Rachel Maddow got smacked with the lawsuit that could take her off the air for good

Rachel Maddow’s career continues to spiral out of contol.

The MSNBC anchor watched as her ratings plummeted after viewers caught on to her lies about Donald Trump and Russian collusion.

And now Rachel Maddow got smacked with the lawsuit that could take her off the air for good.

One America News Network (OANN) is a conservative cable news outlet that is growing in popularity while Fake News CNN and MSNBC are plummeting.

So-called “mainstream” media outlets hate OANN because the channel offers a fair take on the Trump administration and doesn’t subscribe to the feeding frenzies over whatever fake news so-called “reporters” are trying to use to smear the President with.

Rachel Maddow is one of the chief critics of OANN.

Maddow saw her credibility reduced to tatters after she spent two years misleading her audience about the Russian Collusion Hoax.

The MSNBC primetime cited a Daily Beast article reporting that OANN had a Russian national on the payroll to falsely claim OANN was paid Russian propaganda.

In response OANN slapped Maddow with a ten-million-dollar defamation suit.

The Daily Caller reports:

One America News Network (OANN) filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit Monday against MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

OANN is suing Maddow, MSNBC, Comcast Corporation and NBC Universal for defamation, alleging Maddow “maliciously and recklessly” went after the network by suggesting it is a Russian state propaganda outlet, the complaint reads, according to Law and Crime. Maddow said that OANN “really, literally is Russian propaganda” on “The Rachel Maddow Show” in July.

Maddow’s comment was based on The Daily Beast article stating OANN’s Kristian Rouz is a “Russian national on the payroll of the Kremlin’s official propaganda outlet, Sputnik.” OANN demanded retraction from The Daily Beast reporter and Maddow on July 29. (RELATED: Voice Of America Currently Employs A Former Russian Anti-U.S. Propagandist)

“This is vile, sensationalistic reporting,” OANN’s lawyer, Skip Miller, said according to a previous press release. “These defamatory statements must be retracted immediately. One America News Network has no connection to the Russian government or any other government — no connection whatsoever, financial or otherwise.”

Americans are wondering how long MSNBC will put up with Maddow’s antics.

Maddow led the charge on MSNBC, constantly pushing the fake news conspiracy theory about Donald Trump being a Russian government asset.

Misleading her audience led to viewers abandoning in droves.

And now she is the subject of a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

At what point is enough enough?

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  1. concerned says:

    You are an SOB. Why do you use a religion to make a comment. You are what keeps hate going on in the world. You are a stupid person. I feel people pick on Jews because they are self reliant not government and take care of not only their own but are the most charitable people I know due to always being persecuted by ass holes like you.

  2. Jack Handy says:

    > REPOST: CONTACT Your ‘providers’ !!!

    Jack Handy September 10, 2019 at 11:02 pm
    Good, 0ANN – $10 million For ‘Starters’. ___
    > OANN’s lawyer, Skip Miller, <<< IS SHARP &
    0n 'IT'.
    POTUS Reads 0ANN.
    0ANN needs a TV Channel ?
    Team W/ 'NewsMax'???

    df September 11, 2019 at 4:04 pm
    They have a TV channel. Not every cable company carries it yet but it will happen. I called Spectrum and they said they were instructed to log the requests for OANN so they’re looking at it.

    Jack Handy September 11, 2019 at 10:27 pm
    Good !!! Thnx for reply.
    This Info NEEDS to Circulate !
    Contact Your ‘provider’ !!!

  3. Jack Handy says:

    Good !!! Thnx for reply.
    This Info NEEDS to Circulate !
    Contact Your ‘provider’ !!!

  4. Jack Handy says:

    Patriots ARE /& Have Moral Standards & ‘Souls’. ___

  5. Steel Magnolia says:

    Go To page bottom. Delete manually.

  6. juan murillo says:

    for what susan for what.

  7. juan murillo says:

    susan we minorities don’t need your help,we can fight our own battles,and yes I watch fox every day,Go Trump.

  8. Ken Kunes says:

    Please delete my email address from you mailing list.
    Thank you

  9. nifongnation says:

    Why Communists are not assassinated by patriots is confusing , when Communism is anathema to Unalienable rights.

  10. Ron says:

    Fake news? More like no news, lies, and innuendo. By the way, I have never watched her.

  11. Delores Moyer says:

    She definitely needs to be taken OFF the air…..

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