Republicans heard one disturbing call to ask Donald Trump to resign

Donald Trump is facing opposition from every institution connected to the establishment in his re-election campaign.

No President has ever faced these headwinds before.

And now Republicans heard one disturbing call to ask Donald Trump to resign.

CNN contributor Carl Bernstein went on the air Monday night and demanded Republicans en masse March down to the White House and demand President Trump resign.

Bernstein claimed the coronavirus pandemic was such a grave threat that the American people required protection from their political leaders.

“I think we have to recognize that we have a national emergency unlike anything in our history. That national emergency is that we have a president of the United States who is demonstrably unfit, incompetent, not honest, and not capable of dealing with this horrible situation. We need a political and cultural protector in this country between now and Election Day from the president of the United States and his recklessness. People are dead because of his recklessness,” Bernstein began.

Bernstein compared the situation to Watergate where Richard Nixon only resigned after Republican Senators led by Barry Goldwater went to the White House and told him they would vote to convict and remove him from office in an impeachment trial.

“We are in need of action by the political system and Republicans on Capitol Hill, including the craven Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell understands that this president is not capable of being a fit president of the United States. And it is time, as happened in the Nixon presidency, what happened in the Nixon presidency? A group of Republicans led by the great conservative Barry Goldwater and by the minority leader of the House and by the republican leadership marched to the White House and said to Richard Nixon, you are unfit to remain in office, you must leave the presidency, and we will no longer support you. Something similar has got to happen in some kind of conscience rendering by Republicans to save us and to save lives in this country,” Bernstein added.

Democrats and the media are still harboring hope that they can force President Trump from office before the election.

And there is no doubt a faction within the Republican Party that would like to see that happen.

But will they make themselves public?

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