Rand Paul just called out Obama’s head of the Deep State in a big way

In 2013, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) filibustered for nearly 13 hours to stop Obama’s nominee, John Brennan, from becoming head of the CIA.

Brennan eventually was confirmed and used his position for political retribution against enemies of the Deep State like Sen. Paul and Donald Trump.

Now Sen. Paul is gunning for Brennan again and he’s not pulling any punches.

Rand Paul is calling for John Brennan’s security clearance to be revoked.

Since leaving his post at the CIA, Brennan has signed with MSNBC as a contributor, where he incessantly attacks President Trump.

But Sen. Paul is questioning whether Brennan used his position at the CIA to profit in the anti-Trump media, suggesting he’s making money off of continued access to sensitive information.

Brennan is at the heart of many Deep State controversies.

President Trump has said that Brennan disgraced the entire Intelligence Community after his role in the dirty anti-Trump dossier, which led to spying on the Trump campaign in 2016.

Brennan has proven that Sen. Paul was in the right for filibustering his nomination back in 2013.

Do you agree with President Trump that Brennan is a disgrace? Vote in our poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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79 Responses

  1. Violet says:

    I believe that everyone leaving a governamental position, must turn in his/her security clearance. Job privileges end the day employment ends.

    • Eleanor says:

      When my late husband, who was a retired Military officer, retired from a company that contracted, develop the “smart” project. The day he retired His clearance was ended He told me they always did that as there was no justification. So why are they allowed to keep it?

  2. Who would keep around malcontents who may still have an in with some of their former buddies. Get rid of these obstructionists and let them take their pettiness and negativity with them. They’re not needed. Like all service personnel or government employees I would have thought their clearances would automatically have been revoked. Where’s the issue in that.? Continue to drain the swamp Mr. President.

  3. SchutteN says:

    Brennon is trash, he is directly responsible for 9/11 as head of the CIA’s refusal to share information with the FBI. He should be in prison in addition to losing his clearance. He’s a disgrace to this nation.

  4. Holly says:

    Why haven’t thebtraitors Security clearances been removed. Should have been removed immediately/

  5. Leonard Collings says:

    All government employees should have their security clearance revoked on their last day. No matter who they are presidents vice presidents etc. The next seated president should have authority to reactivate security clearances in event of national emergency for a period as needed.

    • Cacs says:

      I agree!!!

    • Joan Landreth says:

      The Federal Employees I personally know of, were required to relinquish their security clearance pass at the time of retirement. That should be the rule for every person leaving a job with the government, NO exceptions.

  6. RV says:

    I think that it was Obama’s intent on staying in power beyond his 8 yrs….he set up his deep state minions and was planing on been Hilabeast s puppet master for another 8 yrs as the shadow goverment. ALL the people that one way or another came into the government on his watch should be FIRED!!!! Specially the ones that were put in place between the time of Trumps win and inauguration day when Obama realized his dream of governing for ever was gone.
    THAT , is the swamp he has to get rid of. THE other swamp rats( Republicans) will leave on their own.

    • Bob L says:

      All I know is this is when I watched this retard Brennan and his side kick Crapper testify they were lying . Period Lying and shouldn’t have anything to do with the government except maybe washing dishes in the kitchen. These 2 buffoons need to be put on trial with the rest of their deep state criminal friends

  7. Robert Ivers says:

    This Country needs a president like Trump to stir up the White House to bring normalcy and RULE OF LAW. ” We The People” are the Goverment and our RIGHTS are being stripped away from players like Brennon, Comey and others that are ANTI AMERICAN. I think we should go co to the Good Old Days where you have some real JUSTICE like in the movie TRUE GRIT with John Wayne HANG EM ALL UP HIGH IN A TREE FOR OTHERS TO SEE!!!

    • brenda says:

      If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. clappers own confession


    • Sunshine says:

      When a person departs an employer, whether it’s their choice or your choice, you loose the keys to the kingdom. This situation should be no different. Especially when dealing with high sensitive information. It’s already been shown that theses Obummer scumbags have abused this privilege. It’s not a right.

  8. Deplorable Lanie says:

    All government employees should have their security clearance revoked on their last day. No matter who they are. Someone should bring that as a bill to be passed and then it can’t be circumvented by anyone! Including past Presidents!!

    • Sandra Tyler says:

      I second that statement!! People leaving their jobs in other areas don’t get the keys & perks too the company anymore, except gatherings for social parties!! But they don’t talk shop so much!! Just enjoying thier new life!!

    • Johnny says:

      Exactly this right here. Each new term they should all have them revoked and later reinstated if they are brought back on.

  9. Mikey says:

    Payback a bitch, ain’t it Brennan?

    • Sandra Tyler says:

      I believe once their no longer in the job of our country, everyone of them should not have one, because some leak it too the press& could if not already take down “ anyone “
      They want !! People who leave their job or retire aren’t privy too the building & all after they’ve left the job!! It’s just common sense, those in the Federal goverment can look into anyone’s life & background!! That should not happen !! That’s what dictators do!!

  10. Trump Train says:

    God bless President Trump so that he will stay healthy. That man is the best thing that happened to America in a very long time

  11. N says:

    Get off the corrupted to the core NAZI Demoncrat Communist plantation treasonous party (RINOs too!!! You know who you are!, So Get ready to lose your seats) and on the Trump train to success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. trapperwv1 says:

    Maybe it is time to re vet all current security clearances, including any serving in both houses of congress that have them. Just because you passed before doesn’t mean you will pass security vetting today.

    • a fool says:

      It is time to clean out the Closets, getting rid of all the GARBAGE IN OUR GOVERNMENT! Making this a Historical House Cleansing Project, from TOP to Bottom! Make them all known to the public, thus, there would be no more Miss Understanding with regard to what was Right and what was Wrong! No plac for Blame!

    • denny says:


  13. Douglas Guy says:

    When leaving the CIA building for the last time in an official capacity, all clearances should have been automatic. That is accepted proceedure, and someone intentionally let him leave with the Official ID and clearance, just as in any branch of military. Someone had to authorize that prohibited action and is reliable and accountable

    • Jim Haney says:

      28 years in the Air Force, held a Top Secret security clearance until the day I retired. That Top Secret clearance was revoked the day I left active duty. This should be the procedure for all government employees upon their retirement or removal from a position that requires a certain level of security clearance.

  14. GJ says:

    Jail Anti-Christs (actual or wanna-bes). Or hang ’em high as during Revolutionary days. How do these people get away with walking the streets, much less invade U.S. security?

    • denny says:


      • GJ says:

        But: they can be walked up steps to hangman’s noose. It worked before & would take ONE or TWO such penalties to stop most of this type criminal sh*t.
        September 22, 1776
        “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” Have you heard this famous declaration before? American patriot Nathan Hale said it on September 22, 1776, his last words before he was hanged for spying. Same scenario with Brennan, Clapper types.

  15. As a former U.S. Army Officer, your “whatever clearance” you possessed was immediately
    taken away, when you were discharged! Brennan left the CIA — his clearance should have
    immediately been cancelled and before he departed!

  16. ONTIME says:

    Why and how do these ex dept heads get to keep a ongoing high security on file for their own personal benefit??….Military men and women who leave are immediately security dissolved, same goes for CIA, FBI and other security required agencies…It is apparent Barry Sotero and his band of thugs are deeply responsible for this subversion to unseat a sitting President, legally elected…Barry was never a legal president and I think that can be proven, Barry could not even pass E Verify or produce a valid birth certificate…The Barry boys and girls are landmine plants like Strozk. Mc Cabe, Comey and evidence is now showing a conspiracy among them to cause harm to the US gov for ill thought political reason….The days of slackers in high positions is over, there is to much at risk and a mealy mouthed actor like RazzPutin has helped cause havoc to disrupt the security and the decision flow in this nation’s WH….DRAIN THIS SWAMP ….MAGA….

  17. russell says:

    he should face charges for treason

  18. glenn wilson says:

    john brennans clearance should have been revoked the minute he lied in the senate hearing . that should have been proof enough that he was a communist . and i think that is the senates fault for not doing so thanks senator paul for finaly showing some back bone on this

  19. Bruce House says:

    I believe any player that has a security clearance and isn’t in office anymore shouldn’t have access to secret info! John Brennon voted for the communist party and still became CIA director. He right along with Obama and his cabinet has miss used there access to due harm against the Trump cabinet! That shouldn’t be allowed! I also think the Clinton’s should loose there’s also!

    • russell says:

      remove this trash from any past author or knowledge even entering into any of the offices should have went to jail for treason

  20. Terri Madison says:

    I agree with all of the above. Get ALL of the last Administration Clearances Revolked, Denied Whatever. They are no longer in office. That includes All CIA, FBI And DOJ people as well.

    • Sonny Dooley says:

      Absolutely, these people no longer need their security clearance and should be revoked !!! When you no longer work for the U. S. Government or a Presidency, why should you have a Security clearance?? You don’t !! So , I say Mr President put a stop to their clearance !!!

  21. Ray says:

    Not only should his security clearance be revoked he should be prosecuted for leaking information and put in jail where he belongs

  22. cathylovesyou says:

    John Brennan is a Muslim, and a Communist. He has has a game plan for years to hurt America.He has been an O’ bama flunky for years

  23. MsgtSmacks says:

    Why does Brennen still have a clearance? My Top Secret Clearance was revoked after retiring from the Air Force, and in my way of thinking, my 24 years of service were a hell of a lot more honorable than what Brennan did. I can guarantee you, I never voted for a communist once!

    • Gunny1951 says:

      @MsgtSmacks- ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! If anyone has been vetted it is a soldier serving the USA militarily. Brennan’s betting was handled by a nefarious POTUS, and his appointment confirmed by many now being exposed as criminal actors installed in positions of power by that very same POTUS. Historians will show this as the DARKEST point in US history. Thank GOD for President Trump and his willingness to take on the deep state as adversaries!

  24. Mike Baumgartner says:

    This is why MSNBC has hired Schumer to work on getting a subpoena to question the interpreter from the Trump/Putin summit. Their hired gun Brennan has no way to gain access to this info.

  25. Jan13 says:

    Any person from the past administration should have their clearance revoked, then if they want it back, reapply and do Extreme Vetting on them.
    I can’t figure how a commie muzzy had clearance and become head of the CIA in the first place.

  26. Cheryl says:

    Anyone that has been connected with obama should have his secrity clearance pulled. They are all crooked and anti-american.

  27. Chris Dube says:

    This should not even be controversial; if you leave your position, your clearance should be automatically be revoked.

  28. Secora Kersey says:

    All clearnce should be pulled for any person who leaves their job for any reason because what happens after they leave is none of their business

  29. shirley armstrong says:

    Why do any of these people still have one, take everyone them away now!!!!

  30. Jan Tiehen says:

    Why should he get to keep his security clearance when he no longer has that job?!!

  31. Wendy Roman says:

    His clearance should have been pulled when he was fired!

    • William J Vital says:

      Normally, your security clearance is cancelled when to leave/lose your job. OK, that’s for normal people not Democraps (other Democraps stil have their clearances and they aren’t still employed by the Government).

  32. Keith B says:

    This guy is a former “COMMUNIST” (Russia connection) and converted to ISLAM while we atre at WAR with that ideology!! HE spied on Intelligence committee and LIED at LEAST 5 TIMES to CONGRESS!!!! CLEARENCE??? He should be IN PRISON!!!!

  33. Stan Lee says:

    Sen. Paul is a true patriot and has always been. He has crossed swords with other Senators and Representatives, whether they are Republicans, Democrats, or Independents. Many other elected types will observe some sort of “correctness” if someone needing criticism happens to be of the same party as them, but not Paul. In his case, “If the shoe fits, wear it.” There is high value in Paul’s honesty, sadly such truthfulness is rare when the other person is of the same party. We can bank upon Sen. Paul to be outspoken , especially with the U.S.Constitution involved. He lives up to the Oath he took to our nation.
    He sets a pace I hope other elected officials will note and fulfill their oaths as well as Sen.Paul does.


  35. James Chamberlain says:

    Lose his clearance.

  36. Brennan, Clapper Comey are traitors- they should all have their clearance taken away and should be hung for treason

    • Stan Lee says:

      Let us not exclude Comey or Strzok if they still have their intel. clearances. There are probably other characters holding clearances who go unnoticed. We cannot afford to be so sloppy, Trump needs subordinates to advise and act. If it’s all up to Trump, it should be brought to his attention directly. We still have Obama appointments in the vast channels of federal government that go unnoticed.

  37. James Chamberlain says:

    Everyone who has been FIRED should lose their security clearance along with their salary, health benefits and retirement. OBVIOUS!!

  38. Why would this stupid looking bast66rd have a security clearance

    • Nancy Plum says:

      Agreed, why would he continue to have this clearance, as he is no longer working for the federal government in any capacity? Should have been yanked when he walked out the door.

    • jim says:

      I am anxious to see his clearance pulled, and he is not the only one! His Anti-american crap is as obvious as the ugly nose on his face!!! He is a two-faced anti-American that is like mueller, schiff, Schumer, MADAM PELOSI, MADAM WATERS, Clapper and a few others that have not surfaced yet,,,,,BUT THEY WILL, and can be dealt with PROPERLY when they do. Not to forget the “JUST DUES” that the CROOKED CLINTONS, and THE BIG ZERO and HORRENDOUS HOLDER!!! GITTERDONE!!!

  39. Randall Clark says:

    GO GET EM, RAND PAUL!!! We need to get rid of Brennan ALTOGETHER!!!

  40. MJ BLACK says:

    Why would any agency want former agents to have continued clearance? For what reason? It will take the FBI a long time to ever gain trust and respect when they have such foolish and dangerous practices. This is only one that we know , how many more could they have.

    • Gunny1951 says:

      I don’t understand how he has retained a security clearance after leaving the agency? While in USMC I handled radio communications and was issued security clearance which was canceled when I left the Corps. I asked the reason as I intended to pursue a civilian career which would require it and was informed that revocation upon termination of service was policy. I guess they meant unless you are a commie, pinko, traitor and vote for a communist candidate as Brennan did-does.

  41. Greg Olmstead says:

    He’s scum just like the rest of the Democrates. PUNK’S, LIER’S, CHEATERS, SCUM!!!!

  42. James P Hutchins says:

    Brenan is a commie and a traitor lock him up.

  43. Graystone says:

    I was going to post the very same question!
    I don’t understand why anyone would need to have a security clearance after leaving office – or the military.

  44. David says:

    Thank you for taking action against that criminal Democrat Brennan !

  45. Navy Vet 67 says:

    If he is no longer with any government agency, there is no need for him to have a security clearance. Mine was revoked when i was discharged from the navy

    • Graystone says:

      I was going to post the very same question!
      I don’t understand why anyone would need to have a security clearance after leaving office – or the military.

      • James England says:

        You beat me to it, because I also believe any who leave their office or the military should not have Security Clearance including past President.

    • Nancy Anderson says:

      When my husband was in the Navy during the Gulf war, our whole family was investigated. My husband ran the print shop on the U.S.S. Ranger and he had to have top secret clearance because some of what was printed for the Captain and others was security relevant. As a family, we didn’t have top secret clearance, but because he did we were also investigated. I wasn’t too happy with that at the time, but later on I could see the reason for it. My husband NEVER talked about what he did or printed, but I suppose others had done so, so they were just being cautious. His clearance also was dropped when he retired after 20 years.

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