Ron DeSantis made one big announcement that left Joe Biden boiling with rage

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis loves going toe-to-toe with Joe Biden.

His latest move sent Democrats into a frenzy.

And Ron DeSantis made one big announcement that left Joe Biden boiling with rage.

The border crisis is spiraling out-of-control after President Joe Biden dismantled Donald Trump’s successful border security policies.

Now, a Biblical flood of illegal aliens are pouring across the wide-open southern border.

Republican-led states have been left to contain the chaos caused by record levels of illegal aliens sneaking into the country.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott decided to turn the tables on open border Democrats with a surprising move.

Abbott began busing illegal aliens from Texas to Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities around the country like New York City and Washington, D.C.

Democrat Mayors are panicking now that the Biden border crisis is showing up at their own doorsteps.

Just a small fraction of the number of illegal aliens that states like Texas face on a daily basis caused Washington, D.C. Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser to declare a public emergency and plead for help from the Biden regime.

But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now getting in on the action after he made a major announcement about how the Sunshine State will deal with illegal aliens.

DeSantis announced that Florida will “reroute” illegal aliens to Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware.

“That’s why the Governor has worked with the legislature, to secure funding to make sure…that people that are coming illegally…that they don’t stay here with their arms crossed, thinking about what they will be able to do,” Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez said. “We are going to send that person, frankly, to Delaware, the President’s home state.”

DeSantis secured $12 million in funding from the state legislature to carry out the task of sending the illegal aliens out of Florida.

“The crisis at our border is something affecting the entire nation, including the Sunshine State,” Nuñez continued. “And although states do not have jurisdiction over immigration, we do have jurisdiction over the well-being of our residents.”

DeSantis’ opponent in his reelection race this fall, Charlie Crist, has been trying to seize on the Florida Governor’s tough stance on illegal immigration to sow doubt in the state’s sizeable Cuban population about refugees from the communist island being targeted for removal.

Crist is running radio ads claiming that DeSantis will sweep up Cuban refugees with the program.

DeSantis poured cold water on the idea that legitimate refugees would be included in the program.

“It applies to people illegally crossing the southern border who want to come to Florida or who come to Florida because a lot of them say they want to. And if they’re here illegally, then that’s a much different thing than being a refugee. So it does not apply to refugees,” DeSantis said.

The shoe is on the other foot for Joe Biden after Ron DeSantis announced that the border crisis would soon be coming to his own backyard.

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