Robert Mueller’s star witness just recanted and now everything changed

Robert Mueller’s Russia Investigation received a shot in the arm.

Democrats cheered one of Mueller’s witness’ startling confessions.

But then this whistleblower recanted and now Mueller is in a panic.

Mueller and Democrats believe the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians because WikiLeaks began releasing hacked emails hours after the Washington Post published a story about the Access Hollywood tape.

They reasoned that a foreign intelligence service would only have known to take this action had they been directed by seasoned political operatives in America.

Conservative author Jerome Corsi gave this conspiracy theory a boost when he did several interviews claiming Roger Stone asked him to get in touch with WikiLeaks about releasing emails to distract from the Access Hollywood tape.

But now Corsi is walking back these explosive claims.

The Daily Caller reports:

“We can see different things, and he can be right from what he perceived, and I can be right from what I perceived,” Corsi said of Stone in an interview with radio host Eric Metaxas published Thursday.

“My recollections are not always accurate against an objective sense of truth, whatever that means,” Corsi said on the “Skullduggery” podcast, which aired Friday.

“My recollections and Roger’s differ on this. Now, I’m not maintaining that my recollection is true and his is false.”
“I can only testify to you as to my recollection. Roger is entitled to his own,” he continued, adding later that, “I make memory mistakes all the time.”

Corsi’s backtracking is just the latest blow to the Russia collusion conspiracy theory.

With Mueller expected to submit a report in the coming weeks, his office has been leaking word to friendly reporters that they should not be expecting any bombshells in the document.

Now the big question is what the Democrats will do if Mueller does not come through on fabricating grounds to impeach President Trump.

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192 Responses

  1. Kevin McDuffie says:

    Well Arlene, the Kenyan born Obama is a Muslim and celebrates their, and his own, hate of the US1

  2. I totally agree! #Trump2020

  3. Anna McGuire says:

    Anna McGuire Mueller’s investigation provided the truth that our President of the U.S.A. did NOTHING ILLEGAL; the far left Trump haters need to know he did nothing to be the focus of their witch hunt. POTUS has made a significant contribution toward making America great again! God Bless the U.S.A.

  4. Steel Magnolia says:

    Terrible terrible ‘treason’ from ‘Within’.
    Mueller IS ‘skank’ . ADD All the ‘others’.

  5. Steel Magnolia says:

    V. Good ‘ brief run down’ post, madam.

  6. Steel Magnolia says:

    lol. no prob.

  7. zee says:

    don’t think Dan Is familiar w/ PP.
    >Have to keep trying on RR.
    > few wks ago, said he was “still active”
    that was the last i heard from him. but then
    again, i do not open Every RR headliner.

  8. Jack Handy says:

    “Border residents in New Mexico say they are hesitant to report suspicious immigration activity to local and federal law enforcement because they fear the Mexican cartels moving drugs or people into the U.S. will retaliate against them. Seven residents who live 30 to 50 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border told the Washington Examiner that picking up the phone to call for help if they have been burglarized or found someone sleeping in their barn can lead to nasty consequences,” Anna Giaritelli writes.
    SAY “BARRIER(s)” FORGET the ‘w’ (wall) Word. “BARRIER(s)”
    >>>“The Pentagon said Sunday it has sent 3,750 more active-duty troops to the border, moving to re-bolster forces as new caravans make their way north through Mexico,” Lauren Meier and Stephen Dinan report for The Washington Times. “The new troops will lay 150 more miles of razor wire to try to make it tougher to climb over existing border fencing and will also bring mobile surveillance capabilities to assist the Border Patrol in spotting illegal crossers.”

  9. Jack Handy says:

    (Mex 0brador Helping POTUS re ‘illegal immi’)
    > Off topic. Don’t care . Info Must ‘get’ ‘there’ To

  10. zee says:

    Steff. Replying to ‘the gang’ here ie Bender/Diane/Betty/ estudiante’/
    JD/ RicB/ tit/ granberg/ Scott27 +
    >Am INTERESTED IN ‘Real News’ , Mostly Not 0n
    msm. God Bless. ♥’s

  11. zee says:

    To Steff/Real M.
    >Diane/betty/estudiante’ Cannot/or Capable of
    a ‘switch’ in foul/vulgar words to a ‘Bender’. Me thinx
    ‘bender’ is of the tit/snot27/granberg etc. ‘type’.
    >hmm. Consider. What U think?

  12. The Real M says:

    Steel Magnolia, Oops! Should have been “mo money”!

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