Republicans just heard one truth about impeachment that left them shaking with fear

The Democrats’ push to impeach Donald Trump is coming to a conclusion.

House and Senate Republicans are going to face a critical choice.

And Republicans just heard one truth about impeachment that left them shaking with fear.

Democrats can’t remove Donald Trump from office without the help of Republicans.

They have enough votes on their own to pass articles of impeachment through the House.

But they need 20 Republican Senators to vote to convict and remove him from office for this gambit to succeed.

Democrats and the Fake News Media believe that, the more Republicans in the House that vote for impeachment, the more cover it gives Republican Senators to cut the cord with Trump.

Former Clinton pollster Dick Morris explained on a New York City radio show how this Left-wing fantasy was preposterous and doomed to fail.

Breitbart reports:

Sunday on New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” political commentator and former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris advised GOP senators against voting to impeach President Donald Trump.

Morris said any GOP senator who does vote to impeach the president “is signing his own death warrant” in the next election cycle.

“[D]onald Trump isn’t going anywhere, and he’s not going to be removed from office,” Morris declared to host John Catsimatidis. “There is no way the Senate is going to convict Donald Trump. He has a 90% approval rating among Republicans. And any Republican senator who votes to convict Donald Trump is signing his own political death warrant because the very next cycle he is going to get a primary against a Trump supporter who is going to absolutely destroy him.”

He concluded, “The central fact of impeachment is that it is a total and complete waste of time. My attitude toward it is wake me when it’s over.”

Republican voters will stand by and watch as the swamp gangs up to try to remove the President the people duly elected.

But because the Fake News Media supports impeachment they are constantly trying to dream up scenarios that will fool Congressional Republicans into committing political suicide.

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86 Responses

  1. Wondering Woman says:

    All the deep state establshment traitors aren’t democrats & those who aren’t democrats are just as terrified of being held accountable as the democrat ones are.
    However We the People are the ultimate jury of all of these politicians whether they like it or not & we can nullify anything they try to do to Trump & his helpers & WE CAN ALSO DEMAND THEIR ARREST & PROSECUTION BECAUSE OUR CONSTITUTION SAYS WE ARE A REPUBLIC WITH A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPPLE & BY THE PEOPLE!

  2. Wondering Woman says:

    Think We the People, whether democrat or republican who have been following the corruption inside the federal government from before Obama to the present, are now more than ever aware of the corruption of our federal government & have the seen the difference between what we can exoect from career politicians & community organizers and a business man who earned great wealth in his private life, but was willing to step out of that peaceful existence to tackle the battle of returning law, order & justice to this country he loves & wants to see returned to the land of opportunity he grew up in – for future generations to have the same opportunity!
    These new world order p;uppets & deep state establishment members have demonstrated the corruption over & over again with the gross misuse of their positions inside the government & the misuse of treasury funds to STOP CANDIDATE TRUMP & THROW THE 2016 ELECTION TO INSIDER HILLARY CLINTON. These corrupt insiders did more than any other country could possibly have done to throw that election to the INSIDER & used the tax money we paid into treasury funds to do it with,
    Looks iike the top echelon of every deparment of the federal government had the same goal of throwing the election to INSIDER TRAITOR Hillary!

    Their treachery increased after he won the election & with the recent exposure of the whistleblower’s lawyer, Zaid’s tweet only days after Trump was inaugurated “a coup has befun & he will ultimately be removed” we now can be positive that from the beginning to the present HOAX in the HOUSE – IT HAS BEEN INSIDER;’S TREASON AGAINST OUR OUTSIDER CANDIDATE & OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY!
    Watching this unfold has awakened more American Paatriots to reality & even if there are enough deep state estabishment membersto vote to impeach OUR OUTSIDER PRESIDENT – the only thing they are likely to accomplish is adding their names to those to be prosecuted for their crimes. Too many Americans are now awake to the corruption of our government to ever sit quietly by and let these people off with nobody being held accountable.
    Especially knowing that GHWB plea bargained guilty to assassination of John F Kennedy, when GHWB was in the CIA & other crimes & Kasich went on record saying no name JM was “put to death” & no mention of plea bargaining for him so we assume he received a fair trial prior to execution. We have also been told that GWB has flipped & pleaded guilty to treason, human trafficking, helping his father cover up his crimes & his part in 9/11/2001. Believe this to be truth because of faces of some of the Bush family at GHWB’s funeral & don’t think GHWB would have been plea bargaining guilty to anything if GWB hadn’t flipped before his fathers death.
    Don’t think any of We the People want to see all these criminals escape being held accountable after what they have done to our nation for so many years. Too many innocent lives have been lost because of their criminal activity!

    walked into 3 years (& probably more) of hell, battling INSIDERS & traitors, & still remains focused on the job he campaigned to undertake to reclaim our government & OUR NATION & still willing to take 5 more years of the same to do what he entered this battle for

  3. D.Greer says:

    Well Joe, I see your another CNN disciple, Bless your narrow mindedness, we pray you will not be on suicide watch Nov. 5 2020…

  4. Leon Keller says:

    Any Republicans in Congress that vote to impeach President Trump is breaking their oath to the people who voted for them. Therefore you should be rounded up and imprisoned with your demoncrap butt buddies. As a vet I’m certain that the majority of the 27million vets and military will obey our duly elected Commander and Chief! Once patriot always a patriot.

  5. VGF says:

    Lettts US GET SERIOUS. President TRUMP has..ALREADY Won The 2020 ELECTION. KNOW Why I KNOW THIS ? Easy. This Stupid Fiasco ‘ LIER’ is Pulling Tells THE citizens Of this Great USA All they NEED TO KNOW !! The Demos ARE running Scared..AND IS This CLOSE to being RUN SLAP_DAB Right OVER the CLIFF ! And ARE Now JUST hedging for TIME>>Hoping They can Tire OUR President OUT >>To the POINT of Fatigue ! But. All they Have REALLY succeeded in TO Bring TRUMPS ‘ Good Points more CLOSER into The LIGHT !! HE is NO Quitter..Plus HE Not ONLY Makes Promises to THE Citizens of OUR Countryl..HE Keeps THEM !! SO….. Meet in the basement And COWER>>While TRYING TO FIND SOME Shred OF Fodder to THROW OUT AT TRUMP>>>You WILL COME UP with MORE Fat ZEROS For US TRUMPSTERS TO LAUGH ABOUT !! SO>>Continue,,DEMOS. YOU ARE really HELPING US TO Focus Even more CLEARLY ON”What A GREAT President WE HAVE ELECTED<>TRY to enjoy your stay in your dirty >>Muddy SWAMPWATER. IT is YOUR LAST Haven ,

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