Robert Mueller just dropped the biggest hint about his next move to impeach Trump

Robert Mueller’s rigged witch hunt is in the end game.

He investigated the President for over one year.

And now he dropped the biggest hint about his next move to impeach the President.

The American people are losing patience with Robert Mueller’s investigation.

It has dragged on long enough.

And – more importantly – Rod Rosenstein is pressing Mueller to finish up.

Fox News reports:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is set to issue findings of some of the core aspects of his investigation into the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia shortly after the November midterm elections, Bloomberg reported.

The outlet, citing two anonymous U.S. officials, reported that Mueller is finalizing the conclusions related to the questions on whether President Trump’s campaign cooperated with Russia and whether he took any actions that could constitute obstruction of justice…

…The Mueller team is currently facing increased scrutiny from both sides, with calls to either shut down the investigation or produce more indictments.

Rosenstein reportedly indicated he wants to end the probe as soon as possible, while president Trump is a frequent critic of the investigation, calling it a “witch hunt.”

Many speculate that if the probe continues any longer it may only lead to Trump shutting the investigation down himself.

Rosenstein pressing Mueller to finish up is good news for the President.

He has seen every aspect of the investigation.

If he wants Mueller to finish up, some pundits believe it is because Mueller found no evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new details in this ongoing story.

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160 Responses

  1. Amen to that the FBI DOJ,and Nancy Pelosis new justice department office the DNA can no longer be trusted.Mueller says he needs more time to pick through Rodger Stones emails and communications etc wasnt that what he was suppose to be doing to Hillary Clinton nothing she did was looked at let alone picked through and with the help of his employees they swept her corruption under the rug and buried it. But he needs time to slowly sift through all of Rodger Stones stuff whos he think hes kidding he will be 90 years old before he ends all this bs he has shown many times how corrupt he is along with Obama they gave Hillary a free pass which digust me to no end. Our President didnt fire him because of course that would have made it look like he had something to hide but we all know now there isnt only the stuff like the FBI lovebirds text messages etc they should not of just been fired but able to keep thier retirement benefits they should have been tried for treason along with so many others. This man just uses taxpayers money to keep the ball rolling creating things as he goes along. Who does he think he is to try and impeach the President when he has so much to hide about himself hes nothing more then a glorified crook he needs to retire while he can still show his face in public because eventualy like the old saying give them enough rope and they will hang themselfs hes the worst of the worst and we all know he works for the Demorcrats not for the people.

  2. Jose says:

    DeplorableLanie .. know that Mueller and them radical liberal progressives .. they’re but living proof of the many HONORABLE PARASITES who claim they “serve” our people and Country. Shame on them democrats .. the lot of thieving, treasonous cowards they’ve become.

  3. Jose says:

    Very well stated .. carrie. This so called “investigation” initiated by the (democrats) very crooks who should really be the ones under investigation, has been a total sham-scam from the start of it all. Worst of all .. other than being one of the democrats’ biggest lies of the Century .. ever, such a partisan witch hunt needs to also be considered as plain and simple thievery, as well as a waste of US taxpayers money. This on the part of all them lying crooked democrats .. them sore losers who, even when cheating .. haven’t learned of the reasons of why they lost in 2016. Proof the “stupid never learns”

  4. Sir, thank you for your service.
    This time we will take no prisoners. MAGA

  5. larrt says:

    Mueller has NOTHING unless he made up false evidence which he is known to do.

  6. radman414 says:

    A simple question with a simple answer: “Why the hell would Putin or Russian interests collude/conspire with Donald Trump when they already KNEW that Hillary could be bought?

    As just about everyone believed that Hillary would win the election, I’d make an educated guess that the Russians were just trying to get dirt that they could to use against “President Hillary Clinton.

  7. Richard Knoch says:

    “…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. “, is the aforementioned Mueller and his Inquisitors, indictment.

    Rosenstein is finally realizing the precarious (indictable) position his lies has put him in.

    We need a Fire-Breathing AG, to replace Session’s “2 year Lunch Break”, and his second in command who is a crook and pursue these crooks until they are wearing stylish Orange Jump Suits.

    “the witch’s” will be known as stylish new Orange Pants Suits. ????

  8. carrie says:

    i believe Mueller wouldnt be stupid enough to try this insane bs it would start one of the biggest civil wars the United States has ever seen. Mueller himself has been the block in the pyramid from the start he has lied and covered up the corruption committed by Hillary and Obama since the beginning and he takes the American people for fools.His investiation has been the switch that has caused a lot of Demorcrat voters over to the Republican side and America is tired of his lies and his inability to find anything to incriminate the President what it has done is shown just how dirty Hillary Clinton Obama and thier Liberal cronies really are. America needs to be prepared for any actions this fake FBI man brings to the table he cannot be trusted and with an announcement like impeaching Trump will set this country into motion i think the results will be devastating and push the American people to far. Its been a witch hunt all along just like Trump has said and now its a proven fact that Mueller is as corrupt as his Demorcrat investors i think he was paid to carry it this far hopeing people would forget about Hillary and Obamas crimes not only against the Us but against any country they could steal from. Mueller may want to be carefull what he wishes for and consider the repercussions that his actions will bring.

  9. It is doubtful that whatever scenario Mueller and his team have invented it would never stand up in a court of law. But they are not interested in credible evidence of that kind. They are only interested in the court of public opinion and justification for impeachment.

  10. Monkey says:

    Mueller and his gang of liberal idiots should lose their law licenses for ripping off the American Taxpayers of millions and millions of their hard earned tax payments……….they should never be allowed to work in American Law ever again……………….they are liberal ripoffs.

  11. Tony Bell says:

    We have no idea what Muller will reveal in his report. My best guess is this: to salvage his reputation and secure a legacy for his family, the report will profess all illegal activity discovered including that of the Obama administration. Much is going on outside the purview of the press or public. Time will tell.

  12. patricia overbey says:

    absolutely ripping off tax payers money. Give it up Mueller. Trump 2020. God bless President Trump.

  13. Dell says:

    Herman Munster Moeller will rip off as much taxpayer dollars as he possibly can before ending this investigation because when it’s over so is he he will be jobless his name is mud and no one will go down even though there are many thieving lying assholes in this BS there no heads will roll. Hillary and the gang on the left are the real coluders. All their assets should be seized and they should all go to prison

  14. Del says:

    All of them. Plus all bank accounts should be seized

  15. Stuart L. Meyer says:

    If Mueller had the integrity he was supposed to have had at the outset, he
    would investiate the collusion between the Hillary campaign and Fusion GPS and the Russians, etc. Also whether there was improper interference with a
    legitimate inquiry by the likes of Comey, Strozk et al.

  16. Janet says:

    Mueller will probably subpoena Rosenstein to reveal what was said on the plane trip with President Trump.

  17. Janet says:

    Mueller will probably subpoena Rosenstein to reveal what was said on the plane trip with President Trump.

  18. WillS says:

    Mueller won’t find but CNBC and MSNBC will keep on pretending.


  20. Gustavo Patriot says:

    Please tell us now. Do not wait until after the midterm elections to reveal the truth. We should start a petition to get the results before November. Now, wouldn’t that be sweet?

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