Robert Mueller was accused of the one crime that could ruin him for good

Robert Mueller’s two-year-long witch hunt is finally over.

Now the focus will shift onto how this hoax started in the first place.

And Robert Mueller was accused of the one crime that could ruin him for good.

Senior White House advisor Jared Kushner sat for an interview at the Time 100 event.

During his time on stage, Kushner was asked about the Mueller Report and supposed Russian interference.

Kushner dismissed the pittance Russia spent on social media ads and noted that Robert Mueller’s two-year witch hunt based on the hoax about Russian collusion did more to sow discord in America than a few Facebook memes posted by Russian troll farms.

Politico reports:

Senior Trump administration adviser Jared Kushner said Tuesday that the 22-month Russia investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller was “more harmful” to the United States than Russian election interference Mueller was charged with investigating.

During a rare interview covering a wide range of hot-button issues at the TIME 100 Summit, Kushner claimed Russia’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 election to aid President Donald Trump amounted to “a couple Facebook ads.”

“You look at what Russia did, buying some Facebook ads and trying to sow dissent. It’s a terrible thing,” Kushner said in his first public remarks since Mueller’s report was released last week. “But I think the investigations and all of the speculation that’s happened for the last two years has a much harsher impact on our democracy than a couple Facebook ads.”

Was Robert Mueller’s witch hunt more damaging to American democracy than alleged Russian election meddling?

On the merits, Kushner is correct.

The fake news likes to focus on the number of Americans reached by the Russian Facebook ads, but, in the final month of the election, the Russians didn’t even spend enough money on social media ads to tip a tightly contested congressional race.

By contrast, Mueller’s investigation – which was based on a hoax – paralyzed the American government and nearly led to the ousting of a President.


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56 Responses

  1. Nancy Berry says:

    We Know what you did R. Mueller. We know your gameplay….you will not be successful. Right is on our side the USA is a Sovereign Nation with great people. You are part the corrupt “Left” soulless people. You need to be indicted, jailed with the money given to you, returned.

  2. Richard says:

    I have felt Sessions was the insurance policy from the day he was so easily confirmed

    • CrawfishFestival says:

      I think the “Insurance policy” was an assassination attempt – since Reality Winner was arrested for ESPIONAGE- as soon as Comey was Fired.
      Comey was standing in the way of her Arrest.
      Reality Winner was hired by Pluribus International for her language skills.
      Some say, She was on the “dark web” soliciting assassins = Kill Contract, offering Tens of Millions, and how payment would be tendered.

  3. Hey Little Bobby, did you request James Whitey Bulger, be transferred to the Prison where he was MURDERED two days later?

  4. william sowles says:

    If HRC had been elected they all would be whistling in the park with no investigations of any kind.

  5. reality check says:

    How are you going to have anything solid based on the false premise of these LIES? The Russia report listed NUMEROUS ways Russia interfered in out election. Jared is a proven liar and not credible – – the guy gave away secrets for business reasons and could not even get a security clearance without his father-in-law rigging the system and forcing it through. Meanwhile this traitor was working on giving the Saudis nuclear secrets and capacity for nuclear weapons. Talk about a traitor!!!

    • T Curry says:

      Obviously not over the Democrat loss of control in 2016 yet.

      • Mary says:

        you are so right, they cannot admit they were wrong, they just HATED our great president so much, and guess what, they are going to lose again. TRUMP 2020

    • Keren says:

      Who took money from the Russians to the tune of 250 Million dollars? Hillary Clinton.
      Who screwed her own opponent Bernie Sanders? Hillary Clinton
      Who went in middle class and came out rich in politics? Hillary Clinton.
      Who made a donation to her own foundation on her income tax and then used that foundation money for her personal use?? Hillary Clinton.
      Please get over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost.
      The Democrats concocted that phony dossier that was used to create lie after lie.
      You can’t build the truth based on a lie.
      Just because you cans’t get over Hillary’s loss, doesn’t mean the rest of the country can’t either.
      The Democrats haven’t passed ONE piece of original legislation.
      They haven’t fixed the health care which is horrendous.
      That haven’t fixed the infrastructure.
      They are too focused on tearing down this country.

      THe Federal governments job is to secure our borders and arm our military.
      The cities and towns most messed up are Democrat controlled for 50 – 150 yrs.
      This president has brought back jobs, eliminated ISIS, lowered taxes, deregulated ridiculous laws that hurt small business’s and the economy.
      Black men in prison are going to get prison reform that includes job training and apprenticeships.
      If you want to help the people, you have to put them back to work.
      NO more handouts, JUST HANDUPS!
      More loans have been give to small black business’s
      Lowest unemployment for minorities.
      Jerusalem is the location of the embassy and other nations have followed the US lead.
      Stop the negativity and stop the blame game.
      Trump is your president.

    • Cara says:

      Soooo. when is Barry Obama going to be punished for interfering with Israel’s election? FYI Obama is the traitor and the hangman IS coming!!!

    • Mykel says:

      How can any one person such as you, be so misled and gullible to lies from the left? Jared’s point about the Mueller investigation doing more harm than good is confirmed by your comment!

    • Judy says:

      I think you’re the one who needs a reality check. Who authorized giving away our Uranium? Then ask yourself who profited. Answer: Duh the Clinton
      Foundation! Amazing how Hillary steps away from the Secretary of State position and then loses the Pesidential election and donations to her foundation and Bill’s speaking engagements dry up.

  6. jw says:

    When you have a congress led by idiots like Pelosi , a Senator lkike Herr Schumer sniffing at her skirt like true follower that can’t think for himself, loudmouths like Maxi mouth Waters , along with I have prove but doesn’t show it Schiftless , and then the other brain dead Cummings , all have common heiritage in the pit of the nearest outhouse!

  7. Ernst says:

    The Mueller investigation did not itself sew discord. The media and Democrat constant insistence that the Trump campaign had actually colluded with Russia to fix the election is what created the discord. Even now, with the Mueller report insisting that Trump did not collude with Russia, Democrats and the media are insisting they know things that the Mueller staff did not discover in their two year investigation. Put the responsibility where it belongs – on the money grubbing, attention craving Democrats and media. Both have made good advantage from inflaming their followers with these lies.

    • Irreverent One says:

      Correct Ernst. The investigation, without all the hoopla, would have been mildly interesting to a very small minority of the population.

  8. Johm says:

    This TJ who wrote impeachment must be part of these young kids who do not understand it takes 2/3 majority in house and senate the house isn’t the most powerful just has the most idiots under one roof ours we the people now let do something about it in 2020

  9. Jesse says:

    Trump needs to have both the DOJ and FBI cleared of everyone hired while Mueller let RUINED the FBI as well as Obozo RUINED America. Until all the Mueller and Obozo flunkies are gone there will be no TRUE Justice for Americans. Then they can go after all the CRIMINALS who ran free under Obozo.

  10. John says:

    I do not believe Mueller was the “Domocratic insurance policy”. I am of the opinon that Jeff Sessions was thier insurance policy. If President Trump impedded justic it was appionting him Attorney General. I am glad President Trump Fired him.

  11. Craig Murphy says:

    If you listen really hard you can hear the laughter in the Kremlin. Vladimir, we had no idea our puny interloping would cause Americans to convulse for two years

  12. Charles Harding says:

    Thisis a democrat inspired travesty that the press has kept alive for two years. Now they have egg on their face and if we want to shut up the democrats start an investigation into Obama, Hillary Clinton, Clapper Brennan and Both attorney generals. They will squeal like the rats they are.

  13. FRANCES COE says:

    But they all knew it was a empty can of lies before Trump announced he was running.. that was their fake insurance policy … .. They knew it was all lies….

  14. Kathy says:

    I believe Obama and Clinton were behind it all and Meuller took the fall.

  15. Truckman says:

    you know I am on facebook a good bit of time and never saw one of Russias adds for Trump or against Hillary

  16. Fredo says:

    I’m very distressed at the scope of Hillary Clinton ‘s crimes. It’s no wonder that she didn’t care that Slick Willie couldn’t leave the other girls alone, she had American domination plans. All the way back to The Whitewater scandal, I wondered why her employee (Foster was it?) shredded a large amount of Whitewater evidence and then killed himself. I’m sure he was under orders from the Clinton Crime Syndicate!!!!

  17. TJ says:

    Mueller didn’t start this investigation. He was assigned and directed to do it….everyone wants to jump on the band wagon without the true facts. He did what he was assigned to do and that was to investigate. And to all reps, don’t think this is the end. Can you spell IMPEACHMENT.

    • Julie says:

      Pull your head out of your ass …

    • Jerry Young says:

      Sorry TJ, there will be no impeachment because the President did not commit any crime. Now it’s time to bring to justice the real criminals in this Russia collution ( conspiracy) hoax that was put on Trump’s back. Cab you spell “TREASON.”

    • Leejin56 says:

      On what grounds?

    • Still smoking crack tj

    • Lori A Antilla says:

      Obummer and killary are the culprits

    • Original Anna says:

      TJ: Mueller was picked by Rosenstein who was in on the FISA. Than Congress especially the democrats were so enthusiastic about Mueller being picked I was more than just suspicious. Than I read that Mueller was the one who delivered the money for the Uranium sale in a case to Russia for Hillary who got paid millions for the deal. The second section of Mueller’s report was a ploy to keep attention off of Hillary and how she and the democratic party were in on this fraud from the beginning. Trump should lose Rosenstein as one of the boys in this fraud and I really wish the damn republicans in the Senate would do their job of taking up an investigation into how this fraud got started. Democrats are crooks and sex fanatics while republicans never stand up and clean anything up, what the problem with republicans is no one can seem to figure out why kicking them in the rear end doesn’t work on them. Republicans should be riled up and doing their own investigation, if they would they could bring down the democratic party because just about everybody was involved at some point in this farce.

    • Black Knight says:

      In your case you just can’t fix stupid

    • david says:

      His report is going to destroy liberals.

    • Richard says:

      TJ, you are high on the Kool Aid. Yes, Mueller did what ge had to do, but he had to have seen early on that it was nothing. Still, he pushed the agenda. He should have closed the issue more forcefully, but felt obligated to leave the Left weasel room. There was nothing there leading to impeachment FROM THE BEGINNING.

  18. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Plus the one thing Kushner left out is that Mueller had to have known very early on in his investigation that President Trump and his campaign were innocent of collusion. So how much longer did he drag on the investigation than necessary? Could he have come to conclusion BEFORE THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS?? And if so, couldn’t he be accused of colluding with the Democrats to sway the mid-term elections??? AND guilty of misappropriation of taxpayer funds??? Just some things to think about!

  19. Stephen says:

    A total hoax. Democrats are like rabid dogs. Anyone that supports a party that has lost all sense of reality should take a reality check themselves.

  20. Dave says:

    As hard as the Mueller team tried there is no collusion on behalf of President Trump.
    No big surprise. Considering Hillary arranging sale of nuclear materials to Russia for which Clinton foundation benefited by about $145 million , her involvement in Obama’s sending billions to Russia’s friend Iran, and six figure speaking fees Bill received from Russia; Putin all but owned the Clinton’s. Why on earth would he want to influence our election against Clinton. If any Russian election meddling, it would have been on behalf of Hillary, NOT Trump.

  21. Michael Groves says:

    I don’t care about Robert Muller. I want to know the hand Hillary, and Obama had.I’m this investigation. Remember the money Hillary got from the Russians? Why isn’t that being investigated? Well I guess I do know why. Democrats would have a hand in that investigation as well. I’m favor of Hillary.

  22. George says:

    Thank God for Justice Watch and all that they are doing in the way of finding Accountability. It is mind boggling that the DOJ, FBI and who knows who else, are all in on the Insanity of trying to keep the Lies of the Past administration out of the Public Eye.

  23. libra says:


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