Robert Mueller’s big plan just blew up in his face on national television

Special counsel Robert Mueller has been targeting longtime Trump associate Roger Stone.

Anti-Trump journalists and investigators believe Stone is a prime suspect for having colluded with the Russians.

Mueller’s case took a hit when he got some very bad news.

Stone has long predicted Mueller will indict him on financial crimes unrelated to the 2016 election.

The longtime GOP operative and Trump associate has ferociously denied any collusion with the Russians, but investigators are believed to be targeting him so he will turn and testify against President Trump.

Stone shut down that talk in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

The Daily Caller reports:

“He has yet to prove actual Russian collusion between the Trump campaign or Trump associates or Trump family members with the Russian state. We’ve talked about that before. I know of no evidence of it. I don’t think Mr. Mueller has proven that case yet,” Stone stated.

“But I’m also mindful of any prosecutor’s ability to squeeze underlings to get them to compose testimony against a bigger fish. I have not been contacted by the special counsel’s office,” he continued. “I made it abundantly clear that there is no circumstances under which I would testify against the president. I would not rule out cooperating if they think I can be helpful in some area, but beyond that, I have not spoken to them.”

Many people have suggested that Stone could conceivably get indicted.

Stone insisted that he did not pass any information sent to him by Russian intelligence front Guccifer 2.0 to the Trump 2016 campaign last month.”

Mueller may very well indict Stone at the end of the summer to give his investigation momentum and to damage Trump politically just as the midterm election campaign season kicks off.

But based on the available evidence and testimony, Mueller will not be able to produce any proof of collusion against Roger Stone.

And if he was hoping Stone would be intimidated by facing the prospect of jail over financial crimes, that plan just backfired.

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133 Responses

  1. Rose says:


  2. Rose says:

    Me too, I think Mueller and Rosenstein are getting rich off of the Mueller farce They both have a lot to gain by letting it go on forever. There never was anything there and they both know it! The real crooks are not being investigated. They both are the crooks, Mueller helped Russia with the Uranium gate , he took samples to Russia so they could see that it was top grade. HE COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA AND SO HAVE THE CLINTONS. !

  3. Brenda,your right on it but i take it one step further on top of ousting these demons lets also prosecute,jail them and fine each one the amount of money they been paid by our tax dollars. Damn, we just always get screwed and have to pay for someone elses stupidity. The polls is where we do that amen..lets do it..

  4. Bob l says:

    WHAT DO U MEAN BRING OUT!!!!!! I and many others r already beyond pissed off

  5. Steveur says:

    Giving it some thought… it may be worthwhile to have some entity from the White House, post the Cost to taxpayers daily of Muellars Investigation. Have a special segment that comes on at a certain time of the day giving total cost in big numbers of what we are paying for in the Muellar Sham. This should bring out the rage in TAXPAYERS, where there money it going.

  6. Steveur says:

    Muellars, anti-Trump forces are being eliminated, not fast enough, but certainly applauded. Peter Strozxk, has been canned. Next ?

  7. Lewis Stone says:

    Mueller has nothing to prove a Trump/Russia collusion

  8. Ella Donahue says:

    So, Where are your facts? Do you offer any proof to back up your absurd assertions?

  9. Democratic liberals morons liken Mr Mueller and the special consultal has proven nothing but the failure to put a end to the unfounded allegations against the president. If they spent their time and money investigating the Obummer administration and Hillary Clinton and the involvement of other government agencies in the cover up of corruption within the Democratic Party and the leadership. It’s time to vote them out of office and say with A LOUD VOICE THAT WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE

  10. Said what ever American is thinking about the corruption and fraud within the government agencies and the democratic leadership

  11. Red Snapper says:

    And you are a Certified Idiot!

  12. Jaime Manzano says:

    Mueller is amoral. That may be an exaggeration. Better, he has no soul.

  13. Randall Hart says:

    He’s proving to take millions from tax payers that by itself should be criminal.

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