Ron DeSantis has Kamala Harris worried about 2024 with what he just reported

Many Americans across the political spectrum believe Kamala Harris will be the Democrat nominee in 2024.

But Harris may be in some big trouble.

That’s because Ron DeSantis has Kamala Harris worried about 2024 with what he just reported.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ star is rising on the Right as Republicans take notice of the fact that he largely kept Florida open during the coronavirus pandemic and rejected mask mandates.

DeSantis studied “the science” and rejected the fear mongering and hysteria of the corporate-controlled media and the public health tyrants led by Dr. Fauci.

Governor DeSantis leads the largest swing state and his approval rating is over 50 percent, which leads many on the Right to view him as the candidate to beat in 2024 should Donald Trump not run.

Democrats are increasingly worried about the threat DeSantis poses to their grip on power in 2024 and they are looking to stop his rise by defeating DeSantis when he runs for re-election next year.

That task became even more difficult as DeSantis posted a massive fundraising haul that will keep his campaign flush with cash as Democrat challengers fight it out in a messy primary to see who will take DeSantis on.

Breitbart reports:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) raised nearly $14 million in April, the largest haul since his 2018 campaign for a grand total of nearly $31 million in his war chest.

The Friends of Ron DeSantis political committee is responsible for the fundraising in which two donors contributed over half the total amount of $7.8 million. The donors are Chicago hedge fund manager Kenneth Griffin ($5 million) and the Republican Governors’ Association ($2.8 million).

A convincing win for DeSantis in Florida could be the launching pad toward a 2024 challenge to Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris is a poor politician.

She only won elections in Deep Blue California before an embarrassing 2020 Presidential campaign that saw her drop out of the race around Thanksgiving with zero support in the polls.

Republicans consider Ron DeSantis – having won two elections in Florida – a strong 2024 challenger.

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