Robert Mueller picked up a huge win that Donald Trump is going to hate

Robert Mueller scored a big victory in his crusade to overthrow Donald Trump.

The special counsel forced former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort to plead guilty.

But the details of the agreement left jaws on the ground across America.

Manafort pleaded guilty to two felonies – conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

His plea deal also included a cooperation agreement.

This sent the fake news media into a frenzy.

Even though multiple investigations over two years have found no evidence of collusion, anti-Trump journalists clung to the hope Manafort could provide the smoking gun.

They focused in on the Trump Tower meeting attended by Manafort, Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner.

They are hoping Manafort will make up a story so Mueller can charge Donald Trump, Jr. with lying to Congress about not telling Donald Trump about the meeting.

Trump’s legal team said earlier in the week they were not scared of a plea agreement.

They said Manafort has nothing on Trump.

But will Manafort make up a story to give Mueller what he wants?

At that point, it would be up to Mueller to decide who is telling the truth.

Trump supporters will be watching to see how this story unfolds.


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100 Responses

  1. Ernest Lane says:

    Frankly, the worse thing for Mueller and the Democrats is for Mueller to charge Trump — and to have Trump found not guilty.

    • Doug Connors says:

      Frankly, Mueller is the one that should be going to Prison along with his Queen Hillary for the Uranium One Deal. It was Mueller himself that delivered the weapons grade uranium sample to Putin, for Hillary Clinton. Then Mueller and Comey approved the sell of 20% of America’s Uranium to Russia and Hillary received $145 Million in Russian Bribe money. Therefore, Mueller, Comey and Hillary all commited Treason! Obama, and Rosentein both covered up this deal along with the media. Funny, How James Comey thru Hillary Clinton got that job in the defense industry, joining money-in-politics powerhouse Lockheed Martin and made Millions in bonuses. Then became the Head of the FBI. He Cleared Hillary, he and Muller Ok’d the Uranium One Deal and both got high paying jobs. Then Rosenstein and Loretta Lynch signed the FISA warrants using Hillary’s fake Russian Dossier as evidence. Rosenstein, Then appoints his Russian Comrade Robert Mueller to head the Russian Collusion against Trump, when it was the Rat Mueller that was the Russian Colluder! Mueller is trying to get Trump out of the picture before the table turns on him and Comey!

      • M says:

        Doug Connors, Don’t let “michael” upset you. He is nothing but a emptied headed Dem lib troll. He bounces around these conservative sites trying to get us to “reply” to him so he can make a few bucks from G. Soros or the likes of him. He is plainly and simply a parrot that has never had an original thought or idea in his angry nasty insulting mean head. He is just quoting Dem talking points to any and all who will listen.

  2. Helga Miller says:

    What could Manafort say that would implicate the President in any illegal action? He was only with the campaign for a few weeks before he was fired. Manafort is prosecuted and pleaded guilty for his own business dealings with the Russians and the Ukraine in which Hillary was also involved with. Where is the crime Mr. Mueller? He won’t quit until he finds something, anything to hang on the President. It is disgusting how far they have sunk to subvert the will of the American people!

    • Slick50 says:

      149 days, almost five,months. Manafort must have something to say. Hey, you can’t complain about the money being spent on the investigation, Mueller just got 45 million out of Manafort. We will see, this is real bad news for Fat Donnie. I don’t understand why soo many people support a traitor. I know, I know no one can change your mind. When the crap hits the fan don’t be surprised.

  3. Mott says:

    What ever he has “Agreed” to is a farce and I would bet that he is being paid to say anything.

  4. michael says:

    anyone that would sell out the “LOSER” trump could only be a very good person who is interested in protecting our democracy!!

    • Gerri Channell says:

      So sorry you feel our President is a loser. TDS runs deep. Get over it

    • M82A1 says:

      Crossfire Hurricane, gee can’t wait for all the moron traitor lying totally provable criminal stupid no brain democrats get fined and prosecuted.They’re just starting on that. Democrts are economically stupid.We’re not going to let idiot democrats take over anything.President Trump has more common sense than the last 4 Presidents put together.Oh, let’s act like 2 year olds like the democrats at Kavanaughs hearing.America knows democrats are Uranium One Russian Colluding morons.President Trump will be here for 6 more years.Ahhhhh

    • Frank says:

      You must be a lib-turd snowflake demo-crap. Just one question, if you don’t mind, Do you keep your head up your ass for the warmth?

    • Miguel A. González says:

      Or maybe, he’s someone who got coerced into a guilty plea. Just look at what they did to Gen. Flynn. they drove him into bankruptcy and then threatened to go after his son. Muller is a scumbag and a disgrace. He would have been perfectly at home in the Spanish Inquisition, the Gestapo, or the KGB. He’s not interested in JUSTICE. He’s only interested in bringing down the duly CONSTITUTIONALLY ELECTED President of the United States and putting another notch on his belt..

    • von Potter says:

      FICTION STATEMENT……..The loser is Mule-head that is a RINO, and is a BFF with BO and the rest of the DEMs……..The Mule-head’s credibility has turned into the most corrupt and evil, SOROS PAID, AH of politicians.

      GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR MAGA……..after 8 years of the evil & corruption of obama and the rest of the DEM/RINO’s.

      • Slick50 says:

        Von Potter
        Number of people convicted in the Obama administration of malfeasance 0.
        Fat Donnie 5 so far. Much more to come. I’m laughing my was off.

    • M says:

      michael, Are you A.I.? Your comments are so mundane and if done in sound it would be monotone. Whatever, michael, you have things a$$backwards, you and Democrats are the “losers”!

    • VOTE RED NOV 2018…If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

      • Tom says:

        Congratulations Brenda of Texas for telling it like it is. Mueller should not be investigating Trump but Obama and Clinton. We know they are bout laird and murders and are very treasonous to the United States. So WHY? WHO IS PAYING HIM SORPS?

        • Harv says:

          Hi Tom, I am curious about the “secret details” that ‘Rosy’ gave to ‘Mule’. What is the ‘definition’ of the limits of scope that Mueller is operation under. Very good question… how much has the Muller probe spent, and who is paying for it ?

          • Slick50 says:

            Manafort is paying for the investigation. He just turned over 45 million to the government. We will probably wind up with Trump Tower. Good luck Fat Donnie.

        • Richard M Crooks says:

          Clinton and Obama what for, how much money has been spent to hang Clinton and came up with nothing, get a life.

          • M says:

            Richard M. Crooks,, You know full well HRC has never been legitimately investigated, period. She has been covered for and protected by people who are now in question and being investigated themselves , in the FBI, CIA,, DOJ, etc. Some have been fired, some demoted, some under investigation pending further action. These are people in leadership rolls and headed up the investigations. You obviously know nothing about the Inspector General’s report released not long ago or you would know these things. BHO, no one should have to be told what he and his administration should be investigated for.. So if you really want to know, and I seriously doubt you do, You check it out. I have spent too much time on you as you won’t believe it anyway.

    • Teragram says:

      How can you call the Prez a loser when all he has done is win? Sorry, it is you and your ilk who are the losers, and very poor losers you are.

    • EricSr says:

      your the loser . Read the Constitution we are not, nor will we ever be a democracy, we are a Republic!!!!!

    • Margaret says:

      The president has done nothing but win for America. Sounds like sour grapes from you. Get over it.

    • russell says:

      Michael how old are you 12

    • Doug Connors says:

      Damn your a Ostrich your head in a hole, not seeing all the Democrat corruption around you. I guess you are a Hillary Clinton worshiper! Obama the gay president, with his Tyranny Bride. Adopted the girls for appearance and you ate it up. What did you get? Obamacare! What a joke
      Nancy Pelosi tell you its good for you (the Idiot) but Obamacare is not for her. Yep Obama gave his Democrat Congress a special exemption for it, just so they could keep their Cadillac Health Care.
      1. Obamacare forces Health Care Insurance to pay for sex change surgery
      2. Obama forces the Military to take Transsexuals, Then the Military has to pay for sex change
      3. Obama steals the Medicare Trust fund for Obamacare set up use, then makes Medicare pay for
      Older transsexual sex change surgery.
      4. Obama gets his Liberal Supreme Court to approve Gay Marriage.
      5. Obama gets orders from George Soros, then changes his mind about Illegals, then Obama wants
      open Borders.
      6. Obama Starts the Fast and the Furious gun running to the Mexican Cartels, wanting illegals
      brought here, along with tons of Drugs.
      7. Eric Holder through Obama sets up Sanctuary Cities.
      8. Obama, Telling Illegals to vote for Hillary during one of his Campaign runs for Hillary.
      9. Obama using Hillary’s Bought and paid for Fake Russian to spy on Trump Campaign.
      10. Obama and Rosenstein appoints Mueller to to go after Trump for Russian Collusion during the
      election, when it was Mueller the real Russian Colluder for Uranium One Deal with Hillary
      Clinton. Yes, you love all of Obama’s lies and BS and you swallowed a lot.
      Why you call Trump a Loser, The election was set up for Hillary to win! We the People crawled out of our death beds to protect our Country from more of the Democrats corruption!
      I can clearly see you are following Maxine Waters orders and Nancy Pelosi tells you how to vote for you keep your head in the Ostrich Hole!

    • ron kessinger says:

      Its a Republic, DUH.

  5. Thomas E Collins says:

    Trump is controversial only to Democrats because they lost.
    Trump has done nothing wrong except being right.
    Democrat Part suffers from their corruption.
    Hillary: Lock her up.

  6. Vasu Murti says:

    Questions for conservatives:

    Did you know Robert Mueller’s Russia Investigation already charged 32 people of committing crimes?

    Did you know Mueller made four former top Trump advisors, including Michael Cohen, plead guilty to committing crimes?

    Do you think Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 Election?

    Do you think Donald Trump is guilty of Obstruction of Justice for interfering in the Mueller investigation?

    Did you know Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen admitted that Trump personally told him to commit a crime during the 2016 campaign?

    Do you think Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation is necessary to expose the truth about Trump’s Russia connection?

    Robert Mueller already indicted four of Trump’s advisors and thirteen Russian operatives. Do you think this has Trump panicking?

    Donald Trump has considered firing Robert Mueller. Do you support Trump firing Mueller?

    If Mueller proves that Trump colluded with Russia, do you think Donald Trump should be impeached?

    Did you know Republicans abruptly ended their investigation into Trump’s collusion with Russia and said Trump did nothing wrong?

    How concerned are you that Republicans in Congress will try to protect Trump and end Robert Mueller’s investigation?

    As long as Republicans control Congress, Mueller’s investigation is in grave danger.

    • Dave says:

      Stop watching fake news.

    • James Mercogliano says:

      Mueller Belongs In Prison For Trying To Overthrow A Duly Elected President.

    • weygan totanes says:

      My having voted for Trump was my own decision as been with millions of Patriots like myself that love this country. Russia has nothing to do with out decision. Trump so far has kept his campaign promises and more if only liberals stop their obstructionist agenda.

    • FIREBALL XR5 says:

      You actually believe all of that?

      • Shelly says:

        What you are really asking is do we believe he has fulfilled his promises that the Democrats have obstructed. and so far stood in the way of. That answer is still yes.

    • Steve says:

      Varsa, Thanks for giving the real side of the news….

      • Shelly says:

        I just answered his comment. So if you can explain what exactly this president has done to be impeached then give the facts. Don’t play follow the leader.

    • Shelly says:

      Robert Muller is out there wasting my tax dollars taking part in the most corrupt investigation in history not to mention the damage this has done to the rank and file at the FBI and CIA. Rosenstein signed a letter and sent it to Trump wanting Comey fired, and it is a constitutional right of the president to do that. As far as corruption goes, that is a bunch of crap too. You guys know that this is why Muller wants a sit down with Trump. It is nothing more than a purgery trap to frame our president. If you guys are so blind that you can’t even see the Corruption by Clinton, the FBI, Muller, Rosinstein and others in this investigation, then you, just like them, don’t care about this country. You only care about one thing, your complete and utter hate for President Trump. Democrats are the ones who have colluded and Hillary Clinton should be in jail for interferring in a presidential election. She started this, she should be held accountable. This is a total betrayal of a dully elected president. Muller is nothing more than a vigillanti looking for anybody associated with Trump so he can ruin their lives and the lives of their children. In Manaforts case even tho he is guilty, it was not Mullers business to go after him. That responsibility belonged to the IRS, but if Muller can ruin anybody who is associated with Trump that is his goal. There is no reason to impeach Trump. He has done nothing wrong and the Democratic party is nothing more than a linching mob because they can’t stand the fact that this president is successful. This is exactly why I got the hell out of the Democratic party when I was 25, the corruption. In fact CNN just came out the other day and said they had been used by the Democrats to lie to the american people because of the recent text messages between Page and Strok. So you can explain to us what exactly this president has done that deserves impeachment?

    • Jon Thomas says:

      I think he also indicted the usual ham sandwich as well

    • Gerri Channell says:

      Get over it. Donald Trump is the duly elected President of the United States

    • Rt says:

      Wow! How uninformed are you?! The “crimes” you mentioned have nothing to do with what Mueller was charged to do! Nothing regarding collusion!! The only Russian collusion in the election was done by Hillary and the DNC!!!! Why hasn’t Mueller focus on them? Because this is a “witch hunt”!!

      • Richard M Crooks says:

        RT I can’t believe your comment. How much money was spent trying the hang Clinton and came up with nothing. Wake up you have a big problem.

    • M says:

      Vasu Murti, Thank you for the laundry list of liberal talking points, part are lies, part are already debunked and the rest are pure Dem lib conjectures.
      They have no useful value in the reality of what is really going on.
      Vasu, what is your nationality and are you a American citizen, if not are you illegal? If you are not legal, we will allow our first amendment rights, this time.

    • von Potter says:

      AMEN, hanging is too good for those DEM/RINOS………Hanging by their cajones would be a great & satifying solution…

    • Doug Connors says:

      Dang what have you been drinking! Fake Russian Dossier started all of this in Motion! Look it was Robert Mueller the Head of the FBI when Hillary ask him to deliver her Weapons Grade Uranium to Putin. When Putin said yes to the Deal Mueller ok’d it for Hillary to sell 20% of America’s Uranium to Putin. Then Hillary Clinton received $145 Million in Russian Bribe Money and Bill Clinton flew to Russia and visited Putin Himself! and gave a 45 Minute Speech Titled: It Pay to Play with a Clinton and Putin gives BillyBob $500,000.00. These Democrats are the real Russian Colluders!!! Or are to another Ostrich with her head in a hole to corruption. Obama and Rod Rosenstien kept this covered with the fake Media. Hum Mueller gets a great job through Hillary, Comey gets a job with Lockheed Martin and gets millions in bonuses for getting Military contracts through Hillary. Then Comey becomes head of the FBI, He get Hillary off the hook for her EMAIL CORRUPTION, covers for Hillary for Benghazi just so she could run in her rigged election. She Bought a Fake Russian Dossier on Trump with her Russian obtained money, then Jim Comey gives it to the FBI to spy on Trump!!!
      Funny, Loretta Lynch and Rod Rosenstein signed those FISA warrats using the Fake Dossier. Then Rod Rosenstein appoints his Russian Comrade Robert Mueller to investigate Trump using the same Fake Russian Dossier to start the investigation off. BUT ROBERT MULLER IS TRYING TO PROTECT HIMSELF, COMEY AND HILLARY FROM TREASON THEY COMMITTED, ROSENSTEIN IS AS CORRUPT AS THE REST OF HILLARY CLINTON’S GANG!!! And you belive all the BS the Democrats throw at you for you are blind to their corruption.

  7. Donald Tucker says:

    Revenue has increased despite what the Democrats said about Trump’s tax bill last year and the government is rolling in money. The problem is that government spending has increased 8% over Obama’s budget. Time for the Tax and Spend Democrats and RINO’s to agree with Republicans on reducing the deficit. And it wouldn’t hurt to finally repeal the rest of the Obamacare charade now the McCain can’t vote against it.

  8. John Campbell says:

    Meanwhile in the real world, the US economy is very healthy and growing, unemployment is at its lowest in years, the dollar is strong, America is no longer paying everybody else’s bills, and unlike the Obama’s years, whether they like him or not , world leaders are lining up to do deals with President Trump and America is center stage again. Manafort, Muller, the Clintons and Obama are just mild irrritants. Sit back, relax and enjoy these mediocrities being brushed aside.

    • Donald Tucker says:

      Revenue has increased despite what the Democrats said about Trump’s tax bill last year and the government is rolling in money. The problem is that government spending has increased 8% over Obama’s budget. Time for the Tax and Spend Democrats and RINO’s to agree with Republicans on reducing the deficit. And it wouldn’t hurt to finally repeal the rest of the Obamacare charade now the McCain can’t vote against it.

    • M says:

      John Campbell and Donald Tucker, Great comments! I and millions of true American patriots agree with both of you. Thank you.

  9. GySgt Lew says:

    In my opinion, Manafort, will not turn on President Trump – it would be stupid for him to make up a story for Mueller cause it would come out in a trial – I don’t believe he would perjure himself.

  10. Shirley Ann says:

    For the Love of America, Vote Republican in November. Corrupt GOV THUGS like Mueller, who have the Power to doom anyone who supports President Trump, will be emboldened to ruin more lives.
    The LEFT/DEM have declared war on all Americans, who dared to Vote for Our President, so Please do NOT give the LEFT GANG the Power to destroy Our Country.

  11. Danny says:

    I think anything that Manafort says if untrue will be challenged in court . The flip side of a court action would be Trumps Attorney’s to ask for documents that could do more damage to Mueller ‘s credibility then he would want people to know.

    • gator1246 says:

      Manafort is not a problem for Trump , but he is for mueller and the dem’s , because the dem’s that have done the same thing and there is proof they have , mueller is now going to have to prosecute them also , and if he doe’s not , he will cut his own throat , and no way he will be able to explain the bias . And its going to be dem’s turning on dem’s . wait for it people it is coming .

      • D.A.N. says:

        Podesta Group had better watch out because they have a Podesta who was not a registered foreign agent as required by law. And Manafort knows it. Does the name ring a bell, it should. John Podesta ran HilLIARy’s campaign and is the brother. If Mueller does not charge him, it is proof that it is just a witch hunt and Mueller needs charged with failure to do his job.

  12. James Earp says:

    He is one of 3 and the others say his lieing for Mueller to not punish him and not kill his family or let Al Sharptons brother kill them.

  13. Jan says:

    Manafort can make up all the lies he wants. It will NOT be up to Mule Face. It will be up to a court… His lies won’t make the cut.

  14. Al Pambuena says:

    Would love to see the research on the relationship between Mueller and ohr..when ohr was backdooring fake info about the dossier front Steele.,..and ohr has testified that he was trying to funnel this information to Mueller.,
    Would also like to see any text/communication between Mueller, rosenstein and Comey.

  15. metoo says:

    Those in high places want to stay there and will sell their souls to retain their status. They’re all on a power trip and have lost a grip on reality. Somehow through their sick minds they convinced themselves that what they’re doing is good and best for America. But, most importantly best for themselves. Deep down inside their own black hole they know and like a drug addict they have no control over what they are doing.

    • Ric B says:

      You are pretty harsh on the Trump administration, but deservedly so.

    • Jane G Jackson says:

      Other words not fit to hold any office !!!!Much less keep on trying to hurt the only one who is helping the USA . I haven’t seen any of them trying to help. If what they are doing is all they can do. ; we Americans are wasting a lot of our tax money on paying them & and paying their self given raises.

  16. Rodger Shull says:

    so mulelips mueller is going to frame manafort like he did those 4 men in Boston many years ago, so the fbi could watch whitey , who was lining cops pockets to look the other way, an were did the find whitey, in California many years later, while the 4 innocent men, stayed in jail, and 2 died in jail so the story goes. and were was mueller, kissing some big shot demo-crapper communist a$$, were this witch hunt needs to be looking at is mueller clinton obama brennan clapper lynch holder and comey mccabe and other mickey mouse fbi club members over this spying on PRESIDENT TRUMP, an the UNRAINUM 1 scandal .

  17. Veronica Perkins says:

    I think Sessions is hiding something I think he knows more than he is letting on
    he as something to do with Muller He should be interigated if not why did he
    dismiss himself from everything he is not to be trusted Muller is mad because the President didn’t choose him to work for him. As for muller and his gang they are the ones that should be put on trial and locked up and the key thrown away
    I’m sick about it all and I’m sick about seeing Oboma all the time every time he comes on TV I switch him off just can’t stand him I never did he is the worst President that ever lived. One only as to go back in time and fined out what he did trying to blow up buildings and as far as we know he not even American

  18. Jim says:

    We must do everything in our power to maintain a majority in the house, even though many are not to be trusted, cannot let the libs have any control. Help our President Trump’ continue draining the swamp. Maybe even have some justice,,,, finally. Pray for America!

  19. Eric Granberg says:

    I get a big laugh out of right wing fantasies.

    • RicB says:

      I do sometimes also. Most of their minds are consumed with conspiracies like the Deep State, and Hillary killing people, and if Yeti, the abominable snowman, will set things right.

  20. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Unless they can establish without any reasonable doubt that any incriminating claims Manafort makes against the President are true then a completely acquittal will be demanded.

  21. I am angry at President Trump for not listening to me. LOL.

    I have posted on many boards and threads that what he needed to do was to make a statement to the press that if Paul Manafort went to his second trial and when the prosecution would rest, if they had not charged him with any kind of Russian collusion, then he should’ve given Manafort at that time a full, complete, and absolute pardon.

    When it came time to give the Pardon. He should’ve done so on national TV. And he should’ve explained to the American people that he was pardoning Paul Manafort because Robert Mueller’s job was to find Russian collusion. It was not to dig into everybody’s life and charge them with whatever dirt he could come up with.

    Then, I would’ve quoted that Judge from Manafort’s first trial, Judge TS Ellis

    Judge Ellis said that Robert Mueller and his team were not interested in prosecuting Paul Manifort for the stuff that they said he had done, They were interested in getting him to “sing” on Donald Trump. And then the Judge said “but the big danger is not that he will sing, but that instead he will compose”.

    • Ric B says:

      Well, the #1 fan, Trump does not read, so it is not your fault. If Trump had taken your advice, it would be another count of obstruction of justice charge, using a pardon to hinder the court processes. And lastly, you are totally WRONG about the limits of the investigation – – the Attorney General, or in this case, the Asst. AG, gives him latitude to include any crimes found in the process of the investigation. It is always this way . . . during Bill Clinton time, Ken Starr had over FIVE years, and never got evidence at all on Whitewater, the original investifation; After several years, Starr got wind of Lewinski and Bill, an adult consensual affair, and only thing he got on Clinton is he lied about the affair.

  22. Sandy Soape says:

    I personally think the President should be more concerned about Sessions than Muller. He should fire Sessions!!! A Long Time Ago!!!

    • Ric B says:

      Trump is too much of a wussy, coward to take on anyone who stands up to him. Why else would he scrape to Putin (well besides the peepee tape).

  23. will Rodgers says:

    This story implies that Manafort has something of substance against President Trump. He does not because if there was something to tell it would already be out. The more troubling story is the one involving his relationship with the Podesta Brothers. Mueller was a big part of the Uranium One deal which is the main reason they are trying to frame the President for what Hillary, Comey, Lynch, Holder and Obama did by selling out US Uranium resources to Moscow. Npw Mueller has a reason to give immunity to Podesta so he cant be prosecuted and in some way involve Mueller/

  24. sjgould106 says:

    President Trump is a fantastic strategist. He is 10 steps ahead of Washington. Mr. Mueller is about to cut his own throat. If you think Mr. Manafort allowed himself kicked under the bus without Pres. Trump’s knowledge, get ready for a huge surprise. Stand down liberals!

    • whitedove. says:

      I agree

    • Ric B says:

      OMG, you should go on Comedy Central! Trump a strategist ?!? Do you live in a state that has legalized recreational marijuana and are you smoking while posting this? Trump’s biographer said Trump had about a 30 minute attention span, Tillerson called him a f**king moron, and many of his people including Kelly have called him an “idiot.” Trump is a “fly by the seat of your pants person, and is playing checkers while Mueller has been playing chess and is numerous moves ahead of Trump. Trump is not smart enough to see he had been checkmated.

      This investigation is set to go on even if Trump is stupid enough to fire Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller. And if the House becomes Democratic, then the Investigation by the House will start up all over, but this time with subpoena powers.

  25. Skitz says:

    Why should a typical American obey the law. Our congress and government have shown that they are untouchable…….and I mean the Clintons, the FBI and etc. Undermining our government does not bode well for the future of our country. It shows basically it is not an elected government at all.

  26. larry says:

    Mueller is a CROOKED POS and will falsify anything

  27. M says:

    From what I have heard and seen Manafort will do more damage to HRC conies than DJT. Will be interesting to see.

    • Ric B says:

      Manafort will hurt HRC’s conie dogs?!? Well, that is “cruel and unusual punishment!” Your analysis is absurd . . . Manafort was in the Trump Tower meeting and he MUST fully present before, during and after the meeting. Conspiracy with Russians has already been established, it is now proving the president knew about it and approved of it. Then orange jumpsuit time!

  28. Marilyn Bauer says:

    I agree. Robert Mueller is scum. Ii agree that they need to after the real evil people in our government. Hilary, Bill Clinton and Obama’s evil government. Comey, McCabe and all the rest. Bring them to justice now.

    • Thomas H Mitchell says:

      I want a list of all these people that need justice. We need to make examples of them to those that Obama made feel entitled to “Free”, to be exempt from the law, respecting authority and exempt from consiquences.

  29. hank says:

    muller should be relieved of his witch hunt and go home and wonder when they will come take care of his traitorist ass and take care of him

  30. Janusz says:

    Muller should go to prison for wasting Americans tax money

  31. Janusz says:

    Muller should go to jail for wasting Americans tax money

  32. Wildmann says:

    All this Persecution of Trump will end badly!

  33. Mark McDaniel says:

    Mueller is a bald faced liar. In collusion with the deep state-Comey, Stortz, Page Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Ohr-the bunch of them. He is blackmailing Manafort with the sentencing to come on the other case. Akin to legalized torture.

  34. Fr Tom Martin says:

    That does not mean he has to lie or even tell all – cooperate is all he has to do – show up when they call. What would he really gain by giving them anything in Trump. He is already a flawed character that nothing he said would be believed. The conclusions of the case had been reached and I am sure the cost of fighting the government influenced his decision. Not wise to burn bridges, especially if you are thanking of s future pardon.

    • Ric B says:

      Not so, Fr. Tom. If you mess around like Papadopolous, then the special counsel will say you are not cooperative enough, and they will slap on more prison time. Besides, look at the news – – Manafort has already started spilling his information. You see, Manafort was not supported by Trump – – – the same with Cohen, because Trump only thinks about himself. He threw Don Jr. and Jared already under the bus.

  35. Barbara Cook says:

    Muller is a snake in the grass, and I have never trusted him from day 1. Muller will turn every word that Mr. Paul Manafort speaks around just to be able to say that Mr. Manafort lied under testifying.

    After 2 years, all of the other investigations, there has not been any evidence of collusion with candidate Trump and now President Trump and his whole campaign or his whole administration. Mr. Muller, is still very piss off from his former colleague and friend being fired from the FBI’s Department last year.

    Muller , is going to turn everyone’s words around to help to charge President Trump and his whole campaign and his whole administration with obstruction of justice. That is Mr. Muller’s intentions all along. Muller, doesn’t care about the truth, all he cares about is, charging President Trump, and to help the corrupt and crooked Democrats to impeach President Trump and to ruin President Trump’s presidency.

    My opinion, Mr. Manafort, will not turn on President Trump. Mr. Manafort will do better by the President than President Trump’s former personal lawyer ever did.

    We have read and seen more collusion and obstruction from the Democrats.

    The question is, ” When will Attorney General Jeff Sessions start his investigations and arrest Hillary Clinton and her whole campaign, along with former Obama and his whole corrupt and crooked administration, along with James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bill Clinton, and yes!, let’s don’t forget Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie Ohr, for the help with this disastrous dossier, and leaking the information to the News Media’s. These are the people that needs to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest and put in prison and throw away the keys for good.

  36. shelly says:

    Oh for goodness sake people. Even the russian lawyer said the meeting was about adoptions. Robert Muller is a dirty, unethical and low-life prosecuter who would knife his mother in the back if he thought it would prove the President did anything wrong. This whole apphauling and corrupt investigation should not only endeibt Muller but all of his cronies that helped frame our President. DISCUSTING!

    • yay says:

      Sorry, Shelly, but Trump admitted in a tweet that the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians was
      “about getting dirt on Hillary.” Now opposition research is NOT illegal, UNLESS it involves a foreign government, then even Nunes was recorded in telling a fundraiser, that makes it ILLEGAL. The adoption thing was a big lie that Trump participated in making for Don Jr. to tell Congress, which means Don Jr. is in a LOT of trouble. A LOT. So, is corrupt Donnie Dufus.

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