Robert Mueller is picking a fight that Donald Trump is going to hate

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against the President has dragged on for over one year.

Mueller is pressing to reveal indictments because public opinion is turning against his fishing expedition.

So Mueller is about to pick a fight Donald Trump is going to hate.

Having failed to produce any evidence of collusion against Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn or George Papadopoulos, Mueller is down to his last chance to prove criminal collusion during the election.

The special counsel’s office is investigating Trump associate Roger Stone because Stone claimed he communicated with WikiLeaks funder Julian Assange through an intermediary in the 2016 election.

CNN reports:

Robert Mueller’s special counsel’s office appears to still be investigating Trump adviser Roger Stone and working on a case in court involving one of his former associates.

At least five prosecutors from Mueller’s office and two attorneys representing Andrew Miller, a former Roger Stone associate, spent almost 90 minutes in a sealed court proceeding before Chief Judge Beryl Howell of the DC District Court Wednesday morning.

The courtroom activity was not open to the public, but Miller’s attorneys previously told CNN they were challenging requests for Miller to provide information to Mueller’s grand jury. Their public statements about a challenge to Mueller came before investigators indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers, and Stone surfaced as a person in contact with them during the campaign. Stone was not charged in the Russian hacking indictment Friday.

Mueller’s witch hunt has come up empty on collusion charges.

It’s not for lack of trying.

Stone is Mueller’s last chance to pin a conspiracy to collude with Moscow on a Trump associate.

But Stone has repeatedly denied colluding with Russia.

Mueller looks like he is rapidly approaching another dead end, but with the midterm elections approaching, expect the special counsel to keep Stone’s name in the headlines in order to damage Trump’s political prospects.

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87 Responses

  1. Pamela says:

    Frank. I was just going to make that comment. The only President that does not collect a paycheck and they have the GD nerve to mention he goes golfing. I bet nobody works for so many hours a day as President Trump. He is also human and needs an outlet from his thankless job. These GD people need to get a life and their heads out of their rectum.

  2. Pamela says:


  3. Fred Doe says:

    It’s way past time to shut down Mueller and his cabal. Anyone with more than three functioning brain cells knows by now that his mission is to continue digging for dirt, ANY DIRT, that can possibly lead to destroying Trump, the constitutionally elected president of the United States. He is a tool of the left and never Trump globalists and he will continue his attempted political coup into perpetuity, or until fired.

  4. Robert Ewing says:

    However Comrad Mueller wants to commit suicide is his call. Real justice is soon coming; and he won’t be able to stop it.

  5. W FLATT says:


  6. GR says:

    Why is Sessions not indicting most of the Obama treasonous administration? He has a lot of evidence it seems? Why doesn’t President Trump appoint a new Attorney General that will do that and stop the witch hunt?

  7. Edward says:

    Once the mid term 2018 election is over and the Republican gain seats in the Senate and House watch how long Muller lasts ! He will be fired so fast it will make his head spin !

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