Robert Mueller was accused of the one crime that could ruin him for good

Robert Mueller’s two-year-long witch hunt is finally over.

Now the focus will shift onto how this hoax started in the first place.

And Robert Mueller was accused of the one crime that could ruin him for good.

Senior White House advisor Jared Kushner sat for an interview at the Time 100 event.

During his time on stage, Kushner was asked about the Mueller Report and supposed Russian interference.

Kushner dismissed the pittance Russia spent on social media ads and noted that Robert Mueller’s two-year witch hunt based on the hoax about Russian collusion did more to sow discord in America than a few Facebook memes posted by Russian troll farms.

Politico reports:

Senior Trump administration adviser Jared Kushner said Tuesday that the 22-month Russia investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller was “more harmful” to the United States than Russian election interference Mueller was charged with investigating.

During a rare interview covering a wide range of hot-button issues at the TIME 100 Summit, Kushner claimed Russia’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 election to aid President Donald Trump amounted to “a couple Facebook ads.”

“You look at what Russia did, buying some Facebook ads and trying to sow dissent. It’s a terrible thing,” Kushner said in his first public remarks since Mueller’s report was released last week. “But I think the investigations and all of the speculation that’s happened for the last two years has a much harsher impact on our democracy than a couple Facebook ads.”

Was Robert Mueller’s witch hunt more damaging to American democracy than alleged Russian election meddling?

On the merits, Kushner is correct.

The fake news likes to focus on the number of Americans reached by the Russian Facebook ads, but, in the final month of the election, the Russians didn’t even spend enough money on social media ads to tip a tightly contested congressional race.

By contrast, Mueller’s investigation – which was based on a hoax – paralyzed the American government and nearly led to the ousting of a President.

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56 Responses

  1. William 04 23 says:

    SOOOO agree!!!

  2. jw says:

    When you have a congress led by idiots like Pelosi , a Senator lkike Herr Schumer sniffing at her skirt like true follower that can’t think for himself, loudmouths like Maxi mouth Waters , along with I have prove but doesn’t show it Schiftless , and then the other brain dead Cummings , all have common heiritage in the pit of the nearest outhouse!

  3. Irreverent One says:

    Correct Ernst. The investigation, without all the hoopla, would have been mildly interesting to a very small minority of the population.

  4. david says:

    His report is going to destroy liberals.

  5. Black Knight says:

    In your case you just can’t fix stupid

  6. Linda G Bennett says:

    Amen an now if we have any justice department at all, they will bring it out for the American people to see. Robert Mueller really knows who is involved too.

  7. Ernst says:

    The Mueller investigation did not itself sew discord. The media and Democrat constant insistence that the Trump campaign had actually colluded with Russia to fix the election is what created the discord. Even now, with the Mueller report insisting that Trump did not collude with Russia, Democrats and the media are insisting they know things that the Mueller staff did not discover in their two year investigation. Put the responsibility where it belongs – on the money grubbing, attention craving Democrats and media. Both have made good advantage from inflaming their followers with these lies.

  8. Neta says:

    George, please continue to support Judicial Watch ! The only sane group in all the BS that is going on.

  9. Carol says:

    Yes and do it soon before they all hide…Go in and take them them one by one.

  10. Original Anna says:

    TJ: Mueller was picked by Rosenstein who was in on the FISA. Than Congress especially the democrats were so enthusiastic about Mueller being picked I was more than just suspicious. Than I read that Mueller was the one who delivered the money for the Uranium sale in a case to Russia for Hillary who got paid millions for the deal. The second section of Mueller’s report was a ploy to keep attention off of Hillary and how she and the democratic party were in on this fraud from the beginning. Trump should lose Rosenstein as one of the boys in this fraud and I really wish the damn republicans in the Senate would do their job of taking up an investigation into how this fraud got started. Democrats are crooks and sex fanatics while republicans never stand up and clean anything up, what the problem with republicans is no one can seem to figure out why kicking them in the rear end doesn’t work on them. Republicans should be riled up and doing their own investigation, if they would they could bring down the democratic party because just about everybody was involved at some point in this farce.

  11. Johm says:

    This TJ who wrote impeachment must be part of these young kids who do not understand it takes 2/3 majority in house and senate the house isn’t the most powerful just has the most idiots under one roof ours we the people now let do something about it in 2020

  12. Demetri says:

    Amen. And use the rope!

  13. Jesse says:

    Trump needs to have both the DOJ and FBI cleared of everyone hired while Mueller let RUINED the FBI as well as Obozo RUINED America. Until all the Mueller and Obozo flunkies are gone there will be no TRUE Justice for Americans. Then they can go after all the CRIMINALS who ran free under Obozo.

  14. Lori A Antilla says:

    Obummer and killary are the culprits

  15. Lori Antilla says:

    You’re absolutely right

  16. Kathy says:

    Mueller is part of URANIUM 1

  17. Nice Libra, has anyone ever heard of a Podesta email about a plan to frame Trump on Russian collusion?

  18. John says:

    I do not believe Mueller was the “Domocratic insurance policy”. I am of the opinon that Jeff Sessions was thier insurance policy. If President Trump impedded justic it was appionting him Attorney General. I am glad President Trump Fired him.

  19. Craig Murphy says:

    If you listen really hard you can hear the laughter in the Kremlin. Vladimir, we had no idea our puny interloping would cause Americans to convulse for two years

  20. Still smoking crack tj

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