Robert Mueller dug up one email that could bring down Donald Trump

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is exploring every avenue to destroy Donald Trump.

And the media claimed he stumbled upon a smoking gun.

Investigators did not expect what happened next.

The collusion narrative hinges on the idea someone in Trump’s orbit coordinated with WikiLeaks on the distribution of emails obtained from the Democrat National Committee and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Media speculation has centered on former Trump advisor Roger Stone as the guilty party because he bragged a few times in 2016 about being in contact with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

And the Wall Street Journal reported Stone emailed aide Sam Nunberg on August 4th, 2016 and claimed to have had dinner with Assange the previous night.

The Journal reports:

“In an email dated Aug. 4, 2016, Mr. Stone wrote: “I dined with Julian Assange last night,” according to a copy of the message reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Stone is a longtime informal adviser to President Donald Trump who at that point had no official campaign role.”

Stone claimed the email was sent in jest.

He told the Wall Street Journal that he was actually on a plane from Los Angeles on that date and produced a screen shot of a booking for an individual named “Roger” on a Delta flight out of Los Angeles.

The Journal reports:

“In an interview, Mr. Stone said the email to Mr. Nunberg was a joke and that he never communicated with Mr. Assange in 2016.

“I never dined with Assange,” he said. The email “doesn’t have any significance because I provably didn’t go…there was no such meeting. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do. This was said in jest.”

Mr. Stone said he was flying out of Los Angeles the night before the email, putting him thousands of miles away from Ecuador’s embassy in London, where Mr. Assange has been holed up since 2012 under asylum. Mr. Stone provided the Journal with screenshots showing a booking for a person named “Roger” on a Delta Air Lines flight departing Los Angeles for Miami on Aug. 3, 2016, at 9:30 p.m. The airline confirmed a flight matching Mr. Stone’s screenshot but declined to say whether Mr. Stone was on board, citing customer privacy rules.”

There is still no evidence of collusion.


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59 Responses

  1. Frank Norton says:

    OK, so perhaps President Donald Trump may have used the wrong fork for his salad indicating that he does not understand our American culture… is it time to throu hm out of office.It’s stupid !

  2. Stan L says:

    Since Mueller has the reputation of a very able Prosecutor, he should cease all of his games and get on with his main reason he is even involved in this shoddy campaign of “making a mountain out of a molehill”, and what looks like a career with federal paychecks to him. Sort of parasitic, don’t you think?
    He ought to bring his prosecution directly upon President Trump, since he’s been trying to create the aura of wrongdoing by the President. But, he won’t do that, because he knows a sitting President has certain constitutional immunity from prosecution while in office.
    No, Mueller will try making noise, making headlines from a grateful, corrupt, mainstream media,, and attempt to build a case that the Democrats pray for….Impeachment… when President Trump runs for reelection if he chooses to do so. In the interim, the President would be foolish to give Mueller even a minute of time.

    • John Totten says:

      Mueller’s charter was to look into whether or not Trump had any dealings with the Russians to throw the election. Which he has not found. Why is he allowed to continue to search not connected with Trump and spend his time trying to get others to flip on Trump. Stop already!

  3. Rodger Shull says:

    1st of all he should have been fired 6 months ago, an after all of this time, he only FOUND 1 DAMN E-MAIL, WTF, we are not idiots to his BULL SH$T game he has going on here, he needs to be investigated, he is just a front to hide soros clinton obama crimes an corruption.

  4. BwaHa says:

    This is actually old news. It’s been debunked by several folks awhile ago. YAWN!

  5. Ginger says:

    If this is the best the Mueller team can come up with, they really are getting desperate. It’s time to bring this nonsense investigation to an end.

  6. When’s this crap going to end. Mueller is costing us taxpayers millions of dollars. Open ended budget with an open ended agenda. Time to shut this clown down.

  7. Michael says:

    This bull sh*t investigation isn’t Evan legitimate until he drags that 2nd rate first lady, 3rd rate senator, and the worst secretary of state the United States ever had front and center of this witch hunt…crooked Hillary and her pay for play dealings with the Russians… And the phoney reports blaming Mr Donald J Trump, were bought and paid for by Crooked Hillary and the democratic party…not related to this story… But that piece of crap Hogg had his couple minutes in the sun….GO AWAY

    • Michael says:

      You know ole Mueller can’t dig up any dirt that could stick from his BS investigation… I read now he I’d digging into Stormy Daniels and Trumps past… Mueller…we got a heterosexual president…OK…move on..sheeesh

  8. Old Mort says:

    In my day I have voted both democrat and republican. But after this fiasco with the democrats and their puppets…Mueller, Obama , Hillary & Bill (I voted for Bill) Soros, Bloomberg and the rest….I will never vote democratic again…. I never said this before you bozo….you must be a democrat..

  9. Old Mort says:

    In my day I have voted both democrat and republican. But after this fiasco with the democrats and their puppets…Mueller, Obama , Hillary & Bill (I voted for Bill) Soros, Bloomberg and the rest….I will never vote democratic again….

    • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says:

      Amen, Ole Mort…….. and Mueller & Rosenstain can kiss my Marine Ass several times over. Rosenstain the perjuror who lied about the FISA Warrant in violation of several federal statutes………………………………………………….

  10. James Barton says:

    The Mueller investigation does not appear to be so much about investigating a crime or even justice. It comes across as a political attack and revenge. And most of the American public are tired of it and those that support it.

  11. David in MA says:

    Trump might be impeached for people not liking him, but that is not an impeachable “offence”, there are several considerations, but may not be applicable.

    • NavyDoc says:

      David in MA:
      First, thank you for sharing the link!
      Second, this is why we (THE PEOPLE) had better be VERY…No, EXTREMELY
      careful to NOT overlook the midterm elections this year!
      Why some of y’all might ask?
      If the COMMUNISTS take control of the house…they WILL start impeachment
      proceedings! Whether the Senate falls in line, well now that’s a crapshoot! If they do, I believe that it will be a small percentage & the POTUS will by a narrow margin…
      escape a trial for impeachment! Here’s the rub: I believe that not ALL COMMUNISTS
      but better that 95% will affix their names to a yea vote in favor of!
      But, I also believe that a small number of RINO COMMUNISTS will also
      affix their names to a yea vote as well!
      Now, if the Senate is taken over by the Communists on the left, the Communists on the right will join in & our POTUS WILL be impeached!
      I’m telling y’all…we had better not sit back & allow ANY of this to happen,
      because “Mark my words…”
      DJT, our Beloved POTUS, our President for the first time-a man with BALLS has been & will continue to do the job he said he’d do!
      Imagine that, a real man said he was gonna do something…
      is actually DOING SOMETHING!
      Thank you Mr. President!

  12. Dr Rose Sharon says:

    This whole collusion saga is becoming increasingly bazaar, I personally feel for Mr President Trump, the Republicans are not standing or supporting Mr President Trump, it’s a great shame

    • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says:

      At great risk, I am going to make a citizen’s arrest of Rod Rosentain for violating the statute compelling him to turn over the docs to the congress and also for committing felony perjury to secure the phony FISA Warrant in violation of law, (Illinois v Gates). Rod Rosenstain is a very dangerous person and arrogant to boot. Somebody has to arrest him

  13. michael says:

    trump is still a big loser and will ruin our countries economy very bad, why did we a 3000 point stock market drop and why are gasoline prices going up 30 cents a week!!

    • Donald says:

      Michael, you are letting your total ignorance show !

    • David in MA says:

      a, Mike, better to go communist?

      • michael says:

        it is time for a responsible government not like the loser trump government!!

        • Mary Murphy says:

          Michael, please explain what you mean by a “responsible” government?

          • michael says:

            a government that promotes the health and welfare of its citizens, supports freedom and the pursuit of happiness and does not try to trample our 2nd amendment right guaranteed by the constitution!!

        • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says:

          At great risk, I am going to make a citizen’s arrest of Rod Rosentain for violating the statute compelling him to turn over the docs to the congress and also for committing felony perjury to secure the phony FISA Warrant in violation of law, (Illinois v Gates). Rod Rosenstain is a very dangerous person and arrogant to boot. Somebody has to arrest him

    • Pat says:

      You’re got to be kidding! Gasoline has dropped to $1,68.9 in my city. The DOW went up 1 086 points on December 26th after a three day drop. It’s called a “correction.” Are you really that oblivious?

  14. Jeff says:

    I like how Oduesch can openly make the comment, I’ll have more latitude and nothing comes of it not to mention running one of the most corrupt administrations we’ve seen since Nixon, while a “Rumor” of collusion with our duly elected President is spread and somehow this warrants a Special Counsel, talk about hypocrisy at its best and did I mention we’re getting close to that 2 year mark and it’s still ongoing, if you dig deep enough and long enough you can and will find dirt on the target of said fishing expedition, no one in this world is above reproach and I do mean no one, we all have secrets we’d rather never see the day of light, as we’ve seen with President Trump nothing is off limits, from his supposed infidelity to business dealings some 10 years back, when do “We The People” have enough!

    • HollyB says:

      We The People have had enough !!! Let open an investigation on Mueller, as you said everyone has secrets,. What kind of dirt would we find on him ?

  15. Paul Powell says:

    All you need to do is look at the investigators that are and have been working with that mueller person or thing, every one of those investigators are demoncrats and several of them even worked on the clintoonish campaign, some of them backed the hag with thousands of dollars, so how can any of them be trusted to tell the truth or be impartial about what they are doing. This whole thing is a witch hunt a coup de tant if you will.

  16. michael says:

    you are a loser just like trump!!

  17. Richard Callant says:

    When will we quit going down all these rabbit holes and move on to the true collusion of Hillary Clinton the D N C and Obama admin.

  18. michael says:

    anything that could bring down the loser trump would be a great thing for our nation!!

    • Gerald Ladd says:

      Funny coming from someone that backed Obunghole. You know, the guy that doubled the debt, with noting to show for it. The guy that all of his policys failed!

    • Brown says:

      Hi Mike Join the majority of the people in the USA and suck it up snow flake

    • Larry says:

      You’re pathetic.

    • ltrail says:

      You speak baby talk with nothing of substance.

    • Paul Powell says:

      At least PRESIDENT TRUMP is 100% American, that thing known as bamba boy was a mudslime loving indonesian, bamba boy went to school as an indonesian student, TRUMP went to THE most prestigious business college there is, bamba boy was nothing but a community organizer, not even qualified to work as a dog catcher, while TRUMP worked hard building his business.

  19. C Lee Hodges says:

    Mueller is a traitor for his involvement with selling 20 % of our enriched uranium . Killary got $145 million for this sellout .

  20. Tom Martin says:

    He will continue to waste tax payers money and accomplish nothing good for the country. Regardless of the out come Russia will continue IRS propa and try to influence elections just like the CIA does in foreign countries

  21. Mike says:

    Is the Pope Catholic?

  22. Grizz Mann says:

    Has anyone told Mueller that the president said that he would have more latitude after the Election?

  23. Mike says:

    Oh.. there’s collusion with Russians! And it’s the democraps and Hillary Clinton!
    You think Mueller is interested in those facts?
    No! Why? Because he’s neck deep in the deep state.
    He’s more of a part of the problem, not the solution!

  24. Grizz Mann says:

    Trump does have Russian dressing at his properties.

  25. Vincent Cane Jr says:


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