Robert Mueller’s big plan just blew up in his face on national television

Special counsel Robert Mueller has been targeting longtime Trump associate Roger Stone.

Anti-Trump journalists and investigators believe Stone is a prime suspect for having colluded with the Russians.

Mueller’s case took a hit when he got some very bad news.

Stone has long predicted Mueller will indict him on financial crimes unrelated to the 2016 election.

The longtime GOP operative and Trump associate has ferociously denied any collusion with the Russians, but investigators are believed to be targeting him so he will turn and testify against President Trump.

Stone shut down that talk in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

The Daily Caller reports:

“He has yet to prove actual Russian collusion between the Trump campaign or Trump associates or Trump family members with the Russian state. We’ve talked about that before. I know of no evidence of it. I don’t think Mr. Mueller has proven that case yet,” Stone stated.

“But I’m also mindful of any prosecutor’s ability to squeeze underlings to get them to compose testimony against a bigger fish. I have not been contacted by the special counsel’s office,” he continued. “I made it abundantly clear that there is no circumstances under which I would testify against the president. I would not rule out cooperating if they think I can be helpful in some area, but beyond that, I have not spoken to them.”

Many people have suggested that Stone could conceivably get indicted.

Stone insisted that he did not pass any information sent to him by Russian intelligence front Guccifer 2.0 to the Trump 2016 campaign last month.”

Mueller may very well indict Stone at the end of the summer to give his investigation momentum and to damage Trump politically just as the midterm election campaign season kicks off.

But based on the available evidence and testimony, Mueller will not be able to produce any proof of collusion against Roger Stone.

And if he was hoping Stone would be intimidated by facing the prospect of jail over financial crimes, that plan just backfired.


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133 Responses

  1. Steveur says:

    Giving it some thought… it may be worthwhile to have some entity from the White House, post the Cost to taxpayers daily of Muellars Investigation. Have a special segment that comes on at a certain time of the day giving total cost in big numbers of what we are paying for in the Muellar Sham. This should bring out the rage in TAXPAYERS, where there money it going.

    • Bob l says:

      WHAT DO U MEAN BRING OUT!!!!!! I and many others r already beyond pissed off

      • Rose says:

        Me too, I think Mueller and Rosenstein are getting rich off of the Mueller farce They both have a lot to gain by letting it go on forever. There never was anything there and they both know it! The real crooks are not being investigated. They both are the crooks, Mueller helped Russia with the Uranium gate , he took samples to Russia so they could see that it was top grade. HE COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA AND SO HAVE THE CLINTONS. !

  2. Steveur says:

    Muellars, anti-Trump forces are being eliminated, not fast enough, but certainly applauded. Peter Strozxk, has been canned. Next ?

  3. Lewis Stone says:

    Mueller has nothing to prove a Trump/Russia collusion

  4. Jaime Manzano says:

    Mueller is amoral. That may be an exaggeration. Better, he has no soul.

  5. James Johnson says:

    Mueller and all his headhunters need to be thrown in jail!!!When has a president ever been investigated over bogus made up lies for the 1st 2v years in office. They have NO Frikken Right whatsoever!!

  6. Merridee says:

    the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, must be DESTROYED. THE AG DOJ CIA FBI and others in democrats shoulda ll be arrested for treason, their corruption in trying to destroy president Trump and our nation.

  7. BOB ELMORE says:

    As I remember those famous words,
    Get over it. How much money has been spent on this farce.

    • DrD78 says:

      Bob, it makes a tremendous difference. If we start prosecuting people like Muler (pun intended…he is stubborn and dumb as a mule) and other similar henchmen we can start getting honesty and integrity back into our government.

  8. Richard McClure says:

    It’s obvious to all That Heir Mueller is a 1st Generation Hebrew of the Great Hebrew Migration that took place after WW 2. FROM SOUTH AMERICA mostly from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay Because he is Truly intent at Proving Nothing.

    • If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

      • Democratic liberals morons liken Mr Mueller and the special consultal has proven nothing but the failure to put a end to the unfounded allegations against the president. If they spent their time and money investigating the Obummer administration and Hillary Clinton and the involvement of other government agencies in the cover up of corruption within the Democratic Party and the leadership. It’s time to vote them out of office and say with A LOUD VOICE THAT WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE

      • Brenda,your right on it but i take it one step further on top of ousting these demons lets also prosecute,jail them and fine each one the amount of money they been paid by our tax dollars. Damn, we just always get screwed and have to pay for someone elses stupidity. The polls is where we do that amen..lets do it..

    • Randall Hart says:

      He’s proving to take millions from tax payers that by itself should be criminal.

  9. Sheila Murrell says:

    This needs to end!

  10. John says:

    You should have watch Judge Jeanne this weekend on her opening statement. Mueller try to take money from the Russians for and FBI investigation when he was director of the FBI. That is against the law , so Congress need a n independent second counsel to investigate Mueller and all he done illegally while FBI director. Mueller is part of the deep state along with the deputy director and a lot of other in the DOJ and FBI. We the people need to to Washington and have an old fashion lynching.

    • Bob L says:


    • Terry says:

      Right if these paid liberals by Soros can unite we American loving conservatives can do the same and fill the streets of Washington and do the job that needs done with what ever it takes to get our country back!

  11. Yep it is actually a criminal iinvestigation of by long time criminals of America. Comedy and Mueller both were involved with both Obama and Hillarys money laundrring schemes with Iranians and the Russians. Yet not one thing has been done. We have to listen to an old bag Maxine waters every spewing out hate against white people and yet nothing has been done in any of the cases. I have never made these comments before.

  12. Yep it is actually a criminal iinvestigation of by long time criminals of America. Comedy and Mueller both were involved with both Obama and Hillarys money laundrring schemes with Iranians and the Russians. Yet not one thing has been done. We have to listen to an old bag Maxine waters every spewing out hate against white people and yet nothing has been done in any of the cases.

  13. Dewey Bowser says:

    Wonder how much money Hillary offering Mueller if he can get Trump impeached,, just wondering

  14. Dewey Bowser says:

    Wonder how much money Hillary offering Mueller if he can get Trump impeached

  15. John A Cramer says:

    Mueller is making things up ad he goes along. He was hired to find collusion between the trump campaign and the Russians. No evidence of that. So Mueller wanders off and gets people for what? Bank fraud, wire fraud something that happened 10 years ago and has nothing to do with collusion. Mueller will never find a letter signed by Putin addressed to trump saying he is working to change the outcome of the election. Rosenstein and sessions need to be fired and Judge Jeannine Pirro to be hired as the attorney general.

  16. Merlin Wood says:

    that investigation is all fake and all of those thugs running it need to go to jail

    • Michael O'Connor says:

      It is time for this joke to be shut down. Who cares what the news jerks and the dems think. They should be looking to themselves. They have never told the truth in their whole life. You want to talk about embarrassment of America, it is spelled, News Media and Democrats.

  17. Shadow of the Moon says:

    My mom used to say that those who accuse others of “swinging” are the one’s doing the swinging. Since Mueller is so aggressively pursuing nothing, I suggest we investigate him. By causing all this commotion and obfuscation he could be smoke screening for himself! What was Jeff Sessions so afraid of that he had to recuse himself? A glaring spotlight maybe?

    • Ric says:

      Your mother is a wise lady; she is absolutely right. Mueller is in the Democrats’ back pocket and payroll. Sessions is getting curiouser and curiouser, an enigma.

  18. jonathan says:

    there have been more crimes committed by the Democrats than in office during the presidency of Obama then in the last 8 presidents combined by there way of depicting criminal activity. just look at all of the democrats indited and sent to jail or the spies they hired and gave access to classified information. let alone the equipment they had to smash to hide that criminal activity. or the non-government unsecured servers they had and used to traffic classified info thru.

  19. Al Pambuena says:

    Mueller himself should be investigated…while he was the director of the FBI…he helped cover-up illegal activities and corruptions that led to the uranium one deal where Russia got 20 percent of our uranium…and then there is a conflict of interest with his relationship with conmey and rosenstein…and Mueller applied to be Trump’s FBI director after Comey was fired and was turned down by trump…then the very next day rosenstein appoints Mueller as special counsel…how can that be…ho,w can the person who was denied employment by the the same person investigating the president….this is violating the conflict of interest law 101…it’s all a part of the Obama illegal activities against trump using the jod…the FBI…the CIA…and all the rest of Obama’s agencies…

  20. Merridee says:

    Mueller should be investigate he commits fraud and a BIG liar, and is out to destroy anyone lives he can, since our President Trump’s lfe is so much cleaner then his and he can’t handle it. He can’t find anything, against him. Trump was elected by the people because of those attributes. He was a business man and seems to know how to get things done, these politicians all they did was waste take payers money for the last forty plus years. He doesn’t want pay to be our President, if Hillary was in office she’d expect 2x the pay or even 3x, she wouldn’t donate it to any agency to help other people. No other president has done this nor will they, they are money hungry politicians, and will use the money to under sell America, and turn this county into the ground. President Trump is making America Great Again, and people are beginning to respect us again, knowing we have a leader that isn’t going to play these games, and pay out billions to be on their good side, or to bail out all these countries while they sit back and do nothing for themselves or their country.. I believe that President Trump should be our only candidate in Nov.. elections in 2020 to keep him in office another four years. We need more Republican’s in office for they work with and for the people, they listen to our concerns.t likely the most honest person to ever be President. I can’t believe the beating he has taken from the media, and individuals on every little issue, thou no one ever went after our previous president, who wasn’t even a citizen. who ran our country into the ground in many ways, illegals into our country gave them citizenship with proper training on our US constitution, gave them drivers licenses, allowed terrorist into our country, allow prisoners from Cuba into our country, and we wonder why their is so much more crimes being committed, killings, drugs, rapes etc. WAKE UP Obama was horrible president. This is driving the democrats absolutely crazy, as he is unpredictable. I can’t wait until Nov. and then it will be fun seeing them going nuttier then they are now, wonder who they will blame his time when they are not elected. Democrats do not work for the people they are against us, they work to line their own pockets with more money, and they really don’t earn it, but are great at spending our tax money, such as Mueller and his witch hunt.

    • Sandra Kirk says:

      Actually, JFK did not take a paycheck and he was also hated by the FBI. and the CIA. We all know what happened to JFK and RFK. Both were totally hated by FBI !!! History does repeat itself!!!

    • Richard F. says:

      Why is hillary, Obama, the xfbi director, xatturney general and their minions still walking around breathing free air. A general which all he did was whisper secrets in his go’s ear is in jail. hillary and obama sold illegal arms in the Near East, one of which shot down one of our hellos. The rocket did not detonate still inside with With serial no., because the person who fired it was too stupid to arm the weapon first. That is why ambassador Stevens was collecting said arms when he was murdered. Was Obama/hillary responsible?

    • Bob L says:

      I just wish that others would read your message with a logical open mind instead of just hate President Trump bandwagon mentality because that can’t think for themselves. The absolute lies they have been brainwashed with is amazing when you look at the FACTS NOT THE BS
      I COULDN’T agree more with your truthful prospective

  21. K says:

    Since this entire costly investigation was orchestrated, how can it be deemed a legal investigation? CARTER Page, never indicted and never interviewed by Biased & Corruot special counsel. The FISA judges were not told that HRC & DNC paid for fake dossier. All of those currently indicted, NOTHING TO DO WITH COLLUSION & Trump or Trump campaign. Some, like Manafort, for tax crimes over a decade ago.
    I feel strongly that Pres Trump SHOULD NOT be interviewed & set up in perjury trap! Mueller is desperate to get to Pres Trump. You don’t carry on an elaborate hoax like this, waste OUR $ and have ZERO to show for it. Talk about egg on his face,! All the while, the HRC non investigation clearly was her colluding with Russia & Lord knows who else.
    It baffles me how this team of Warlocks, headed up by head witch hunter Mueller is allowed to continue & stray so far from the original accusation of Collusion! Oh, that’s right… Rotten Rosenstein played a major role in this whole debacle, I almost forgot, ha ha. That piece of scum needs to be led out in handcuffs & shackles for being one of the key players in this DEPLORABLE investigation!

  22. Mutzi Brown says:

    Mueller has his own dirty background with the 9/11, to name one, plus more–we have memories and retain those memories of his wrong doing…he is not holier than thou…his long finger points out there, but 3 other fingers are pointing at his soul….KARMA will bite…one cannot expect to point fingers and not get a payback

    • If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

      • ronald fischer says:

        Brenda Obama wasn’t our President of our country he was a Kenyan Illegal Immigrant to take down our country in anyway possibly which he did,and the rest of the SS Democrat Nazi Party went right along with him to destroy our country within.Did you know that Illegal Immigrant applied for Foreign Aid to go to law school in Chicago years ago and received it,you can not get Foreign Aid if you are a American Citizen there for he was never a American Citizen even his birth certificate was a fraud what he really was the leader of the Terrorist Groups that he was making deals with our enemies.And the real enemies of our country were right here in our Government for 8 freaking years called the whole SS Democrat Nazi Party that was screwing the hell out of our country with Corruption,Scandals,and most of all there pathetic Lies and i wish that the Republican Party puts all of them in a Federal Prison on charges of TREASON against WE THE PEOPLE.

  23. Dd says:

    Guess most of the folks posting here a people from Countries other than US. I think, most Americans with the exception of the less than 30% Trumpsters who are certified morons, are too smart to fall for all Trump’s lies. What is it up to8 or 10 NEW LIES every day! Trump even said the Trumpsters would support him NO MATTER WHAT HE SAID OR DID. ON THAT HE WAS CORRECT.

    • Glenda Kee says:

      Dd you are so wrong. i suppose you are one of the mamy many brainwashed libtaards. President Trump is the greatest President merica has ever had. He has done more good for this country in 18 month’s than any other president in their 8 year terms. you need to wake up or get some serious help.

      • El says:

        If Trump is so great, why hasn’t he had the Clintons and Obabans arrested for collusion with Russia against theUnited States of America?

        • ronald fischer says:

          Hey: EI it won’t be to long for that to happen and all of those SS Democrat Nazi Party will be in a Federal Prison pretty soon after Mueller’s which hunt comes to a dead end.It was the SS Democrat Nazi Party that was Colluding with our enemies get the picture yet Moron.

        • steel magnolia says:

          An Idiotic , Totally Un-informed statement. & A Sickening Representation
          of ‘1st Amend.’

      • Glenda Watts says:


    • larry dever says:


    • Valerie says:

      Really let’s talk about Obama-loser corrupted our country. Hillary biggest liar, loser, fraud,perjury and so much more. How about Maxine Walters ? She should be in jail already. Biggest liar and hateful and evil and blasphemed God Almighty. Would take me a book. To write everything about the Obama’s and Clinton’s etc etc etc . So put your foot we’re your mouth is moron.

    • Larry says:

      100% of Demonrats are moronic sheep. Their only hope is to #WALKAWAY. I walked away after 36 years. Liberalism equates to insanity.

    • Don says:

      Iam an American citizen , natural born 66yrs. ago , so evidently our 30% out did you DEMOCRATS LEFTIST dazed and confused you don’t even know what you stand for , not even the Anthem , just political unrest and division , CLINTON CARTEL is falling apart , don’t be afraid to become a republican and have a little peace of mind ,YOUR THE F-CKING MORON

    • Zz says:

      You are SO correct Dd, most of these people are living in their own conspiracy fictions. You blame everyone else for Trump’s admitted crimes – -skip Mueller – – – Trump has already admitted IN HIS OWN WORDS: 1. he admitted with interview with Lester Holt that he fired Comey because of the Russian probe – – a clear obstruction of justice; 2. he admitted by tweet that the purpose of the Trump Tower meeting was to get “dirt on Hillary” which is illegal when it comes from a foreign government – – it is conspiracy against the U.S., 3. he has shown in Helsinki, in the RNC platform, in his secret meeting and communications with Putin, that he is clearly compromised and refuses to defend us from a foreign adversary. His own people stated that soon as Trump took power, they tried all they could to REMOVE the sanctions on Russia. Look how North Korea played Trump, and has he re-ordered the joint military exercises with South Korea?

    • Red Snapper says:

      And you are a Certified Idiot!

  24. Dd says:

    Patriotpulse polls are crap. Thee is NO WAY 99% of the people approve of Trump AND do NOT think he is conspiring with Russia

  25. Richard says:

    It is way past the time to call the phony investigation over. It is further time to iniste a conspiracy investigation against the DNC, FBI, Clinton and her campaign, Mueller, Rosenstein, and the Obama administration people to include Obama himself. We the people are fed up over the hills with this treason and demand that it cease and charges be brought the above mentioned entities for treas on. Thank you

  26. Mueller is a fraud and a liar, He was chosen because of those attributes. He has railroaded innocent people before and gotten away with it. I believe that President Trump is most likely the most honest person to ever be President. I don’t believe anyone could go through the anal exam he has been put through, and they can’t even find a traffic ticket he forgot to pay. It must be driving them absolutely crazy, huuuummmm, it has, hasn’t it ? Ha Ha Ha, just wait until Nov. and see how nuts they really become.

  27. Hey Muller how does it feel to have a witness you prepared back fire on you. Should have paid Gates more. The joke is on you . Ha Ha

  28. pc says:

    Hillary is a FLOATER (that will not flush.) When will/is someone going to follow up on her activity with the Russians? I find it unbelievable, that after the amount of time her shenanigans have been know, no-one has done anything but lip-service regarding her KNOWN activities.
    DAMN, the deep state.. someone needs to grow a pair!

  29. Believer says:


  30. Joe says:

    If anyone colluded with Russians it was Mueller and Hillary!

    • Barbara Patterson says:

      just plain sick and tired of lying Muller.Comey and the rest of his crew. They are so corrupt. I would never trust an FBI agent again after watching these losers..that have corrupted our government. Look at Muller’s eyes…they are sneaky and deceiving. He’s no dam good. He’s making millions of dollars by strectching this out. I hope the hell he has to use that money on his health or his families. The dam liar

  31. Andre says:

    I am not an American and live in Europe. But I am deeply concerned by this constant hick hack.
    I feel that president Trump is doing a super job and I fail to see what is the obsession of the Democrats with Russia? Russia is no longer the USSR and home to Communism! If the West, the US and Western Europe would bring this vast country to the standard as we are used to, all reasons for war or animosity would be gone! Russia (not USSR) has never yet started a war it was always attacked! Hitler, Napoleon, or Prussia.
    The Crimea has always been part of Russia. Nikita Khrushchev gave it as a present to his homeland Ukraine while president. This would be like OBAMA giving Hawaii to Kenya!
    Helping Russia would keep all our economies going for many years.
    Our common enemy is China with 1.5 billion people and an army of 100 000 000.00! Who will stop them if they get going?

    • Steve says:

      Thanks for your input as an outside observer.
      From this side, all that needs to be said is the use of Russia against President Trump by the previous administration and the devils spawn hellary, stems from the very close covert ties developed to facilitate the sale of one fifth of the United States’ uranium assets to Russian oligarchs. Prior to nomonee Trump becoming candidate Trump, and with the exception that Vladimir Putin didn’t like obama and obama was deeply and personally scared to death of Putin, Russia was not a threat. In fact, with just a few minor political differences (syria and the crimea) Russia was seen as a possible ally and global partner.

      Then two things happend; nomonee Trump DID become candidate Trump, AND candidate Trump publicly stated that he admired Putin for his leadership qualities, but not his politics.

      From that point forward swillery and the obamanation utilized their Russian contacts and other foreign operatives to concoct the biggest hoax in U.S. political histotry.

      As for China, if we can maintain, even improve, our relationship with The most populous nation on the planet – India – we’d stand a better than average chance againt them.

    • ruth says:

      Agree! China is a far bigger threat than Russia to the world! China wants to control all economies ,,,,,including all Asian countries. We, the United States, meaning Trump, is the only country that understands this. As far as Russia is concerned they are hanging on for dear life.

  32. It has become very clear to all Americans, the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, must be DESTROYED.

  33. Susan Dix says:

    The only people colluding with Russia are Obama/Hillary and the last administration.
    Investigate the investigators and you will have all of the answers Americans need.
    It all began with the bogus FISA warrants to begin spying on Mr. Trump’s campaign in the
    first place. The fake dossier, paid for by Hillary Clinton started the entire witch hunt.
    Mule Face, enough is enough, pack it in, and go far far away!!

  34. bagster53 says:

    remember when michelle said when they go low we go high , she lied , when they go low they go to the gutter, just what kind of justice system do we have these days , they get people and dig into their past 50 years to get a peace of dirt , then use it to threaten them with long prison sentences , to get them to flip on the person they are really after , it’s called blackmail , and since when does muller work for the irs , tax evasion is their dept. they are so despirit and so far off of what they are suppose to be doing , it’s nothing but a joke now, how many more millions will they waste trying to find the silver bullet

    • Bob L says:


  35. Gates has confessed and it is still up to jury to decide Manafort’s guilt or innocence based on actual evidence beyond Gates’ testimony. But this has nothing to do with Trump/Russian collusion. It has noting to do with the original scope of the special investigation. This should have been uncovered by a normal investigation. Has Mueller and his team been given GESTOPO powers to search out and destroy. Have they been authorized to waste time on Incidental crimes that they uncover but have nothing to do with the primary purpose of their investigation? That is not to say that they should ignore any crimes they uncover. But turn any such evidence over to the proper authorities and other investigators to pursue while they continue with their investigation’s objective. This would have saved both time and money. For better or worse it is time to wrap this whole thing up!

  36. Ron says:

    This narrative of Trump/Russia collusion is beyond asinine! I even hear some of these low life miscreants suggest Trump is a Russian Agent! I have been waiting for someone pushing this narrative, with their “superior intellect”, to explain why on earth the Russians would want to help elect a US President who advocates rebuilding the US Military and putting America first over a corrupt political hack who actually DID collude with Russia in her signing off as Secretary of State on the sale of US uranium reserves to Russia in exchange for $145 million in kick backs, and in the creation of a fake dossier! Someone the Russians knew could be bought! Did the Russians interfere in the 2016 election? Sure! But not to favor one candidate over the other. Surely it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out the Russians, like everyone else, expected Hillary would win. That was an accepted given! What they did do was create division and distrust in our electoral system. Something they succeeded at very well, and are continuing to succeed at with the help of everyone of these dweebs who continue to preach this absurd narrative.

  37. Grizz Mann says:

    Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Rob Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI.

  38. Charles says:

    They should change the name of THE DNC to the DNCC; Democratic National Crap Committee, they are all full of Crap!!

  39. Wilfred Surface says:

    Being president has the right to hire and fire Mueller he should give him the option to make file his report with in the next 60 days or he will be fired.

    • Charles says:

      It should be in the next 6o Minutes; he has pissed away to much taxpayers money nom do not give him another 60 days. Wake to hell up Sessions you did not recluse yourself for your entire term!!

    • Tim says:

      I dare you to call the Democrats a Nazi Islamic terrorist organization. You where dared and you did. So I must follow suit they are the Democratic Nazi Islamic terrorist organization that must be destroyed. I guess we’re just not going to be intimidated by telling the truth. You said it the best way to describe the Democratic Party.


  41. GySgt Lew says:

    For the LAST TIME – Mueller has NOTHING -he has cost us over 16 million for NOTHING., that money could have been used for much better programs that need it.. What are we waiting for? Shut him down – stop the investigation NOW – then fire his ASS and prosecute him for criminal activities against America and Government then LOCK HIM UP……

    • Scott27 says:

      $16 million? You do know we’ve spent more than $72 million on djt’s golf trips in 18 months, right?

      • Gloria says:

        What about Obama’s golfing, vacations, especially Michell’s taxpayer vacation with all her friends and family? What was that 72million spent on?

      • Pat says:

        Bull—-. You’ve got the wrong president….barrack hussein obama and his man/wife michael. Check your facts boy.

      • Debra says:

        Scott27…….. such an IDIOT are you…………… get the facts…. read history.. get a job……….

      • Scott28 says:

        The difference here is I deal in verifiable facts; and you folks all seem to be thinking in the imaginary world of alternative facts. No, the earth is not flat.

        • Hydro says:

          The only verifiable fact in your statement is you are a moron. Take your garbage and spew it to someone like yourself that cares. President Trump has accomplished more in a year and a half than your idol did in 8 years. Jobs are available even for morons.

        • Albert Witte says:

          Hey dip investigate the facts you are spewing before you open your mouth! You are doing nothing but showing your ignorance!

          • Scott27 says:

            I always do the research; and if you did as well, you may just rethink a few things. The alternative is continuing down a banana republic path

        • Bone101 says:

          Scott27 or is it Scott28? First, you need to get your name correct. Second, you need to get your facts correct on who wasted more taxpayer money. Obama wins this, hands down. We are finding out now that Obama gave Muslims and AlQueda $100 million dollars of our tax money. Plus there is the money he wasted propping up the Black Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to just have the Army overthrow them. Then you have all the billions of dollars he gave to Iran; just so they could continue to cause trouble throughout the Mid-East. Then, you have all the taxpayer money Obama and his family used to go on vacations and golf trips.

  42. Gerry says:

    It is way past time to call a halt to this 3-ring miscarraige of justice circus act and get on with running this country. It needs to be stopped before the November elections so the demoSCUM and the dirtbag mueller can’t use it as a tool to sway voters. It has been proven several times the only collusion was with the obama administration and Russia.

  43. Gennaro Pupa says:

    Mueller and his Trump-hating machine has been taking OUR TAXPAYERS MONEY for months now. The best they came up with is a charge against Manafort of activities NOT RELATED TO ANY RUSSIAN COLLUSION, etc. As the deliberately slow-paced BS continues, I wouldnt be shocked that many months (and $) from now, that “hard-hitting” and by the way multimillionaire Mueller may discover and INDICT ANTHONY SCARRAMUCCI for not paying a PARKING CITATION in year 2000. Now that will show-em. Just saying.

  44. Leo says:

    Just how much all this Democrats theory has cost us American tax payers so far. Wold love to know.

  45. Arturo says:

    Mueller failed miserably in his campaign against Enron corporate executives, most of his “convictions” having been overturned on appeal. Most of those who got off scot-free appeared guilty as sin but Mueller’s technique of squeezing underlings to testify against their bosses invariably backfired.

  46. Bender says:

    Trump admitted to it on Twitter. Even if they didn’t get useful info they tried that’s conspiracy against the USA. What’s the famous chant from Trumps cult rallies Lock them up?

  47. Richard Newman says:

    amen, Marlene

  48. Roger Culwell says:


    • Jersey Prophet says:

      The Left is desperately trying to stop Trump before he turns the tables and begins the investigation of the investigators.
      Trump would have fired Mueller and Rosenstein long ago except for the fact those two would use the firing as evidence of Obstruction of Justice. A Hobson’s Choice.

  49. Just the facts says:

    Roger is a compulsive liar and is totally wrong about no proof of “collusion” (actually the legal term is “conspiracy against the USA”). Trump admitted this weekend in his foolish tweet that the Trump Tower meeting was about getting opposition research against Hillary, which even Nunes admitted was A CRIME. So, Trump Jr. has been sunk by his Dad’s own tweets, and so has Trump because he was, at best, an accomplice after the fact since he never reported it to the FBI. Trump also admitted on NBC to Lester Holt that he fired Comey because of the Russian probe, which is clear “Obstruction of Justice.” Mueller has yet to produce the results of the investigation. Expect multiple charges, and one will be Don Jr..

    • B. Ray Sosebee says:

      Still drinking the koolaid, huh?

    • Wynette says:

      Devon Nunes never said, “Trying to obtain dirt on your political opponent is a crime”. He knows well enough that every does that, when they are running for office. Whereas Hillary Clinton and DNC paying for dirt” to be created” by Christopher Steel through Fusion GPS, is a crime. And the paying that money through a law firm, and just claiming the payment to the law firm, was for legal expenses, is against Election Laws. And there was no payment by any of the Trumps to that Russian Lawyer that met with Don. Jr. in Trump Tower. Whereas Hillary Clinton and DNC paid $12 Million to the law firm, for dirt to be created about Donald Trump.

      • Bender says:

        Accepting contributions from a foreign government of any kind is. Last I checked we weren’t part of Russia so the meeting was part of a conspiracy against the USA. The investigation started before Steel report which hasn’t been completely verified but none of it has been debunked. Most of the things in it have been proven true.

    • OlCrustyVet says:

      Hey ‘Mr. Just The Facts’,… Boy… If there are any DRAMERS, then you would be one of them. Go back to Mom’s basement. and have a frozen Antifa-pop.

    • John Richmond says:

      Just the Facts, “opposition research” is done by every corporation in World, every business , politicians and yes even average people it called Market Research! You beLove Hillary bought and paid for opposition research on Trump. Every political party world wide does this as well.
      I know you will not believe a word I said, as you have a closed mind toward Trump, but what makes me angry is we sat thru 8 years of Obama , organized and took back to WH. What makes you and your Party so d***n important you feel you can overturn the an election in which the majority of voting American elected the man we wanted as President.

      Get you nose out of the backside of Hillary and breath some fresh air, as you precious Obama said You lost I won!” Trump won!!!!!!!!!

      • Zz says:

        Nunes said clearly that if he had gotten research say from Portugal to use in the election it would BE ILLEGAL. If Hillary did that against Trump, then it was illegal also and so both should go to prison. But one big difference here is that when the research came up with some disturbing information, Steele, because of his past with MI6, took it immediately to the FBI. The Trump people never did, and conspired to put out a LIE that the Trump Tower meeting was about Russian adoptions. If either are guilty of crimes or both, put them both in prison together. I real punishment would be to make them share a cell together!

    • Jug says:

      Simple, COMMIECRATS!

    • jug says:

      “Just the Facts”?????

      Just the COMMIECRAT propaganda would be more like it!
      What an idiot!

    • Bone101 says:

      Just the facts, you need to change your logo to Just the lies because that is what you just wrote. Getting opposition research on your political rival is not, I repeat for you, is NOT a crime. Every candidate worth anything will do this. Mueller and his gang of 15 Democrat prosecutors have been working 24 hours a day for two years and have not found one iota of evidence that there was any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. Time to shut this scam down. The president of the United States can not be charged with obstruction of justice for firing anyone working for him. Comey, definitely worked for President Trump. Look it up. President Trump does not have to justify his firing anyone who works for him because he is protected by the constitution.

      • Bob L says:

        It doesn’t matter because Trump fired Comey the chump under the advise of the Beady eyed Little F’n worm Mr. Rosenstein another criminal .

    • Ella Donahue says:

      So, Where are your facts? Do you offer any proof to back up your absurd assertions?

  50. Marlene says:

    Again Mueller has nothing and is trying to intimidate or blackmail someone anyone he can to lie about Trump. His supposed star witness Gates has been caught in so many lies on the stand he has become a useless witness. Got to laugh at Mueller’s failure

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