Rachel Maddow was furious when she saw this secret document about Donald Trump

Democrats spent seven years trying to get Donald Trump.

Leftists built up expectations that the walls are finally closing in on him.

And Rachel Maddow was furious when she saw this secret document about Donald Trump.

Rachel Maddow only hosts her show on MSNBC once a week now.

And Maddow flipped out once she found out Attorney General Merrick Garland extended a policy from the Trump administration Department of Justice that raised the bar to approve an investigation into a Presidential candidate.

Garland wrote:

No investigation (including any preliminary investigation)’ may be opened or initiated by the Department or any of its law enforcement agencies: 1. Of a Declared candidate for president or vice president, a presidential campaign. or a senior presidential campaign staff member or advisor’ absent prior (i) written notification to and consultation with the Assistant Attorney(s) General and U.S. Attorney(s) with jurisdiction over the matter and (ii) written approval of the Attorney General, through the Deputy Attorney General.

Maddow expressed exasperation over the fact that Democrats thought the January 6 Commission was closing in on a criminal referral to the Justice Department against Trump over the events of January 6.

“Well, former President Donald Trump has had the delightful experience of the January 6 investigation essentially rolling out a real time, primetime criminal referral of him to the Justice Department,” Maddow ranted.

“That’s kind of a surprise,” Maddow exclaimed. “That news was established by Bill Barr – when he was working for Donald Trump.”

Democrats are no longer even pretending that the January 6 Committee is a legitimate fact-finding mission.

Instead, everyone on the Left is openly admitting that the purpose of the Committee is to bring criminal charges against Donald Trump.

However, as the Committee ramped up their fictional narrative about Donald Trump inciting an insurrection on January 6 to jail him as part of a third world-style attempt by the ruling Party to lock up their top political threat, the former President leaked word that he was thinking of declaring his candidacy before the 2022 Midterms.

The policy from the Trump administration to make it more difficult for the government to investigate a Presidential candidate grew out of the Russian collusion hoax when the Obama administration and the FBI launched a scheme to rig the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton and then to sabotage Trump’s Presidency.

Trump wanted to make sure this could never happen to anyone else again.

And Democrats are pressuring Joe Biden to break that promise and execute a power play out of a banana republic by jailing his chief political opponent.

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