Republicans just heard one truth about impeachment that left them shaking with fear

The Democrats’ push to impeach Donald Trump is coming to a conclusion.

House and Senate Republicans are going to face a critical choice.

And Republicans just heard one truth about impeachment that left them shaking with fear.

Democrats can’t remove Donald Trump from office without the help of Republicans.

They have enough votes on their own to pass articles of impeachment through the House.

But they need 20 Republican Senators to vote to convict and remove him from office for this gambit to succeed.

Democrats and the Fake News Media believe that, the more Republicans in the House that vote for impeachment, the more cover it gives Republican Senators to cut the cord with Trump.

Former Clinton pollster Dick Morris explained on a New York City radio show how this Left-wing fantasy was preposterous and doomed to fail.

Breitbart reports:

Sunday on New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” political commentator and former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris advised GOP senators against voting to impeach President Donald Trump.

Morris said any GOP senator who does vote to impeach the president “is signing his own death warrant” in the next election cycle.

“[D]onald Trump isn’t going anywhere, and he’s not going to be removed from office,” Morris declared to host John Catsimatidis. “There is no way the Senate is going to convict Donald Trump. He has a 90% approval rating among Republicans. And any Republican senator who votes to convict Donald Trump is signing his own political death warrant because the very next cycle he is going to get a primary against a Trump supporter who is going to absolutely destroy him.”

He concluded, “The central fact of impeachment is that it is a total and complete waste of time. My attitude toward it is wake me when it’s over.”

Republican voters will stand by and watch as the swamp gangs up to try to remove the President the people duly elected.

But because the Fake News Media supports impeachment they are constantly trying to dream up scenarios that will fool Congressional Republicans into committing political suicide.


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86 Responses

  1. Wondering Woman says:

    Think We the People, whether democrat or republican who have been following the corruption inside the federal government from before Obama to the present, are now more than ever aware of the corruption of our federal government & have the seen the difference between what we can exoect from career politicians & community organizers and a business man who earned great wealth in his private life, but was willing to step out of that peaceful existence to tackle the battle of returning law, order & justice to this country he loves & wants to see returned to the land of opportunity he grew up in – for future generations to have the same opportunity!
    These new world order p;uppets & deep state establishment members have demonstrated the corruption over & over again with the gross misuse of their positions inside the government & the misuse of treasury funds to STOP CANDIDATE TRUMP & THROW THE 2016 ELECTION TO INSIDER HILLARY CLINTON. These corrupt insiders did more than any other country could possibly have done to throw that election to the INSIDER & used the tax money we paid into treasury funds to do it with,
    Looks iike the top echelon of every deparment of the federal government had the same goal of throwing the election to INSIDER TRAITOR Hillary!

    Their treachery increased after he won the election & with the recent exposure of the whistleblower’s lawyer, Zaid’s tweet only days after Trump was inaugurated “a coup has befun & he will ultimately be removed” we now can be positive that from the beginning to the present HOAX in the HOUSE – IT HAS BEEN INSIDER;’S TREASON AGAINST OUR OUTSIDER CANDIDATE & OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY!
    Watching this unfold has awakened more American Paatriots to reality & even if there are enough deep state estabishment membersto vote to impeach OUR OUTSIDER PRESIDENT – the only thing they are likely to accomplish is adding their names to those to be prosecuted for their crimes. Too many Americans are now awake to the corruption of our government to ever sit quietly by and let these people off with nobody being held accountable.
    Especially knowing that GHWB plea bargained guilty to assassination of John F Kennedy, when GHWB was in the CIA & other crimes & Kasich went on record saying no name JM was “put to death” & no mention of plea bargaining for him so we assume he received a fair trial prior to execution. We have also been told that GWB has flipped & pleaded guilty to treason, human trafficking, helping his father cover up his crimes & his part in 9/11/2001. Believe this to be truth because of faces of some of the Bush family at GHWB’s funeral & don’t think GHWB would have been plea bargaining guilty to anything if GWB hadn’t flipped before his fathers death.
    Don’t think any of We the People want to see all these criminals escape being held accountable after what they have done to our nation for so many years. Too many innocent lives have been lost because of their criminal activity!

    walked into 3 years (& probably more) of hell, battling INSIDERS & traitors, & still remains focused on the job he campaigned to undertake to reclaim our government & OUR NATION & still willing to take 5 more years of the same to do what he entered this battle for

  2. Leon Keller says:

    Any Republicans in Congress that vote to impeach President Trump is breaking their oath to the people who voted for them. Therefore you should be rounded up and imprisoned with your demoncrap butt buddies. As a vet I’m certain that the majority of the 27million vets and military will obey our duly elected Commander and Chief! Once patriot always a patriot.

  3. VGF says:

    Lettts US GET SERIOUS. President TRUMP has..ALREADY Won The 2020 ELECTION. KNOW Why I KNOW THIS ? Easy. This Stupid Fiasco ‘ LIER’ is Pulling Tells THE citizens Of this Great USA All they NEED TO KNOW !! The Demos ARE running Scared..AND IS This CLOSE to being RUN SLAP_DAB Right OVER the CLIFF ! And ARE Now JUST hedging for TIME>>Hoping They can Tire OUR President OUT >>To the POINT of Fatigue ! But. All they Have REALLY succeeded in TO Bring TRUMPS ‘ Good Points more CLOSER into The LIGHT !! HE is NO Quitter..Plus HE Not ONLY Makes Promises to THE Citizens of OUR Countryl..HE Keeps THEM !! SO….. Meet in the basement And COWER>>While TRYING TO FIND SOME Shred OF Fodder to THROW OUT AT TRUMP>>>You WILL COME UP with MORE Fat ZEROS For US TRUMPSTERS TO LAUGH ABOUT !! SO>>Continue,,DEMOS. YOU ARE really HELPING US TO Focus Even more CLEARLY ON”What A GREAT President WE HAVE ELECTED<>TRY to enjoy your stay in your dirty >>Muddy SWAMPWATER. IT is YOUR LAST Haven ,

  4. FLB says:

    Just look at this “dumba$$” headline…FAKE NEWS ~! and Marie is NOT a “witness”…SHE WITNESSED NOTHING…she’s a Russian born, C_A asset who went to Kent in Conn…

  5. Culper Ring says:

    But even Republicans who are suspicious of Donald Trump’s interactions with foreign nations have to be very displeased with the way Adam Schiff is conducting the inquiries. Are they possibly fans of Joe Biden? Why would they be?

    • Wondering Woman says:

      All the deep state establshment traitors aren’t democrats & those who aren’t democrats are just as terrified of being held accountable as the democrat ones are.
      However We the People are the ultimate jury of all of these politicians whether they like it or not & we can nullify anything they try to do to Trump & his helpers & WE CAN ALSO DEMAND THEIR ARREST & PROSECUTION BECAUSE OUR CONSTITUTION SAYS WE ARE A REPUBLIC WITH A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPPLE & BY THE PEOPLE!

  6. James Hanrahan says:

    I have a question, will there be any consequences against the, “Democommies” who perpatrated this, “Hoax’ on the American people? Will, Pelosi, Nadler And Schiff be held accountable for putting us through this, “Abomination?” If they do not face any charges, they will continue to seek more absurd charges against our, duly elected President Trump. The American taxpayers are, “Footing The Bill” for this, after we paid for the, “Mueller Fiasco” which turned out to be a, “Load Of Crap!” The House has been doing nothing for the people, they have been trying to impeach our, duly elected President, since the day he took the, “Oath Of Office!” We the people are sick and tired of this, “One Sided” attempt to reverse the results of the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton lost the election and the Democommies cannot live, with that decision! Let’s get on with doing the, “Business Of The American People!” The Democommies want the American people to forget about all the, “Underhanded Deeds” they were involved in, so they, invented a “Bogus Charge” against President Trump to divert attention away from themselves and what they engaged in, “Fast And Furious,” Benghazi, The Russia Uranium Deal, Hunter Biden, China And Ukrainian Gas Deal!” There’s a surfeit of other, “Deals” that should be looked into but the, Democommies keep, “Tricking” the, American People into, one, “Hoax” after another! Wake up America, they just want power and to control your lives!

  7. Eileen Trent says:

    Oh, something much worse is in store for Schiff!!

    Can u say STANDARD HOTEL? Alison Mack witness—talking!!!


  8. Bill says:

    Ever since Pelosi announced the public ‘hearings’ I have wondered whether the Democrats will begin the show with the dog or the pony. That is the bottom line on this entire fiasco. There is one hope that sustains me and that is little Adam Schiff will blow his opportunity to get his 15 minutes of fame and then fade away to the regret of no one.

  9. Mark says:

    The illegal conspiracy to impeach President Trump by Adam Schiff and the lying liberal media is a felony. This is an illegal coup and would be met with military force if it occurred in a different country but that still doesn’t change the fact that conspiracy to commit a crime is a felony. Have them all arrested as Domestic Terrorists and lock them up. They can all stay with their leader…The High Priestess herself…Hillary…who should be locked up and waiting for them.

  10. Original Anna says:

    I read that those called before the house are supposed to appear and testify without a lawyer with them which I have always assumed that you have a right to have a lawyer with you when appearing to testify wherever. Under communism you had a lawyer but they had to be a member of the communist party. Interesting that our congress who swore to follow our Constitution is practicing law that is below the communist level.

  11. Chenz says:

    Hopefully no Republican attends hearing Tommorow. Why dignify their rigged game of find the peach.
    Grandmaw PELOSIE needs to take little adom back to his secret room!

  12. Larry342516 says:

    Those Democrat’s and Republicans that vote to impeach will be dealt with by the voter at the polls.

    • The Real M says:

      Larry342516, No Republicans in the House or Senate will vote to impeach, if they dare, they will not be reelected. Even those retiring will not vote to impeach because they won’t want that stain on them recorded in history!
      I think there will be some Democrats who will not vote to impeach especially those in red districts that DJT won, fearing they will lose reelection. Who knows, there may be some who won’t vote to impeach just because it’s the right thing to do!

  13. Debra Thomas says:

    Hey buddy watch the language!! it proves that you are the pot calling the kettle black! it is obivious that you are the true IDIOT! And by the way everytime you use God’s name in vain you are bringing down a curse from God on you and your family. hope you enjoy your stay in hell after God judges you and throws you into hell on judgement day!

  14. Tony says:

    Who writes these asinine headlines? They are not accurate. They are not truthful. They are not worth the time to respond. Guess good help is hard to come by now days. Just ask our beloved president Trump. He certainly has weeded through a bunch of worthless souls. KAG 2020

    • Ronald Gonshorowski says:

      I know, they use the same words day after day and it makes you think they are liberal.
      So I seldom even read their continuous drivel.

  15. Terrorist arming Obama and killery deserves. For there acts that they actually committed. Instead of covering there treason like there fellow Democrats in Congress. That have been covering it up

    • trump is the one who committed treason by bribing the president of the Ukraine for dirt on Biden – trump does not have any morals, fights in a way which does not befit the office he holds – he did not receive a majority vote,how would like to be a special
      ops soldier helping the Kurds against ISIS to be told by your commander in chief that you have to leave them to the mercy of the Turks. What about your buddies who died defending them. Trump, then, sends our troops to guard the oil wells – he cares more for oil than people – that is the kind of person you look to as your god and the true God would not approve of his behavior or policies – check your Bible and you will notice all of trump’s policies are against God’s will especially the care of the enviornment, poor and migrants.

      • Lee Nixon says:

        How about old Joe when he said we will hold back all that money that you want, if you do not fire that guy that’s trying to work again my son with the gas company. I am leaving here in 6 hours. Son a gun they did fire him, is what old Joe said on TV.
        Why is not Joe up for this and not President Trump.

      • Lee Nixon says:

        How about old Joe when he said we will hold back all that money that you want, if you do not fire that guy that’s trying to work again my son with the gas company. I am leaving here in 6 hours. Son a gun they did fire him, is what old Joe said on TV.
        Why is not Joe up for this and not President Trump.

      • DSC says:

        President Trump did not break the law. Biden is the one that got his son a job and and got a prosecutor fired. He even admitted it to reporters and they all had a good laugh. We will never know who won the popular vote because of voter fraud. Did you know that Bill Clinton never won the popular vote? As far as bringing our troops home why not? And the oil fields were for the people of that Country so they could have oil to sell. And why don’t you educate yourself before writing a post? And we don’t consider President Trump as God. We know who our God is. And as far as the bible is concerned it states nowhere that we need to ruin our Country by letting whom ever wants to come in. America does help people and other Countries.

      • Alaskat says:

        Joseph, please read Romans 13 to learn that God elects All leaders. The Old Testament declares the same truth multiple times. You are fighting against God and are on the side of Evil, Joseph. Good luck with that!

      • Debbie Downer says:

        Shows us the bible verses about migrants and the environment please.
        And while you’re at it please explain how abortion and homosexuality are God’s will.
        Thanks! We will be waiting for your response Joseph.

      • Margaret jaeger says:

        Joseph Strychasz…first, best you get that shoe on the ..leftist lib commie Dems foot. No soldier died in this last operation to get Bagdadi …none. Next, the ones to be left behind to guard the oil from the terrorists is a very small number of troops. Next, it’s Biden and son who are in trouble over threatening the President of the Ukraine if he didn’t fire the prosecuting attorney who was investigating the company Bidens son has been collecting money from. No one asked that President to look up dirt on Biden. Next,,hill booby didn’t win even any popular vote…cases of exchanged ballot boxes on side roads were shown on the leftist news reports. The ones thrown away were the boxes from polling places. The ones used to replace them were stuffed with Democrat votes tgst included so many dead people and illegal aliens, it was impisdible tomsort out in the allotted time. The shyster Dems are well known for buying votes. But TrumpDid receive the majority vote by the electoral college that counted the votes from the districts representatives. Meaning there still were more legitimate votes for Trump than hill booby got. Can’t compare the soldiers lives in battle tomour civilian wants or likes. The Kurds were a wild bunch,,always have been. They’ve played both sides of the fence with America. They even used our missles given to them as self defense weapons, against us and shot down a passenger plane. They were our allies until they got weapons from us , then they turned on us. Then, when ISIS terrorists began to invade Syria where they lived,,they were once again our friends. When we sprang to help them again, they were like …frenemies… when all the countries surrounding Syria formed armies for invasion of Syria, the Kurds were suddenly victims needing our help tomget out of the country. But there was much more at stake, for sure those invaders wanted land to get to a seaport and…they All wanted the Oil. There were meetings between President Trump and the Leaders of those countries, nice guts or not. They made…political deals and agreements. They were ALL after ISIS. Trump got a deal made, not ideal but amazing in its own right. Our troops had the founder of the ISIS groups cited in Syria and they made plans to go in and take him out. The other invaders coooerated with America to not shoot down our helicopters and we would fly. in low in a secret surprise attack and get that founder leader.which was reported as happening that way. He also announced that We would be guardians of the oil wells. How he ever got Turkey, Russia and China to agree to all that is a miracle in itself. But that’s what happened. Thatbdidnt make the Kurds or anyone expendable but saving them. All was not going to be possible. It was war. Lastly, you
        Know Trump is no ones god. Never has bern. Never will be. He may be our..saver but Never our Savior or God, Creator of Heaven and earth and the whole cosmos. It’s an insult to any God fearing and loving Creator God people to say we worship any man as God. The shame is on you. It’s you who needs to re-read our Bible. See where God has directed armies thru their leader to do what He tells them to do…without asking you or me first. Especially read the chapters that tell the story of Ahab,,the King and his foreign wife,,JEZEBEL. Read who was appointed by God as king to,replace Ahab. That man is supposed to be a pattern of PresidentvTrump today.

      • Pierre says:

        Fake News and Uneducated post ..GET AN EDUCATION ON REAL FACTS… TRUMP2020

      • D.Greer says:

        Well Joe, I see your another CNN disciple, Bless your narrow mindedness, we pray you will not be on suicide watch Nov. 5 2020…

  16. Obama’s republicans They should go out of the office

  17. The RedMan says:

    White people have always been racist. They came over from Europe and were racist about native Americans.
    Then these racist Europeans brought colored folk over and made them slaves.
    Then after the white racists lost the war they wouldn’t let colored folk vote or eat at the same place or drink the same water, and the racist white folk even burned crosses in their yard and lynched them.
    White racist formed the KKK.
    Now the descendants of those white racists keep colored folk on poverty dependent on Uncle Sam for their next handout in exchange for votes AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • All of us are racists But, the real racist who hate the White, Latins, Asian, Arabs are palestinian gypsy racist root in piratical boat And you are the real racist Do you want more?

    • Mary Kelly says:

      Hatred and racist is spiritual problem. when Adam and Eve sinned against God then God said man’s heart is evil continually. It has nothing to do with white man. All mankind are evil in heart. Colored all have the same evil heart.

    • Cliff Young says:

      You’re a goddamn blooming f****** idiot

      • Debra Thomas says:

        Hey buddy watch the language!! it proves that you are the pot calling the kettle black! it is obivious that you are the true IDIOT! And by the way everytime you use God’s name in vain you are bringing down a curse from God on you and your family. hope you enjoy your stay in hell after God judges you and throws you into hell on judgement day!

    • Jon says:

      Them white racist are called Democrats

    • Mike Flanagan says:

      You are exactly correct they were southern democrats but know they are all democrats thet what to keep everyone down save for themselves.

      • Dg says:

        People need to look back at history. But they don’t teach real history in schools. If was Democrat’s who were the kkk. Wanted slavery look up the history and facts. If any of republicans vote for this need to be shot for treason

        • Tom says:

          Only facts for you.
          The most poverty, voter fraud, most uneducated, most people on government assistance, lowest wages, most hate, most people calling for civil war, most restrictions on women’s rights, I can go on this is the south still to this day, and Republicans hold full control of the entire south sorry to burst you’re bubble but yes facts matter, Democrats are not in control of the south you’re party IS.

          • Debbie Downer says:

            The most poverty is not in the south you moron.
            It’s in the inner cities and that’s where the democrats are in charge.
            California has the highest homeless population.

    • Chenz says:

      Oh my ? You attended farracons
      History class!

    • DSC says:

      You lack any intelligence!

    • Eileen Trent says:

      The first slave holder was a BLACK MAN, in Virginia: colonist: Anthony Johnson.

      Wilipedia…..check it out…..ROTFLOL!!

    • Pierre says:


  18. Old Gringo says:

    “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government (deep state) can play”…Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister, Nazified Germany 1933-1945

    • Eileen Trent says:

      And we

      If u want the answers…..

      Pres. Trump has ALL the evidence on all the Dems!!

      W W G 1 W G A!!!

      • Tom says:

        Conspiracy theories is not evidence of anything just crazy information to fill you’re head with craziness, the evidence before us is that you’re CRAZY!

        • Eileen Trent says:

          I told u it’s the TRUTH, of which u are fearful.


          • Tom says:

            If you go out tonight right now you can actually see the COW JUMP OVER THE MOON!

          • Eileen Trent says:


            You already said that in an earlier post!!

            Can’t come up with anything else?!!!

            And here was my response: ICUMI!!

            When the Reps. invaded the super, secret, impeachment hearings being held by the “EMPEROR OF THE CONGRESS BASEMENT” aka Schiff, he quickly grabbed the witness and ran out the door!!

            And the dish ran away with the spoon…..LOL!!!

            W W G 1 W G A!!!!

  19. There will be a day of infamy in Congress, if he Republicans decide to vote against Trump. We will keep the names of those RINOs, to cut them down to shreds on election day.

  20. The democRAT votes better pace them selves cus Trump is gonna be around for 5 more years. The democRATS in office are starting a civil war that they WILL NOT win. The hearings should be equal to both sides, not just schiffs way. The democRATS have a lot to hide that will be exposed in the kangaroo hearings.

  21. Pat says:

    And the depocraps that put on this shameful display will be voted out of office too , Schiff ,Palosi and on and on .

  22. jimmike says:

    Any Republican that votes for impeachment should make sure his funeral is prepaid, as there will be may people looking for him.

    • Robert says:

      This is just all insane in my book anyway. I have one thing to say to the Dummycrats, “Here, impeach this a**holes m!m!

      • Mary Kelly says:

        Why are they accusing Trump of black-mailing Ukraine when Biden bragged about doing that. Why are they not putting him in jail for breaking our laws

        • trump needs to be incarcerated for his attacks on the press, democratic institutions, he has stirred up so much hatred, violence and racism the FBI reports an increase in hate crimes since he took office. Recall the Jewish synagogue killings in Pittsburgh, the massacre of Mexicans in El Paso, and the Afro-Americans killed in their church in Charlottesville, under Obama, you did not have such a surge of violence against minority groups as you have under your god.

          • Debbie Downer says:

            You are correct Joseph, the press are Democrat institutions, (most of them).
            Trump has a 1st amendment right to attack the press.
            Even the president has freedom of speech.

        • Tom says:

          Oh I don’t know why don’t you fill us in on why, you seem to have all the evidence, or ask Eileen she has all the CRAZY conspiracy theories. Maybe you can go CRAZY with her and fly over the cuckoo’s nest.

          • Eileen Trent says:

            STILL LAME!!!

            I’m weary of responding to ur trite comments, over and over and over ad nauseum!!


            Dude, come up with SOMETHING original, if that’s even in ur wheelhouse!!


    • Tom says:

      They’ll be easy to find you can find them now if you look hard enough you can see them hidding behind mommy’s skirt their scared to death or the wrath of Teflon Don The Con nobody wants to swim with the fishes remember the God father movie never cross the Mafia Don.

  23. phantom says:

    my key thought is why is trump demanding his people not be allowed to speak out on the truth unless he is guilty, but my final judgement will come after hearing testimony from witnesses, but if the evidence is there my opinion is if they fail to convict then the truth is there we don’t have a president we have a dictator and congress will have just handed over the country for dictatorship willingly and should be removed from office in the next election or we are no better then communism

    • Uncle Hoppy says:

      The democrats are violating the 6th amendment by not letting Trump face his accusers.
      Furthermore, Schiff will not let the republicans subpoena their own witnesses.
      This whole impeachment sham is a violation of due process and the constitution.
      Because of that, Trump will not honor their subpoenas until democrats start doing this properly.

    • Truckman says:

      You are making a mistake in your thinking it’s not that he won’t let the people testify it’s just not without legal help the democrats are running this thing and not according to the way every other one was run the republicans even have to ask to call a person to question that’s not fair any way you look at it

    • Mary Kelly says:

      The reason is Trump is going by the constitution which the Democrats are not.

      • Tom says:

        Please inform us where in the Constitution does it state word for word that a president can conspire against any American citizen for any reason to a foreign government for any reason without any evidence of any crimes, and Democrats are following the rules of impeachment that Republicans rewrote when they tried to impeach Clinton it’s called KARMA.

    • Blue hat says:

      The democrats evidence is all LIES,like everything they say.

    • Tom says:


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