Ron DeSantis just revealed a shocking truth about himself and Donald Trump

Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump are the two biggest names in the Republican Party.

But there are rumors of a budding feud.

And Ron DeSantis just revealed a shocking truth about himself and Donald Trump.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis batted down a burgeoning storyline in the corporate-controlled media that he and Donald Trump are at odds over potentially running against each other in the 2024 GOP Presidential Primary.

DeSantis told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that any reports of him and Trump at odds was pure fiction invented by the corporate-controlled media.

“The corporate media is trying to manufacture something where something doesn’t exist,” DeSantis told Ingraham. “Look, when I ran for Governor, he endorsed me when everyone said, don’t do it. And he had my back, and then when he ran for reelection, we had his back in Florida, raised a bunch of money. He had a great margin of victory in Florida. We see eye to eye on all of the big issues.”

The corporate-controlled media began playing up the idea of a feud between Trump and DeSantis when Trump called politicians who refused to reveal if they received the booster shot “gutless” around the same time DeSantis said he should have criticized Dr. Fauci and lockdowns much more loudly in March 2020, which the media interpreted as DeSantis attacking Trump for allowing lockdowns to go into place.

DeSantis wrapped up by telling Ingraham he held no animosity towards Donald Trump and that the corporate-controlled media only fabricated this story to gin up a GOP Civil War to deflect from Joe Biden’s failures.

“And so, I have zero, zero animosity or anything,” DeSantis concluded. “And they’re just trying to create divisions. And why are they doing that, Laura? Because they know Biden is failing. He had the worst first year of any President in United States history since the 1800s. And they know he’s failing on all fronts. So, they’re trying to divert attention away from those failures and trying to create fissures in the Republican Party. That ain’t going to happen.”

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