Robert Mueller just flipped a whistleblower that is bad news for Trump

Robert Mueller methodically set about squeezing Donald Trump associates until they flipped on the President.

But one target did the unexpected.

This Trump supporter announced he would cooperate with Mueller and it was bad news for Trump.

Conservative journalist Jerome Corsi played a central role in Mueller’s indictment of Roger Stone.

Stone testified that New York City radio host Randy Credico was his source of information about WikiLeaks.

Mueller claimed Stone lied and that Corsi also played a role as an intermediary for Stone.

Over the weekend, Corsi – who is suing Mueller for $350 million dollars and claimed Mueller tried to force him to lie – said everything about him in Stone’s indictment was truthful and that he would be happy to cooperate with Mueller.

The Daily Caller reports:

Jerome Corsi said Sunday that he will be “happy” to testify against Roger Stone if he is called to appear at any trial against the Trump confidant.

“I will be happy to testify, if — I would suspect to be subpoenaed,” Corsi said in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. “And I will let the testimony fall wherever it falls. I’m going to tell the truth, to the best of my ability.”

“I’m going to do my best to tell the truth, without calculation of whom it benefits or whom it detracts,” he said.

Corsi is referred to as “Person 1” in an indictment handed down Friday against Stone, a GOP operative who has known President Donald Trump for 40 years.

Mueller’s real target is Stone.

The special counsel will use Corsi to ratchet up the pressure on Stone and convince him his legal battle is hopeless and that he must cooperate with the special counsel.

Once Stone become’s a cooperating witness, Mueller will pressure him to lie about the President so Mueller can use his testimony as part of a report recommending Congress impeach the Trump.

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