Ron DeSantis slapped Joe Biden with one legal notice that will leave you speechless

Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis have a budding rivalry.

The Florida Governor emerged as the leading Republican critic of the radical Biden administration.

And Ron DeSantis slapped Joe Biden with one legal notice that will leave you speechless.
At a press conference with the parents of children killed by illegal aliens, Governor DeSantis announced new initiatives directing state agencies to inform communities every time an illegal alien felon is released.

DeSantis’ announcement came after the Biden administration began recklessly turning illegal alien felons loose in American cities and towns.

Governor DeSantis fired off a letter to Biden outlining the extent of Biden’s reckless policy.

“As you well know, several criminal aliens were recently released in Florida, at the direction of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who otherwise would have been detained by federal authorities. Dangerous felons were set free into our communities despite federal immigration laws,” DeSantis wrote.

DeSantis warned Biden that Biden’s policies could result in as many as “50 potential criminal aliens” that are about to walk out of prison who should be transferred into ICE custody – and that number could rise to 200 in the coming months.

“Over the next thirty days, as many as 50 potential criminal aliens are to complete their Florida prison terms subject to ICE detainers. That number could rise to as many as 200 felons within six months — all confirmed or suspected illegal aliens having been convicted or currently serving in prison. These felons would traditionally be, and are expected to be, transferred to ICE custody. I demand that your administration continue working with our officials to ensure all such felons are detained by ICE until their status is adjudicated, and, if found to be in this country illegally, removal effected,” DeSantis added.

Republicans argue that Joe Biden lost complete control of the border.

Ron DeSantis’ letter to Biden explains in detail the extent of the tragedy Biden is inflicting on communities around the country with his open borders policies creating magnets for illegal immigration.

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