Rachel Maddow is about to lose her show after saying something disgusting

Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show has been the home of the anti-Trump resistance since day one.

She has been the biggest promoter of every anti-Trump crackpot conspiracy theory.

But she might lose her show after saying something disgusting.

There is nowhere the anti-Trump resistance preferred to get their Russia collusion conspiracy theory fix from more than The Rachel Maddow Show.

She masterfully played millions of Democrats into believing President Donald Trump is a Russian puppet who will end up in prison due to his corruption.

All of that was based on Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation, which was finally completed in recent days.

But after its release, Maddow was much less confident than she has been, nearly breaking into tears while revealing to her viewers that Mueller’s investigation proves that there isn’t enough evidence to support collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia.

And, as it turns out, that was the only reason many were watching her.

Maddow lost half-a-million viewers in the week after Mueller’s report was released.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

“MSNBC host Rachel Maddow lost half-a-million viewers in just one week after special counsel Robert Mueller’s report indicated that he did not find enough evidence to support collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Maddow has been one of the most prominent voices on the collusion conspiracy, spending most of her programs over the past two years on allegations that President Donald Trump coordinated with the Russian government to win the 2016 presidential election. Maddow struggled to hold back tears as she delivered her opening monologue last Friday, clearly stunned that Mueller did not bring any indictments against the president or his family.

The implosion of the Russian collusion narrative damaged more than just Maddow’s ego — it also destroyed her ratings, at least temporarily.”

This news proves Rachel Maddow has lost all credibility.

People aren’t buying her outrageous claims and fake “bombshell” reports anymore.

They realize she has been peddling nothing but conspiracy theories for the past two years.

So this could be the end of Rachel Maddow, which would be a death blow to the anti-Trump resistance who rely on her show.


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165 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    All of MarxSist National Broadcasting Company (MSNBC) should be cancelled along with Communist News Network (CNN). Both are all left wing repackaged anti-trump propaganda.

  2. Mark says:

    Who remembers Madcow’s fake bombshell “I have Trump’s tax returns!” That she teased for 2 days just a fake ratings scam ti try to increase viewership. If you ever veluevedvthe lying Dyke after that you deserve to get scammed. BTW I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I can let you in on.. The collective IQ of her viewers might make minus 12 somewhere around the same as AOC. (Always On Crack)!!!

  3. george beres says:

    Rachel Maddow is the most truthful person on TV

    • James Henderson says:

      George… She’s been fooling you for over 2 years with her lies, innuendo and exaggerations. Guess you weren’t one of the half million viewers who wised up to her nonsense and don’t bother with her crapola any longer.

    • Randy Smithr says:

      George Beres, this lady is the most untruthful person on tv commentary. All considered , that’s getting down there.

    • jack says:

      haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. and yur about the dumbest

    • Rich Nicoletti says:


    • Lisa says:

      That’s why she just lost a half million viewers. You are the perfects sort to pump lies into your head and have them take root. How old are you, may I ask?
      It’s one thing to be a reporter and error once or twice on someone’s name, or a detail here and there, but she turned her News program into non-stop ‘Trump Collusion Speak,” limited only by her imagination. For two years. Long time to lie, as it is with the rest of the Democrats. If a world remains, this will go in the history books.

    • Randy Smithr says:

      Whats really hilarious about these dark haired liberals like Madcowpie and AWAL Cortez is they are changing blonde jakes as we know them


      The truth cannot come out of a wicked heart.

  4. Steel Magnolia says:

    BEWARE ALL ‘msm’ News.
    > Even Fox. ‘Cherry pick Info’./ Source.
    ‘Judge’ Jeannine Pirro Back. W/crucial
    Statements. Fox ‘let her’ ( For now).
    > ‘Heart’ Always ‘navigate’ , to Say ‘Truth’.
    Do Not ‘fight’ Heart/ Gut ‘feel’.

  5. Jesse says:

    The best thing for America would be CNN, MSNBC and all the other MORON MEDIA outlets would just close. Extermination of all their talking heads would also be a good step for them to take.

  6. Mona says:

    I’ve only seen her when another channel shows her making stupid comments. Everyone on MSNBC, CNN and other liberal shows aren’t any different. I always enjoy it when Conservatives find the dumbest comments they say. She will just be replaced by someone that is just as dumb as she is.


  8. Kara says:

    I wonder if she every thought she could lose her show and have no where to go.

  9. Chris says:

    I hope the Madcow has the time to read ALL of these comments……….. I have never seen so many responses as this before. WTG ! MAGA’s

  10. Phyllis Arellano says:

    I ask the Lib/Dems how many illegal immigrants is too many?
    Trump/Pense 2020!

  11. Phyllis Arellano says:

    I am married to a lib/dem. we watch MSNBC, CBS, all the comics: Fallen, Mahr, & Oliver.
    I listen to AM radio I will vote for Trump/Pense 2020. Thank you very much!

  12. Jack Handy says:

    To Robert Longoni, JR.
    Jack Handy March 30, 2019 at 6:12 pm
    Hi Robert JR So what, this site ‘May’ Support POTUS
    which includes some ‘nasty’ ‘free speech’.
    > Dems Have sites as well. GO THERE &
    Support, W/ positive for them.
    >Why Come Here for a ‘rag 0n’ , IFFF you
    don’t like it.
    >Psych 101 = Reason you do not go to Dem sites,
    IS b/cuz Your Heart ‘pulls YOU HERE’. You Want
    to ‘join in’ But you have been ‘sabotaged’ By a LOT 0f
    ‘False msm Info’ )

  13. 2020 voter says:

    True, keep her show as a continuing reminder of leftist lunacy. BTW someone trigger a dem to start up “impeach 45” also as a reminder of their crafty ways.

  14. James says:

    Keep her on the air! The more air time she gets, the closer Trump gets to 500 electoral votes in 2020.

  15. Marcos should be taken off the air

  16. Steel Magnolia says:

    This IS Called ‘WAKING UP’ !!! For Many MANY.
    Rightly So. __
    In a ‘way’, thnx maddow, “masterfully” Playing Millions
    of Democrats. & Losing 1/2 Million. This is a ‘start’.
    > Let the 1/2 Million ‘find their ‘Way’. ( W/ MORE TRUTH)
    & ‘it’ IS NOT
    To Go Back, where they Came From.

  17. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Madcow should be out in a field, farting along with the rest of her bovine ilk.

    • Wendy Mantooth says:


      • Robert Dentan says:

        I taught my children that, as Americans, we should listen respectfully to each other, and that calling other people “bad names” was childish and stupid. Have I ruined them for life in today’s America? I tell people who are trying to recover from addictions that the first thing they need to do is pay attention when people who are farther along the road to recovery talk. I know what happens when they don’t listen, because I’ve seen it: they go out and die, often horribly. Jesus wept.

    • Miss Mellie says:

      She is not going anywhere as she was spouting the party line like she was told to do.

      • ElVerta A Quinn says:

        hat is even worse. Where is her personal self respect. If anyone does not agree with their boss, they should resign and find a job that tells the truth and is PRO-AMERICAN!

      • Neil Glenn says:

        I concur. She is merely a mouthpiece for someone who has the money/power. I suspect Soros and/or other big money creeps. I also believe these are the ones who are funding the recruitment of all those S. Americans who are in the numerous caravans attempting to crowd-rush our southern borders!

  18. Joan Landreth says:

    Ms. Madcow and all of the CNN, CNBC, NBC, liberal, DemoRat, disrespectful fools are not deserving of a voice on American television. The barefaced lying, contemptuous swipes and mindless malevolence toward our President demonstrates their shameless disregard for this countries elected President and implies that “the people” do not have the intellect to see through their perverted madness.

  19. Gy/Sgt. Lew Souder says:

    Rachel Maddow should have lost her job Months ago……. Get rid of her NOW!!!!

  20. Robert Longoni, Jr. says:

    I find the level of devotion to President Trump that is shown on this website to be scary. While progressives or liberals don’t always get things right, President Trump lies on almost a daily basis.


    • James Henderson says:

      If you find it all that scary, I suggest you sidle up to mommy who will protect you from harm and tell you what a wonderful child you are. She’ll also give you that championship participant trophy that’ll tell you that you are one of the best children ever.

      Rachel Madcow, Adam Schiff, Pelosi, AOC and the rest of the left wing criminals that masquerade as patriots on their “news” networks lie every time they’ve moved their mouths the last 2 years. And you bought every minute of it Bob.

      You need to grow up.

      • Lee says:

        You are one of the worst people I have witnessed and the best thing you could do would be to get your head out of your ass and look what is really happening….never have I seen anything that resembles an Amgen’s a on the left except to try to bash the President…and you really have nothin to show how you just bash because you don’t know better…you are a puppet!!!

      • mstr9 says:

        Well Said Mr. Henderson, BRAVO!

      • mstr9 says:

        Again, well said Lee!

    • Jack Handy says:

      Hi Robert JR So what, this site ‘May’ Support POTUS
      which includes some ‘nasty’ ‘free speech’.
      > Dems Have sites as well. GO THERE &
      Support, W/ positive for them.
      >Why Come Here for a ‘rag 0n’ , IFFF you
      don’t like it.
      >Psych 101 = Reason you do not go to Dem sites,
      IS b/cuz Your Heart ‘pulls YOU HERE’. You Want
      to ‘join in’ But you have been ‘sabotaged’ By a LOT 0f
      ‘False msm Info’ )

  21. sept mcdade says:

    More sensationalism.
    It never stops on this website.

  22. ronny says:

    whoa wait…that’s a she?

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      I’d classify her as an “it” . She needs to get a sex change operation to have her become a third sex. (The Butthole Sex).

  23. John steinbroner says:

    as long as she is on the more she will bury the democratic party.She is proof the demos are off base by a country mile

  24. Lee says:

    Why doesn’t she say anything about how corrupt Hillary Clinton is
    Because she won’t listen to the truth!

    • Vicky Melin says:

      Because she supports all those crooked democrats.

    • sept mcdade says:

      What corruption?
      Accuse, accuse, accuse .. never a drop of evidence.

      • The Real M says:

        sept mcdade , So you have been out of the country many years, I see. The ones of us who have been in America, are engaged and follow what is going on have seen evidence. Hades, Jim Comey has even seen evidence. If HRC wasn’t a Democrat, her behind would be cooling in a prison cell where it should be. She had “pretend” investigations done by paid off officials and her cronies, so she has never been investigated until now. And you, sept, need to educate yourself with news other than the MSM delivers because, they wouldn’t know the truth or see the evidence if it flew up and bit them on the a$$! You stand by, you are about to hear and see more evidence about HRC and a whole lot more very soon. Ever hear of the coming Inspector General’s Report? Stand by you close minded braindead liberal! There is a lot more to come and soon I hope! It is high time she paid the piper!

  25. Joe M says:

    She is another pencil neck just like Adam Shiftless.

  26. kathleen Gatta says:

    If she had any brains, she’d be dangerous!!

  27. Nathan Paris says:

    Not only should Rachel Maddow leave, but many more, Don Lemon, Joe Scabborrow,Mica and a dozen and half more. this is included with the “Drain The Swamp” initiative. Best of luck! Trump/Pence 2020 MAGA

  28. Carol says:

    the Madcow will not lost her show; she fits what the news organization is all about.

    • Ruth says:

      Also, she should stay on to highlight that viewers have a choice- fake news or truth. She is the queen of fake news…Donna Brazille will need somewhere to go from Fox eventually.

      • Randy Smithr says:

        Very true Ruth. Her crooked mouth only releases crooked words. Donna Brazile is not any better. I am just amazed FOX has allowed Brazile to spout her foul mouth on my favorite programs.

    • Harold says:

      True, unless she looses to many money making sponsors!

  29. tom moser says:

    GOD is good!!!go figure. Like it or not in the end we win. Keep the FAITH

  30. Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-hoe tribe says:

    Is Mad Cow one of those farting cows Alexandria Occasionally Conscience wants to ban?

  31. maquignon says:

    Rachel Maddow, Adam Schiff, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ihan Omar, Jim Acosta, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Joy Reid, The Krassenstein Morons, The Cuomo Idiots, Chris Matthews, Joey/Joy Behar, Bill Maher, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton

  32. Les says:

    The GOOD NEWS is that those who have left MadCow have had enough of the witch! She should be treated the same as any other mad cow . . . . Put down to protect humanity!!!

  33. Harvey D Schneider (AKA ConserativeOne) says:

    Something in the way she, MadCOW, MOOs me, makes me udderly distrust her!

    Is the pail half full or half empty? Looks like its 1/2 empty!

  34. FRANK J LOSOS III says:

    She shares one common trait with Adam Schiff. Her pencil neck. Do you think they could be related?

  35. FRANK J LOSOS III says:

    I hear there’s a bartender position in the Bronx recently vacant.

  36. Bobbie says:

    I think all those people like her should be deported to the Country they think is better than the USA

  37. Carole ANNE Quinn says:





  38. James Termini says:

    How can this be the end of Maddow? She works for MSNBC, part of the fake news MSM. Do they have the integrity to fire her? I doubt it.

  39. N says:

    ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  40. Carl says:

    I don’t see how anyone with half a brain can believe any thing she says.

  41. Patricia Rentz says:


    • frank johnson says:

      I think Ms. Maddow is very much like a very mean version of P.T. Barnum. All she needs is a top hat and a mustache she can twirl as she continues to try selling her snake oil to her audience of dopey Lemmings who will follow her blindly as she gives them a cup of Kool-Aid and waves goodbye to them as they one by one go over the cliff. Old Mr. Barnum said there was a sucker born every minute and he was right.

  42. Calvin says:

    Maybe she can get a seat on the view and spew her nonsense to the five remaining viewers….lol.

  43. RC says:

    Glad to see Murky Maddox may be losing her chair. It is long overdue, since seeing her meltdown
    after Trump’s victory in 2016. She will not be missed at all. Maybe CNN could replace her with an
    objective staff for once.

  44. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Makes me wish we had another Dorkocrat president so that he/She can doze our border with Mexico and turn it into a free for all, so that communist Rachel could get shot up along with her family by a middle eastern thug terrorist.

  45. Jeff081 says:

    Let me get this straight, Trump’s a “thought criminal”, he thought about collusion, therefore he must be arrested. We know this, because Maddow KNOWS what Trump is thinking. And, the half million people that left Maddow’s show, that can be translated into a landslide victory for Trump in 2020.

  46. Fred says:

    Right after the Mueller report came out I was “forced” to tune into CNN and MSNBC just to see what was going on. Best laugh I had in a long long time. Both stations were literally speechless and in a full panic mode. They tried their best to “formulate” some kind of rational statement but stumbled over themselves. Like I said BEST LAUGH in a long time

  47. AN says:

    Every damned Democrap should have their personal lives scrutinized just as they did to Trump and associates.
    C’mon now…….Benghazi, Uranium Deal, Iran Payoff, ObamaScare, Mexican Arms Fiasco, Illegal Immigrant Voting, BS Global Warming, THE MUELLER ILLEGAL INVESTIGATION, THE BS KAVANAUGH ACCUSATIONS, FISA COURT??????? ALL, A lot of Crap!!!!! AND, Before I’d ever worry about Global Warming & Climate Change (which has always happened) I WOULD WORRY ABOUT “ASTEROIDS”!!!!

  48. Shiftless Schiff does seem to have no neck, but it appears that he is a no brainer a d

  49. Michael Brown says:

    Every Dem in the land is pining for LGTBQxyz rights. Are there any rights they don’t have that the rest of us have? Poor Rachel she is on her way out of the news biz. She and all the rest of the Dems should get out of politics, go into the tent cities that are popping up in SF and do that community clean up thing. Embrace those poor that are dropping out.

  50. DonRS says:

    Maddow has lost her audience, but it will take CNN an indefinite period to discover that fact and cancel her show!

  51. Dan Gibson says:

    RACHEL MADDOW…. You will repeat the following:

    ” I was not hired to BE or INSERT MYSELF into the NEWS”….

    Now You must stay after school and write that statement on the blackboard 500 times daily until the message gets thru to you…. we will check back in approximately 3 months, to measure your progress !

  52. Michael Groves says:

    In our house we call her the Madcow of the media. I’d like to see a big ring sticking through her nose to complete the whole Madcow look.

  53. Ruth Waters says:

    This piece of crap should have been removed years ago. It’s time for dems and liberal jackasses to get over Russian collusion. Go President Trump and clean up the swamp!

  54. Gerry Johnson says:

    She is just another part of the Trump hater trainwreck that refused to turn the volume down. Reminds me of a leaderless wolf pack going off the cliff.

  55. Shirl says:

    In every way … their corruption is undeniable!

  56. Never watched that station and will not watch that station.That station is a piece of crap. they have never told the truth from the first day they went on the air. If msnbc would go off the air I would be happy and drink a beer which Ihave not had a beer in over 2 years.

  57. Wyatt says:

    Saying something disgusting , hmmm . They need to cancel her for being disgusting ! He leftist opinions and one side tirades disgust and alienate many viewers along with her obvious Hatered of America .

  58. General Bull Krapper says:

    I thought she was Bronson Pinchot from “Perfect Strangers”.


    PS: Should’ve been cancelled after her Trump tax reveal fiasco!

  59. Peter says:

    He She should be fired

  60. schaak says:

    This woman [and I use that term loosely] literally looks like she’s talking outta’ the side of her face

  61. THEA CAPAZZI says:


  62. Wrenchman says:

    I think Raymond Maddow should actually head back out to that river she was fly fishing in. Time to go fishin permanently

  63. Jim says:

    Not one thing will be done to her.One sided crap.She is a disease to the people .She sure as hell should not be on tv….

  64. Richard Pierce says:

    I hope she keeps her show. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to the Republicans.

  65. Maddow must be a very sad person to walk around with that much hate for a person,she may try smiling once in a while.

  66. Wayne Blankenbiller says:

    I have not watch the show either.

  67. Tim Shepperson says:

    I imagine little Ralphy Madcow and her minions are probably on suicide watch. I find these reporters, and I use that term loosely, dishonest despicable dregs of society.

  68. Thad Staples says:

    By the same standard one judges others God will judge them by that same standard!!!!!!

    • Thomas Wayne Kidd says:

      AMEN. Best comment I have read in a while.

    • Jersey Prophet says:

      At least you credit God with moral “standards.” Since the witch Madcow has NONE, God will honor those who speak with moral clarity the truth about this vile creature, and will mete the just desserts it deserves when the time comes.

  69. Terry L Earl says:

    This woman is a disgrace to the News profession and as an American. Get out MADCOW!!!!

  70. Many more need to go down with her. MAGA !!!!! TRUMP 2020

  71. Mark Pearson says:

    How about computerized voices present substantiated facts as news. Eliminate the personality cults from the news/opinion business on TV. Fire the on-air persons and hire fact checkers — people hired for their integrity and intelligence. Feed the information (truth, facts, etc.) to the computer which then generates a pleasant audio presentation of what we know (not what we swish or wish for). Viewers could chose who the computer puts the news into (Re-incarnate Walter Cronkite for example or have various male or female presenters present).

  72. Blue says:

    Never watched the madcow show!

  73. Janet says:

    I think this faget bitch needs to be cancelled ASAP. You mean to tell me Judge Jeanine was taken off. This piece of crap is the worst of the worst. She must be the man because I have never seen someone as ugly as this walking around. Every time I see her I want to throw up all over her.

    • Brahma88 says:

      Now that MANY MORE AMERICANS HAVE “WOKEN” UP its time for the real Russian Collusion actors be brought to justice. The Deep State has sprung a leak. Such a breath of fresh air for OUR President of the United States of America. Let’s get most if not all of OUR wall built to SEAL our border best WE can. Control OUR IMMIGRATION PROBLEMS & do not deport but do imprison illegal murderers, rapists as we do to American citizens because now it “pays” to be an illegal. ENFORCE LAWS on the books, fight to end sanctuary cities & states, add additional border patrol & ICE agents. Thank you President Trump!

    • Blue says:

      Somebody said the he/she madcow reminded him of someone he lifted weights with.

    • B King says:

      The take down of Maddow, should be only the beginning of obliterating fake “news”. Would love to see them all drop like the snowflakes they are!

  74. Rodney says:

    Madcow needs medicated and psychoanalyzed. TDS is strong in that one. It would be too much to wish failure upon them.

  75. Ronald Smith says:

    Sad that sick witch Maddow built her ENTIRE Career on NOTHING BUT BASHING Our Great President TRUMP for the past 2 years only finding out he is innocent and there was NO collusion ! Dump The Homo WITCH !
    Not to mention when she showed the world Trump’s Tax Returns , that was my favorite episode when she finally discovered TRUMP paid more taxes than Obama / Comcast & Both Clinton’s alone . Karma at it’s best GO TRUMP ! MAGA! TRUMP 20/20 voter Republican or lose your country / Build The wall and throw Maddow over it

  76. Dave Miedema says:

    Although I’d love to see it gone once and for all, I doubt that MSLSD will actually cancel its show…at least until its destroyed credibility pushes the show’s ratings down to CNN levels.

  77. Timothy Toroian says:

    Where, oh where is my teenie tiny violin!!! Seeing her losing snug face gone would be sweet.

  78. Steff says:

    Hopefully Maddow will be sued for slander and have to pay a very large fine. She has been instrumental in fabrication of facts and announcing them to the world. This is proof positive that she is NO journalist just a propagandist likened to Hitler’s Goebbels and all the comrades at Pravda.

    • B King says:

      The take down of Maddow, should be only the beginning of obliterating fake “news”. Would love to see them all drop like the snowflakes they are!

      • The Real M says:

        B King! I am with you buddy! The “real news” is bad enough but, when you start with the “fake news”, I want to start twisting heads off and throwing the remains in the pig pen to help out the pig farmer’s pig feed bill. Bring us all the fake news people, starting now……………………….Just kidding! Maybe…………………………..

  79. Perry Perno says:

    Dump the homo which

  80. JHW says:

    She should give up TV and go back to licking carpet.

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