Ron DeSantis has a big surprise that is going to show up on Joe Biden’s doorstep

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to show Republicans how to fight back against Joe Biden.

Each day Joe Biden learns it was a mistake to make an enemy out of DeSantis.

And Ron DeSantis has a big surprise that is going to show up on Joe Biden’s doorstep.

In the month of April, 234,000 illegal aliens attempted to invade America.

That was the highest number of border crossings ever recorded.

And the administration released over 100,000 illegal aliens into the country.

Many Republicans bellyache about Joe Biden opening the borders and inviting mobs of illegal aliens into the country.

But few do anything about it other than issue sternly worded letters or put out viral tweets.

However, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took action.

Governor DeSantis announced he was signing legislation that banned the state government from signing any contracts for services with vendors who worked with the Biden administration to transport or house illegal aliens in the state of Florida.

“I’m also going to sign a bill here in the next couple of weeks that any of if there’s contractors that the federal government hires to dump illegal aliens in Florida, then those contractors forfeit the ability to do business with the state or with local communities. And we’re just not gonna do it,” Governor DeSantis stated.

Governor DeSantis then announced the legislature also set aside money so that the state government could bus any illegal aliens the feds trafficked to Florida to Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Governor DeSantis announced that the “money from the Legislature which will be available starting in June so that if Biden is busing illegal aliens into our state, we’re taking those buses and rerouting them to Delaware and other jurisdictions.”

After the tragedy in Buffalo, the corporate-controlled media and Democrats now claim it is a racist conspiracy theory to criticize Joe Biden’s open borders agenda.

But as Ron DeSantis pointed out, more than 2.5 million illegal aliens have attempted to enter the United States since Joe Biden took office.

And the crisis at the border is only set to get worse, as Biden is determined to lift Title 42, the successful Trump policy which allowed the government to quickly deport illegal aliens claiming asylum.

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