This pro-Black Lives Matter Congresswoman just stepped in it with this comment

There are few things that radical left-wingers hate more than President Trump.

But law enforcement may be one of them.

And this Democrat Congresswoman from New York just proved that by making this outrageous comparison.

Yvette Clarke represents New York’s 11th district in the U.S. House.

Recently she spoke at a protest in front of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) headquarters.

Clarke stuck her foot in her mouth when she compared our law enforcement agents to the Gestapo of Nazi Germany.

But to no one’s surprise, the Black Lives Matter protesters nodded in agreement with Rep. Clarke’s comments.

The timing of her comments also raised eyebrows as it was Holocaust Remembrance weekend.

So Rep. Clarke pulled a stunning two-for-one insult:

Disrespecting American law enforcement agents who lay their lives on the line to protect our country and making light of a horrific tragedy that we hope shall never be repeated in human history.

What are your thoughts on Yvette Clarke’s statement comparing ICE agents to the Gestapo?

Tell us in the comments below!

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32 Responses

  1. James E Prince says:

    Just another political hack obligated to her base. She is either just pandering and/or is just that ignorant. 95% of blacks are killed by other blacks. Black people of America – sweep up around your own back door. You have a mess to clean up that is the responsibility of your own people.

  2. Stella B says:

    Thank you, I wish these black and the dumb ass white one would read your post. They don’t give a darn about blacks, and the prime example was the last President. They are so misinformed by listening to the race baiters and the mainstream media. Don’t hide behind the race card, do something for yourself. Again thank you, for putting your opinion so eloquently.

  3. Diana says:

    This n woman is a disgrace to her race!! She is a disgrace to humanity!! She is not fit to serve in the government!! DemonRATS are all alike, all they preach is HATE!! I PRAY ALL DMONRATS ARE VITED OUT IF OFFICE ASAP!! AND ITS HAPPENING! GO TRUMP MAGA

  4. Gerald Snyder says:

    Her life does not mean a damn thing to me, would not matter to me if she was gone tomorrow.

  5. Another Stupid jungle monkey in a political office showing her ignorance.

  6. Gwyllm says:

    Finally, my right username!

  7. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Couldn’t hurt: I’d vote for it as a referendum on our ballots!

  8. Mr. Manfredgensenden says:

    I propose a bill for an intelligence test in order to qualify to vote. It may help keep the idiots out of our government.

  9. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Very well put!

  10. Randy131 says:

    Every year the FBI murder statistics show that 95% of all Black People killed in the USA, are killed by other Black People, leaving the remaining 5% of all Black People killed to be done by White People, Latinos, Orientals, Muslims, and Native Americans, and out of that 5%, less than 0.5% are killed by law enforcement. So if that group that is responsible for less than 0.5% of Black People being killed should be called “Nazis”, what do we call the group that have killed 95% of Black People every year?

    Black People do so much killing every year that mot law enforcement don’t even want to go into their neighborhoods, including most black law enforcement personnel. Most Black people of means refuse to live in black neighborhoods precisely for this rreason, look at all the black millionaire sports figures, successful black business people, and even black politicians (Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson, etc.), even the black race baiters such as those employed on CNN and MSNBC.

    When “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) can convince Black People that black lives really matter, and stop the tremendous and horrendous killing of their own, then other races would take them more serious, especially if they stop calling those who kill less than 0.5% of them “Nazis”, who protect the rest of us that believe and act like “All Lives Matter”.

  11. Stan L says:

    The mention of “Nazi,” Hitler” and “Stalin” are the most recent labels morons who weren’t even born at the time the notorious titles were at their worse.
    The name callers obviously believe such names will hurt those to whom they direct them. It has become an everyday supposed insult directed at people who happen to be hated because their opinions are not agreeable to the name-callers. It’s actually ridiculous for the name-callers to use such tactics, simply because it’s only the name-callers wanting recognition for hating “openly and fearlessly”. I suppose this gets them “hate” points from their quieter brothers and sisters. Think of how sick it is!

  12. Jack says:

    She is self serving and inflammatory against those she represents but does not have a moral clue. Other sad fact is that the Blacks follow these select liberals right over the cliff all the time. Seems they live pretty good. What about their constituents? Delirious with welfare and the ghettos!!!!!

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