Rand Paul just took the Democrats to task over this ridiculous COVID mandate

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is one of the few elected officials willing to stand up to the Biden regime.

Paul has gone toe-to-toe with Dr. Anthony Fauci and unmasked who he really is.

And now Rand Paul just took the Democrats to task over this ridiculous COVID mandate.

Senator Rand Paul is refusing to back down when it comes to putting an end to the tyrannical COVID regulations in the United States.

Even though Paul’s latest battle will be a difficult one, it’s one that must be fought.

Despite clear evidence that masks do nothing to protect people from the coronavirus, the elites in the White House are refusing to lift the mask mandates on commercial flights.

However, Senator Paul has decided to take matters into his own hands.

Paul told Fox News’s Dan Bongino that he will force a Senate vote in the next two weeks to end mask mandates on planes.

“I have a bill that I’m going to force a vote on in the next two weeks on getting rid of the mask on airplanes. It’s only theater. You can take them off for 15 minutes and breathe air which is recirculated to everybody else,” Paul said of the illogical mandate.

It is all just theater.

The closer we get to the 2022 Midterm elections, the more the Democrats seem to be backing off their beloved mandates.

The Left has realized how unpopular they’ve become the longer these regulations drag on, so they’re quickly changing their tune on things like masks and vaccine passports.

“But the interesting thing is that the Democrat Governors are finally giving up on some of this stuff. Even D.C., the most Democrat city in the entire country, the Mayor put on vaccine passports two weeks ago, put businesses — put restaurants out of business. Well, she’s already relinquished it,” Paul stated during the interview.

Joe Biden and his allies have pushed it too far.

The American people are tired of it.

And Democrats should be scared, because at this rate, Americans are poised to boot their majority right out of office.

“And the thing is is, I think ultimately the Democrats are going to wake up one day and say, ‘My goodness, everyone hates us now because we’re the nanny state,’ and so it’s happening, and it’s happening in a big way, and some of the Democrats are finally waking up,” Paul said, repeating what other conservative allies have observed as well: “The science isn’t changing, but the polls sure are.”

Of course, this was never about science or safety.

It has always been about power.

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