Ron DeSantis just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with this one epic reality check

Democrats tried to paint Ron DeSantis as the villain of the coronavirus pandemic.

But that turned out to be a big mistake.

And Ron DeSantis just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with this one epic reality check.

The Omicron variant causing record case levels in heavily-vaccinated states disproves the theory that vaccine mandates could end the pandemic.

As Democrats watch the rationalization for their un-American vaccine mandate collapse, the Left is trying to distract from that failure by conjuring up deranged conspiracy theories about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Democrats and the Fake News Media spent the last two years smearing DeSantis because they feared the fact that he kept Florida open and normal life operating without vaccine or mask mandates during the pandemic.

The latest fabrication came when DeSantis stayed out of the public light during the Christmas holidays and the Left falsely claimed that he either “disappeared” during a COVID surge or was dying of COVID.

However, DeSantis revealed that he was actually accompanying his wife, Casey, to her chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.

In a press conference, DeSantis mocked leftists for claiming he abandoned his post by pointing out the fact that Joe Biden spent Christmas at his beach house in Delaware while America recorded the highest levels of coronavirus cases since the pandemic first started over 18 months ago.

“I guess I should have been at the beach in Delaware. They would have been really happy about that,” DeSantis began.

DeSantis added that he decided it was more important to stay by his wife’s side during a health crisis.

“And I just looked at my wife. I’m like, going to the hospital with you is not a vacation for you, I know that. And it’s not a vacation – this is something that as a husband, I think that I should be doing,” DeSantis stated.

DeSantis added that the Fake News Media and Democrats’ false claims that he was on vacation when his family faced a serious health issue, spoke to the deranged mentality that affected the way so many on the Left talked about him.

“I have accompanied her to all her chemotherapy treatments, and she’s there for a long time. I’m there most of the time. It’s a draining thing. When she’s done with it, you know, it’s not something that’s great to see. And so, I just think a lot of people, particularly people who have gone through breast cancer treatments, the notion that that would be considered a vacation, I think, is offensive to a lot of those folks,” DeSantis added.

DeSantis also stated that on every day of his supposed “vacation,” the Governor’s office emailed out his daily schedule showing that he was working the entire time.

Without saying so, DeSantis made the point that the Fake News Media purposefully allowed misinformation to spread since they had access to his schedule.

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