Ron DeSantis pulled one rabbit out of his hat that just destroyed Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate

Millions of Americans are nervous about Joe Biden’s unprecedented and illegal federal vaccine mandate.

But one state is fighting back.

And Ron DeSantis pulled one rabbit out of his hat that just destroyed Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Joe Biden’s federal power grab requiring employers with more than one hundred workers to mandate the vaccine is set to go into effect on January 4.

The state of Florida already filed two separate lawsuits challenging both Biden’s employer vaccine mandate as well as Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors.

Now, DeSantis called a special session of the legislature to debate four bills that will effectively gut Biden’s vaccine mandate.

The legislation will require employers to exempt workers with religious and medical concerns about the vaccine.

Pregnant women or women who get pregnant are also exempt.

Floridians who have already recovered from COVID and possess natural immunity are also exempt.

The bills will also require employers to provide testing and PPE to employees at no cost to the workers if they reject the vaccine.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leads the polls for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2024 if Donald Trump chooses not to run for president.

DeSantis’ willingness to fight back against Joe Biden’s COVID mandate tyranny is a main reason why Republican voters support DeSantis’ 2024 aspirations.

The federal government has never before mandated the entire population to take a vaccine.

Millions of Americans are looking to leaders in their state to fight back against Joe Biden’s unconstitutional mandates.

The state of Florida under Ron DeSantis took the lead on that front.

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