Robert Mueller took everyone by surprise with this announcement about impeachment

President Trump and his supporters thought they were through with Robert Mueller.

They were wrong.

And all hell is breaking loose now that Robert Mueller made this public move to impeach President Trump.

News broke late Tuesday night that Robert Mueller agreed to testify publicly before a joint House Judiciary and Intelligence Committee panel on July 17.

This is the final last-ditch effort by Democrats and the special counsel to use the Mueller investigation as a vehicle to impeach the President.

NBC News reports:

Former special counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to testify in public about his two-year Russia investigation at a hearing before the House Intelligence Committee and Judiciary Committee on July 17. The announcement came from the chairmen of the two panels, who issued a subpoena compelling his testimony.

In a news release issued late Tuesday, Judiciary Committee Chairmen Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said that Mueller had agreed to testify next month.

“Pursuant to subpoenas issued by the House Judiciary and House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence tonight, Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III has agreed to testify before both Committees on July 17 in open session,” the chairmen said in a statement.

But this has the potential to backfire on the Left.

Republicans will come loaded for bear, and they have many questions about Mueller’s unethical conduct during the investigation and its aftermath.

They will ask about why he hired so many partisan Democrats as prosecutors.

Mueller will also be forced to explain his unAmerican report that claims they would have “exonerated” the President on obstruction of justice if they could have.

Prosecutors do not exonerate suspects.

They either file charges or they don’t, because in America you are innocent until proven guilty.

Mueller will also be asked to explain when his team made the decision they had no criminal case of conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.

This hearing will not just be a high-stakes affair for President Trump.

It could also expose Robert Mueller for the fraud that he is.


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140 Responses

  1. Investigate Mueller, Obama and Clinton!! That will turn up some dirt!!

  2. Investigate Mueller and the Clinton Foundation!!

  3. Christine says:

    Sounds like everyone has had enough of every thing. Trump is in. I wish they would let him due his job. He is good at it and one day history will record the details, the good and the bad. I for one am one who has been greatly sadden by how far we as a nation have fallen. I am glad my parents are dead so that they can not see what we have become. We are just a bit over 200 hundred years old and we have already lost our control. Those that came before left us instruction of what to do when they left, but we did not follow them. I read them with my dad many times, he loved history, but I see it must have been to hard for some to understand. Not hard for them or those of us my age………….. The Dem’s are old, but they don’t remember anything , but as for them selves and what they want, for their country, justice or decency ? The schools are teaching the young the wrong things as well.

  4. Trisha says:

    Alaska Woman: Treason can be punishable by the death penalty….If it were enforced, there would be no more past, present and future commie DemonRats so your party would be gone, zilch, nada. Not sure why you spend time on Pro-Trump sites instead of spewing your hate and falsehoods amongst your own deranged, hateful commies. Just a S*** stirrer like the rest of you crazies. At least when Mueller testifies Repubs can then ask him the real hard questions about what he knew, when he knew it, why he had nothing but DemonRats investigating (one being Hillary’s attorney), and get real answers about his report and con job statements (just to throw out some fake news bait to keep the nut job sharks of the Dem party circling the fake waters). The insane asylums are going to be overflowing with you DumoRats when Trump wins re-election. Stay tuned…Trump Sequal 2020 !!!

  5. Gosh Rudy and Michal and Rolie and all the other level headed PRO AMERICAN PRO TRUMP supporters–TOTALLY AGREE
    after watching some of the new 22 or still counting democrap clowns lined up to take on our AWESOME President Trump for 2020–i am sad and in bewilderment that some of those poor misguided lied to young people cant see what a desperate pack of liars and phonies and pot heads these liberals are like want 16 yr olds to vote and legalize prostitution etc etc
    i LOVE TRUMP and VP MIKE PENCE they are hard working and LOVE AMERICA and Americans and fight for us and our freedom they love also Israel and Jews and ALL RACES–DONT believe fake news–Trump has hired many Blacks,hispanics,asians Indian Americans in good jobs but fake news wont tell you that TRUMP/PENCE 2020 MAGA watch FOXNEWS for truth

  6. James Termini says:

    Mr. Mueller, neither I nor anyone I know can exonerate you on the charge of wife-beating. Sorry to report that you must perpetually remain in a cloud of suspicion.

  7. libra says:

    This corrupt politician will never let go of his cash cow–the more fairy tales and lies they dream up about Pres. Trump–the longer they are on the government teat.. He could rake in another 40 million for himself and his demomarxist lying persecutors and I did not make an error over prosecutors.

  8. MARY says:


  9. Iouise says:

    Why was your article title so misleading. Mueller never said impeach Trump. I am sick and tired of misleading titles that give the wrong impression . If someone does not read the whole story, they are mislead by the tiltle;

  10. Barbara Cook says:

    I have never trusted Robert Muller from day 1. He is doing everything to work with the Democrats to work towards Impeaching President Trump. Robert Muller has been against President Trump and his Administration from day candidate Trump won the 2016 Presidential election.

    I am hoping and praying that the Republicans will work to ruin Robert Muller and his testimony, because, the Republicans have never trusted Muller from day 1 either.

    We need to continue standing and supporting President Trump and his whole Administration with all of their accomplishments since 2016 through to 2019, and President Trump and his administration aren’t even through yet. I will continue supporting him 1,000,000,000%.

    • Desiderio Z Perea says:

      I support President Trump because he’s doing a fantastic job ,exposing the deep state ,bringing jobs back,building the Border wall, text Cut , making peace with the enemy in other countries ,Helping the veterans, and deporting the illegal aliens back to their countries. And so much more and I will vote for President Trump in 2020 he will be our president in 2020. ❤️& ???? for ????????????????????????

  11. Bob the Builder says:

    This will backfire on the democrats. Think of all the unanswered questions you could ask Mueller. When did you discover the Steel Dossier was fake. Why was the dossier used to get a warrant to spy on Trump when everyone knew it was fake. What is your personal background with Hillary. I think he will be grilled more than Kavanaugh was.

  12. Alaska Woman says:

    Case Name: United States v. Fred C. Trump, Donald Trump, and Trump Management, Inc. FH-NY-0024
    Docket / Court: 73-1529 ( E.D.N.Y. ) State/Territory New York
    Case Type(s) Fair Housing/Lending/Insurance
    Attorney Organization U.S. Dept. of Justice Civil Rights Division

    Case Name: United States v. Donald J. Trump
    State/Territory: U.S. District Court, District of Columbia
    Case Type: Civil Merger
    Case Violation: Failure to File Hart-Scott-Rodino
    Attorney Organization U.S. Dept. of Justice

    Case Name: FinCEN v. Trump
    State/Territory: District of Columbia
    Case No.: 2015-02
    Case Type: Money laundering
    Case Violation: Willful and repeated violations of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)
    Attorney Organization U.S. Dept. of Justice

    Case Name: Jane Doe v. Donald J. Trump and Jeffrey E. Epstein,
    Docket/Court: Case 1:16-cv-04642-RA Document 1 Filed 06/20/16
    State/Territory: New York
    Case Type(s): Rape, Sexual Misconduct, Criminal Sexual Acts, Sexual Abuse, Forcible Touching, Assault, Battery, Intentional and Reckless Infliction of Emotional Distress, Duress, and False Imprisonment
    Attorney Organization: Thomas Francis Meagher


    • Roberta says:

      with all due respect, YOU are an asshole.

    • Mr Sullivan says:

      With zero due respect, FU.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Alaska Woman:
      If you were a billionaire, you’d have thousands of frivolous against you uy people who want to get your money and they usually will fail. Makes me wonder how many lawsuits were filed against your buddy Barack O

    • Mike says:

      And still a billionaire and now President. Pretty smart fella.

    • Pat says:

      Alaska woman, you obviously are a rabid Democrat. That’s all you managed to prove. Anyone with billions of dollars is a target for lawsuits by people hoping to make a buck.

    • LDC says:

      Wonder what you police records look like asshole! You forgot to list how many convictions you found ZERO!

    • Sarah says:

      When people shamelessly accuse other people it doesn’t matter what the accusations are. It’s the verdict that matters.
      You ever been accused of anything that wasn’t true?
      People always go after money and power.
      Trump 2020!

    • Ron says:

      And all tried to make money off him see when you have a lot of money all the rats want part of the cheese this is something you can’t understand until you yourself have tons of money keep up your work it’s taking you no where lol Trump 2020 America will be great again

    • Patty says:

      When you have a brand, or money someone is always trying to make money off of you. Even is its a state filing lawsuits it fills state coffiures to. Attorneys get rich, hence everone done the line makes money for doing nothing! If you were rich you would see the rats coming out of the rafters!

  13. David Muench says:

    Not only is Muellar going to prison but I pray that he will also find his rightful place on death row along with many other that their stay there will be very short with all appeals being denied and finale the appropriate. sentence will be carried out

    • Alaska Woman says:

      If anyone goes to prison, it will be Trump.
      On the other hand, treason is still a death penalty crime.

      • Beverly Ross says:

        Guess again,poor little misinformed you!

      • Bob the Builder says:

        Hillary will look good in that orange jump suit.

      • Francisco Machado says:

        So you actually think they’re going to execute everyone in the Obama/Hillary coup cabal? Their fear of what Could happen to them is the reason they’re so desperate to unseat Trump – He’s what overturned their government takeover plans. Trump – And Obama, who lost the house, the Senate, the state governments – And Hillary, who lost the Presidential election.

      • Pat says:

        All that sun is frying your brain. You definitely need help.

  14. rudy says:

    I was not a Trump supporter to begin with but after watching his successes in his first 2 years and who accomplished so much even with the entire media and Democrat party lined up against him one has to be for him if you care about America. Unfortunately, the Democrat Party has become a front organization for the Communist Party so even if you don’t like Trump he is the only choice we have if we don’t want to become a third world country.

    • Michal says:

      Rudy, I’m completely with you!

      I was very unhappy in 2016. I thought Trump was just a wannabe politician making things up and stuck to my third party status. I didn’t even care about voting because I thought that there was going to be all this talk and no show with Trump. I suppose you could call me a neverTrumper back then. But after Kavanaugh, I have given up completely on the democrats. I thought Obama was a fluke in the party and that they weren’t really all communists. But I was so angry about that Kavanaugh case and then this twit, AOC started her thing with taking steps to destroy America… Now I celebrate Trump openly. Trump not only is fighting to do everything he said, but he’s doing it against all odds and winning. I’ve never been more proud of being American after years of being ashamed of who I was. As a millennial, we didn’t have options after college. We fought for so many footholds in society. With master’s degrees I was begging grocery stores and drug stores for work. Now I’ve had experience in engineering (because of Trump) and I am going back for another masters in technology because there are so many options. I understand more than ever how important it is to get Trump back in office 2020. I don’t think any other candidate can stand up against the democrats whose party has been hijacked by the most extremist, communistic people in America. #MAGA

      • C Charland says:


      • Desiderio Z Perea says:

        I support President Trump because he’s doing a fantastic job ,exposing the deep state ,bringing jobs back,building the Border wall, text Cut , making peace with the enemy in other countries ,Helping the veterans, and deporting the illegal aliens back to their countries. And so much more and I will vote for President Trump in 2020 he will be our president in 2020. ❤️& ???? for ????????????????????????.

      • Don marquardt says:

        Pass that all on to every single friend and colleague you have and have them do the same

  15. Vann says:

    USA is in chaos.
    With this trend, USA will soon become a third world country.

    • Michael A. Gilliam says:

      We will NOT become a third world country because the people trying to take us down are COWARDS. No matter what, the left will never take over. There are enough of us on the right to handle anything the left can throw at us. Mostly because the Left throws like a girl.

    • Alaska Woman says:

      Exactly. Trump is a demagogue who exploits people’s fears, prejudices and grievances to achieve and hold on to power.

      • Ann says:

        What are you even talking about? Trump is hardly a demagogue. He is trying to undo decades of appeasement toward Iran ($150 b. in cash to finance terror?? You must be kidding), allowing China to get a way with murder and a hostile invasion on our Southern border? He has no desire to “hold onto power”. He is using the power America does NOW have through oil and gas independence and a strong economy to put our enemies out of business. He has a life outside of politics unlike career politicians who can only make money stealing from taxpayers or getting bought off by Lobbyists.

      • Don marquardt says:

        Please see Bill and Hillery Clinton for threats lies and abuse of power…..oh did I forget ordering hits please white gate moron

      • David Strader says:

        So sorry your mind has been infected with main stream media and Democrat hate. Your inability to rationally see the whole truth.

    • Alan says:

      The Democrats want to make us a third world country. The Democrats only care about getting rid of Trump no matter how their antics effect the country. That is why they are opposing everything Trump does; because, everything Trump does pushes the Democrats away from their goal for complete control.

  16. Vasu Murti says:

    Mueller has merely agreed to testify: it’s not a “public move to impeach President Trump…” !

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    • merryinfidel says:

      You only got two things correct in your statement; Animal rights and greater visibility to Pro-Life Dems. The rest of your comments are exactly why I’m a Republican.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      A number of independent scientists that are not funded by the government and only private donations studied this “global warming” theory and found in the past 25 years the average world temperature rose only one tenth of a degree. This is just another contrived hoax by our government to take away our freedom.

  17. Scott27 says:

    NEWSFLASH: Mueller made no announcement about impeachment. Period. The headline here tells yet another blatant lie you all are so in love with. What ever happened to truth? How does anyone become so gullible as you folks? You are way worse than a cult. But then, I guess Kim Sun, Mussolini and Hitler all had their loyal followers who also turned blind eyes to truth and human decency. Just never thought I’d see it in this country.

  18. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Should Mueller testify In public??

    YES, and he needs to be severely questioned without any neverTRUMP politicians


    in fact I absolutely do not want any damned corrupt neverTRUMP politicians

    to question and/or reply

    but rather only all TRUMP supporting US politicians

    DO all this in our US public forum
    Amen & Amen!!!

  19. Earl Llewellyn says:

    I think He should testify, It is his 1 amendment right. As soon as he lies arrest him try him and if found guilty lock him up. I would investigate collusion between Mueller and the Democratic party. Than lock them all up . Unfortunately STUPID is not against the law in the USA. Give them ALL their rights even though they want to take ours.

  20. JOHN P CATALANO SR says:

    I’ve read the comments, from what I can see is that Congress is afraid of losing the perks from the lobbyists. They go to Washington with meager incomes and leave multimillionaires. Then in comes a Washington OUTSIDER an astute businessman. The members of Congress are possibly scared of losing their cash cow. So they concoct a plan to remove him, which is apparently backfiring. Please remember that if Hillary won, we would have never known who the players are of this shadow government. If you need a point of reference, check out a 1947 James Stewart movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

  21. Tony says:

    What a COMPLETE crock, a combination of falsehoods. Mueller his made it clear he is not only uninterested in impeachment, but he was uninterested even in testifying before Congress. But now, as a private citizen, he has been subpoenaed to do this, and he is required by law to respond to the subpoena. If you know anything fair about Mueller, he was a war hero, a medal winner and that Trump opposed him from the first mention of a special counsel and Trump tried to lie over and over that Mueller had a conflict of interest when there was none.

    The only unethical behavior of note, besides that of Trump, had been from Barr who shut down SEVEN other investigations that began from the Mueller investigation. Mark my words, not only will Barr fail (because secrets leak out over time), but Barr will be charged with partisan obstruction of justice.

    • Maureen Zollo says:

      The only thing you said that was true was that Mueller didn’t want to testify, and the reason is that he doesn’t want to have to answer questions about all of the illegal, unethical acts he and his committed. Everything else you said is inaccurate.

      • AlyssaTrombley says:

        Yes maureen !

      • Paul Aldredge says:

        LOL! So true! Mueller will also have to answer why he knew President Trump was innocent before the 2018 mid-terms and didn’t reveal it. His being a known friend of Comey disqualified him to being the special prosecutor because it is a conflict of interest.

    • merryinfidel says:

      Only in your liberal dreams…

    • mikr dar says:

      Tony you only know what the Liberal MSM want you to know…. some 50 years ago he served in Nam… since then though…
      Mueller has been involved with a number of major cover-ups…. he isn’t what you’ve been led to believe, not at all, he is a professional clean up guy for the DOJ and FBI.
      Being you are too young and too inexperienced and never been to war… let me inform you that many are transformed into totally lacking principles, Mueller was one of those people.

  22. Gun Nuts of America says:

    Trump has been a criminal and ne’er do well since his youth, he smacked a teacher that sent him to military school yet he became a Vietnam era draft dodger with his bogus bone spurs, unheard of in a young men. Plus he bragged about the deferment which was not even received by an M.D. He inherited eventually 225 million which would be close to a billion now, and still had 6 bankruptcies, ripping off employees and banks and even being put on an allowance by one bank. He has run scams like Trump U, real estate scams, has paid virtually no federal taxes for a supposed multi-billionaire. He is a constant liar, braggart, money launderer, thief, whiner and cries and always insults Bush Jr and Obama, yet they were far superior and all living historians rank them far higher than Trump the mobster will ever. be. His racism, chaos, contradictions, laziness, and egomaniac to satisfy his gluttony for adulation, money, for any woman including numerous sexual assaults that he brags about. He has wrecked our alliances and our institutions while kissing up to Putin. He is a traitor, you know if you have any intelligence and honesty and he and all of you have shamed this country and yourselves for supporting one of the originators of fake news with his birtherism and lifelong lies.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Wow, great grasp of Trump’s life and information, GN of America. One point I would add is that after Trump fired Comey, and the Mueller Report found evidence that Trump made the decision and told others days before Rosenstein was brought in the picture (smokescreen that did not work) . . . Trump met with Russian Ambassador in the Oval Office ((with ONLY Russia press allowed in) and Trump gave away CLASSIFIED INFORMATION AT THAT MEETING. That has been substantiated. It is clear since Trump continually praises and defends Putin, that he is compromised and a danger to this country.

      • POKE says:

        Skipper ya got yur cadilladoplar stuck up yur sphincter.

      • Scott27 says:

        Thank you J.D. Unfortunately, you cannot reason with these people. If they had a scintilla of reason about them, they would not be trump supporters.

        • Francisco Machado says:

          Understand that there were, by election time, only two viable contenders – and Trump was the least evil of the two. Keep that in mind when Primary elections come around again and… Oh – I was overlooking that Hillary was the best candidate the Democrat party could come up with. I see they’re having that trouble again, that or they’re so convinced they’ll lose – again – that they don’t want to sacrifice any potentially viable future candidate.

      • Pat says:

        Jim Jordan, Lindsey Graham and others like them will make mincemeat out of Mueller before the circus is finished.

    • Mary F Gryziec says:

      Americans will not support Trump. The con man is known in America for what he is!!!!!!

    • POKE says:

      Smack your wacker Gun Nuts.

    • Kate says:

      Gun Nuts: Why don’t you do some homework on Clinton and Obama? Trump is by far the best this country has…but they were not…fake news is CNN, the Cllinton News Network or better still the communist News Network.

    • Blue Angel says:

      WOW!! Well, at least 1 part of your name seems to fit you… “NUTS”!!! Are you possibly that guy, in the now infamous meme, who was Screaming up to the Sky on Election Night in 2016???? Get ready to scream again in 2020, when TRUMP Wins Again!! HeHe!! I can’t wait!! #Trump2020

      • walkedAway Liberal says:

        To jd, nuts. why are you here ? to aggravate, & get off on it.
        Take your ‘package’ to needy hoods & ‘preach it’ there, take vasu w/.

    • mike dar says:

      Nitwit, the Times published that Trump had his own 200 million when his father died and left him another 200 million. You know nothing of bone spurs, or medical deferment processes or Bankruptcy procedures or that Trump succeeded 397 times in other corporations or that he has paid more taxes than any and all related to you AND THEIR relations.
      Fact is you are just a hack blabbering away MSM talking points.

  23. Mike Flanagan says:

    I hope we have enough open cells for all the Dumbokrats that will be locked before President Tromp is reelected.

  24. Wakyn Ferris says:

    The Demon-craps need to get slapped upside the head for the 6th and final time as to what the reality of this witch hunt has really been. Corruption of the highest order and hopefully some of them go away for awhile or a long while I don’t really care, as long as the “Deep State” is exposed for what it is, “The Demon-crap Mafia”.

    • Lincoln says:

      Quite amusing how you Trump cult supporters like to make up your little juvenile name for Democrats – – vilifying and demonizing us just to ACT like you are superior and better than others. I first witnessed this technique in grade school banter, and it is the mark of those with undeveloped minds.

      But another thing that is just SO SAD here, Wakyn, is that so many Trump supporters are caught up in these truly unproven and made-up conspiracy ideas . . . many are funding by the right wingnut, Alex Jones, in his rants on infoWars. After failing most every time in life, Jerome Corsi used his legit credentials to sell out and make up “Deep State” bogus stories for Alex Jones. I read his books, and there is no evidence behind the Deep State – – – – it is a made-up falsehood that only plays out on people who have little to no critical thinking or education. They are as false as the Uranium One BS, and even Fox News has debunked that.

      • Pat says:

        Where’s proof to back up your accusations? You are definitely a hypocrite. Democrats are constantly calling Trump supporters hateful names. The pot is calling the kettle black.

  25. Alan says:

    I’m a Trump supporter. But I’m sick and tired of politics. Nothing is getting done in Washington except vitriol and name-calling. The border is a sieve. Illegals have more rights and benefits than citizens. We have a 20 trillion dollar debt, yet everyone wants to spend more money and bleed the taxpayers more and more. My property taxes are 10K to support a school hat is 56% Hispanic. The math proficieny is 44% and the English proficiency is 33%. ( That’s a no brianer. They all speak Spanish) In my opinion every current congress person, and all living past congress persons and presidents shoud be trid for treason for bakrupting the nationa l wealth

    • White Beard says:

      Thank you Alan for bringing up so many important points. I agree with you especially about the horrible deficit spending, which next year is projected to be over a trillion dollars for one year alone!! Once the republican party was known for fiscal conservatism – – but now they are just the opposite. Reagan said of Carter than someone who produced a $54 Billion should be fired. . . under Trump, though, he is producing a $1100 Billion deficit a year. The Trump “tax break” is a fraud, with 83% of the benefits going to the richest 1% — while my taxes have actually increased from last year.

      And, Alan, you are 100% right that nothing is getting done in D.C. , especially about immigration. My property taxes are not as high as yours, but we have ours taken out in state income taxes.

  26. david says:

    Mueller IS going to prison.

  27. Lee says:


    • Lincoln says:

      As Reagan would say to you, Lee: “there you go again” — claiming “demo rat hate” while your two posts are nothing but venomous hate. Even the term “demo rats” shows your disrespect.

      • Vicki says:

        That’s right..we have ZERO respect for you because you don’t deserve it. Your party is nothing but a ???? show, with their made up fantasies, and false accusations. You don’t actually know anything about Trump, other than what the lying arm of the Democrat party tells you. But by all means, keep repeating the lies, we’re just sitting here laughing at you for being such a fool.

  28. Lee says:


  29. Alaskat says:

    This Mueller fiasco is insanity, a an enormous black mark on the history of American sleaze politics. It was begun based on a sleazy dossier written by a known fraudulent shyster when it was known to be false and unreliable garbage. So you don’t like President Trump, bully for you. We didn’t like Obama, yet we put up with his attempted destruction of our country for eight miserable years. You don’t seem to realize God is in charge, He picks our rulers. If you’re skeptical about that read the Bible, Romans 13 is very clear on the reasons for law and order and the fact that no one gets to rule without God’s say so. Legislators, your insanity keeps you from governing, your primary purpose for being where you are. You have become frauds, viciously and blindly serving your sick hatred instead of the people who elected you to work for them. You preach tolerance and kindness for all, ( with tons of our money ), yet deny any semblance of fairness, tolerance or reality to folks you don’t like. The likely result? Your dead collusion elephant may resurrect, rise up and viciously bite You instead of your intended.

    • Mike Otrok says:

      So adultery is cool? BLESH TRUMP?!!!!! YAY!!If “god” (an invisible thingy) selects rulers, isn’t that voter tampering? Can we have some leftover Trump hookers?

      • Kate says:

        All the hookers left the white house with the Clintons…who did their thing right in the white house, all the while running the country. At least Mr. Trump did not bang anyone in the white house…but look at those who did…Clinton, FDR, Kennedy and the list goes on. Are you jealous?

        • Tom says:

          My Lord, Kate, you don’t know that! We did not know that about Bill Clinton until his second term. What we DO KNOW is that over 20 women have testified they were sexually assaulted by Trump, that Trump bragged he could sexually assault women and get away with it (Hollywood Access tape), that he even admitted that when he sees an attractive woman that “he can’t help himself” and has to do something to them.

          We also know that he has had several affairs even in his third marriage, two of which he illegally paid to have covered up, which was a campaign law violation that ended up sending his attorney to prison. The only reason Trump was not indicted is because he holds the office of president. Trump has ZERO impulse control, spent years in Miss USA pageants, by his own admission . . . walking in on underage naked females backstage.

      • Francisco Machado says:

        Why bring the Clinton/Lewinsky issue up again? That’s ancient history!

  30. ILCon says:

    I just wish Trey Gowdy was still in office so he could cross this partisan hack! Mueller has far more questions to answer than legitimate answers he could give. Sure, IMHO, but the results tell the story… another deep state operative throwing out any concerns for optic of non-partisanship in his investigation. Stoolie Mueller

    • Lee says:

      I LIKE HIM

      • Mike Otrok says:

        Wahat’s a DEMO RATS? NEW BAND!!!??? TYPE aLL cAPs! Veery COOOoOOLLL?! Mommy? Hamberders? Yaaaayyyy. me bee veery hapeee!!!

      • CintiCB says:

        It would be great to see Trey cross examine Mueller. It would be, downright, entertaining! Definitely ‘must see’ and ‘appointment’ TV.

  31. CLIFF says:


  32. Larry Gaines says:

    Mueller and Nadler are playing games now

  33. Derek says:

    Poor old dumb Trump! He’s the picture of ” STUPID !” How did people vote for a complete IDIOT? He drives himself crazy thinking of things he can start and then blame anyone but himself. I kinda feel sorry for the idiot!? If it weren’t for his own shadow scaring him, he’d have nobody on his side. He knows his shadow is after him! You just can’t fix stupid! Dump is as stupid as stupid gets. Must be Obama’s fault.

    • Larry says:

      Derek you are the stupid one. You must be a DUMBOCRAT

      • StaLe says:

        I call them DemonicRats!

        • Mike Otrok says:

          Doo uh eeder dun ya spel in Americaan? HUHh?

        • JKF says:

          You have a grade school mind. No wonder so many republicans are embarrassed where their former party is going. That is like one leftie who calls Trump people, “Trumpons” that go up the butt of Trump. Childish.

          • Blue Angel says:

            JFK – “Republicans are embarrassed where their former party is going”?????? Pot, meet Kettle!! I voted Democrat for 40 Freaking Years & Their Party has literally gone BONKERS!! It’s not even the same O’bama party anymore!! I didn’t leave the DNC……The DNC left ME!!

    • Randall clark says:


    • ILCon says:

      thank you for clearly revealing to everyone how deep your derangement syndrome runs. Now we all know to discard any of your comments as soon as we see your byline…. you have been a real time-saver today!

    • Scott27 says:

      Derek… if you could reason with a drumpf supporter, there wouldn’t be any. Stupid is as stupid does.

      • Lola says:

        That reminds me a few years ago, Jindal (sp?) got in trouble for saying: “we (Republicans), have got to stop being the party of stupid!” Then Trump showed “no, we don’t!”

    • Linda M. says:

      Derek: Oh yes, The country would have been soo much better having Queen Hillary ruling us, wouldn’t it? You’re right. You can’t fix stupid and you and your other fellow Democrats prove that everyday!!!

    • Linda M. says:

      Derek: Oh yes, our country would be soo much better having Queen Hillary ruling over us, wouldn’t it? And you are correct. You can’t fix stupid and you and your fellow Democrat’s prove that everyday!!

    • Francisco Machado says:

      “How did people vote for a complete IDIOT?” – Not a complicated question. The other option, the Hillary Felonious Clinton idiot, was much worse.

  34. BOB says:


    • actually the Demorats have to throw Mueller under the bus, so that Schiff and Nadler don’t get exposed for the simpletons they are. Mueller couldn’t find anything and they Blew $40,000,000 of the taxpayers money on this farce, and somebody has to pay the Price…Mueller will find that he doesn’t have any friends since he did not do the Demorats bidding and make up crimes.

  35. David D says:

    Its unfortunate that these comments cannot be shown to, and brought up by the people asking the questions at Mueller’ questioning about the Trump Collusion File.
    He is a liar, and anyone in Boston knows it. Robert P knows it, and can you imagine the angst when we all heard his name being assigned to the case Against President Trump?
    How long have we been WAITING and Paying for the idiots in the media, and the left wing politicians, and the right wing RINO’s to get off their asses and DO YOUR JOBS.
    I have a big enough mouth, and am educated enough to demand answers from simple questions like: Hillary, why did you destroy your cell phone & wash your hard drives with bleach.? President Trump is innocent. Pelosi Hillary Schiff, Nadler, and the rest of the SWAMP should all be in GREEN Jumpsuit by now.

    • John W Bletsch says:

      I believe much will change when the inquiry on the validity of the expose that got the investigation into nothing started is made public.

  36. Phil winfield says:

    The P O T U S is not a member of the crime family in D C and that goes for members of both sides and they know he will clean out the swamp they can’t have that so they will do everything possible to get him. K A G fight them P O T I S hang them all and the Hollywooders with them

  37. Pamela says:

    They can threaten all they want as a diversion to cover their misdeeds, but Trump will never be impeached. Not as long as Republicans control the Senate, and there are over sixty million Americans who voted for him and will not allow them to unseat a duly elected President for no other reason than hate:(

  38. Leftshot says:

    There isn’t anything even mildly surprising about this. Everything Mueller and his team have done for the past two years has been angling for impeachment. Schiff and Nadler the same. They’ve been saying for days that they expected to have Mueller’s testimony worked out by the end of this week. There is nothing surprising here for anyone who has been paying attention.

  39. Chef Mueller says:

    Robert Mueller spent $ 40 million dollars in taxpayer funds in a political hit job exclusively to frame a duly elected president as a criminal.

    So far, his investigation has landed on the bed of Russia’s Vladimir Putin while having a prostitute of Allah such as Hillary Rodham Clinton who remains sucking Putin’s balls.

    • RicB says:

      No that would be Trump that is sucking Putin’s members. He does everything Vladdy wants, defends him, and will throw Americans under the bus to praise Putin.

  40. Ron says:

    Wasting our money , not doing their job and their not done Yet!!!!
    Get them all out of office.

  41. Robert Polans says:

    He is and has been a criminal since he left the Marines. The Whitey Bulger case should tell you that. His pre-dawn raids with much more ammunition, SWAT teams, etc. than necessary he all but destroyed the fourth amendment. A couple of questions I hope he’s asked; When did you know there was no collusion? If early why did you drag the ‘probe’ out so long? Wasting so much money. 2. Why did you hide Uranium One? 3. Why are you even here? Anybody with a brain knows you. Clinton’s going down so you want to take her place? You havea long way to go.

  42. Darfman says:

    These liberal Democrat scum are asking, no, BEGGING for the death penalty in the aftermath of the coming civil war.

  43. George says:

    Mueller is another sissy who ought to go out in the woods and find a good strong tree branch, and have him take all the other sissies with him…

    • Joz Lee says:

      Mueller, ever the savvy institutionalist, realized that he would never be a member of any Trump administration and decided to deracinate the man and his machine instead. Hence, Mueller gifted America a 22-month investigation, ostensibly in search of a crime, but in reality, an exercise in building a case for impeachment.

      Mueller is a man who has built his career on destroying the careers, families, and lives of people with little regard for guilt or innocence — or the law and the truth for that matter. He was a perfect choice to tee up the ball for the Democrats in the House.

      Remember that Mueller is corrupt to the core. There is absolutely no doubt that with his showy arrests (which he didn’t use against the lone Dem he indicted), he was trying to hurt Trump in advance of the 2018 election.

      There’s no longer any doubt about who Robert Mueller is or why he conducted himself the way he did. As abominable as his press conference was, we should in many ways be thankful that Mueller so willingly displayed for all to see his disdain for basic rules of prosecutorial conduct, his total lack of self-awareness, and his naked desire to stick it to Trump.

  44. pissedoffvet says:

    Well we all know what the definition is for insane.

  45. Robert Ratto says:

    There was a bumper sticker out in the early 70s, it said ” save our government, vote them all out”. This the first time in years that am totally in agreement with that bumper sticker. This gone on way to long and I beleive that people who is pushing this impeach Trump agenda should be forced to pay for all of it. Fanaticism is inherently evil and it doesn’t matter what it is associated with. Fanaticism has destroyed nations,Religions, lives of people who get caught up in and the lives of millions of innocent people who have nothing to do with it. Any politician who become caught up in this fanaticism should be removed from office because there is no place for this ideology in the American Government.

  46. tom says:

    Mueller is the biggest fraud here along with NADLER, SCHIFF, PELOSI, and SCHUMER!

    • FIREBALL XR5 says:

      I bet most of the Republicans in government are in on it and are as dirty as the Democrats.

      Need to drain this swamp for good. All politicians must go.

  47. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Let Mueller go ahead and impeach President Trump as it won’t fly in the senate as the votes are simply not there. It takes two thirds vote of the the senate to proceed with it. The Democrooks need to have pounded into their thick stupid heads that Donald Trump is not going anywhere and is here to stay whether they like it or not.

    • Harvey Schneider aka ConservativeOne says:

      Gregory Sullivan >>> Mueller does NOT have the power or authority to impeach Trump. He can SUGGEST it to the committee.

      If he suggests it then he is committing libel since his report stated there was NO collusion or obstruction. The good thing about his giving testimony is that lots of things will be revealed by the questions asked by the Republicans on the committee.

      He may commit perjury or plead the 5th to some of the questions.

  48. ROLIE says:


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