Republicans TURN – Donald Trump hit with this bad news

Donald Trump has led the Republican Party ever since 2016.

But now Trump is facing the first real challenge to his dominance over the GOP.

Republicans turned and Donald Trump got hit with this bad news.

The Red wave never showed up on Election Day.

Democrats held control of the Senate, won every marquee Governor’s race except Nevada, and kept their losses in the House to a minimum.

In fact, the Republican majority in the House is so narrow that some RINOs are threatening to team up with the Democrats to elect a Speaker if the GOP cannot come to an agreement.

Republicans blame Donald Trump for the disappointing results.

They claim Trump backed weak candidates and inserted himself into the election, which turned it into a referendum on him instead of Joe Biden.

With Trump announcing his intention to run for re-election in 2024, establishment Republicans are looking for a way to stop him.

Former RINO New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is one of the Republicans looking to challenge Trump in the 2024 Primary.

But Trump is still far more popular with Republican voters than has-been RINOs like Christie – who endorsed Trump early in the 2016 election before breaking with him following the 2020 contest.

Christie – who supports amnesty, gun control, and Liz Cheney’s foreign policy – claimed establishment RINOs can shake Trump’s grip on the Party by calling him a loser.

“How about this? When Donald Trump won in 2016, he said we were going to get so tired of winning we would ask him to stop winning so much,” Christie said in an interview with the Washington Post. “In 2018, we lost the House. In 2020, we lost the Senate and the White House. In 2021, we lost two winnable [Senate] seats in Georgia. And in 2022, we vastly underperform historic norms given inflation and gas prices and crime and a President at 40 percent. I’m tired of losing.”

Days later Christie road tested that argument in a speech before the Republican Jewish Coalition.

A RINO like Chris Christie has no chance in the 2024 Primary.

Christie is an establishment RINO straight out of the George Bush/John McCain/Mitt Romney GOP.

Donald Trump left that GOP in the dust in 2016.

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