Robert Mueller just dropped a bombshell about collusion with Russia

Robert Mueller finally was forced to show his cards.

The special counsel’s witch hunt against the President has dragged on for 18 months.

And he just dropped a bombshell about Russian collusion.

Mueller announced the indictment of 13 Russians for election meddling.

He accused them of posing as Americans, staging both pro- and anti-Trump rallies and purchasing Facebook ads.

But then the bad news for Russia collusion conspiracy theorists poured in.

The indictment stated the alleged meddling began in 2014 – on Obama’s watch and before Trump declared his candidacy.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein also stated there was no evidence any Americans – which means Trump campaign officials – participated in any illegal activity or that the meddling affected the outcome of the election.

NBC News reports:

“Some of the defendants communicated with “unwitting individuals associated with the Trump Campaign and with other political activists to seek to coordinate political activities.”

“There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity,” Rosenstein said, adding there “there is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election.”

Trump celebrated the news by again pointing out that there was no collusion and that this fake news should be put to rest.


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42 Responses

  1. s.Grimm says:

    Lets start a petition, were we the Taxpayers of this country call for an end of Miller’s waste of our money, and stop this stupid
    witch hunt, if not, he will keep going, to mess up the coming elections, by confusing the voters. Don’t let this happen

  2. Jim Eggers says:

    The reason I voted yes was because I do not believe Mueller is either politically or personally capable of doing an investigation on the clintons due to history or experience. Someone new should be given that job. And I hope he/she is a no good bastard when it comes to dealing with liers and corruption.

    • KAZ says:

      Voted yes myself. Someone new definitely should be brought in, but Mueller should be made to answer questions on his involvement with the Democrats and Rinos for the Uranium One deal. That’s what this “dossier” is tied to in my honest opinion.

      This has just been a dog and pony smoke and mirror show to keep all those involved, Clinton, Obama, Bush, McCain, Comey (former DA assistant under Bush), and the rest of the ilk who thought it was a good idea to sell our uranium for personal gain.

      • Donna says:

        The Demonrats want all the attention on Trump, so their crimes won’t be found out. I read this awhile ago says.”WITH MORE TESTIMONY FROM MUELLER, THEY COULD CREATE A PRETENSE OF WRONG DOING TO NAB THE PRESIDENT ON OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.” Now to me that in itself obstruction of justice. Congress is gonna try to get Mueller to confess something, even if it is wrong.

  3. Betty says:

    Why are the American taxpayers still using millions of dollars on this when we could spend that on making our schools safer.

    • Richard says:

      Betty has the best idea so far. Guarantee that folks will read it and pass right over it when in fact it should be the most important conversation in America. I can’t believe this is not a longer lasting conversation in the United States.

  4. Doug says:

    Time to investigate the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Comey, Rice, the Justice Dept, FBI and CIA with a new independent Prosecutor not aligned with the government. Rosenstein and Mueller need to be looked at and investigated for their tactics of lies and deceit.

    • David Wilson says:

      Agreed. Clinton, Obama, Comey and many more need to be investigated. Anyone that has been in the news business before can give you
      some stories that didn’t happen to make it to the main stream media about all of the above and more. There is no excuse for a planned witch
      hunt, when it is started by a political party that wants to cover up it’s tracks.

  5. John says:

    Mueller Is just sighing this on to get richer from the tax payers money!!

  6. Anne says:

    The bottom line…If the people who protected Clinton re Benghazi, pay for play, robbing Haiti, every member of the FBI, IRS, DOJ, who conspired and indeed continue to conspire to remove a duly elected President from office are not indicted, brought to trial, for their specific offenses, and if convicted put in prison then there is no Justice operating in this Republic. If We the People cannot be assured of this we are doomed as a Republic. Stop the Justices blocking all progress from ceaselessly legislating from their benches. Making laws is not in their power.

  7. Bug says:

    I have a novel idea. How about we investigate the Clintons!!

    • American Warrior says:

      I believe the reason there hasn’t been an investigation into the Clintons to date, is because Mueller made a deal with Jeff Sessions that he will leave Trump alone if Sessions leaves the Clintons alone. That is the only plausible explanation why after all of the known crimes committed by Bill and Billary that nothing has been done yet. The 13 irrelevant indictments against Russian Nationals is a smoke screen to justify taxpayer money to Mueller and his merry band of misfits.

  8. gary says:

    The DISTRACTION to undermine the conservative Trump agenda is now over.
    It is time to open the needed investigation into Hillary’s foundation and email treason!
    It is time for the FBI to fulfill its mission statement to protect our citizens, and investigate lunatics who wish to harm our children with guns or by other means, and social media abuses.
    It is time to deny the lunatics and mentally deranged from getting firearms.

    • Richard says:

      The only reason Mueller is able to finally concede the Trump investigation in the first place is that a new elected house is in place to continue the distraction of Trump’s conservative agenda and Mueller doesn’t have to continue the with hunt any longer.

  9. Dianna says:

    We the people were getting too close to Hillary and Obama’s plan to overthrow the election. It’s so obvious, they never had anything on President Trump and his administration. Mueller is hoping this will keep the conservatives from calling for Hillary and obumers uranium deal investigation. The FBI was so busy with political cover ups they ignored warnings of a crazy shooter in Florida! I always had great respect for the FBI and CIA but not anymore!!

    • American Warrior says:

      It’s more than just Hillarys and Obamas plan to overthrow the election. It was much more sinister than that. It was about their plans to turn us into a Communist country once and for all. Had they succeeded with a Hillary win, we would forever be a one party government…a dictatorship. Our forefathers had the foresight to prevent a few states from controlling the rest of “We the People” and that’s why they developed the electoral college system. Had our voting system been by a strictly majority popular vote, New York, Illinois and California would have elected Hillary for Dictator. Obama was elected in 2008 as the “starter” and the plan was for Hillary to be the “closer”. For 100 years the Communist Party has tried to take control of the USA and fortunately have failed, but we were too close to that finally occuring in 2016. We are not out of the woods yet, so fellow patriots….stay vigilant… ready….”if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

  10. marcy says:

    This POS Mueller continues to SCAM we the people.
    Shut this down already.

  11. supergun says:

    We did not realize the level of corruption in the democratic party. Very frightening.

  12. Reverend Robert Basile says:

    R. Mueller carried 5 grams of HIGH GRADE URANIUM to Moscow.
    NOW, he acts as a Democratic puppet. ALL Hilary supporter, all uranium sales people.
    Are we to respect the legal system.
    We have been failed by the SPECIAL PROSECUTOR, THE FBI, THE CIA, THE NSA, AND THE DOJ.


  13. Bruce says:

    This crap should never have started,and wasted all that money and time on a Hillary -Obumbo witch hunt!! The Uranium Deal is and was COLLUSION . With the help of the top crooks in the F.B.I we have nothing but fake facts about our excellent President Trump. John McCain had a big hand in this to as he is one of the big rats in the swamp! Then we have a gigantic botched job of the F.B.I missing a sick maniac and letting a massacre occur, by spending to much time trying to frame President Trump! Shame on them,they have blood on their hands.

  14. Tom says:

    Total waste of our taxpayer
    money and time . President Trump should be given an extra year because of this corrupt partisan investigation. Furthermore none of these swamp rats should be paid a dime for their failure to paint the deceiving trash and lies they plotted. Now a new investigation needs to begin to uncover this corruption with jail time.

  15. DRLJR says:

    And from what I have read so far if they go to trial the defendants will be found not-guilty I suspect. Holding political rallies is not a crime to my knowledge even if the people are foreign nationals in the country legally.

    • American Warrior says:

      There won’t be a trial because the 13 indictments are all against Russian Nationals who are no longer in this country. This is Muellers way to get out of a bad situation created by the Communist Left Wing of the Democratic Party.

    • Joseph schlag says:

      This is another farce, another cover up! Muller was sent in to cover the Democrat asses, to hide all evidence that the real collusion was with the democrats. There was never any chance of Trump being involved but it was a great cover story to allow them to clean up all traces of Obama and Clinton’s involvement.

  16. Gerald Ladd says:

    LOL…mue-liar covering his own ass. Nothing more

  17. Jacqueline Tahbone says:

    It is time for Mueller to shut down the investigation into President Trumps administration now! Mueller can let the FBI take over the investigation into further Russian collusion.

  18. Anne Latella says:

    Mueller will self implode! President Trump does not need to fire him. h\Mueller will do it himself.

    • American Warrior says:

      I absolutely agree with you Anne. Mueller himself is implicated in a collision with Russia during the Obama administration, including Uranium one, the Boston Marathon bombers, and much more. What kind of a conclusion against Trump can he come too ? I voted for Trump and will continue to vote for Trump, but the President needs to let this investigation implode on its own.

    • Tom Michon says:

      Wake up and when u do leave the USA

  19. Stan L says:

    Where are these Russians that have been indicted? Here in the U.S.A. or in Russia? And, if they are in Russia, has Special Counsel Mueller any assurances that Russia would allow its citizens to appear in a U.S. court of law, especially in view of the fact that Mueller has nothing, involving these Russians, to satisfy his hunt to convict anyone. He can’t even prove they colluded with the Trump campaign, which was the original reason Mueller was commissioned as Special Counsel. Indicting some Russians, with no evidence of same, seems to me a great alibi from the Mueller team for its rampage of the U.S Treasury in order to keep the spending to “discover” the most elusive issue which may not even exist. To be sure, the Kremlin has always had a policy of operations by its agents in not only the U.S.A., but every nation in which citizens can vote to elect its political leaders.
    The Kremlin even has its own citizens believing that they have adequate democracy to elect their leaders. That is why political figures in Russia are arrested, suddenly become too ill to run for office, or just change their minds “on their own accord.” The result? V. Putin remains in office….as long as he wants to be in office.

  20. Patriot says:

    Why are they complaining about some twenty Russians trying to effluent our election? When obama spent millions in Israel trying to do the same against BB! I still like to know if any of that money was tax payer money? I say hand him over to Israel with all the proof!

    • Joseph schlag says:

      I agree, and yes he used tax payers money. You don’t believe for a second he would spend his own money? This entire investigation was about destroying evidence of the ongoing collusion of Obama, Clinton and the top Democrats with Russia and Iran. They want to make sure their plan to destroy Americans is never uncovered. Did you ever wonder why some nobody hick from Hope Arkansas became president. Someone that tried to become a Russian citizen in his twenties? Why did that fact never come out during his run for office? Then a nobody one term senator from Illinois also became president. This is all to unreal for me. They both seemed to have unlimited funds backing them, both big ass crooks that took from the american people! Clinton covered his tracks better than Obama did. Clinton’s money comes from kick backs and underhanded deals that are hard to trace. Obama just out right gave money away to all those that backed him, Billions! Now he is getting these large amounts of money for speaking engagements just like Clinton did. You still believe they had no involvement with the Russians? wow I have some beach front property for you in IOWA!

      • Beverly says:

        I agree & it probably could be traced back to Johnson. The abrupt end of the Vietnam War was about more than just the small group of VietCong!!
        Those Communist had backing from either China or Russia or both, just as North Korea is sounding off, but is backed by China & Russia. Iran has been also involved in North Korea in most recent years, but for their own embellishments of obtaining weaponry. We must keep the CommieRats from getting back in office & we must retsin the seats in the Senate & in Congress. We are at war within our own borders which we have not controlled!! This also is a must. Mexico needs to have stricter sanctions on them for allowing this mas infiltratikn upon our country thru not only their people but people from all around the world including Communists countries. They need to be hel responsible for some of our demise as well!!

  21. Ray says:

    Its about time. Taxpayers foot the bill for again for nothing but trying to destroy this duly elected President . Insanity within the Democrats, Schumer, Pelosi, et al Dems. He won you lost time to act like you care and love this Country. The election is coming..time to tell the folks at home you are on your way.. hey get a pension for doing the same thing you have for years NOTHING. …….Our Guy listened to the people.. your candidate well need I say more………

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