The ratings are in and it’s very bad news for CNN

CNN has placed all their eggs in the anti-Trump basket.

They run non-stop negative coverage of President Trump.

And now that the TV ratings are in, CNN could be regretting their decision big time.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity (3.3 million viewers) and Tucker Carlson (3.144 million viewers) took the top two spots.

But CNN didn’t even come close to Fox News’ rankings. Breitbart reports:

Overall, Fox averaged a whopping 2.8 million viewers during primetime and only lost -3 percent of viewers when compared to February of last year.

CNN, on the other hand, is collapsing.

The far-left cable channel averaged only a measly 979,000 primetime viewers, a catastrophic drop of -16 percent when compared to last year. The anti-Trump network lost a whopping -19 percent of its total day viewers.

With its ongoing and well-documented fake news crisis, Democrats appear to be fleeing in droves from the basement-rated CNN, choosing instead to watch MSNBC. CNN’s entire foundation is based on the existential lie that it is an unbiased and objective news outlet. MSNBC is not only not as hysterically far left as CNN, it does not lie about its biases. And so, MSNBC captured nearly twice as many primetime viewers as CNN (1.805 million) and grew its audience by slightly better margins then CNN’s double-digit shrinkage.

Nevertheless, Fox News’s 2.8 million primetime viewers almost perfectly equals the combined viewership of CNN and MSNBC.

The news gets even worse for the disgraced CNN when you look at the individual shows. Not a single CNN program ranks in the top 20. Anderson Cooper finally pops up at #24.

Last week, AdWeek reported that CNN lost -27 percent in total prime time viewers compared to the same time last year.

Americans will continue to turn off the network as long as they air constant negative Trump stories and anti-Second Amendment propaganda.


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53 Responses

  1. christine says:

    CNN is viable ONLY for a FEW minutes of comic relief. More and one’s gag reflex kicks in and you must find a waste basket
    tout suite!

  2. K says:

    No shock, we’ve been telling CNN for quite a while that they SUCK. I guess they’re on denial coz we know they think they’re the bees knees. Think how much worse their ratings would be if they were aired in every airport, etc..
    Give it up already, CNN SUCKS. People who figure may lie but figures don’t lie.

  3. HillaryLost says:

    CNN has been horrible for quite awhile. Their crap makes my skin crawl. It’s good for a few minutes every once in awhile to see what the loonies are thinking…

  4. Stan L says:

    “The die is cast for Acosta,” he must have boasted to CNN that he would take on President and his Press Secretary, and easily disgrace them. After all, what President and Press Secretary could withstand attacks from CNN’s champion attacker? It didn’t take long before the frustrated Acosta was put into short pants by Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders! Acosta has never recovered, it’s only become worse for him, while CNN watches their champion dwindled to a non-entity. So much for the ambush-types of network stooges whose mission has been to embarrass Press Secretaries and Presidential Administrations at which Lame-Stream Media hit-men are sent to belittle daily. They no longer justify their salaries to wage confusion upon well-orientated Press Secretaries, in this case Acosta who was sent to whittle down Mrs. Sanders’ dignity. She was well-prepared to deal with Acosta’s childishness, she has raised a family of children of her own, who are far more polite and courteous than Acosta will ever be.

  5. CNN-CERTIFIED NUTS NEWS—-That is why they are going into the “toilet with the American public, which is where they belong”!!!!!!!

  6. Randy131 says:

    One would think that CNN would eventual figure out that most of the American people are not buying what CNN is trying to sell to them. This shows that CNN is so far out-of-touch with the American people, that they should give up their broadcasting license, because the longer they stay on that path in their attempt to destroy President Trump, the more ignorant they prove themselves to be.

  7. Countrysunrise says:

    At one time, CNN used to be a good news station. After Ted Turner sold it, was when it started to go downhill, and when I began to change the channel. I started to watch MSNBC, and then I saw the “Hollywood” side of it begin to pop out, and switched over to FOX. After that, I never looked back. There has NEVER been a reason for me to change the channel. They give the news, good or bad, about both sides. The news anchors are likable. Each show is slightly different, and some shows are a little better than others. For those who don’t like FOX, that means that you have been totally brainwashed, and probably voted for Hillary. End of story. You need to wean yourself off of the other station, and give FOX a try. Just a little bit every day until you’re completely weaned from your other loser station.

  8. Jerry says:

    All the left wing media are in the same boat. They only report on a story that fits there narrative.If its about what good Trump is doing its not reported but if its nagative its all over the channels.Look at the View That garbage should be thrown off the air Everybody should boycot ABC for airing that trash.

  9. Geedub says:

    Michelle Gar du mal, I know what you mean. I’m your neighbor in Washington State. Same thing goes on here. It never used to be this bad.

  10. Geedub says:

    I’ve had it with CNN, & MSNBC . And what’s with Chris Cuomo? He used to be a nice guy. Not! The couple on msnbc, they are negative. Life I n the news nowadays is a joke. It’s not real news. Watch some old news reels with Huntley and Brinkley. They were professional. It used to be a great career to persue. Now it’s just a fight for a story. Ooh, look what I did.

  11. Three Mile Island says:

    There is only ONE reason to watch the Communist Newz Network – to make a list of sponsors TO BOYCOTT!

  12. Leo says:

    CNN & MSNBC are so sick & discussing to whatch!

    • Aline says:

      couldn’t happen to bigger jerks!

    • Carol says:

      Don Lemonhead is so arrogant but I enjoy laughing at him. Once he said it was HIS job to “eddicate” us dumb yahoos ‘spittin’ tobacco on our porches. My patois..:but with their arrogance.
      Mika B said the same arrogant crap on MSNBC. Who died & made them God? If they weren’t around to “educate” us, we couldn’t find our underwear every morning.

  13. Dana says:

    Only watch Local News on NBC never world news or today show have tried CBS,ABCat times but not a study dose of any to bad WE THE PEOPLE can’t deserve real news any more

  14. Floyd Lehman says:

    CNN means Commie Nut Network

  15. Janusz says:

    CNN is anti- American News. Very similar like Russian “ Pravda” , 90% lies.

  16. CNN? Are they still on the air?

  17. annoynous says:

    Why is CNN still on??

  18. Jake says:

    They are traitors to the republic and should be taken care of by some patriots! It is time to start to get into the blood letting, the left and muzzies have been doing it for the past 20 years. Not one conservative has spilled blood on a mass scale. Start with the propaganda and see if that stops the unamerican among us to stop trashing our constitution? Just a thought.

  19. Wyatt says:

    This is news? CNN has been in a death spiral for 20 years! I stopped viewing alphabet news 30 years ago due to their bias. For years it was down right impossible to fin alternate news sources but the some sanity has slowly crept in during the past 15 years. The poll question delivers two bad choices in which you are asked to chose the best bad choice. While FOX wins the pole they have slowly moved left as well while trying to be “fair and balanced” which is baloney. They no longer are conservative news, just less liberal than the alphabet news channels. So it’s back to searching for real news again.

  20. Justine says:

    Thank Goodness for technology!!!
    We block all fake news channels
    Just negative and depressing false news

  21. Milo Hawkinson says:

    CNN stands for Communist News Network-

  22. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    cnn, coupled with the ‘education system’ is the single most serious cause of suicide and mass shooters!

  23. Rich says:

    Way past due. Both CNN and their sponsors need to go

  24. Ronnie Sims says:

    If you like a steady stream of negative news then watch CNN. Totally depressing. I sometimes try to watch to get the other sides take on an issue but cannot watch more than a couple of minutes.

    • Cherie Davis says:

      You have a stronger stomach than I. I cannot bear the jibberish they throw at us and have stopped watching them a long time ago!!

  25. Ronnie Sims says:

    If you can stand a steady off negetative information then watch CNN. Truly depressing.

  26. Michael says:

    You know when CNN is telling lies ? There lips are moving! I have know what a third rate network they are for 20 years…poor libs.. They are turning to CNBC. That’s like like surviving a flood to walk on dry land to find your in the middle of an earthquake…lol

  27. Carl says:

    Can’t stand to look at that dick sucker Anderson Cooper.

  28. Monica Potts says:

    MSNBC is not much better. they are just as biased as CNN,

    • Ken says:

      I love to watch Rachel Mad cow for comic relief. I think she is a Smith College alum. I lived in Northampton MA for 16 years. Saw it transition from a nice working class community to the lib trash heap it now is.
      And that is thanks to folks like her. I used to manufacture submarine periscopes. She and PMSNBC manufacture negative news about our great Country. They have no shame. We all pay for our sins at the bitter end. Their bitter end will arrive sooner than later.

    • R. H. M. says:

      M-ighty S-tupid N-azi Broadcast Company


  30. Marcia says:

    I flip over to CNN now and then just to see how outrageously they may be presenting the most recent bit of significant news. They are amusing but insignificant as a reliable source of current events. Pathetic, really.

  31. Michelle Gar du mal says:

    Living in Oregon I have to hide my love for God, vet’s, country, our flag and my President Trump. Thankfully the Heavenly Father is able to shine through.


  33. sam spade says:

    A major source of FAKE NEWS.

  34. NavyDoc says:

    I will NEVER watch cnn!
    I know, I know…NEVER say NEVER!
    What REALLY PMO, is that every time, EVERY TIME I walk into the VA Hospital, what’s on the tvs…cnn or PMSnbc! I change the channel every time!
    If I was ever caught behind enemy lines,
    I’d rather my finger nails be pulled than being made to watch cnn!????

    • CrustyOldGeezer says:

      The vets do not get a say in what the employees watch.

      Which should give you cause to question the intelligence of the people with control of the remote.

      • I would complain to management and get the channel changed because they are only feeding you propaganda.

        • Carol says:

          Don Lemonhead is so arrogant but I enjoy laughing at him. Once he said it was HIS job to “eddicate” us dumb yahoos ‘spittin’ tobacco on our porches. My patois..:but with their arrogance.
          Mika B said the same arrogant crap on MSNBC. Who died & made them God? If they weren’t around to “educate” us, we couldn’t find our underwear every morning.

    • Roy says:

      On the 2nd deck of the PH Navy Exchange, the TV is turned on to FOX news…. The Hickam Food Court has CNN or MSNBC sometimes.
      USN Retired

      • NavyDoc says:

        Yeah, it’s a danged shame the people (vets) allow it! I don’t care who works there, it’s called the “Veterans” Hospital for a reason!
        But that’s just me!
        Nice to meet cha Roy…

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