Rand Paul just called out Obama’s head of the Deep State in a big way

In 2013, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) filibustered for nearly 13 hours to stop Obama’s nominee, John Brennan, from becoming head of the CIA.

Brennan eventually was confirmed and used his position for political retribution against enemies of the Deep State like Sen. Paul and Donald Trump.

Now Sen. Paul is gunning for Brennan again and he’s not pulling any punches.

Rand Paul is calling for John Brennan’s security clearance to be revoked.

Since leaving his post at the CIA, Brennan has signed with MSNBC as a contributor, where he incessantly attacks President Trump.

But Sen. Paul is questioning whether Brennan used his position at the CIA to profit in the anti-Trump media, suggesting he’s making money off of continued access to sensitive information.

Brennan is at the heart of many Deep State controversies.

President Trump has said that Brennan disgraced the entire Intelligence Community after his role in the dirty anti-Trump dossier, which led to spying on the Trump campaign in 2016.

Brennan has proven that Sen. Paul was in the right for filibustering his nomination back in 2013.

Do you agree with President Trump that Brennan is a disgrace? Vote in our poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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79 Responses

  1. Sandra Tyler says:

    I second that statement!! People leaving their jobs in other areas don’t get the keys & perks too the company anymore, except gatherings for social parties!! But they don’t talk shop so much!! Just enjoying thier new life!!

  2. GJ says:

    But: they can be walked up steps to hangman’s noose. It worked before & would take ONE or TWO such penalties to stop most of this type criminal sh*t.
    September 22, 1776
    “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” Have you heard this famous declaration before? American patriot Nathan Hale said it on September 22, 1776, his last words before he was hanged for spying. Same scenario with Brennan, Clapper types.

  3. Deplorable Lanie says:

    All government employees should have their security clearance revoked on their last day. No matter who they are. Someone should bring that as a bill to be passed and then it can’t be circumvented by anyone! Including past Presidents!!

  4. denny says:


  5. Sandra Tyler says:

    I believe once their no longer in the job of our country, everyone of them should not have one, because some leak it too the press& could if not already take down “ anyone “
    They want !! People who leave their job or retire aren’t privy too the building & all after they’ve left the job!! It’s just common sense, those in the Federal goverment can look into anyone’s life & background!! That should not happen !! That’s what dictators do!!

  6. denny says:


  7. Trump Train says:

    God bless President Trump so that he will stay healthy. That man is the best thing that happened to America in a very long time

  8. Sonny Dooley says:

    Absolutely, these people no longer need their security clearance and should be revoked !!! When you no longer work for the U. S. Government or a Presidency, why should you have a Security clearance?? You don’t !! So , I say Mr President put a stop to their clearance !!!

  9. N says:

    Get off the corrupted to the core NAZI Demoncrat Communist plantation treasonous party (RINOs too!!! You know who you are!, So Get ready to lose your seats) and on the Trump train to success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. a fool says:

    It is time to clean out the Closets, getting rid of all the GARBAGE IN OUR GOVERNMENT! Making this a Historical House Cleansing Project, from TOP to Bottom! Make them all known to the public, thus, there would be no more Miss Understanding with regard to what was Right and what was Wrong! No plac for Blame!

  11. William says:

    Yeah and what about obama, he`s just as big a prick as Brennan . Dose he still have his ?????

  12. trapperwv1 says:

    Maybe it is time to re vet all current security clearances, including any serving in both houses of congress that have them. Just because you passed before doesn’t mean you will pass security vetting today.

  13. Jim Haney says:

    28 years in the Air Force, held a Top Secret security clearance until the day I retired. That Top Secret clearance was revoked the day I left active duty. This should be the procedure for all government employees upon their retirement or removal from a position that requires a certain level of security clearance.

  14. Douglas Guy says:

    When leaving the CIA building for the last time in an official capacity, all clearances should have been automatic. That is accepted proceedure, and someone intentionally let him leave with the Official ID and clearance, just as in any branch of military. Someone had to authorize that prohibited action and is reliable and accountable

  15. GJ says:

    Jail Anti-Christs (actual or wanna-bes). Or hang ’em high as during Revolutionary days. How do these people get away with walking the streets, much less invade U.S. security?

  16. bumba says:

    Yeap, your just a bunch of liberal communist ass wipes.

  17. As a former U.S. Army Officer, your “whatever clearance” you possessed was immediately
    taken away, when you were discharged! Brennan left the CIA — his clearance should have
    immediately been cancelled and before he departed!

  18. ONTIME says:

    Why and how do these ex dept heads get to keep a ongoing high security on file for their own personal benefit??….Military men and women who leave are immediately security dissolved, same goes for CIA, FBI and other security required agencies…It is apparent Barry Sotero and his band of thugs are deeply responsible for this subversion to unseat a sitting President, legally elected…Barry was never a legal president and I think that can be proven, Barry could not even pass E Verify or produce a valid birth certificate…The Barry boys and girls are landmine plants like Strozk. Mc Cabe, Comey and evidence is now showing a conspiracy among them to cause harm to the US gov for ill thought political reason….The days of slackers in high positions is over, there is to much at risk and a mealy mouthed actor like RazzPutin has helped cause havoc to disrupt the security and the decision flow in this nation’s WH….DRAIN THIS SWAMP ….MAGA….

  19. russell says:

    he should face charges for treason

  20. glenn wilson says:

    john brennans clearance should have been revoked the minute he lied in the senate hearing . that should have been proof enough that he was a communist . and i think that is the senates fault for not doing so thanks senator paul for finaly showing some back bone on this

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