This pro-Black Lives Matter Congresswoman just stepped in it with this comment

There are few things that radical left-wingers hate more than President Trump.

But law enforcement may be one of them.

And this Democrat Congresswoman from New York just proved that by making this outrageous comparison.

Yvette Clarke represents New York’s 11th district in the U.S. House.

Recently she spoke at a protest in front of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) headquarters.

Clarke stuck her foot in her mouth when she compared our law enforcement agents to the Gestapo of Nazi Germany.

But to no one’s surprise, the Black Lives Matter protesters nodded in agreement with Rep. Clarke’s comments.

The timing of her comments also raised eyebrows as it was Holocaust Remembrance weekend.

So Rep. Clarke pulled a stunning two-for-one insult:

Disrespecting American law enforcement agents who lay their lives on the line to protect our country and making light of a horrific tragedy that we hope shall never be repeated in human history.

What are your thoughts on Yvette Clarke’s statement comparing ICE agents to the Gestapo?

Tell us in the comments below!

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31 Responses

  1. Wildmann says:

    Keep Electing ‘Recipient Race Members to Congress! We’ll be a 3rd. World Nation very quickly!

  2. Nancy Tomaso says:

    If black lives really mattered to her she would be trying to improve their circumstances, ie. lowering the unemployment rate among black people, Wait. Isn’t that what Trump did? As to the Gestapo comment. She insults the millions who were murdered by the Nazis by using this as an inflammatory comment to anger everyone. Grow up!

  3. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    She’s presenting her personal opinion as the opinion of Congress; and yes, since she isn’t the official spokesperson for Congress, or even in a position of leadership in Congress, that’s a bit illegal.

  4. David in MA says:

    and it is in the negro ghetto where there is standing room only.

  5. David in MA says:

    And doing so as an identified member of congress while standing behind the House of Representatives logo at the lectern.
    SOOOO, it appears she was representing the House with an official message…… which, I believe, is a violation of law…

  6. They have NOTHING “real” left to say as all of their CORRUPTION is being UN-covered and made PUBLIC, so, all there is left for them to do is keep up with their “HATE TIRADES” for President Trump, and they are going NOWHERE with that…..!!!! I PITY them for being so SHORT-sighted and/or plain and simple DUMB…..!!!

  7. Jack says:

    How doe any comments like hers do anything positive for this country???? For 8 years this type of negative, hatred comments have been nurtured in this country, and, it sure appears it is being fueled by our elected officials; some of which are communist, and, may even like Nazism. Some cleaning out needs to be done, then have a meeting of the minds for the common good of all of us.

  8. Richard says:

    The two political parties used to have differences, but ones like this idiot are a disgrace to the the whole system.

  9. steve says:

    This is what low information voters in the democratic party feed on. It is their life blood, hope we can put an end to them in public office. Ignorance!!

  10. robert Fantelli says:

    AMEN !

  11. DORIS A BROWN says:

    This fat ass doesn’t even need to be an Official. These people are nothing but scum bags. Let’s hope she gets attacked and needs a Police Officer or even

  12. robert Fantelli says:

    Yvette- It’s people like you and your comments that are building a wall A HUGH WALL of despise , disrespect and distance between my race and your kind including non African Americans who fall for the malicious BLM rhetoric. Please get educated on US History, World History and the history of The rise and fall of Nazi Germany. You are truly among the thousands of the under informed and misinformed.

  13. Aline says:

    Another village looking for its idiot!… FOUND IT!!

  14. michael floyd says:

    America has been putting up with this UNACCEPTABLE behavior for years and we are gonna put a stop to it one way or another!! GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  15. Reverend1 says:

    Yvette Clarke, another under educated racist black damocrap.

  16. Dwight says:

    If she was talking about these government agencies from 2008 to 2016, under the Muslim dictator Obama, she could be correct.

  17. john major says:

    This why we need to vote out all dems, libs and rinos in 2018 and 2020. These fools are bringing down the greatest country the world has ever known. Help make this country great again by voting these fools out.

  18. Bill says:

    If she ever gets assalted by an illegal tell her not to call for help from ICE

  19. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    I wonder if this woman is too stupid to understand that she’s creating a self-fulfilling prophecy in effect? That the more she, and others like her, diss police and tell followers they don’t have to obey their orders, the greater the number of their followers will fall victim to police because the police quite NATURALLY will react defensively much more often with greater force, ie shoot first and ask questions later! They aren’t in that job to commit suicide, and this is setting the stage to get MORE people killed needlessly, not fewer!

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