President Trump’s life was just threatened by somebody you won’t believe

The radical Left is more emboldened than ever before.

They will stop at nothing to take down President Trump, even if that means physically.

And President Trump’s life was just threatened by somebody you won’t believe.

Extremists are taking over the Democrat Party.

Case in point, elected politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders outright supporting socialism.

But some candidates are far more extreme.

Texas Democrat congressional candidate Justin Lecea shows his support for Antifa on his Twitter account, which features the red and black flags of “anarcho-communism.”

And in a recent Tweet, he stated that we should “Give Donald Trump the wall.”

He’s not talking about supporting Trumps efforts to build a wall on the border, but rather is insinuating that Trump should be executed by firing squad.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic Texas congressional candidate Justin Lecea tweeted that President Donald Trump should be given “the wall” Tuesday night.

“#ImpeachmentEve Give Donald Trump the wall,” he said.

“Y’all can interpret that however you want.”

Lecea also defended his lack of civility in a series of tweets Tuesday that included a .gif of The Joker.

“If it wasn’t already apparent, I am not going to run a nice campaign,” he said.

“I can promise that my campaign will be about calling out those who rule us for what I feel most Americans are justifiably frustrated and angry over,” he also said. “In the process I will not remain civil because the time for civility with power has passed, but I will remain morally true.”

Lecea is the same Democrat who recently doubled down on calling former president Barack Obama a “war criminal” and saying he should get cancer.

“People are criticizing me for wishing cancer on Obama,” he said. “I say that having lost a parent to brain cancer after 12 years of fighting, and getting to see just how terrible our Healthcare system is, and I still think he deserves it or worse.”

Lecea is running against Democrat Rep. Joaquin Castro in the primary race for Texas District 20.”

This isn’t the first post like this Lecea has made.

After calling him a war criminal, he stated he hopes former President Obama gets cancer.

This is the sort of politics that radical Antifa supporters are trying to force on America.

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247 Responses

  1. Patriotson says:

    One cannot Demak with sumber as a rock.

  2. L. Shamus McQuade says:

    These younger BRATs who are the offspring of BABY BOOMER BRATS who themselves supported burning the American Flag protesting the Vietnam War and all sorts of college based protests when they had long hair, scurvy looking and bad attitudes. Now their offspring are JUST LIKE THEM….BRATS…they are in no position the make threats when they could fight their way out of a wet paper bag. I say to them bring it on, there are way too many AMERICANS with WEAPONS tat know how to use them that will chop you into little pieces and send you home to your baby boomer brat parents in a SHOE BOX…..PU$$IES ALL OF EM

  3. Sylvia Allen says:

    klyneal: The concept of one world ORDER is not bad. Unfortunately, the way it’s trending now is not for ORDER, but rather CONTROL. It dictates that every DRONE agrees with everything the insane controller(s) proposes! Since, in our case at this time, the CONTROLLERS are slated to be Extreme Liberals (EX), it’s a really bad thing. EX is a serious, dreadful social disorder which is terminal for everyone.

  4. These lunatic dumbotards should be prosecuted and jailed. How is it these POSs are not in jail? Hanging…firing squad….assassination, any of us would be in jail for these comments! What has happened to our country? The Rule of Law still applies to all citizens.
    Drain the Swamp, Mr. President. Force them into the public eye. Let us determine their fate!

  5. Frances Weingarten says:

    The radical left has overstepped its boundaries. The more rational among them should remind their cohort that what they are doing is outside the boundaries of democracy! These people, like all others, must abide by the results of the people’s voting . They don’t have the right to use force of any kind to change peoples’ choices. They must bow to reason before anybody is actually hurt!

  6. Frances Weingarten says:

    Extremist democrats are becoming far more radical than democrats have ever been! One can only hope that their growing extremism will be dampened by the logical among them! The last thing anybody needs is any extremists attempting to push their policies forward!

  7. WHY isn’t this POS in jail for making threats against the President?? There was a time when the Secret Service would have arrested him as soon as the words left his mouth. Time for the Political Correctness to stop and just because this POS happens to hold a Government position doesn’t make it ok to threaten the President.

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