Robert Mueller stood up and dropped this bombshell about impeaching Trump

Robert Mueller finally went there.

The special counsel ended his silence with a heavily promoted press conference.

And Robert Mueller stood in front of the cameras and dropped this bombshell about impeaching Donald Trump.

Mueller did not add any new information to his report with his press conference.

Instead, Mueller used the event to emphasize that it is Congress’s duty to impeach the President.

“The opinion says that the Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting President of wrongdoing,” Mueller declared.

Mueller was not appointed to make impeachment recommendations.

The special counsel had a specific and narrow mandate on a criminal investigation.

If he wasn’t going to charge President Trump with any crime, then silence should have been his only response.

That is because in America you are innocent until proven guilty.

But according to Robert Mueller, Trump had to prove his innocence because Mueller began his investigation with an assumption of guilty on the President’s behalf.

“As set forth in our report, after that investigation, if we had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said that,” Mueller declared.

Mueller’s performance violated numerous prosecutorial guideline and norms.

Prosecutors do not lay out the case – as Mueller did on obstruction of justice – if they are not charging an individual with a crime.

Doing so smears the subject because they never get a chance to clear their name in court.

Secondly, prosecutors are not tasked with “exonerating” subjects.

They bring charges or they don’t.

When a prosecutor does not bring charges it means there is no case.

Mueller essentially said he would not bring a criminal case against Trump, but that the President was guilty anyway.


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80 Responses

  1. Charge Mueller with malpractice, he obviously committed it when he told the house to impeach Trump when he didn’t name a crime in his report, he lied when he said he couldn’t charge Trump with a crime, if he found Trump guilty of a crime he could have included it in his report and let congress decide whether to impeach or not, check out the indictment of Clinton’s impeachment, the investigator cited several instances where Clinton was guilty,

    • Christine says:

      Mueller needs to be examined by a physician. He showed early signs of Dementia in his inability to even answer simple questions by the Committee. God forbid the Committee would have asked him “DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE MUELLER..?????

    • Jimmie Chesser says:

      Why dosn’t someone investigate everything a out Nadler I know that liar has something to hide or he wouldn’t be trying so hard to impeach a president that WE THE PEOPLE VOTED INTO OFFICE

  2. Mama says:

    Mama June 2, 2019 at 6:58 pm
    NOT TOO Late ! Still June 2nd
    Franklin Graham (Son of Billy Graham)
    MR. President & USA.
    TAKE Quiet ‘moment’ & SEND YOUR

  3. Karen says:


    • Mikel says:

      And the next day he had to retract everything he said. No mention of it in the fake news though. Dems got excited and then were shot down once again. Driving them mad. Pretty funny if you think about it.

    • White Cloud says:

      Attorney Larry Klayman has explained clearly what Mueller has done during his last press conference after completion of his Special council report.

      Here is the beginning of Attorney Klayman’s article.

      “Last Tuesday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, with a cleverly calculated appearance at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), predictably laid the foundation for House Democrats to issue articles of impeachment and then impeach the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.
      In an incredibly slimy performance, Mueller, obviously with the complicity of his equally corrupt leftist pro-Clinton-Obama prosecutorial staff, goaded the Democrats to impeach Trump by strongly suggesting that the only reason the president was not indicted for obstruction of justice was due to DOJ policy that a sitting president should not be indicted while in office.

      In so doing, Mueller contradicted the sworn testimony of Attorney General William Barr, who had testified to Congress, based on prior admissions by Mueller, that his refusal to indict the president was not because of DOJ policy.”

      Why AG Barr does not point out this contradiction again and again?

      Dr. Klayman also suggests that Mueller’s last press conference has openly invited impeachment process to proceed via the House of Representatives. What has AG Barr whispered to us that would prevent the impeachment process to start?

      Read more at Larry Klayman has his own website too.

      • Mama says:

        Thank you., White Cloud.
        &&& YES , Mueller ‘voice’ WAS
        ‘weak at best’. I Hear Real Well.
        Levin Noticed.

  4. Mama says:

    A Sickening Corrupt Establishment Coward.
    No mention of Steele Dossier/
    Fusion GPS 0r FISA. Resigns/closes 0ffice After 2-3 yr
    Dispersing 35 Million to himself/cronies & WALKS.
    AG BARR, WHERE Are You ?

    • Mama says:

      Also Add: a LIAR in the 1st Degree &&&
      he is Proud 0f ‘pulling ‘it’ 0ff. So is hillary,
      comey, brennan, clapper, obama, holder, lynch

  5. Ernst says:

    Ironically, Mueller just reinforced his finding of no Trump campaign wrongdoing. With Mueller implying he favors impeachment, if he had found evidence of a crime, he would surely have come out and identified this crime. There was no Trump crime identified in the Mueller report, and as hard as Mueller squeezed sources, as many documents as his operation reviewed, Mueller and his band of angry Democrats would have found a crime if it had been there.
    The entire Mueller investigation was an attempt to illegally remove a sitting President based on evidence known to be false. The entire impeachment argument is bogus.

  6. krymson says:

    For over two years Mueller dug, searched, and spent tax payer’s dollars to uncover nothing to vindicate Hillary Clinton’s claim that Trump colluded with Russian spies to steal the 2016 election. Now Mueller claims, despite his own findings of no wrong having been done by Trump, Trump must be impeached! Damn the F.A.C.T.S., impeachment is what Democrats want and they will stop at nothing, will sink as low as they need to, and lie all the way to any impeachment hearings to bring to fruition their agenda!

    • CrawfishFestival says:

      Yet, DOJ LYNCH and FBI Comey failed to do anything about Obama as leader of the DNC and DW-S as Chair of the DNC = RIGGING the Democrat party’s Primary Elections on behalf of Hillary Clinton, against Bernie Sanders, to have HRC as their presidential nominee.

  7. Big Ed says:

    Mueller should be charged with prosecutorial malpractice. He has been in the business for over thirty years and should have some vague idea of how our justice system works. One is presumed innocent in our system and it is the prosecutor’s job to find evidence of guilt if this innocence is wrong. He either finds evidence of guilt and indicts or he don’t find any such evidence and then he shuts his damned mouth and steals into the night.

    • D.A.N. says:

      He even made those comments about the Russians but then wouldn’t say the same about Trump being innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. He and his not so merry band of crooked investigators only tried to find a crime by Trump’s team while the actual crime was done by the left and the Obama DOJ/FBI.

  8. ronsch says:

    The article is incorrect. It is the court and the judge who must maintain innocence until guilt is proven or not proven. A prosecutor is there to demonstrate the guilt and will assume guilt if they’re doing their job correctly. Mueller found what he believes were crimes, and since the President is involved, it is up to Congress to indict and prosecute.

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      Where the hell did you get your law degre? Kmart or Sears. Muller spent two and hafe years and 34000000 million to stand a say TRUMP is guilty but he has zero nohing. He is a dumd ass and a crookied fbi agent like comy obamammy hilly dily cllapper and many more . This was a failed coup by the DNC HILLERY OMAMA THE NSA CIA NSA . WHAT THE HELL HAPPING TO THIS GREAT COUNTRY? ALL OF THIS WAS TRESON AND BILL BARR HAS A PAIR AND WILL PUT MANY BEHIND BARS. THATS WHY THE DEMOGOGS HATE BARR BECAUSE THEY KNOW HEADS WILL ROLL.
      NOT IN THE USA.THI WAS A FAILD OVER THROW OF THE ELECTED GOV AND STARTED BEFORE TRUMP WAS ELECTED.CROOKED HELLERY has blood on her (Bengazie) I know because i was there. The emails ureaium1 cliton foundation. She one crazy bitch and a traitor. SEMPER FI

      • Mary Johnson says:

        Ronsch no there were no crimes but it was based on a illegal FISA warrant and therefore, illegal fruit of the tree. Master gunny is for the most part correct but Mueller place was to investigate and is up to the AG to indict and bring before a court. The only way is to have impeachment grounds to impeach and a vote of which they have neither.

    • Jeff Beard says:

      Hey ronsch, You’re as big an ASSH**E as DI**HEAD Mueller. You must have slithered out of the same sewer as Pathetic Pelosi, Scumbag Schmuer, Mad Cow Maxine,Corrupt Hillary and all of the other sewer dwelling Democrats. Why don’t you slither back down in the sewer where you all belong you brainless ass.

      • Ronald Dunne says:

        Jeff Beard- this response is out of line and off-base.. maybe you are a shill for the dem/lib/commucrat/regressives! No true conservative would speak thusly… it only makes US look bad. Get a life and learn some manners!

    • krymson says:

      The article is correct in reporting Mueller’s claiming that Congress should start proceedings to impeach President Trump but has nothing to do with prosecutors, juries, and defense attorneys. All impeachment proceedings reside in Congress and have nothing to do with courts, judges, or prosecutors. What is incorrect in this article is Mueller claiming, despite no evidence to substantiate his claims, President Trump should be impeached. There M.U.S.T. be a reason, as outlined in The Constitution, to impeach a President and the opposing party not liking the President is not listed as any of the conditions for impeachment proceedings.

  9. A S K says:

    Subpoena Mueller now., Already he is caught in a lie. Perjury. Mueller and Comey have been named already in the Italian connection, to plant HRC classified e mails on American soil to be found by a surprised FBI agent. The incompetent FBI foiled their own inept mission. Handcuff Mueller et al, immediately. PREPARE FOR ETHEL ROSENBERG TREATMENT OF TREASON.

    • Ronald Dunne says:

      Ummmm— the Rosenbergs wereneither charged with nor executed for treason- they probably wouldnt have been executed had such been the case- Very few people in the history of this country have been executed for treason. Heck all the leaders of the Confederacy and the Confederate Army COULD HAVE BEEN, given the definition of “Treason” in the US Constitution! -Article Three, section 3-
      Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed after trial and conviction for ESPIONAGE, (passing nuclear secrets to the soviets), an entirely different, statutory offense..

  10. David says:

    One bullet is very en-expensive……. A wall helps at the border, but……. 1 shot will end all this border madness !!! Cheap!!! Only than will these “ Democratic Caravans” turn right back around and head South. Very Sad but true!!! I bullet , 1 body,, they won’t come near the border!

  11. Edwin Mack says:

    I don’t know what is going on in this country, DOJ, COURT SYSTEM, CIA, Democrats and too many Republicans are going to hell. The problem they’re all going TOGETHER! Nothing is getting accomplished for the good of this country. Dosen’t anyone work for America anymore. We have WAY too many stupid voters anymore who continually vote the same stupid people in office. Our education system IS HELL anymore. To screw others call everyone who disagree with you names AND ACCOMPLISH NOTHING. I S this really the norm? I’m 79 now. Don’t really want to live that much longer at this rate. Is the future really wanted? Seems no one wants to get out of this hell hole we’ve gotten ourselves in. Just to make a much bigger hole

    • Gary Addcox says:

      Trump is attempting to straighten out what was done the last eight long years by that America-hating Muslim. Being a businessman, Trump has had little to no help running our country from politicians who are jealous of his abilities, including some from his own party. Despite his not being a politician, Trump has done more for our country than any POTUS in history. I’m not voicing my opinion but hard facts.

  12. David says:

    Maxine and the rest are out of Control!! These Demo Creeps have to go!!!! Ship the criminal border crossers to Pelosis house,,, Maxine’s house!!! They would call 911!! They live Shelterd , Protected lives!! They have No Experience living with border Crossers in their neighborhoods!! I do!!! Drug dealing,, Prostitution,,, Fighting Roosters waking you at 5:00 am on Sunday morning!! Multiple dogs running around the streets,,, loud “ Garbage Music!!! Trash every where!! I had illeagle co – workers laugh at our immigration system! Said they can get any important document at the local Flea Market!! They said our government won’t do any thing to them!! Laughing , joking the whole time!!

    • Rebekah says:

      All of the above only (way more). (Neighbors) 30 years, only my story is more harrowing. These I speak of, are people here because of a green card old woman, who has been here for 40 years, with “6 children” either Anchor babies or already hers, from Mexico. All with alias’s. Just wish I could share my stories. 🙁 Thank You for posting, the Truth. We are called “haters” while we have had to watch Our Country go to Mexico !!! Gov. Enslee has made Washington State a Sanctuary State. I have so many stories That it is almost hard to bear.

    • jim says:

      if our people in Washington had any balls these illegals would be sent packing but its all about votes and power

  13. Delbert Gallowqy says:

    After Trump fired Comey, Mueller went to the White House and asked Trump to name him the director of the FBI, a position he had held for twelve years before Comey was appointed to that position. This evidently infuriated Mueller, who apparently colluded with Comey to take the illegal actions (stealing documents from the FBI, giving them to a professor friend who then leaked them to the press)and then apparently Mueller and Comey colluded with Rod Rosenstein to name Mueller as a special counsel to investigate collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Mueller then appointed eighteen anti-Trump democrats to his investigative team, all of which had contributed to Clinton’s campaign, including one attorney who represented the Clinton Foundation and one who was present at the anticipated Clinton victory party the night of the election. TALK ABOUT COLLUSION!!!

    • Rebekah says:

      Thank You. The Truth is the Govt. should make these people pay their own investigation Bill. It is in the Millions, just to prove their lies. I think it is over 17-25 million just on Muller. This is raping the Country, they claim to serve. And Welfare given to “Single Mexican Women” is more than 65+Billion a year. They continue to do this with a 24 hour notification, before they can check for a boyfriend. Paid for out of the old people’s Social Security fund. They make more than all of us who paid into it, with free everything and each baby brings in more income. The SSI people told me they can get on welfare just by paying taxes” (New Law) So either boyfriend or green card granny takes care of the children while she works (who knows how many hours are required)Hispanic men do not pay for their children. the kids and mother gets all dental and medical for herself and all children till age 18 and even I have seen kids before their permanent teeth with full metal dental and braces is everywhere. This note could be pages long, for sure. But you have to have eyes to see, or you will just think what is happening is OK.

      • Rebekah says:

        Sorry, but The Mexican take over rant above is because of these swamp creatures. There is no reason that every baby born here is commanded to learn English, or go back to Mexico. All I see is them speaking Spanish, making for a very huge job base now! The tip of the iceberg.

  14. R.C. says:

    This article is full of falsehoods and/or a lack of understanding OF THE LAW. Mueller made an excellent case that under the DOJ (questionable and debatable) guidelines, a sitting president could not be indicted. So, his charge was to gather evidence on RUSSIAN attack on our 2016 election, but in the process of the investigation, if the evidence warranted indictments or funneling the evidence to other legal entities, he was supposed to do that also as per DOJ guidelines. For example, if a DOJ inquiry is looking into money laundering and discovers a murder person, one routes that to local homicide police.

    The Mueller investigation actually PAID FOR ITSELF. While Trump lied about the cost (as he lies about most everything else such as his dealings with Putin on Trump Moscow project all during the campaign), there was more money received in the Manafort property etc. taken – – over $40 million dollars. America made money on the investigation. But we paid for the investigation, so it is only right that the American representatives and people know about the findings. It is wrong and illegal for Barr to redact the report from duly elected congress committees who deal with intelligence matters.

    Finally, if you read part two, as Maser did, you find tons of evidence that Trump obstruction justice in numerous ways. He ordered the crime, yet some of his people, aware that is illegal, did not carry it out. He fired Comey “for not shutting down the probe” – – which is actionable and clear obstruction of justice. Just like Nixon, even the president is not exempt from the rule of law.

    • Joan says:

      Get out of here you are the TRAITOR or probably mueller right hand man

    • David says:

      Methink thou art fully biased.

    • Joe says:

      RC. IF you are accused of robbing a bank and you did NOT Rob a bank. ONLY YOU would know you were innocent. Therefore, if you terminated someone that even the democrats all agreed needed to be terminated for CAUSE and that person was one of many who were investigating you for robbing that bank. How have you obstructed any justice in that matter? As far as “Trump telling lies.” The libs love to say that Trump lies but yet can not find one single lie he has told. Obama the messiah said, “If you like your DR, you can keep your DR OR It was over a video OR it’s not a tax.” Knowing full well at the time of these comments that they were lies.

    • Kate says:

      R.C. It is obvious that you do not listen to Fox News or you would know the truth about the whole Mueller investigation and the spying that was going on under the Obama administration by top officials of the FBI and the Intelligence agencies. They, and the Democrats, did not want Trump to be POTUS. And they will lie and cheat and do whatever they can to get Trump out of the office. Mueller overreached his authority. The Republicans need to get him to answer some questions. For example: when did Mueller know that Trump did not collude with the Russians? Was it in 2017 and he kept looking anyway hoping to trip up somebody. Why did he hire only Demorats and anti-Trump people to do the investigation? He really couldn’t find any bi-partisans? Why didn’t he look further so that he would have found the collusion with the Clinton campaign? RC – just keep listening to CNN and MSNBC. You obviously don’t want to know what is really going on.

    • A S K says:

      Your comment is full of lies, exactly what you ACCUSE President Trump of. You know mueller perjured himself, that is why he trembled like an old lady caught with her panties down. We will not be further insulted by your out right lies, traitor. TRUMP LANDSLIDE VICTORY 2020

    • Will says:

      B.S. You are the only one I have seen that said , WE made money on this REALLY ??? where was that ever stated ???? If there was money made it went into Mule face`s pocket . This is just some of the on going attempted COUP . pull your head out and get a fresh breath of air .

    • D.A.N. says:

      Illegally stolen money from Manafort you mean. You see, there already had been an investigation into him and they had already decided long ago not to charge him. Then Mutthead Mueller charges him with a process crime in an illegally started investigation. Where are the indictments of Obama’s gang for their part in the Russians messing with the 2016 elections. They violated their oaths of office with criminal intent. And as we now know, the illegal spying on US citizens goes back as far as 2012.

    • ron kessinger says:

      RC get a grip on your delusions.

  15. Faith Matsuoka says:

    Mueller sold his soul to the liberals. I agree with Allan Dersowitz. And I agree with the one who said that Mueller should be indicted now.

  16. Anna Milelli says:

    The Democrat party is a party of Hate especially towards Conservatism…we better wake up America before the Dems turn this country into a one party government like Communism. The Dems are pure Evil and they hate all Conservatives….Wake up people before we wake up and we won’t recognize America anymore…the country that we love….

    • steve says:

      very well said

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      Anna ii agree you. Alll this crap started before Trump took office. It was a lnsurance policy to make sure crooked hilllery woulld be the pres. She is dumd power hungry bitch that need to behined bars along with obama andmany others. Thank god TRUMP was elected.all of this over hate and power. Hate never wins and the demogogogs Will recieve a rude awakening in 2020. The dems will lose the house and Trump wiill get 4 more years to do good for our country. Semper Fi

  17. walter RENCEHAUSEN Rencehausen says:

    Term limits PLEASE

  18. Nick Dagnone says:

    Muller should now be prosecuted

  19. HELGA says:


  20. Watch Judical Watch- Investigating the investigators. Obama and all the other sewer rats will reap their just reward. Prison for treason, Collusion, bribes, coverup, the list goes on. I believe we will be astounded at the heads rolling. This is huge!

  21. Jim says:

    I pray that the rest of my lifetime and beyond that this kind of nonsense be excised from the process of presidential elections and that anyone caught doing what these idiotic demo-whatever they are can be arrested and put away. disgusting bunch of hedonists.

  22. Concerned says:

    Muller says he must have committed a crime even though I can find no evidence but he is still guilty. He continues to show what a dance he is when it comes to the law. Too bad he has forgotten what he was taught in the process of getting his law degree. He had the conclusion already in mind when he started but is now frustrated that he was wrong and not willing to admit it.

  23. Lee Martin says:

    I’m voting Republican all the way 2020….
    What do these democrats stand for ? Does anyone know?

    • John Bloxson Jr. says:

      Death Higher Taxes , Racism, Criminal Coupe D’tat’s, waste of the Tax payers money, hatred of America, our Constitution, our economic Welfare, graft, Corruption, Abuse of Power, and s deep seated hatred, and rage against the Legal Citizens of The United State , and most a deep hatred of our Military and Police Forces. And their are things I am sure I missed but I think I gave the best answer in a nut shell.

      • Frank Yelt says:


      • veritas says:

        You are a hate-filled person, John. No wonder congress does not work.

      • Rebekah says:

        Thank You for your comment. Immigration by dropping child anchor children or living as a single mother, has provided millions here now and Our Govt did it to provide a voting base, or to destroy this Country. Millions spent on Investigations. Mueller stared at 17 Million. Why should the American people have to pay the Bill, to find out all the hidden evils. Glad but what a price. They need to be stripped of their savings and retirement if found guilty, all of them and their family would also lose out. Take the money from the crooks. May have to sell their expensive home costing millions. Slash their salary back to what it was. They are getting what the president used to get. They up the Presidential salary to 400,000. That is why President Trump is so great he takes no Salary. In Early Days of our Govt. It was the rich Citizens who took care of Govt. at no pay.

  24. George says:

    People need to smarten up, as the Liberal way of thinking is pure Insanity.

  25. Christel says:

    WAY too many control freaks in Congress…and in too many states. There is nothing democratic about any of them….and exactly why I refer to them all as GESTAPOcrats…all MUST be their way OR they raise hell in some form or another. I know there are 82 registered Communists sitting in .congress NOW…under the DNC. Google USED to give all the names…but now it just gives the numbers. For all the Hitler lovers… there are countries that would love to have you come live there….they would LOVE to suck your finances dry…for their own good!

    • Guns Nuts of America says:

      Nazis are fans of Trump, as are all the white supremacists, KKK, motorcycle gangs, alt right so we need so we need to say Gestapocans in the White House and controlling the Senate. Christel, of offense, you know nothing.

      • Mary Johnson says:

        Guns Nuts of America as your name states nuts. President Trump is neither an Nazis fan or a white supremacists or KKK. Get your facts straight before you tell people they know nothing. With your handle I would say you are the Nazis, white supremacists, KKK, and motorcycle gangs.

      • D.A.N. says:

        GNoA, Should we remind you again that it was your queen who admired Robert Byrd? Who was a high KKK official. And it was the southern Democrats that started the KKK movement. Funny that as soon as Trump was elected, black leaders who until that time praised him suddenly turned against him. Because their Democrat masters told them too.

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