Rand Paul issued one warning about Dr. Fauci that left Americans red with rage

Dr. Fauci’s come under heavy fire after his activism during the campaign to try and elect Joe Biden.

It’s become clear that political calculations guided some of Dr. Fauci’s comments during the last several months.

Rand Paul issued one warning about Dr. Fauci that left Americans red with rage.

In an appearance on Newsmax TV, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul – who is also a trained doctor – blasted Dr. Facui for his insistence on mandating masks.

Senator Paul pointed to an explosion in COVID-19 cases despite 37 states implementing mask mandates as evidence the strategy of using masks and social distancing lockdowns to control the pandemic was a failure.

“The incidence of COVID-positive individuals has gone through the roof . . . The masks aren’t working, social distancing isn’t working. What is my proof? The numbers. The numbers are going through the roof. So all these mask mandates have had no effect on it. The incidence of the virus has gotten worse since we’ve done lockdowns. We should not comfort ourselves with masks,” Paul told host Bob Sellers.

Dr. Fauci claims that even with a vaccine Americas will be wearing masks until the end of 2021 and possibly into 2022.

Rand Paul explained that the only public health intervention that will end the pandemic is a vaccine and it cannot wait until April.

Senator Paul believes Americans should have access before that point because lockdowns and mask mandates have proven to be failures.

“We should push hard to get the vaccine released. I think it’s ready to go for those who are willing to sign an informed consent and voluntarily take it. And I think millions of people would sign up, and we would very quickly get to a large enough number that people would be more satisfied with the safety . . . I would get it out there, I wouldn’t wait. Fauci’s talking about April. I think that’s a terrible idea. He’s going to keep us masked until the end of time, which does very little of anything to change the course of this,” Senator Paul concluded.

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