The ratings are in and it’s very bad news for CNN

CNN has placed all their eggs in the anti-Trump basket.

They run non-stop negative coverage of President Trump.

And now that the TV ratings are in, CNN could be regretting their decision big time.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity (3.3 million viewers) and Tucker Carlson (3.144 million viewers) took the top two spots.

But CNN didn’t even come close to Fox News’ rankings. Breitbart reports:

Overall, Fox averaged a whopping 2.8 million viewers during primetime and only lost -3 percent of viewers when compared to February of last year.

CNN, on the other hand, is collapsing.

The far-left cable channel averaged only a measly 979,000 primetime viewers, a catastrophic drop of -16 percent when compared to last year. The anti-Trump network lost a whopping -19 percent of its total day viewers.

With its ongoing and well-documented fake news crisis, Democrats appear to be fleeing in droves from the basement-rated CNN, choosing instead to watch MSNBC. CNN’s entire foundation is based on the existential lie that it is an unbiased and objective news outlet. MSNBC is not only not as hysterically far left as CNN, it does not lie about its biases. And so, MSNBC captured nearly twice as many primetime viewers as CNN (1.805 million) and grew its audience by slightly better margins then CNN’s double-digit shrinkage.

Nevertheless, Fox News’s 2.8 million primetime viewers almost perfectly equals the combined viewership of CNN and MSNBC.

The news gets even worse for the disgraced CNN when you look at the individual shows. Not a single CNN program ranks in the top 20. Anderson Cooper finally pops up at #24.

Last week, AdWeek reported that CNN lost -27 percent in total prime time viewers compared to the same time last year.

Americans will continue to turn off the network as long as they air constant negative Trump stories and anti-Second Amendment propaganda.

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