for yourselves. You are misguided by the worthless corrupt lying media. You believe everything they say about Trump. For your info Check SOROS he is behind everything. He is trying to convert the world into a one world order starting with the good old USA. Soros Russia, Hungary, are two of the countries where he is not wanted except as a prisoner to face the havoc he created. All you left wing nut cases need to get a life.

        • L.S. says:

          Hardfacts You stupid idiot. Donald has plenty of his own money. He does not pocket taxpayer money. For your information, he does not take a presidents salary. He donates it all to charity. Your precious Hitlery takes millions of dollars from idiots that give to the Clinton Foundation. She uses it for herself. And she took millions of it to pay cash for her Minnie me (Chelsea) mansion next door to her own home. Your OWN hard earned dollars have paid for her gorgeous home, which is probably a lot nicer than your own home.

    • LONE WOLF says:

      Talk about “racist scum”, that’s a good definition for every slimy Democrat in our country! We openly support our President and openly support the end of the Democrat Party. You are all liars, traitors, thieves, racists and thugs! Oh, by the way, the worst “mobsters” in American History are Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, the Squad and a–holes like you!

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        Lone Wolf, you are just another right wing idiot supporting the egomaniac Trump, a self admitted serial sexual assaulter, has lost over a thousand lawsuits, scams like Trump U are typical as is his love of not paying his employees and banks, his numerous bankruptcies despite inheriting hundreds of millions of dollars. If you have an ounce of honesty you know that he is a despicable punk, a rotten leader who thrives off ego boosting rallies.

        • W says:

          And you are nothing but Linda Lovelace’s offspring. You take in every inch of the demomaggots organ and swallow it because, in your insipid and brainwashed pea brain, it is good. After they lube your esophagus they then turn you around and slam you again. Just keep taking it all in like the obedient, secretion filled lemming you are.

        • MISSYK says:



          • ha! says:

            It clearly shows, Jeannene, that you are dumbeth as a stumpeth!! It seems in the midst of trying to create and dig up dirt on the Bidens, that Trump, Giuliani and his people, fell face first into a big cesspool of s**t!!!!

        • WhisperingPine says:

          You are seriously so brainwashed by demonrats im surprised you can even type properly, you are about to have the shock of your lifetime, let me guess you totally believe every word these demons say, your a CNN fake news watcher , well hate to burst your bubble there sweetie but the demonRATS will ALL be in JAIL for the corruption and what the did to children, you best do your research and wake the hell up there buddy smh

        • chief 1937 says:

          JT: May I ask do you have proof or just like most democrats daydreaming? Can’t get over the fact Clinton lost so did the democrats. But nothing like they are going to come 2020.

          • R.C. says:

            That is such tired BS, chief, and totally made up by your to excuse the crimes of this president. The Democrats learned their lesson in 2016 for being overconfident and not showing up to vote, but are now celebrating how they changed that in 2018 and flipped the most seats for Democrats since Nixon was caught in his crimes. What is so blind on your part, is you don’t realize how really, really, really strongly Democrats, independents, women and the young STRONGLY DISAPPROVE of Trump’s job as president. In a Fox poll, 51% or the people wanted Trump both impeached AND removed!!!

          • LOL says:

            The “unsinkable Trump” hit an iceberg and is headed D-O-W-N !!!!!!!

          • Susan Meyer says:

            The comment by R.C who says 51% of the people want Trump impeached and removed is a very inaccurate pole. It has been proven that a large majority of the people polled are Democrats and that Liberals hardly got polled at all (most Independents vote Republican). Of course you wouldn’t know this because the MSM won’t report it. Sorry to bust your bubble R.C. but this is true.

        • your alter ego says:

          hey justice Well aren’t we all just a fun filled lollipop tripled dipped in psychosis. You all need to get your poop in group. Cuz you certainly have sh!t for brains. But then you left wing nuts don’t have any brains. You spend too much time letting the media mislead you instead of thinking for yourselves.

      • PJ says:

        Well said! I agree completely!I want Trump to start an investigation into every democrat in Congress and every member of the media! They all must be held accountable for their crimes! Hillary and Obama need to be tried for treason!

      • Angelo Babbo says:

        that’ s a perfect example of a very smart lone wolf, God Bless.

      • Amen says:

        Better be careful, Lone Wolf, because your statement about “supporting the end of the Democrat Party” might haunt you as the Trump “ship of state” is sinking. When Democrats come back into power, and they will (just a matter of time), they are not likely to forget the energy you used to end our party and to vilify us. Truly, you are a fool not to understand what goes around comes back around. How is a party of old white people going to fare as young, females, minorities are in the large majority?

        • Will Triebel says:

          Amen, you are just another fool in the whole ship of fools. How is this dual-named kleptocracy any better under one name than the other? That is the fact that neither side in this battle wants to hear, as the propaganda machine has them ‘voting in’ useless or destructive candidates while hating the rare good ones according to ‘party’, while keeping them fighting one another over every petty thing that can be used to cause division.
          While there are a few actual big issues in there, they are too busy bickering over the small things to do anything about them. And there are only, perhaps, 3 or 4 in all of Congress that have the integrity to speak out against it all.
          And face it, if one party comes to an end, another will eventually take its place, and ‘business as usual’ will soon recommence.
          The obvious solution would be to end all political parties.

        • Eileen Trent says:

          FISA DECLAS. brings D-O-W-N the HOUSE!! LOL!! ???? MAGA! W W G 1 W G A

    • Patriot says:

      Great post and i for one know your so correct.
      Problem is you will never get morons to see what we see.
      Doug says Reagen was a great potus i guess he either was not alive or forgot the great recession that followed his reelection in 1986 second only to the great Depression of 1929.
      Also in 1989 the very first thing Bush sr did as potus was to give Reagen a PARDON.
      Now if Reagen was so Great and Honest why was Bush sr compelled to offer him a pardon.
      The reason was Reagen committed Treason and got away with it.
      Anyone remember the Iran Contra Affair.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Absollutely. And how Reagan and his people supported drugs coming into the USA to help pay for the activities that Congress won’t approve. Reagan has set up a secret government in the basement of the White House. And, Patriot, when Reagan ran against Carter, he said Carter “should be fired for running up $54 Billion deficits.” In two years, Reagan was running up deficits FOUR TIMES that large. Geroge H, over $300 billion a year. Clinton passed on a budget in the black for the first time in decades, and George W. flipped it around and ran up HUGE deficits. And while Trumpers fault Obama for deficits, Obams reduced the federal deficit from 9.8 percent of GDP in 2009 to 3.2 percent in 2016. Trump has already DOUBLED Obama’s worst annual deficit and is now running over $1.1 TRILLION a year.

        Republicans only TALK fiscal conservatism, they are the worst in practicing it.

      • Susan Meyer says:

        Patriot (you are so removed from this title), what a bunch of B.S!!!!!!

      • TontonB says:

        Wrong! Stop spreading your propaganda to people who weren’t alive to set the record straight. The early 1980s recession was a severe global economic recession that affected much of the developed world in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The United States and Japan exited the recession relatively early, but high unemployment would continue to affect other OECD nations until at least 1985.
        The early 1980s recession was caused by your hero Jimmy Carter! Why don’t you tell the readers about gas lines in the US during the late 1970s. Why don’t you tell the readers about 18% interest rates on home mortgages during the late 1970s and 1980. Why don’t you tell the readers about the disastrous attempted military actions of the previous administration… that would be Jimmy Carter.
        Stop being a propagandist for the Left. Lies, lies and more lies. There are some who remember those days and will not let you get away with rewriting history!!!

    • Will says:

      Eat Sh*t and die you commie SOB ,, It`s A** hole like you that have tried to ruin this country.. and now you`re feeling the gravy train going away.. What`s wrong ,,, did you get kicked of welfare ??? and have to go fined a job for the first time in your sorry life

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        The little man Will is just a stupid Trump shill.

        • Will says:

          Whats wrong did I hit a nerve ??

          • R.C. says:

            You are the one who lost their temper and resorted to cursing and calling people names, so it looks like someone hit a nerve with you !! Justice did not resort to cursing – – – and projecting too. I have noticed that you take after Trump in being very thin-skinned – – Trump cannot take ANY criticism and let it roll off his back like water after a duck. Even if some wife of a music star does not like him, Trump resorts to tweets attacking them . . . . Trump can’t even keep his kool with any one. It is bad enough you cannot keep your kool, Willy, but Trump is supposed to act differently AS PRESIDENT. He doesn’t.

    • Perry Forsyth says:

      I would like to learn from JUSTICE FOR TRUMP what lie he is referring to. I didn’t know Trump lied. He’s not a Democrat.

      • Steff says:

        That is a good one, Perry! The democrats have everything a** backwards in that they believe the lies they tell regardless of the facts! They continually project the lies they tell on anyone who disagrees with them.

    • Jacob Mandelblum says:

      America hasn’t known worse traitors than these rotten DEMOCRAPS
      and yo me, the worst of them are the new SCUM at the House…
      Looknat their blocking presidential initiatives about illegal immigration
      and foreign policy.ASnd they still have the chrome plated brass BALLS of calling president TRUM a traitor…??????
      GIVE ME A BREAK…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rommie says:

      You exemplify a typical Democrat with all filthy words as you do not have legitimate argument that is based on facts and not on fake news!

    • John says:

      You son are a perfect example of someone whose been on meds far to long. They’ve apparently burned out that part of the brain required for good judgement and rational thinking. Stick to voting on what’s the best Saturday mourning cartoons and leave the country’s well being to those of us who support the best President we’ve had since Reagan.

    • Don says:

      maybe you will get sued too you must be a commie too

    • TontonB says:

      Ho-hum Yawn! For the millionth time please offer proof. As usual, any cretin can write derogatory comments about anyone… but until there’s proof from a reliable source, it’s just the rantings of an unhinged lunatic.

    • Linda says:


    • Mike says:

      You are an Idiot justice for Trump…you mindless blithering moron…all libturd talking points ….that’s what I hear
      ….sounds like blah blah blah blah blah….your the traitor and you’re my enemy….NO MERCY FOR IDIOTS…NO MERCY FOR YOU

  10. Susan says:

    I think all the democrats should be put in prison. They are visiting the foreign leaders and they have no business as long as Trump is President. They should all be tried for treason. Because all the foreign leaders around the world are in on this to. They are as guilty I think as the democrats. Its time to stop the foolishness and start sending out some notices of treason and trying a bunch of them.

    • JusticeforTrump says:

      I think that you should be arrested for your hateful speech and sick generalizations Susan. It’s Trump’s bodies like Giuliani and Barr that are visiting foreign leaders. Are you that stupid?

      • Steve says:

        Sicko puke!

      • Patriot says:

        Yes Susan really is that STUPID.
        Just more proof that the radical rights attack on education has created a totaly illiterate society of low information voters incapable of cognitive thinking.
        Millions of indiviuals who can only reply with profanity and false facts they get from their brainwashing news out let Fox.
        Their Mendacious spewing more Hokum.
        They are Abominable, Bellicose let them talk Boobery.
        They will be defeated in 2020 and none of them will be able to understand what i just posted remember they are not very educated just Irascible.
        Chew on that for a while if you can.

        • George says:

          sorry you and your friend are brainwashed. The truth is out their but the blind cannot see it, remember it was Dem’s that started both WWs and many other wars. If you were educated you would have a better understanding of the world. and you would understand its not the government that’s the problem but the PERSON and party running the government is the problem.

          • JusticeforTrump says:

            You are blaming the World Wars on Democrats George. Now that is a sick but overused right wing spiel that is worse than absurd. It was the conservatives that didn’t want to go into WWII and help England and fight the Nazis. It had to be done you stupid ahole.

        • CrawfishFestival says:

          Democrats and their Affirmative Action dimwits – were Affirmative Action students, that became teachers thru Affirmative action, who took CASH incentives as “rewards” for passing students above standards,
          that turned out to be failing students having their test scores manipulated – thru “cheating parties” = Affirmative Action dumbed-down the education system. Democrats and their policies
          needed cheating parties teachers

        • Angelo Babbo says:

          Chew on this you over educated asshole.

          • LOL says:

            Chew on this, Angelo, you high school dropout! When and where is it a positive thing to be undereducated, ignorant and vulgar?

      • Don says:

        there is a 54 cent solution for people like you

      • OH really, What happened during the House Break around labor day they had a full moth off. Wow wish i got a full month off to do nothing but fly around the world and dig up supposed dirt on our President like they did. You must have been asleep as they went after Trump in the Ukraine and how about the fab 4 that could have gone to Israel with a group of Representatives but decided to go later only to be denied their right to go and one of them cry foul because she was not allowed to see Grandma. LOL what a bunch of hooey. the madness of the democrats trying to oust a duly elected President has to stop. Hillary Lost 2 years and 11 months ago tomorrow. My Lord Get Over It. Meanwhile I will continue to pray for our President that these witch hunts stop and perhaps the boomerang effect will take hold and when it does sit back and grab the boy scout popcorn that is currently being sold. its going to be one heck of a ride!

      • your alter ego says:

        Well aren’t we all just a fun filled lollipop tripled dipped in phychosis.

    • Doug says:

      I agree, lock them up for treason!

  11. Cecelia Henderson says:

    If you don’t want to lump them all together, use the Logan Act and file against anyone that has taken it upon themselves to negotiate with a foreign leader. We have the Laws to stop this, so use them.

  12. Eileen Trent says:

    DEEP STATE: And yet POTUS manages to outwit the cabal consistently! These people are STUPID! They keep getting caught in the traps they set for POTUS. Brennan is panicking!! That’s why he sent out the clarion call to all the DEEP STATE ops. to find anything they can on POTUS! And did I tell u? POTUS HAS THE SERVERS!! “The QUEEN OF DARKNESS” had better duck and cover cuz the HUMAN TORNADO is going to flatten her!! ROTFLOL???? W W G 1 W G A

  13. Patriot says:

    Anyone out there know the whereabouts of 82nd airborne last night ?
    Another mass shooting in Kansas City last night of inocent Mexicans.
    We all know all to well that he is on these sites everyday calling for the attack on Americans he hates.
    If i were the police he would be my very first suspect.

    • M says:

      Just go and put on your SS medallions and your Demoswatikas, join up with your antipanties friends and start searching. Oh that’s right, you’ve been neutered and lost any and all spine.

      • Racists for Trump says:

        M. it’s you right wingers that are the Nazis with swastikas, the American Nazi Party and all white supremacist groups support Trump, are you that stupid.

        • M says:

          The right wingers aren’t the ones out there promoting violence against those who disagree with your sleezy agenda. They are not the ones that are beating up people exercising their first amendment rights like your coward antipanties do on a routine basis. They are not the ones who go bonkers when they see your kind with demoscum party shirts or hats on. They are not the ones who refuse to report the real truth like your demoscum propaganda puppets do on a routine basis. Hold your empty skull high for it is filled with demomaggot excrement. You lemmings are nothing but insipid moronic fools.

          • Racists for Trump says:

            Antifa and BLM have killed no one, it is the right wing nut jobs like you that are killing in the churches, movies, mall, white supremacists, did you forget all that and Charlotteville, the Nazis and alt right marches with the torches chanting hate speech. Tim McVeigh the bomber and Nichols belonged the white supremacist KKK and a militia group. You are absolutely crazy or a liar like Trump or both. He’s both crazy and a liar mobster, criminal.

        • M says:

          You’re as stupid as they come. Because of homeboy Oscumma cops were murdered by black lies matter members in Dallas, Louisiana, Philly, New York City and many other places. Your cowardly antipanties beeotchs have committed multiple assaults on innocent people. The scumbag mass shooter of Dayton is a devout demolemming like you and is a complete supporter of your fake native American, Pukeyhontass. Oh, lets not forget about the demomaggot shooter that attempted to murder multiple Republican congressmen while they were practicing baseball. Your hate filled minions continue to assault, intimidate, demean and demorlize people just for wearing a hat.

          Open your blind stupid mind and see that your party has been the true party of hate, violence and terror since their inception. They formed the Klan and fully supported Jim Crowe laws. They were the ones who lynched blacks all throughout the south. Your demoscum predecessors went into a small Florida town, murdered over 100 black residents and then burned the town down to the ground. They were the ones who violently opposed to desegregation.

          They are the ones who initially funded ISIS through the actions of your messiah Oscumma. Billie Bob Clintstone had the opportunity to get Bin Laden into custody BEFORE 9/11 but let him go. 3000 Americans died unnecessarily on that day because he let that dirtbags go. Many more American soldiers had to die keeping us safe because of his stupid choice.

          Because of Oscumma’s PROMISE program the scumbag that killed all those students was released 31 times and not charged with a crime. Had he been charged for just one crime, he wouldn’t have been able to legally purchase that weapon. Your idiotic mayor and governor of Now Yuck demanded more gun control after a muslim terrorist mowed down right innocent people with a rented truck. That terrorist was allowed to enter this country through a program fully supported by Chuckie Scummer.

          For the “party of inclusion and acceptance” you have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt you are neither. These are all verifiable FACTS if you have the courage to look them up.

          Stop being another brainwashed, ignorant moron of a demolemming. Also, go see a medical professional for your severe case.of Trump Derangment Syndrome. It is causing you to be completely eat up with dummass.

          • Williamsburg says:

            Excuse me, M, but I tried to read your diatribe and a great deal of it makes no sense. You seem to make up words that neither I nor Webster has ever seen. You seem to be losing your cool and just name calling . . . . can’t you keep to the issues and you claim you have “facts” but never present them. I can understand you being upset as Trump is in trouble, but cool down and read what you have written before you hit “post comment” please.

    • Effy Pratt says:

      Reminds me of another bad guy: Often when he visited a city, racial troubles occurred.
      What was his name … Martin L. something or the other.

      • Racists for Trump says:

        That is the most evil comment I have seen in a while Effy, what is wrong with you, are you just a lowlife redneck?

        • facts says:

          well, they are, when pushed, clearly racists and love to use racist terms to refer to President Obama and first lady Michelle.

  14. FedUp says:

    LOVE, LOVE our fighting President! Seeing what D.C. has gotten away with under ALL the other presidents, they should all be charged with TREASON. We finally hired a man with backbone & a fighter. Thank you Almighty God & President Trump. I will stand with you till the end.

    • Patriot says:

      Your statement of Treason your post ID fedup and yet your OK with one of your own who really did commit Treason.
      1/1/1989 the very first act as potus Bush sr pardoned Reagen.
      Its so clear your either brainwashed or in full support of a potus committing TREASON as long as it’s your guy doing it.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I never knew that President Reagan needed pardoning! For what!?

      • TontonB says:

        To protect him from the Democrat/Communist hoards intent on destroying his legacy.
        Does that answer your confusion?

        • Racists for Trump says:

          Hey Republican whore you should have written horde.

          • MISSYK says:

            go back to cnn, msnbc, abc nbc and the rest of your wonderful tv fake news shows. don lemon pink panties and chris fredo cuomo is waiting to hear from you justice. i guess your welfare checks have run out or maybe your an illegal thats why you hate trump. or better yet leave the country you will be better off so you wont hate trump. god bless america and president trump 2020.

          • TontonB says:

            Actually I meant ‘whore’. Feel targeted? Did I spell it right?

      • KatahdinView says:

        You sir are no Patriot, Trump is the best, 2020.

      • Mike says:

        You demoscums are sick in the head mfs. You do nothing but lie,cheat steal. Just know that you are my enemy…there will be a reckon ing….you will be shown no mercy…its coming….take it to the bank…we’re coming for you

        • veritas says:

          we are NOT worried, Mike, and even though you like to think many of us are “snowflakes,” some of us are more than ready to fight. You should have seen that when we kicked ass in 2018 midterms . . . and we are not done yet.

          I have noticed that while a lot of you like to act like bullies, I have also noticed many of you have admitted to being over 70. Your time is ending, and time for an end of outdated ideas to give way to people that are younger, better educated, and far less racist.

          • Eileen Trent says:

            FISA DECLAS brings down the House!! There isn’t going to be enough Dems. left for whom u can vote!!! ROTFLOL!! ???? MAGA

    • Terry says:

      So will I !! Go get em !! Sue their asses !! Good work!

  15. Beatrice Swiney says:

    Everyone is so right about one thing ? And that is we the people do not get to see or hear about anything our President or our vice president says on any National T.V. i only get to see or read about any thing our President or any Republican says on here at these Sites and there are alot of them . But i am not fir sure if everything they post is True or not ? But No T.V. Stations and i have them all have i seen anything about our President saying a word . This is not right Now you will see and hear All that the DEMOCRATS HAVE TO SAY ON ANY T.V. STATION !!! PLEASE SIGN ME UP FOR THIS LAWSUIT FOR ALL NATIONAL TELEVISION NEWS OUTLETS . Mr Rudy G. We the People and Taxpayers pay for these News Outlets so we the People and as Taxpayers should be allowed to see and hear whatever or who ever we want to on ant National T.V Station. Thank You .MRS BEATRICE SWINEY

  16. Lincoln says:

    No wonder, if you read stuff like this article, you are often upset at the facts and what is happening, because this is nothing but an inaccurate propaganda piece.

    #1. Pelosi’s impeachment plan is NOT falling apart, but actually gaining momentum. With now the THIRD whistle blower against Trump, plus all the witnesses listed, it is leading to subpoena’s and almost a DAILY amount of breaking news surfacing. Even more and more republicans are questioning Trump and the public support for impeachment is increasing.

    2. Giuliani is not exposing wrongdoings, if anything he is going around contradicting himself and making Trump look like a fool to retain him. Giuliani is in deep trouble here for what he has already done to dig up dirt for his clients Trump, which is illegal.

    3. Trump and Giuliani always threaten to “sue” so as to intimidate people who cannot afford legal battles. Anyone can sue another person for almost any reason, not all suits get very far. But in this case, go ahead and sue, Congress has plenty of money to defend itself. In fact, the purse strings of our government are controlled by Congress, so there is no intimidation. But, Democrats do ask that Giuliani handle the legal works since, if he ever was smart, that ended a long time ago.

    • reality check says:

      Lincoln, you might add to your argument that even Fox News, along with the other major networks, are reporting how Trump is violating American laws. Plus more Republicans are critical of this president, and there is more support for impeachment and removal among Democrats AND independents.

    • AlexB says:

      Giuliani is clown, creator unbelievable revelations, conspiracy theories. All this may be by design, to distract the attention to the treasonous behavior of Trump, and a clique surrounding him.
      His loose lips cast Mosad several assets in Syria., a very serious loss. Then he kowtows before Putin, dissing the Intelligence agencies.
      God save us from this President.

    • Patriot says:

      Your so correct I’d also like to know why BOZO BARR is covering up the HIT TRUMPZILLA PUT ON EPSTEIN.
      After all who had the most to lose if Epstein had gone to trial a man with two feet already in the grave or our POS POTUS??

      • Eileen Trent says:

        Is Epstein dead? He had massive info. on very influential and powerful people—-worldwide!!! A few names come to mind, most especially, Bill Clinton, Prince Edward of Britain. Very prominent people that wouldn’t want their affiliation with the child molester to be made known. Barr realized after the first attempt on Epstiens life., they had to protect him from the cabal. I believe he just might be in a witness protection program, keeping him safe until he can testify. Just sayin—LOL!! MAGA

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          Epstein hung himself in his cell. They should have had him on “suicide watch” but clearly did not, for whatever reason. Epstein was a known criminal, they could not put him appropriately in witness protection.

          • Eileen Trent says:

            That was rhetorical, doc. If u read further, I told u he’s alive, and singing lije a canary!! The CABAL failed the first attempt to kill him, and Barr knew they would not fail another attempt. Barr has him in a witness protection program to keep him safe until he can testify……uh oh,…..powerful people going down! And did I mention? POTUS HAS THE SERVERS!!! ROTFLOL! ???? MAGA!!

    • Will says:

      And you sir are just adding to the propaganda

  17. Walter says:

    I’ve been saying the same thing about Obama and Kerry running around the world like they are still in office. The Democrats gripe about the President using money to build the wall, however they don’t seem to understand that immigration is a matter of setting relations other countries. He is just doing what the Constitution gives the President as his job. THE HATE IS SO STRONG FOR THIS PRESIDENT THAT YOU CAN SEE IT, FEEL IT, AND USE IT AS A REASON FOR ALL THEIR ACTIONS. Their hate has stopped them from getting anything done because they spend all their time trying to stop him from succeeding. The said thing is that their efforts have not stopped him from MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!

  18. Moshe Hachamovitch MD says:

    At last.
    I have been expecting such actions since the onset of ‘Mueller
    witchhunt’ and definitely after the Chaos of 2018 Elections outcome…At last a sign of life and resistance.

  19. mike dar says:

    Heck, I was hoping Rudy was going to ask for e-mails… between Pelosi and her close relative on the same Board of Directors as was Biden’s son… well… maybe later. After which the Mitt Romney e-mails to his assistant on the same Board of directors… well… maybe later…
    Maybe later people will understand the urgency these Anti-Trumpers all display about Ukrainian corruption impeachment. Well.. maybe later..

  20. Tennessee Hawk says:

    Find it AMAZING it has just come out nutty nancy’s son works for the SAME Ukraine company. How much more crooked can they be?

  21. justa thinking says:

    Just thinking if one is reported for child abuse and found not to be true….they are subject to “filing a false claim”. Only someone 3,000 miles away can file a claim regarding animal abuse and the one accused, well the accusers take their animals and sometimes their real property and the accused never sees the accuser. So if those accusing Trump and if found not to be true…..I would hope they would be held guilty of filing a false claim. Whistleblowing is one of the most misused things allowed and used as a tatic of revenge in many cases. How many lives do the Democrats have to harm in their persuit of continual attempts in removing our President? He has really done a lot in three years that protects the citizens of the USA.

  22. jreb57 says:

    Nancy has not had a good night’s sleep since AOC was elected.

  23. jreb57 says:

    The Democrats are doing worse than interfering with Trump’s rights. They are interfering with his responsibilities as head of the executive branch. That is called “usurpation”.

  24. martin horn says:

    I am a US Army Veteran I served in 1946 as a soldier under MacArther GHQ (general headquarters of the Commander of the US Army of Occupation. Before serving in that role, General M was the man who led the US Army . That Army roundly defeated the Japanese ARMY, Navy etc. This was the official end of WW2. Gen . M accpted the unconditional surrender of the Japanese armed forces aboard the US Battle ship Missouri M remained seated when receiving the Japanese leadders dressed in Formal dress with silk tophatsadorning. M was wearing a simple Army uniform . On his collar were 5 stars. He was one of the very few 5 star generals in the Army. Today there are none. The highest rank since then and now is 4 stars.
    I was a very small cog in a very big wheel that became the US Army of occupation. It was called GHQ. General Headqurarters.We are still there today – and in Korea etc. etc.

  25. martin horn says:

    Watergate of the Nixon era is child’s play – comparing Watergate to Demogate is unfair to the sanity and integrity of us USA citizens.

    • Patriot says:

      Martin from mars
      Don’t forget SHARPIE-GATE.
      It’s a federal crime to alter a noaa weather map.

  26. an says:


  27. Dale says:

    I’m A proud American and a proud American Veteran and a vietnam veteran / reined USAF IM IM TOTAL LA DISABLE THE WAY THE SERVED SORE LOVES ARE ACTING ! SOME OF THE PRO OTE HATE/VIOLANCE AND TREASON!

  28. Elinor Ann DeMendonca says:

    Go Rudy ! It is about time “We the People” grew very Offensive with the Democrats in Congress. They are fouling our President’s Great Work. Go gettum Mr. Giuliani.

    • Vickie L Vaughn says:

      It’s about time we start fighting back! Thank you mr. Giuliani

    • Pat says:

      He should file a second lawsuit against Schiff for falsely stating what President Trump said in his Ukraine phone call. That “parody” was done intentionally to mislead the American people and demean President Trump.

  29. Bender says:

    If Obama did half this stuff you would want him in jail. What is different why are you putting party before country now. Just the same thanks for giving country back to Democrats. The young voters will see how corrupt the rethuglicans leaders are and how dumb the old poor people that vote for them are. Rethuglicans lost moral high ground. Can’t claim to be party of law and order. Can’t even claim fiscal responsibility anymore with deficit created by tax breaks for corporations and billionaires. All that’s left is racism and bigotry and the young can see through that. I would reconsider all this civil war talk when the average age of a rethuglican is 60 you’ll get beat no matter how many guns are hidden in your mobile home.

    • Ghost of Nixon says:

      You are 100% right Bender !
      The GOP has turned into a cult of trump. They believe trump’s lies over proven fact. Their behavior is a sad statement on their mentality. Putin achieved his goal in getting trump elected. It will take years to unravel all the criminal wrongdoing of the trump disaster !!

      • merryinfidel says:

        People like you and Bender are what’s wrong in America today with your unbridled hate, childish name calling and blind obedience to your Democrat handlers. All you can do is repeat the mantra of your leftist cult: Orange Man Bad, Orange Man Bad…You’re pathetic.

        • Pat says:

          Amen, MI! Millenials have no clue about what’s really going on. They just spout wat they were taught in their liberal arts classes. History be damned.

          • Zeke says:

            No, they talk about people like you, Pat, and how people can overcome their ignorance and get those outdated ideas to retire. Most of them say that those over 65 have no clue about what is really going on – – stuck in the past, heads filled with old idea based on old situations that don’t exist anymore.

      • Kep says:

        What proven facts? All you communist vermin creatures can do is LIE and twist the truth. Typical communist proceedures, straight from the communist playbook. The Democratic Party is now the new Amerikan Communist Party. Democrats are no longer Americans and should be rooted out and deported or jailed as terrorists.

        • Robert Polans says:

          I’ll tell you exactly what they do. This kid kevyyn wrote something very strange to One Political Plaza, I thought I was the only one who researched that. Anyway, he left out many details so it would fit his narrative. He was getting flames and some said he made it up. So I told them that this time he didn’t make it up but they were half-truths. He left out that in this case Whitey Bulger and his brother Richard had ties to Robert Mueller and the democraps in Ukraine, Adam Schiff too. A Ukranian oligarch owns him.

      • Big Bob says:

        You are blinded by what you read and hear from Democraps. The ONLY liars are sitting on the left. Wake up fool. You will go down in flames with the rest of your Democrap cult.

        FISA reports are due. You won’t accept them, and run your mouth about them lying. You can’t accept the truth.

      • W says:

        Between you and bent over, I am not sure who has been porked more by your demoscum idols.

        Your party is the one who openly commits acts of sedition, openly promotes acts of violence against those who oppose your perverse agenda, actively pursues violating the Constitution, actively supports domestic terror organizations, and many other criminal acts. They have been nothing but scumsucking slime that have promised everything and delivered nothing.

        As an independent voter, I am completely fed up with your party’s f**k you attitude towards our rights and the citizens of this nation. ANYONE is better than a lying lowlife democommie. You thong wearing pansies talk the talk, but if the SHTF you’ll be crying for your momma and hoping the democlowns will save you, which they have NEVER done. You clowns allowed yourselves to be neutered long ago and will comply like the sheeple you are.

        You are nothing more that a couple of brainwashed lemmings that been pumped so full of the demomaggots excrement in all of your orifices, you don’t know which end is up. Now go home to momma and have her burp you.

      • James Kirksey says:

        Ghost of Nixon, Where have you been over the past few years? Show some evidence that President Trump received help from Putin or any other foreigner. The billions spent on the False Accusations came up empty. Do you really understand, what has transpired?

      • H Lee says:

        Tell us why Russian donors sent 140 million $ to hillary’s Canadian charity? How was supposed to help Trump? You say Putin wanted Trump in office, so why didn’t Putin stop this 140 million $ from going to hillary?

        • Jonathan Conover says:

          As I recall Putin said in front of the entire world that Russia wanted Trump to win. I believe it was at the same conference in which Trump threw Dan Coats under the bus.

          • Eileen Trent says:

            Coats was a Deep STATE op. POTUS fired him, and appointed John Bolton. Bolton was compromised, because of the info. the cabal had on him, concerning his divorce. POTUS knew this when he appointed Bolton as National Security Adviser, bringing him in, and the military was monitoring all his comms; tracking with whom he was contacting, thereby learning the cabals next move and future plans. POTUS is genious!! When Brennan lost his leaker in the White House, he activated his spy. BOLTON WAS A TRAITOR!!! POTUS has everything! LOLOL!! MAGA W W G 1 W G A!!!

          • DEEP STATE says:

            Eileen Trent: It seems that you are a fan of Giuliani POTUS the constant genius. is anything but, he could not manage to graduate from college, cannot read past two pages and did not read the book since grade school.

      • Patriot says:

        It’s like watching a Japanese movie.
        We all know KING KONG always won !!

    • Dan Winright says:

      Jackass roadapple. You are totally out of perspective. Its obvious that you read too much from the LOLLIPOP GUILD, and your stuck on the imaginary yellow brick road.

    • 82nd Airborne vet says:

      Hey bender name fits you well. You’re probably on one now you alcoholic drug addict. But how about this for a change. Bender bend over so I can stick something in your ass and pull the trigger

      • Patriot says:

        Once again on here wanting to murder someone.
        I’m so looking forward to seeing you on TV as the next MASS MURDER.
        You are a typical radical right wing KI####.
        The sickness, hatred, insanity, evil, bigotry, desire to murder in your heart is truly very disturbing you realy need to seek help you’ve gone off the deep end.

        • Pat says:

          Patriot, you’re giving a perfect description of your ANTIFA brothers. Thank you for the comlnfirmation.

          • Racists for Trump says:

            Hey Ahole, BLM and Antifa have killed ZERO people unlike you white supremacists all over the country, many hundreds of right wing groups, armed, committing violent acts in schools, movies, malls, etc. Many have worn MAGA hats.

          • LOL says:

            what the hell is “cominfirmation”? Pat, have you been drinking or is this your regular level of dizziness?

        • J says:

          Seems it would be more like a mercy elimination than a criminal act

          So other than some comments on these articles, your party and their lemmings are the ones provoking and committing violence. You have antipanties bullying and assaulting people with your party’s complete approval and support. These lowlifes are the demoscum version of Adolph’s brown shirts. You have congressional demoscum reps committing acts of sedition ( Maxipad Wasted, Skippy Schitless, Raghead Tlaib, Alex Occasional Crotchrot, and more). You have your party members assaulting and demeaning people just for wearing a MAGA hat or shirt. You have diehard followers of Pukeyhontass committing mass murder (Dayton). You have your propaganda puppet talking heads media clowns owned by Bloomingbird and Murdoch spewing lies, mistruths, and committing overt slander. They refuse to report on any positives that have happened in the last three years, and there are MANY.

          There is so much more actual facts that can be shown about you and your party, but it would take way too long. Wake up and realize that you and your ilk are the current NAA ZZZ party of this nation, not those who oppose your twisted agenda.

      • Racists for Trump says:

        This is probably another fake military guy, if not ,he is a traitor of the values of this country.

    • TontonB says:

      We’ve had many years to hone our skills with weapons. So, if you young effeminate pussies think you have a chance against us, then I encourage you to bring it on. We’re fighting for something much bigger than all of us combined. Our country! We’ve fought for it before in foreign lands, and will be ready, willing and able to fight for it here against people like you who want to destroy it. You’d better rethink your written bravado, and bring yourself back to reality. If you pursue your threats with action, you won’t live to our age.

      • Patriot says:

        I can tell your scared sh##less your a dying breed, the new generation coming of age the new voters are going to destroy the hatred, biotry, evil, insanity, that lives in your hearts I’m so looking foward to the new America they will lead us to.

        • W says:

          You idiots can’t even do anything without your momma wiping your candy a$$es. You sissies want it all handed to you so you won’t do squat. Besides your kind have all been neutered and fed estrogen. So, in the end, you will take whatever you are given and you will like it. Now go have your momma burp you and change your Huggies you LITTLE panty waste.

        • Eileen Trent says:

          You mean like the deranged girl at an AOC rally that started screaming, “we have to eat the babies, ending fossil fuels isn’t enough. We have too many babies, we have to eat the babies. We only have 3-mos. left. You have to use that as ur campaign slogan. We have to eat the babies!” You mean like those indoctrinated idiots, that have bought the climate change scam, hook, line and SINKER!! They’re making people “unhinged”! ROTFLOL!!????MAGA

        • TontonB says:

          I have 62 million American citizens who defy your ‘dying breed’ hope. You’re idealistic visions will fade away just like the coming global Ice Age scares of the 1970s. Never happened. And like you, never will.
          I’ll tell you why.
          Your type is weak and effeminate. At the first sign of real resistance, either verbal or physical, you’ll be the first to crumble with no resistance.
          Am I scared of you and your sisters? That would be an emphatic NO.
          The only hatred in my heart is for you and your type who believe you know the answer, and are willing to tear everything down. But what then? You have no answer for the aftermath, because you don’t think that way. You’re a live for the moment patsy, with no viable plans to fix anything. Only destruction. You’re the cancer on my country that will be excised and destroyed.
          Count on it!!!

          • R.C. says:

            You are projecting, TontonB . . . and fail to appreciate that there are over 66 million American citizens, many of whom kicked your ass in 2018. You only HOPE that your opposition is weak – – but is it not true. I know many females who can kick most republicans who go to your conventions and Trump redneck rallies.

          • Will Triebel says:

            RC, well congrats on your Dems “kicking ass” and putting themselves in the same powerless position the Repubs were in in 2010, lmao. Think their increasingly extreme ideas will somehow get past the Senate? It’s all just a show for the mentally weak and gullible.
            And what to do about their constituents, whom after being ignored while those they elected do nothing but pursue their impeachment fantasies, are ready to vote them right back out?
            Not to mention that Gen. Z, the youth now coming of voting age, are the most conservative to come about in decades, #walkaway, Blexit, Jexodus, etc.
            You Marxists are the only real dying breed, and all you can think of to do about it is to childishly lash out on the blogs. Rather sad, really.

        • Steff says:

          You assigned the name “Patriot” to yourself. Reading the rant you made instantly shows that you don’t know the definition of the word. We are not a dying breed, but you really are even before you get started. First of all the hatred, bigotry, evil, and insanity live in you head for free. Liberals like you project your true failures on others so you don’t have to face the consequences of your guilt. How can you profess your rampant blasphemy by murdering the innocents, thuggery on the weak, bigotry, attacks on the believers of God and Christ, and then come back with “God bless the new generation”? If you are able, read Alinsky and Goebbels’ rules to see the reflection of yourself.

    • Robert Polans says:

      No mobile home, golfbag barry did way more, Liberals sneaking the ‘foreigners can be elected’ into the Constitution shows how pathetic and short-sighted they are. Bushes-Clintons-Obamas all Cabals. No, Trump isn’t law and order he sends masked goons (it used to be BLM in barry’s day) to spread staged violence. And no guns are hidden, we can’t get to them quickly if they were.

      • TontonB says:

        ‘… masked goons…’. What? You writing a thriller with Adam Schiff?

        • Robert Polans says:

          masked goons-antifa how blind are you?

          • TontonB says:

            I’ll try to decipher your version of English. You think Pres. Trump and Antifa are aligned. That Pres. Trump sent in Antifa ‘masked goons’ to ‘spread staged violence.’
            If this is what you are thinking, you are a mentally ill individual.

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        Trump in less than 3 years has golfed much more than Obama in 8 years, his golf trips have cost the tax payers over 110 million and then there are the sick big game hunting trips of his disgusting sons.

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          You know, Justice, I don’t mind Trump planing golf more than Obama, even though TRUMP PROMISED he would not play golf at all if elected. I MIND, THAT TRUMP PLAYS ALMOST ONLY ON HIS OWN GOLF COURSES, HIS WHOLE STAFF STAYING AT HIS RESORTS, SO THAT OVER $110 MILLION GOES DIRECTLY INTO HIS POCKETS! i MIND THAT TRUMP IS USING HIS OFFICE TO TRY TO GET NEXT YEAR’S G-7 MEETING AT HIS FAILING DORAL GOLD COURSE, rather than at Camp David, where it is generally held. I MIND Trump VIOLATING the constitutional emoluments clause!!

          • Steff says:

            You don’t make any sense at all. Did you mind Obama taking personal trips with his family and government entourage to Hawaii and staying in the lap of luxury hotels. Or how about European cruises an living it up in the French, Spanish, and Italian resorts, or the different island adventures? The secret service is required for both, but sorry he doesn’t take his whole staff and charge for them. For a person like Trump to do so much for this country, he doesn’t even take a salary so you can shove the emoluments clause up your anus! You couldn’t even pretend to keep up with his boundless energy given to protect us from creeps like you. If golf gives him even a tiny amount of break from the stress and backstabbing by people like you.

    • Mike Alteri says:

      The young voters is your key words they are brainwashed like you the people with brains and do there own fact checking are going to wipe the floor with you brainless odeots.

      • Shirl says:

        I would like to think that our youth are more intelligent then to believe everything they read. Hopefully they will do research to uncover many lies that are being thrown out there. I am concerned about our college teachers who are teaching our youth and inputting their own ideas.
        Trump has given a lot to become president and expose all the corruption in Washington. He is not getting rich, like some we see in Washington D.C., his family has been threatened, his income from his businesses have come to temp halt because of his position and his wife has been smeared. Lets get over the hatred from the Demos and work together for the people. That is why we voted for Trump to become president. Let’s limit terms for political offices. We do it for the president why not Senate, Congress, etc. Too many career politicians in Washington. The Demo’s are tearing this country apart. Let’s stop it today!!!!

        • Alcira says:

          Mr. Giuliani Must file those Law Suits NOW (why not done already)
          ” The Corrupted, Fraudulent, Treasonous, Evil ????????????, Traitors Democrats have brought this Nation down to under the mud & dirt we walk on” All of them starring with the Obama -Clinton -Biden cartel, Pelosi, Schumer, A. Coumo, De Blasio, Nader & the rest, must be Sue and removed from office NOW with out pay, and benefits AND demand they pay back to us, the tax payers the billions of dollars stolen as salaries for jobs none of them performed. *** WHAT A DISGRACE TO THE U.S.A. & HONEST HARD WORKING CITIZENS***

      • Patriot says:

        The only thing i can tell from your post is you have a very poor way of making a point since no one can make sense of what you posted.
        I can’t even read it some words I’ve never heard of.
        You have no ability for cognitive thinking..
        You have no ability to properly spell.
        One thing you did admitt to is that you have been brainwashed to believe OPPRESSION is normal.
        That’s why it is so important that the new generation help rid society of idiots and low informatio voters like you.

        • M says:

          You must be from the people’s republic of Calicommia where EVERYONE is so enlightened and the rest of the world is uninformed. Your prefecture is a perfect example of how your agenda has failed miserably. Even they are now BEGGING for help for THEIR failed policies. Tell your mother to stop beating you so much with that stupid stick, you are clueless enough already.

          • the real M says:

            just what does “Calicommia” and “prefecture” – — better fix your English before you start talking about a “stupid stick”!!! Do you rant like this at home?

          • Steff says:

            The real M does not even have a reply for his comments below. He obviously is uneducated given his inability to connect the dots between prefecture created by the Cali dimwits and the abject failure of their ideology. Should have just told him to get a pooper scooper for a streets, heavy gloves for the needles, and a lot of bug spray and clorox.

    • Ted McMeans says:

      Berry did far worse than any President in history and we do want him in prison along wit his buddy Holder!

    • Brenda says:

      Your an idiot! Educate yourself and read. Your out in left field. How big a deficit did Obama leave us? Do research on the law. I did that in High School and still do that today. Never too old to learn.. Republicans are cleaning up mess made by Democrats. Democrats don’t care about American people. They care about their power and their pocket books

    • don allen says:

      You are ignorant. Its the democrats that are liberal and they need to be sent home.

    • Lori Stevens says:

      Get your head out of the sand. Sadly, the “young people” are clueless

    • jreb57 says:

      Bender, you must have been on a bender.

    • Bill says:

      What do you mean ‘if Obama did half this stuff’? Obama and his administration was so crooked you could hide the entire crowd behind a corkscrew.

    • William Milot says:

      Obunghole gave our Sworn Enemies the ability to build Nuclear weapons, Set race relations back to before the civil war, promotes murdering babies not just in the first trimester, started the war on police, want’s to teach grade school kids how to be homos, Never even proved he was even American, destroyed Moral value in our youth, and blew 18 Trillion Dollars in his first year in office! You instantly go for the trailer park like all of us have expected out of liberal ghetto garbage just like yourself! You truly are exactly what’s wrong with the Obunghole followers, the way you address people shows your complete lack of any class or morality. This is why Trump will win 2020, because even Democrats with morals and self respect won’t vote for this line of degenerates, especially Christian Democrats that can’t condone homo’s or abortions as the baby’s being delivered. The only way the Dem’s could beat Trump is if He decided not to run again!

  30. Joseph says:

    I have come to the conclusion that the Democrats are the BULLIES of the U.S. and I was always taught to take nothing off the bullies and if asked the Democrats will say they don’t like bullies either but the fact of the matter is that they are the Biggest Bunch of BULLIES there is and they need to be locked up for doing so, granted there might be a few that are not but about 98% of them are. Trump is trying to run our country for the best of the people and all he has gotten is flak from the BULLIES.

    • Mysty says:

      Joseph, you are 100% RIGHT!!!!
      It’s going to be AMAZING in 2020 when PRESIDENT TRUMP WINS AGAIN & those BULLIES lose to him AGAIN!!!
      I know that pelosi is up for re-election & wouldn’t it be INCREDIBLE, FANTASTIC, AMAZING, FABULOUS & AWESOME IF SHE LOST!?!?!?!?!
      It actually might be a tough battle since she has been so HORRID to her people. There’s been an awful lot of Californians who have “walked away” & many more who are intelligent enough to SEE what she’s done & doing & know that her words are NOT WORDS OF LOVE & HELPING HER PEOPLE, but are instead WORDS OF HATE & ABANDONING HER PEOPLE by bringing in MILLIONS of ‘undocumented people’ to vote dem. Even if she does win, she WILL lose the gavel.
      I DO believe that there are going to be MASSIVE shake-ups in the dem party.

    • Dan Winright says:

      Hey slow joe. Read above comment.

    • Alvina Sedwick says:


    • Big Bob says:


      You echo numerous posts from this writer, about bullies. You are right on. They are all bullies. Huff and puff, like the big bad wolf. Problem is, they use their bully ways, to cover up reality. They change the narrative, with bullying. All lies, twist and shout, spin masters.

      When I was 8 or 9, I had a fat, 12 year old bully me and all the other kids. Until one day, I got fed up, and punched him hard in his stomach. He doubled up, and I jumped on top of him and punched him several more times. I told him to never bully anyone again. He never again bullied me or other kids. The moral of the story is, you have to fight back, and “get their attention”. It works to a charm.

  31. Peggy Smith says:

    I can’t understand why president Trump can’t investigate people for our own protection, when he’s been under investigation since he took office. Where does this s*** end? He is a good president, let him do his job!

    • Diana Talmadge says:

      Well said.

    • Rani says:

      Yes, you’re right about that. It’s about time Rudy Giuliani file a lawsuit against these Congress people who are definitely undermining President Trump. They’re even flying to foreign countries and meeting with their Presidents and PMs and directly undermining President Trump who is our President who has every right to sue them. Foreign policy is NOT their job, it’s only the President’s. I’ve been waiting for a lawsuit on behalf of the President and maybe while Rudy is at it, the fake Media should be sued also. They broadcast nothing but twisted lies and we have to hear it 24/7 – this needs to stop. I hope Rudy G. goes after these DemoRats and fast. There needs to be some arrests made.

      • MARGARET says:

        These so called democrats are a danger to this country. God only knows what they are telling foreign leaders and they have no right to go to them and tell them the lies they are telling, Just think of the hell we would be in if Killary had won. She would euthanize all of us older folk and disabled in order to make her world better. look at the list of deaths attached to her already. The democrats who are undermining the President’s authority should be impeached themselves.

    • Bender says:

      Peggy he can when he withholds Congress approved aid to help his election then it’s a crime.

      • Skip says:

        Then why wasn’t it a crime when Joe Biden did it? The truth is, President Trump is not withholding aid contingent on Zelensky doing anything.

    • Keith R. Christensen says:

      It is about what Joe gave to Borizma to get his son hired, what did the Bidens give to China, and BTW this goes back to Obama and Hilary Clinton as well, the deep state in DC have been doing this for many years, trading American security for money from foreign governments and agencies. The Dems and many Republicans have a lot they need to answer to, but it will never happen if Trump gets impeached. The presidency will be neutered, and foreign governments will work with congress reps rather than the president, talk about unconstitutional!

  32. libra says:

    I would have to wonder just how bad the Marxists in Congress want all of their dirty laundry and criminal records exposed. If it is a public record it is fair game. This President has taken more abuse and done more for America in the 2 yrs and 10 months he has held office than the last 3 Presidents combined.

    • Mitch says:

      Where were the MEDIA under OBAMA ??? Where were the CIA , FBI, DEEP STATE when OBAMA was selling the USA out verbally, financially????? I am sure they were listening! Clapper, Brennan, Comey, L Lynch and all these TREASONON deep state were well aware of the USA sell out.
      The Eletes of this country were colluding along with the Media CEO’s daily . As evidence of every TV news anchors were repeating the same rhetoric on every channel.
      The media CEO’s are the driving force supporting the Democrats against POTUS Donald Trump from the first day he began his campaign and then POTUS as a duly elected President.

      And now , Pelosi has brought great sadness against the USA Legal Citizens of this great country. She and her cohorts should resign and/or face charges for treasonous lying against the Constitution and our great President. Gitmo is in their future for sure.

    • Pat says:

      I hope William Barr is investigating the Soros connection to every one of the Democrats in Congress. Who is paying for their travel to meet with foreign leaders?Meeting with foreign leaders is not Congress’s job.

      • Patriot says:

        BOZO BARR is still to busy covering up the hit on Epstein that TRUMPZILLA ORDERED .

        • Pat says:

          Patriot (I use that term loosely in your case), you are way past help. Your brain has been fried by the media who wants to control you and you willingly let it happen. You can’t even provide proof to back up your idiotic claims because you have none.

  33. Art Crosby says:

    Good!! Start Turning S… Around on THEM! The demorats are that relationship we’ve All had,No Matter How Good You were or How Bad They were,You were Always the Bad guy and Aways ended up on the Defensive.And when you have the media and All pop culture on the’re side it makes it a Helluva Lot easier for them.Semper Fi

  34. DC says:

    It would simply be amazing if GIULIANI and the advice he has received from both Constitutional Lawyers and Civil Rights Lawyers as well as his own vast knowledge of law, is spot on and takes these rogue Democrats to task. It is long overdue that so many have skated around justice and have made a mockery of our judicial system and embarrassed our country long enough. In nearly seven decades I have not witnessed this kind of reckless, irresponsible, unethical, deceitful, despicable, deranged behavior as the Democrats have displayed these past three years. They have knowingly and willingly tried to, first frame a Presidential candidate, then unseat a duly elected President, then lie, fabricate untrue stories day after day, week after week, month after month for over three years… doing all they could to prevent our President from accomplishing additional great things for America. Recently going so far as to have the lead democrat Schiff, read his own made up Ukraine transcript from our President attempting to make things look bad to Congress and America. Schiff should be removed from office.. This nonsense, this childish nonsense from grown men and women in the Democrat side has to stop. Our country is suffering because of it.

    • Rob Lyle says:

      absolutely agree. these politicians are traveling around doing things that are the President’s Constitutionally mandated areas not theirs. Sue them not only for the reason just cited and in addition they are using taxpayer money lets get that back

      • Pat says:

        You can bet it’s Soros money. He owns the Democrats.

        • Patrick says:

          Do the Koch brothers own the republicans? I think they give much more money to the GOP than Soros donates. Oh, sorry, you need to have your SCAPEGOATS and excuses for when things don’t go your way . . . . . we do not wish to take away your “woobies” or excuses!

          • Steff says:

            Get with the current events. The Koch brothers split from the GOP over the Wall preventing Open Borders and a one-world government. President Trump vetoed the Koch brothers ideas. They are just greedy, but Soros wants total power and always has. He is evil incarnate and buys off the evil and greedy democrats easily.

  35. Mb says:

    There REALLY is a law for treason in our constitution as well in the military
    Start thinking: noose, or firing squad or the guillotine

    • Bender says:

      Mb your right cadet bone spurs and rudy should be worried

    • Patriot says:

      Talking of Treason.
      Why was it the very first thing Bush sr did as potus his very first coverup his very first crime his very first act as a traitor to America .
      That thing was he pardoned Reagen .
      Now ask yourself if Reagen did nothing wrong why did Bush sr give him a PARDON.?

      • W says:

        Another lie by a lemming demofool. Bush DID NOT pardon Reagan as you FALSELY claim. He did however pardon several of Reagan’s cabinet members for acts under the Iran-Contra issue.

        Get YOUR facts straight, lemming.

  36. Mb says:

    The is a law for treason in our constitution as well in the military
    Start thinking: noose, or firing squad or the guillotine

  37. Jake d says:

    Take them all down including Clinton, obama , holder and their cronies. We are fed up with the lies and America hating.

  38. Rodney says:

    GO RUDY!!!!!!!! Take as many down as you can!!!!!!!

  39. Jerry says:

    We give billions to other countries and our politicians get it back in the form of kickbacks how long is this been going on Republican and Democrat must be investigated clean the swamp

  40. Gregory Sullivan says:

    If you are a conservative or a republican politician, in the eyes of the left or a democrat, you are automatically deemed as mentally disturbed and was elected, you are illegitimate. But in their eyes if you are a leftist democrat you are not.

  41. Eli says:

    It’s about time that we fight back as hard as they have attacked this administration. The radicals have disrespected, and defied President Trump and Vice President Pence, way too long with slander and lies. The recent report on Adam Schiff and the Russian radio hosts, verify their boldness to take steps to harass the President. We have reports where the radical, congressional representatives have traveled influencing foreign leaders with their slanderous smears. So, I would venture to say, they are not good, loyal American representatives. What are they really representing? Please vote for someone who truly represents American loyalty.

  42. Steve says:

    Not just lawsuits for these liberal criminals , but arrest for years of many counts of sedition & high treason , working FOR America’s enemies ; punishable under GITMO military law with max . sentences each !

  43. Tony Aquino says:

    YOU GO RUDY… About time bring it all out ALL OUT.. Let these few DEM–RATS run and hide for once. That Adam Schiff wow how could he even had gotten away with that FAKE STATEMENTS he made up…..He don’t represent Americans..HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED… Love my country I fly my Red White and Blue flag outside of my home EVERY DAY… Always THANKING of those Brave Americans who DIED for us..,Leaving their Love ones behind for you and me…ALWAYS HONOR THEM WE THE PEOPLE…

  44. Billy Vincent says:

    Sandra, you are absolutely right!!!! They are a bunch of deranged IDIOTS, THAT SHOULD BE IN PRISON, OR A MENTAL INSTITUTION FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES !!!#####

  45. Sandra says:

    The only reason Trump is called an ” illegitimate President” is because these idiot
    and arrogant Democrats did not want him elected. What kind of utter stupidity is
    that? Just a bunch of whining babies sucking their thumbs because they did not get
    their way. I think these toads need to grow up. I am so sick of these sniveling Lefties.

    • Rani says:

      They didn’t want an honest person elected because now they have been exposed by President Trump. Remember, President Trump is beholden to no one – he’s a billionaire and I believe he is honest, not corrupt, and wants to leave a last legacy when he fixes the mess created by previous crooked administration against the United States. Quite a challenge, but not for President Trump. He knows what to do and the DemoRats are trying to stop him every way they can. The rest of these Swamp Rats are as corrupt as they come. They’ve got to be stopped so stay behind our President.

    • QED says:

      No, Sandra, is because he lost the popular vote by 3 million people and only won narrowly by the electoral college. It could also be because he had the help of Russia to win, and even Putin admitted in Helsinki that he had his people take steps to get Trump to win — especially targeting Democratic voters.

      • TontonB says:

        304 to 221 is not a narrow electoral college victory! The popular vote DOES NOT elect POTUS. The electoral college gives the power to the states. In 48 of the 50, the winner of the popular vote in the state wins the electoral votes. POTUS IS NOT determined by the 50 state popular vote total. Get that through your head!!!! It’s determined by the cumulative winner of each state known as the electoral college. To do otherwise, would dismiss the smaller states as unimportant. See the genius of the electoral college. Accept it that Hillary lost. Get over it! You want to win, then have policies that benefit the US, and outwork the other candidates. It ain’t handed to you buddy!!!!

        • Eileen Trent says:

          “The “QUEEN OF DARKNESS” didn’t even win the popular vote. We know millions of illegal aliens are voting, most of whom are in Calif., and N.Y. Why do u think Dems. are trying so hard to protect them? Even warning illegal alien scum when ICE is coming, thereby putting our brave ICE men and women in dangerous situations! GO ICE!!! MAGA

      • QED says:

        What I meant by narrow electoral college vote is that our of 129 million votes, if 70,000 votes had gone the other way in 3 states, then Trump would have lost. The electoral college gives much more power to small states than it does to other states, and it also works against people going out and even trying to vote. If you live in a predominantly blue or red state and you are not of the dominant party, your vote does not really count since in most states, the majority vote determines ALL the electoral votes, even if one side only wins by 1% of the votes. it is anti-democratic and outdated. Each small state, even in those with more cattle than people, gets three electoral votes, really giving them more power per capita than in other states.

        • TontonB says:

          So using your example how is the ‘narrow electoral college’ victory for Pres. Trump any different from winning the popular vote? The major advantage of the electoral college, and I’ll write it again, is that it benefits each state. Each state has its own unique idiosyncrasies. Absent the electoral college POTUS candidates would concentrate on the large population states eg. NY, CA, IL, FL and a few others. Under this scenario, these few states would elect POTUS, while the smaller, ‘unimportant’ states would have virtually no impact on the federal election. Nor, would any of there idiosyncratic issues be brought to the attention of POTUS. The Electoral College favors no state, since each state is equally important. Some states have more electors due to the number of Congressional reps. This is directly linked to population. You need to reflect upon the pros and cons and not be so quick to have an emotional outburst, falling prey to the Liberal incensed Left. You can’t always win! If you don’t, you need to determine what went wrong and do better next time. Not have a temper tantrum!

        • Will Triebel says:

          And allowing California, NYC and perhaps Chicago to elect the leadership for all the other states, totally disenfranchising the votes of all, including millions of minorities. that live outside of those urban areas, would be more Democratic how, exactly?
          That is why we have the EC.

      • Steff says:

        Obviously you are a person who doesn’t know or understanding the reason for the electoral college. It was established so that all state’s votes were considered in the election. Due to the populations of each state electors were assigned. This was to assure that a few large states could not constantly pick a president. He didn’t win narrowly, it was by 77 votes over the requirement of 270. And unless you are a bug or insect, how do you know what the conversation was about at Helsinki. Typical ignorance and MSM propaganda believer. If you can’t state facts, then you shouldn’t be showing your ignorance.

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