Rand Paul hit Joe Biden with one promise that will doom Democrats in 2022

One of Joe Biden’s last-ditch efforts to save Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s majorities in 2022 is about to crash and burn.

You won’t believe why.

And Rand Paul hit Joe Biden with one promise that will doom Democrats in 2022.

Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security announced the creation of a Government Disinformation Board to censor the internet for so-called “Russian disinformation” ahead of the 2022 elections.

In an embarrassing performance before the Senate, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas made it clear that this board intends to pressure social media platforms to censor conservative speech.

Mayorkas refused to admit that the Steele dossier was disinformation, which tracked with one of the emerging themes on the Left that they are incapable of lying and it is only conservatives who spread disinformation.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was one of the Republicans who grilled Mayorkas over the Biden administration’s Orwellian Ministry of Truth.

In an interview on Fox News, Rand Paul expressed hope about forcing a vote on defunding Joe Biden’s Ministry of Truth.

Paul said even if his effort failed, it would show how deeply invested the Democrats are in censorship as an electoral tactic.

“We’re going to shut it down,” Paul stated. “And I’m busily getting signatures from other Senators. There is a way that we can get it onto the calendar. And there is perhaps a way we can actually get a vote. It’s not very easy when the Democrats control things, but I’m going to do everything I possibly can to get a vote to defund this organization. Boy, is it any — is it not with amazement you see how far that they have come from Kennedy’s Democrat Party? This is not your grandfather’s Democrat Party anymore. So much for the marketplace of ideas. They have decided that they are going to determine what disinformation is.”

Paul explained that Mayorkas refusing to acknowledge that the Steele dossier was Russian disinformation shows that the U.S. government is incapable of acting as the arbiter of truth.

“But my point to Mayorkas was this,” Paul continued. “We have a $32 million Mueller investigation to see if there is collusion between Russia and Trump. There wasn’t any. And, yet, the Steele dossier, upon which they base this all on, which was given to Steele by Russians, it was Russian disinformation. If they can’t admit that that’s disinformation, it was propagated by CNN for years and years. If they can’t admit that, how could they possibly do the job of policing disinformation?”

Paul added that the government had no business policing speech, telling Fox viewers that even though CNN runs lies and Democrat Party propaganda 24 hours a day, he has no interest in seeing a federal agency monitor them for disinformation.

“Now, I don’t think it’s a job that you could possibly do. So even if you could, and they admitted that it was disinformation, I would be against policing CNN. People can turn the channel when they see that CNN doesn’t care about the truth. But I would not police CNN. I’m against policing any news organization. The public can figure this out,” Paul concluded.

In 2020, social media companies censored the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden’s laptop on the grounds that it was Russian disinformation.

This was a key to helping them rig the election against Donald Trump.

Since Democrats face brutal poll numbers, they hoped Joe Biden’s new Ministry of Truth would label negative stories this fall as Russian disinformation and pressure social media companies to censor them as the firewall to protect their majorities.

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