Robert Mueller admitted one fact that just shut down Nancy Pelosi’s plan to impeach Trump

Nancy Pelosi was counting on Robert Mueller’s Congressional testimony to reset the impeachment narrative.

But he refused to cooperate.

Instead, Robert Mueller admitted one fact that just shut down Nancy Pelosi’s plan to impeach Trump.

Robert Mueller’s bizarre, confusing, and uncomfortable testimony exposed a prosecutor that was nothing more than a figurehead to provide bipartisan cover for a team of Trump-hating Democrat lawyers who tried to stage a coup.

That became apparent when Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz questioned Mueller about why he didn’t investigate if the Russians tried to meddle in the election by planting misinformation in the Christopher Steele dossier.

The Daily Caller reports:

You identify no factual basis regarding the dossier or the possibility that [the dossier] was part of the Russia disinformation campaign. Christopher Steele’s reporting is referenced in your report. Steele reported to the FBI that senior Russian foreign ministry figures … told him that there was … ‘extensive evidence of conspiracy between the Trump campaign team and The Kremlin.’ Here’s my question: Did Russians really tell that to Christopher Steele? Or did he just make it all up and was he lying to the FBI?

“As I said earlier, with regard to the Steele [dossier], that is beyond my purview,” Mueller responded.

“No, it is. It is exactly your purview, Director Mueller, and here’s why: Only one of two things [are] possible. Either Steele made this whole thing up, and there were never any Russians telling him of this vast criminal conspiracy that you didn’t find, or Russians lied to Steele,” Gaetz said.

Gaetz exposed the sham of the Mueller report.

Mueller’s team of Democrat lawyers ignored any possible Russian influence operations that hurt Donald Trump.

The Democrats on Mueller’s staff ignored the possible Russian misinformation in the Steele dossier because it debunked the narrative the Obama Deep State and Fake News Media wanted to push that falsely claimed the Russians wanted to help Trump win the election.

Gaetz’s questioning helped prove that line of thinking was a sham.

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