Robert Mueller is picking a fight that Donald Trump is going to hate

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against the President has dragged on for over one year.

Mueller is pressing to reveal indictments because public opinion is turning against his fishing expedition.

So Mueller is about to pick a fight Donald Trump is going to hate.

Having failed to produce any evidence of collusion against Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn or George Papadopoulos, Mueller is down to his last chance to prove criminal collusion during the election.

The special counsel’s office is investigating Trump associate Roger Stone because Stone claimed he communicated with WikiLeaks funder Julian Assange through an intermediary in the 2016 election.

CNN reports:

Robert Mueller’s special counsel’s office appears to still be investigating Trump adviser Roger Stone and working on a case in court involving one of his former associates.

At least five prosecutors from Mueller’s office and two attorneys representing Andrew Miller, a former Roger Stone associate, spent almost 90 minutes in a sealed court proceeding before Chief Judge Beryl Howell of the DC District Court Wednesday morning.

The courtroom activity was not open to the public, but Miller’s attorneys previously told CNN they were challenging requests for Miller to provide information to Mueller’s grand jury. Their public statements about a challenge to Mueller came before investigators indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers, and Stone surfaced as a person in contact with them during the campaign. Stone was not charged in the Russian hacking indictment Friday.

Mueller’s witch hunt has come up empty on collusion charges.

It’s not for lack of trying.

Stone is Mueller’s last chance to pin a conspiracy to collude with Moscow on a Trump associate.

But Stone has repeatedly denied colluding with Russia.

Mueller looks like he is rapidly approaching another dead end, but with the midterm elections approaching, expect the special counsel to keep Stone’s name in the headlines in order to damage Trump’s political prospects.


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88 Responses

  1. Fred Doe says:

    It’s way past time to shut down Mueller and his cabal. Anyone with more than three functioning brain cells knows by now that his mission is to continue digging for dirt, ANY DIRT, that can possibly lead to destroying Trump, the constitutionally elected president of the United States. He is a tool of the left and never Trump globalists and he will continue his attempted political coup into perpetuity, or until fired.

  2. W FLATT says:


    • Robert Ewing says:

      However Comrad Mueller wants to commit suicide is his call. Real justice is soon coming; and he won’t be able to stop it.

  3. Bob Higginbotham says:

    It is time to become pro active and start going after Mueller via the Clinton treasonous uranium one deal. By going after the Clintons Mueller’s name has to come up which opens the door for many indictments.

    • russell says:

      true why is this treasonous person still free

    • GR says:

      Why is Sessions not indicting most of the Obama treasonous administration? He has a lot of evidence it seems? Why doesn’t President Trump appoint a new Attorney General that will do that and stop the witch hunt?

  4. jimtermini1 says:

    Trump needs to fire his entire legal team since they are doing nothing relevant for him. And they are clueless and petrified, acting like a deer caught in the headlights. Recall how they said over six months ago that the investigation was about end? Giuliana, for all his fanfare, is helpless and hopeless.

    • Edward says:

      Once the mid term 2018 election is over and the Republican gain seats in the Senate and House watch how long Muller lasts ! He will be fired so fast it will make his head spin !

  5. My2Cents says:

    Frankly, I am totally fed up with MSM and Washington and all who reside there or work there or have any influence there. We constantly see overwhelming evidence of felonious crimes, even treason being committed,hardly even investigated. I despise the corruption and the CORRUPT DOJ’S weakness to do anything about it.

  6. Frank says:

    Amazing that Trump takes so much crap after we had 8 years of a criminal enterprise before!

  7. JOSEPH says:

    I wouldn’t hold your breath you big dummy.

  8. BELIEVER says:

    Mueller will either be dead or in prison. NOT to worry..

  9. Jerry says:

    Congress needs to grow a pair! Subpoena Mueller, interrogate him for what evidence he thinks he has. If nothing concrete or substantial tell him he is thru, and is investigation will no longer be funded by taxpayer dollars. I have written my congressman, I suggest you all do.

  10. Merion says:

    Sessions, take the heat and fire Mueller. He is destroying this country.

  11. john431 says:

    Lets face it. Mueller hates Trump, everything he stands for, is trying to do, has done and also all of Trumps supporters.

  12. Dave says:

    Diane, Susan, sisters?

  13. Ted says:

    I am so sick of this guy and the whole stupid witch hunt that is going on against President trump when they never spent half the time against hillary when it is obvious what she is and what she has done. She is responsible as far as i am concerned for the deaths at Benghazzi. Just terrible, all this because a republican is in the white house. Way to go sore losers and democratic idiots. I wouldn’t vote for a democrat if they were the last people on earth. Just as well have a caveman running the country if you vote for a dem.

  14. R.S. Helms says:

    It should be made clear, the Congress should tell Mueller to end this unconstitutional witch hunt within 72 hours or be fired. and Rosenstein as well. both need to be gone and then put Sessions on notice to either do his job or leave. then the Freedom Caucus needs to demand an investigation into the Rosenstein- Mueller- Comey – Clinton- Obama and the DNC collusion to remove the Trump Presidency.

  15. Meridee says:

    Mueller is just plan evil EVIL I SAY. Over a year and no collusion, so if I talked to a Russian and new trump they’d question me. etc. .Who is going to believe this liar who wants destroy the leader of AMERICA who has done an excellent job; the democrats will try anything to regain power in congress, house or senate. LAIR, He is just proving over and over again that no one collude with Russia during elections accept Obama and Hillary, and he’d never indict the m as they are part of his democratic party. Maybe it is time that Russia interrogate Muller. I would love to see what he does. It would only be the right thing to do after he has indicted 12 Russians for him to interrogate that are innocent. Mueller is not for justice, just destruction of our leader, his friends and wants to win and doesn’t care who he hurts in the meantime, even when they are innocent. GIVE IT UPLOSER JUSICE SHALL WIN not you….GOD sayevil is wrong it never wins…….pay the tax money back that you have stolen from the American people because you couldn’t find anything, so took it way beyond collusion with trumps campagine.

  16. Bill says:

    First off muller is a establishment neocon rino as is rosenstein. The true collision is Clinton’s and dnc, its a fact Scotty boy. From clinton pay to play iran buy off, all the illegal email server actions, destroying data, corrupt fisa actions and bengazia action. Btw, i can recall putin on horsebsck with g.w.bush multi times so get a grip resistance fool as everything i just stated CAN NOT be refuted. Btw all this immagration problems was implemented by g.w.bush and obama. And the bush family are rino neocons and these facts are also irrefutable.

    • John says:

      Muley’s indictment of the Russians will never see the light of day… It was all done as a ruse to make it look like he had something… He has nothing. President Trump should end this circus NOW !!!

      • Joyce says:

        Correction. IMHO, it was done to publicly lay blame on Russians Mueller can be fairly sure will not play games with him and show up to make him prove anything – which serves his real purpose of laying blame on the Russians to deflect public opinion from recent revelation saying investigator of Seth Rich’s murder now has a witness willing to testify that Seth Rich was killed by 2 federal government agents, which carries it right back to Hillary, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC.
        Poor rattled Mueller in scrambling to prevent any traitor to this nation being held accountable and triggering the domino effect, must have forgotten that revealing email from John Podesta to Hillary saying he was agreeable to removing a probable leaker whether guilty or not – also must have forgotten the former intelligence agents who came forth to say that with the equipment in use at the time of the DNC hacking, it could not possibly be Russian hackers & had to be an inside job.
        Also wondering where Mueller got any evidence to base his indictments of the Russians since James Comey stated that the DNC never let them examine their computers at the time they were supposed to have been hacked and information was leaked.

      • Angelica says:

        Mueller had better watch his step with the Russians…they may not take this lightly. Things happen when Putin gets upset.

    • David Wilson says:

      It’s a shame that Robert Mueller and his team of henchmen I believe all Democrats are not willing to look at the guilt of HRC BC possibly Cece and the Clinton Foundation for the crooks that they are! It’s impossible for me to believe that during all these investigations dirt hasn’t come up on Clinton and the Clinton Foundation! We all know she’s a crook possibly it had people murdered to keep secrecy intact and I hope that she pays the ultimate price or the treachery and treasonous actions that she is done!

    • brenda says:

      COMEY DID A COVER-UP FOUND IN IG REPORT AND ON WEINERS LAPTOP of hillarys CHILD CRIMINAL CRIMES and a long list of names of Washington government officials names involved with these child crimes and child traffcing, clear COMEY ‘S NAME WAS ONE OF THEM along with john mccain clapper,brennan eric holder rosenstein mueller, COMEY USED THE RUSSIANS TO COVER-UP THESE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN



  17. Craig Murphy says:

    12 Russian indictments are legal masturbation. Nothing pregnant will come of them.

  18. Ronnie Allen says:

    Immunity for 5 individuals in Mueller investigation but Mueller wants the names redacted why? The only reason is they are part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the lawyers on Mueller’s team does not want anyone on Hillary’s campaign indicted.

    • KJHanover says:

      What do we have to do to end this? March up to him and physically throw him out?
      I want my taxes back that are being used to pay this pos.

    • janet says:

      I think the democRATs should have to pay this bill from there own pockets. Everyone needs to be fired and JAILED!
      Want to see the document that proves russia spied.
      This was set up by the democRATs to stop Trump because they don’t like him and they had an agenda to ruin AMERICA as we know it.
      He’s so far above them in honesty that there is no competition for who’s honest and who’s not!!!!

  19. Gene says:

    Need to show everyday how much it costing the American tax payer for mulehead to play his game

    • Scott27 says:

      Let’s also keep a daily tally of taxpayer costs for presidential golf outings; and how much he and his family are earning every day through the open corruption of this administration.

      • Vincent Bradford says:

        His golf outings are still way under Obama’s golf outings and family vacations. So get off that train.

        • Diane says:

          OMG! Get your head out of the sand and actually put some research into this! You are totally wrong. Must be nice to live in fantasy land,

      • Frank W Brown says:

        Hey azzwipe, I don’t see YOU working for ZERO pay, your an unbelievable IDIOT!

      • Hydro says:

        Why don’t we – let’s see he works for free – he paid for his campaign – is indentured to no one, passed a new tax law assisting the majority of Americans, has been successful in getting NATO Countries to pay up, his team has basically eliminated ISIS , building the wall and has thru his policies employed more Americans having the lowest unemployment rates in decades. Now let’s look at the opposition destroyed her illegal e-mail server, sold out Uranium to Russia, Benghazi, pay for play and her supposed charity collected millions for Haiti relief but very little arrived, stole articles from the White House when they left broke and penniless and moved into a multimillion dollar house in NY oh and let’s not forget how she had Bernie Sanders eliminated as a competitor and last but not least paid for the fake dosia that started the collusion BS – you have a right to your oppinion as all the rest of th Liberal like minded Democrat’s and the try RINO’s

        • Pamela says:

          Frank. I was just going to make that comment. The only President that does not collect a paycheck and they have the GD nerve to mention he goes golfing. I bet nobody works for so many hours a day as President Trump. He is also human and needs an outlet from his thankless job. These GD people need to get a life and their heads out of their rectum.

      • Joyce says:

        Scotty, boy, are you forgetting that this government has been run for decades by the new world order’s shadow government, or that it was the corruption of the CIA, NSA. FBI & DOJ that made outsider President Donald J. Trump leave his peaceful & quiet life style to MAGA, which he will have to spoil the plans of those working to destroy it from within to MAGA.
        As for your crack about his golf playing – the President is supposed to have armed SS men close by at all times and the number probably remains the same whether he is golfing on his own golf course or in the White House.
        At least he isn’t taking excessive & lavish vacations for family and friends on the taxpayer’s money, nor throwing lavish parties featuring grossly overpriced “hot dog’s imported from Chicago” in the White House as Obama did!

      • Nick says:

        Why didn’t you say that with that Muslim POS and the cost he and his pos wife spent on Vacations?

      • JOSEPH says:

        A Dollar a year to be POUS I think he can go golf anytime he wants.

        • Della says:

          I agree! What President gives away his own paychecks to help America! He even funded his own campaign! Ivanka, Kusnner & Don Jr dont take a paycheck at all! He plays on his own golf course & enmities. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t cost us as much as when Obummer was in office!

  20. Ronald Boyle says:

    why so many closed door non-recorded interviews/ maybe to hide something like interegation techniques or wrongful donigs or illegal bribes

  21. Earl says:

    Will Mueller indict Roger Stone? YES, THE Mudller would indict his own mother IF he thought that it would give him even a very minor chance “TO GET TRUMP”.

  22. Dennis says:

    Amen to all the above!

  23. BRETT says:


  24. Marlene says:

    What is happening with the Russian company who showed up for the court subpoena? They sued for a speedy trial and filed a discovery of evidence. Did the Muleturd drop that one and say oops we were wrong? I haven’t heard one word about that since.

  25. Susan says:

    It’s time for these clowns to start paying for this witch hunt with their personal funds and NOT Taxpayer money! Watch how fast the Witch Hunt will stop!

    • Diane says:

      Hope you feel the same about the Benghazi investigation (wasting $3millon taxpayers dollars) and Hillary’s email investigation (another waste of $2 million taxpayers dollars) and nothing ever came out of it. Zero indictments let alone any convictions. Otherwise your hypocrite. There are 196 indictments against 32 people, plus 3 companies, 5 guilty pleas and his campaign manager is sitting in jail awaiting trial! I’d say Mueller is doing a bang up job and can’t wait until he indicts Roger Stone, Donnie Jr, Jared Kushner and h big, fat orange, Putin’s butt buddy baby, himself! Fall should be interesting.

    • Christie says:

      You are 100% CORRECT!

  26. Scott27 says:

    Anyone who watched the Helsinki press conference witnessed collusion first hand. Funny how this “witch hunt” has yielded so many indictments, one conviction, and multiple bad actors. Funny, too, Mueller is a Republican. What’s not so funny is how incredibly blind you people are to reality and true facts… not alternative facts…. true facts.

    • Susan says:

      HAHA, if you find any TRUE facts post them. It would only take about 30 seconds.

      • Scott27 says:

        I’m guessing you don’t follow anything but alternative facts; and I don’ t deal in those. But here is one indisputable one: Mr. Trump is a serial liar. Provably.

    • Jug says:

      “After my next election, I will have more”———

      Twenty percent of the US Urainium supply—-

      Now just who was it colliding with the Russians?

      • Scott27 says:

        The 20 percent of the uranium has long since been debunked as a falsehood. Why do you and others on this site hate America so much?

        • Diane says:

          Don’t argue with these morons. I’m surprised they don’t have whip lash from the way he changes what he has said every other day. Trump supports be like………..He didn’t say that. And if he did, he didn’t mean that. And if he did, you must have misunderstood. And if you did, it’s not a big deal. And if it is, others have said worse. See what I mean? This whole site is full of misinformed, ignorant slobs.

    • Vincent Bradford says:

      You haven’t said one true fact yet. If you compare how tough Trump had been on Putin compared to how tough Obama was. Obama would appear to be putins bitch. Also Trump killed 200 of putins soldiers in Syria. Oh my so much collusion

  27. Mueller is a turd in a box.

  28. Gerry says:

    The dirtbag mueller is playing his half-a**ed dirty cop game that will soon bite him on the a**, him and his band of clinton butt kissing scumbags. this dirtbag thinks he can intimidate everyone into spewing garbage about President Trump. He is making a complete fool of himself, his band of scumbags and the whole demoSCUM party.

  29. Jamie says:

    Mueller and the democrats should be required to pay back the moneys he’s spent on the witch hunt from the fake dossier!

    • Batguanna says:


      • Janice says:

        They have wasted millions of American tax payers dollars. This money should be paid by the Dems. It was Hillary tgat paid for fake dossier . This wasted lots of money

        • betty says:

          Agree, cut all funding; sue to recoup all that has been spent and put in the US Treasurer to bolster Social Security. which is being drained by the illegals…just visit any Social Security office, observe the crowd for proof…

    • Cliff Blake says:

      Congress The People demand it and if you do not ! It’s going to be on the campaign trail in BiG LETTER ✝️????????✡️

    • Della says:

      Yes & wasnt it Broder that gave 400mil to the Clinton campaign? Putin said they sent dirty money & it wasn’t taxed on either side. It’s illegal to take funds for a campaign from foreign countries! Why hasn’t the MSM made a big deal of this?!

  30. FIREBALL XR5 says:

    Mueller is dirty, just like the people who hired him.

    • Batguanna says:

      And his whole band of idiot Democrats, Fire them all do not miss a one and have indictments drawn up on them for treason! This is what has been happening and lying about everything Clinton and Obama have done, Obama traveling the word and backstabbing Trump is also treason this includes his racist wife Michelle,shut them up!

  31. If Mueller really want to find Russian collusion or other skullduggery he is looking at the wrong people. It would be much easier to make a case against Hillary and associates.

  32. Let Russia interrogate Muller. I would love to see what he does. It would only be the right thing to do after he has indicted 12 Russians for him to interrogate.

    • Phoebe says:

      That is exactly correct Joseph. Mueller needs to take Putin up on his invite and go to Russia with ALL THIS SO CALLED EVIDENCE and lay his cards on the table if the truth is really what Mueller is going after. Russia doesn’t have to come here due to Mueller is the one handing out indictments as though they are convictions, I don’t trust him and he can prove me and millions wrong if he takes the invite yet if he doesn’t then we for certain he is a scumbag traitor and he never intended to do anything except be corrupt and go against Trump.

  33. James P Hutchins says:

    Stop the witch hunt muller you have nothing President Donald Trump is innocent he is for the American people.

  34. Muller is an idiot. He can’t prove anything he has investigated. Who is going to believe anything he comes up with now. Somebody buy him a fishing pole he seems to have lost his to a turtle.

  35. Michael says:

    Putin said wasnt Russia…It’s come out through the hearings…it was China…Lisa Page is nailing coffins

  36. Wills says:

    Mueller always plays dirty. A few weeks ago Tucker Carlson had an ex CIA agent on who stated that he was charged with “spying” during the Bush administration. After a thorough investigation all charges were dropped. When Obama was elected and sworn in Mueller was the FBI director sent a letter to the DOJ telling them to open up that investigation again. They stated that there was no need as the agent had been investigated and cleared of any crime. Muller responded by telling them to do it anyway and when the agent ran out of money to just drop the charges. Sort of like he did with Flynn. This guy is a snake.

  37. SFENGR says:

    Mueller and his gang of 13 democrats have proven how corruption can go on and on without end. Fire his arse and his lawyers!

    • Jamie says:

      Firing him is not justice! Hang him from the nearest tree!!!

    • Diane says:

      Trump and the Trump Crime Family have proven that corruption can go all the way into the White House! Somebody needs to fire Trump arse…..Oh, wait, Mueller is on it and will indict him before Midterms. The next shoe to drop will be Mueller’s indictment of Roger Stone, Donnie Jr., and Jared Kushner. Then he’s coming for the big, fat baby-man himself! Can’t wait til the take in out in handcuffs!

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