Robert Mueller took everyone by surprise with this announcement about impeachment

President Trump and his supporters thought they were through with Robert Mueller.

They were wrong.

And all hell is breaking loose now that Robert Mueller made this public move to impeach President Trump.

News broke late Tuesday night that Robert Mueller agreed to testify publicly before a joint House Judiciary and Intelligence Committee panel on July 17.

This is the final last-ditch effort by Democrats and the special counsel to use the Mueller investigation as a vehicle to impeach the President.

NBC News reports:

Former special counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to testify in public about his two-year Russia investigation at a hearing before the House Intelligence Committee and Judiciary Committee on July 17. The announcement came from the chairmen of the two panels, who issued a subpoena compelling his testimony.

In a news release issued late Tuesday, Judiciary Committee Chairmen Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said that Mueller had agreed to testify next month.

“Pursuant to subpoenas issued by the House Judiciary and House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence tonight, Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III has agreed to testify before both Committees on July 17 in open session,” the chairmen said in a statement.

But this has the potential to backfire on the Left.

Republicans will come loaded for bear, and they have many questions about Mueller’s unethical conduct during the investigation and its aftermath.

They will ask about why he hired so many partisan Democrats as prosecutors.

Mueller will also be forced to explain his unAmerican report that claims they would have “exonerated” the President on obstruction of justice if they could have.

Prosecutors do not exonerate suspects.

They either file charges or they don’t, because in America you are innocent until proven guilty.

Mueller will also be asked to explain when his team made the decision they had no criminal case of conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.

This hearing will not just be a high-stakes affair for President Trump.

It could also expose Robert Mueller for the fraud that he is.

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140 Responses

  1. Investigate Mueller, Obama and Clinton!! That will turn up some dirt!!

  2. Investigate Mueller and the Clinton Foundation!!

  3. Robin Riley says:

    I agree, with you . My God help us all to see the real truth .

  4. Christine says:

    Sounds like everyone has had enough of every thing. Trump is in. I wish they would let him due his job. He is good at it and one day history will record the details, the good and the bad. I for one am one who has been greatly sadden by how far we as a nation have fallen. I am glad my parents are dead so that they can not see what we have become. We are just a bit over 200 hundred years old and we have already lost our control. Those that came before left us instruction of what to do when they left, but we did not follow them. I read them with my dad many times, he loved history, but I see it must have been to hard for some to understand. Not hard for them or those of us my age………….. The Dem’s are old, but they don’t remember anything , but as for them selves and what they want, for their country, justice or decency ? The schools are teaching the young the wrong things as well.

  5. Trisha says:

    Alaska Woman: Treason can be punishable by the death penalty….If it were enforced, there would be no more past, present and future commie DemonRats so your party would be gone, zilch, nada. Not sure why you spend time on Pro-Trump sites instead of spewing your hate and falsehoods amongst your own deranged, hateful commies. Just a S*** stirrer like the rest of you crazies. At least when Mueller testifies Repubs can then ask him the real hard questions about what he knew, when he knew it, why he had nothing but DemonRats investigating (one being Hillary’s attorney), and get real answers about his report and con job statements (just to throw out some fake news bait to keep the nut job sharks of the Dem party circling the fake waters). The insane asylums are going to be overflowing with you DumoRats when Trump wins re-election. Stay tuned…Trump Sequal 2020 !!!

  6. Patty says:

    When you have a brand, or money someone is always trying to make money off of you. Even is its a state filing lawsuits it fills state coffiures to. Attorneys get rich, hence everone done the line makes money for doing nothing! If you were rich you would see the rats coming out of the rafters!

  7. Ron says:

    And all tried to make money off him see when you have a lot of money all the rats want part of the cheese this is something you can’t understand until you yourself have tons of money keep up your work it’s taking you no where lol Trump 2020 America will be great again

  8. David Strader says:

    So sad when government money plays politics with the facts. Thanks for the update.

  9. David Strader says:

    So sorry your mind has been infected with main stream media and Democrat hate. Your inability to rationally see the whole truth.

  10. Don marquardt says:

    Please see Bill and Hillery Clinton for threats lies and abuse of power…..oh did I forget ordering hits please white gate moron

  11. Don marquardt says:

    Pass that all on to every single friend and colleague you have and have them do the same

  12. Sarah says:

    When people shamelessly accuse other people it doesn’t matter what the accusations are. It’s the verdict that matters.
    You ever been accused of anything that wasn’t true?
    People always go after money and power.
    Trump 2020!

  13. Sarah says:

    TRUMP 2020!

  14. Sarah says:

    With you on all of that!

  15. Gosh Rudy and Michal and Rolie and all the other level headed PRO AMERICAN PRO TRUMP supporters–TOTALLY AGREE
    after watching some of the new 22 or still counting democrap clowns lined up to take on our AWESOME President Trump for 2020–i am sad and in bewilderment that some of those poor misguided lied to young people cant see what a desperate pack of liars and phonies and pot heads these liberals are like want 16 yr olds to vote and legalize prostitution etc etc
    i LOVE TRUMP and VP MIKE PENCE they are hard working and LOVE AMERICA and Americans and fight for us and our freedom they love also Israel and Jews and ALL RACES–DONT believe fake news–Trump has hired many Blacks,hispanics,asians Indian Americans in good jobs but fake news wont tell you that TRUMP/PENCE 2020 MAGA watch FOXNEWS for truth

  16. James Termini says:

    Mr. Mueller, neither I nor anyone I know can exonerate you on the charge of wife-beating. Sorry to report that you must perpetually remain in a cloud of suspicion.

  17. libra says:

    This corrupt politician will never let go of his cash cow–the more fairy tales and lies they dream up about Pres. Trump–the longer they are on the government teat.. He could rake in another 40 million for himself and his demomarxist lying persecutors and I did not make an error over prosecutors.

  18. MARY says:


  19. mike dar says:

    Nitwit, the Times published that Trump had his own 200 million when his father died and left him another 200 million. You know nothing of bone spurs, or medical deferment processes or Bankruptcy procedures or that Trump succeeded 397 times in other corporations or that he has paid more taxes than any and all related to you AND THEIR relations.
    Fact is you are just a hack blabbering away MSM talking points.

  20. mikr dar says:

    Tony you only know what the Liberal MSM want you to know…. some 50 years ago he served in Nam… since then though…
    Mueller has been involved with a number of major cover-ups…. he isn’t what you’ve been led to believe, not at all, he is a professional clean up guy for the DOJ and FBI.
    Being you are too young and too inexperienced and never been to war… let me inform you that many are transformed into totally lacking principles, Mueller was one of those people.

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