Robert Mueller picked up a huge win that Donald Trump is going to hate

Robert Mueller scored a big victory in his crusade to overthrow Donald Trump.

The special counsel forced former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort to plead guilty.

But the details of the agreement left jaws on the ground across America.

Manafort pleaded guilty to two felonies – conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

His plea deal also included a cooperation agreement.

This sent the fake news media into a frenzy.

Even though multiple investigations over two years have found no evidence of collusion, anti-Trump journalists clung to the hope Manafort could provide the smoking gun.

They focused in on the Trump Tower meeting attended by Manafort, Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner.

They are hoping Manafort will make up a story so Mueller can charge Donald Trump, Jr. with lying to Congress about not telling Donald Trump about the meeting.

Trump’s legal team said earlier in the week they were not scared of a plea agreement.

They said Manafort has nothing on Trump.

But will Manafort make up a story to give Mueller what he wants?

At that point, it would be up to Mueller to decide who is telling the truth.

Trump supporters will be watching to see how this story unfolds.

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100 Responses

  1. ron kessinger says:

    Thanks M . Vasu is probably an unenlightened fool or illegal jerk wad.

  2. ron kessinger says:

    Its a Republic, DUH.

  3. Doug Connors says:

    Dang what have you been drinking! Fake Russian Dossier started all of this in Motion! Look it was Robert Mueller the Head of the FBI when Hillary ask him to deliver her Weapons Grade Uranium to Putin. When Putin said yes to the Deal Mueller ok’d it for Hillary to sell 20% of America’s Uranium to Putin. Then Hillary Clinton received $145 Million in Russian Bribe Money and Bill Clinton flew to Russia and visited Putin Himself! and gave a 45 Minute Speech Titled: It Pay to Play with a Clinton and Putin gives BillyBob $500,000.00. These Democrats are the real Russian Colluders!!! Or are to another Ostrich with her head in a hole to corruption. Obama and Rod Rosenstien kept this covered with the fake Media. Hum Mueller gets a great job through Hillary, Comey gets a job with Lockheed Martin and gets millions in bonuses for getting Military contracts through Hillary. Then Comey becomes head of the FBI, He get Hillary off the hook for her EMAIL CORRUPTION, covers for Hillary for Benghazi just so she could run in her rigged election. She Bought a Fake Russian Dossier on Trump with her Russian obtained money, then Jim Comey gives it to the FBI to spy on Trump!!!
    Funny, Loretta Lynch and Rod Rosenstein signed those FISA warrats using the Fake Dossier. Then Rod Rosenstein appoints his Russian Comrade Robert Mueller to investigate Trump using the same Fake Russian Dossier to start the investigation off. BUT ROBERT MULLER IS TRYING TO PROTECT HIMSELF, COMEY AND HILLARY FROM TREASON THEY COMMITTED, ROSENSTEIN IS AS CORRUPT AS THE REST OF HILLARY CLINTON’S GANG!!! And you belive all the BS the Democrats throw at you for you are blind to their corruption.

  4. M says:

    Doug Connors, Don’t let “michael” upset you. He is nothing but a emptied headed Dem lib troll. He bounces around these conservative sites trying to get us to “reply” to him so he can make a few bucks from G. Soros or the likes of him. He is plainly and simply a parrot that has never had an original thought or idea in his angry nasty insulting mean head. He is just quoting Dem talking points to any and all who will listen.

  5. Doug Connors says:

    Damn your a Ostrich your head in a hole, not seeing all the Democrat corruption around you. I guess you are a Hillary Clinton worshiper! Obama the gay president, with his Tyranny Bride. Adopted the girls for appearance and you ate it up. What did you get? Obamacare! What a joke
    Nancy Pelosi tell you its good for you (the Idiot) but Obamacare is not for her. Yep Obama gave his Democrat Congress a special exemption for it, just so they could keep their Cadillac Health Care.
    1. Obamacare forces Health Care Insurance to pay for sex change surgery
    2. Obama forces the Military to take Transsexuals, Then the Military has to pay for sex change
    3. Obama steals the Medicare Trust fund for Obamacare set up use, then makes Medicare pay for
    Older transsexual sex change surgery.
    4. Obama gets his Liberal Supreme Court to approve Gay Marriage.
    5. Obama gets orders from George Soros, then changes his mind about Illegals, then Obama wants
    open Borders.
    6. Obama Starts the Fast and the Furious gun running to the Mexican Cartels, wanting illegals
    brought here, along with tons of Drugs.
    7. Eric Holder through Obama sets up Sanctuary Cities.
    8. Obama, Telling Illegals to vote for Hillary during one of his Campaign runs for Hillary.
    9. Obama using Hillary’s Bought and paid for Fake Russian to spy on Trump Campaign.
    10. Obama and Rosenstein appoints Mueller to to go after Trump for Russian Collusion during the
    election, when it was Mueller the real Russian Colluder for Uranium One Deal with Hillary
    Clinton. Yes, you love all of Obama’s lies and BS and you swallowed a lot.
    Why you call Trump a Loser, The election was set up for Hillary to win! We the People crawled out of our death beds to protect our Country from more of the Democrats corruption!
    I can clearly see you are following Maxine Waters orders and Nancy Pelosi tells you how to vote for you keep your head in the Ostrich Hole!

  6. Doug Connors says:

    Frankly, Mueller is the one that should be going to Prison along with his Queen Hillary for the Uranium One Deal. It was Mueller himself that delivered the weapons grade uranium sample to Putin, for Hillary Clinton. Then Mueller and Comey approved the sell of 20% of America’s Uranium to Russia and Hillary received $145 Million in Russian Bribe money. Therefore, Mueller, Comey and Hillary all commited Treason! Obama, and Rosentein both covered up this deal along with the media. Funny, How James Comey thru Hillary Clinton got that job in the defense industry, joining money-in-politics powerhouse Lockheed Martin and made Millions in bonuses. Then became the Head of the FBI. He Cleared Hillary, he and Muller Ok’d the Uranium One Deal and both got high paying jobs. Then Rosenstein and Loretta Lynch signed the FISA warrants using Hillary’s fake Russian Dossier as evidence. Rosenstein, Then appoints his Russian Comrade Robert Mueller to head the Russian Collusion against Trump, when it was the Rat Mueller that was the Russian Colluder! Mueller is trying to get Trump out of the picture before the table turns on him and Comey!

  7. wilma sheppard says:

    Thank ypu!! i agree with you! Trump is our president!!!!

  8. Ernest Lane says:

    Frankly, the worse thing for Mueller and the Democrats is for Mueller to charge Trump — and to have Trump found not guilty.

  9. russell says:

    Michael how old are you 12

  10. M says:

    Richard M. Crooks,, You know full well HRC has never been legitimately investigated, period. She has been covered for and protected by people who are now in question and being investigated themselves , in the FBI, CIA,, DOJ, etc. Some have been fired, some demoted, some under investigation pending further action. These are people in leadership rolls and headed up the investigations. You obviously know nothing about the Inspector General’s report released not long ago or you would know these things. BHO, no one should have to be told what he and his administration should be investigated for.. So if you really want to know, and I seriously doubt you do, You check it out. I have spent too much time on you as you won’t believe it anyway.

  11. Richard M Crooks says:

    RT I can’t believe your comment. How much money was spent trying the hang Clinton and came up with nothing. Wake up you have a big problem.

  12. Richard M Crooks says:

    James you have a big problem, how many people has Mueller caught in this investigation and it is not over yet.

  13. Richard M Crooks says:

    Clinton and Obama what for, how much money has been spent to hang Clinton and came up with nothing, get a life.

  14. Slick50 says:

    Manafort is paying for the investigation. He just turned over 45 million to the government. We will probably wind up with Trump Tower. Good luck Fat Donnie.

  15. Slick50 says:

    Von Potter
    Number of people convicted in the Obama administration of malfeasance 0.
    Fat Donnie 5 so far. Much more to come. I’m laughing my was off.

  16. Slick50 says:

    At the risk of being rude but you are a profane asshole.

  17. Slick50 says:

    149 days, almost five,months. Manafort must have something to say. Hey, you can’t complain about the money being spent on the investigation, Mueller just got 45 million out of Manafort. We will see, this is real bad news for Fat Donnie. I don’t understand why soo many people support a traitor. I know, I know no one can change your mind. When the crap hits the fan don’t be surprised.

  18. Harv says:

    Hi Tom, I am curious about the “secret details” that ‘Rosy’ gave to ‘Mule’. What is the ‘definition’ of the limits of scope that Mueller is operation under. Very good question… how much has the Muller probe spent, and who is paying for it ?

  19. Margaret says:

    The president has done nothing but win for America. Sounds like sour grapes from you. Get over it.

  20. EricSr says:

    your the loser . Read the Constitution we are not, nor will we ever be a democracy, we are a Republic!!!!!

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