President Trump made an announcement that will make you stand up and cheer

The days of Barack Obama’s world apology tour are long gone.

President Trump is fulfilling his promise to make our military strong again.

And he just gave a speech that will make you stand up and cheer.

President Trump signed a $717 billion military spending bill that includes the purchase of 77 new F-35 fighter jets, new blackhawk helicopters, and 13 new navy warships.

The bill also gives our troops a 2.6% pay raise.

In his speech at Fort Drum announcing the new budget, President Trump said: “We’re going to strengthen our military like never, ever before, and that’s what we did.”

But he didn’t stop there.

“We will replace aging tanks, aging planes and ships with the most advanced and lethal technology ever developed. And hopefully we’ll be so strong, we’ll never have to use it, but if we ever did, nobody has a chance.”

President Trump’s “peace through strength” approach seems to be paying off.

ISIS is all but defeated and North Korea is working to denuclearize. But the anti-Trump media still spends 90% of its time attacking President Trump.

The bill was officially named after Senator John McCain.

Instead of reporting on the contents of the bill, the fake news media centered their coverage on President Trump’s ongoing feud with Sen. McCain.

Just look at some of the top headlines from the fake news industrial complex that came out immediately after Trump’s announcement…


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81 Responses

  1. joeupyoursMF'ERS! says:

    democrat party a bigger threat to the people of the USA than the muslim terrorist,isis!

  2. Rick says:

    muslim obama.….

  3. Donel says:

    Obama Commander in Chief? He couldn’t be a commander of a dog kennel.

  4. Don says:

    Barack, the fake and illegal president, turned out to be the enemy of the American people. Those who fell for his lies and deceptions were so gullible that they missed the boat by a boat load! They still are on that boat to nowhere but disaster by doing everything they can to stop a president who wants to get things right FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! BHO was the worst president and enemy of the American people who just recently professed to a group of Kenyans, in Kenya, that he was proud to be a Kenyan citizen from birth. So you see this illegal, funded by the CLINTON CARTEL and GEORGE SOROS, made it possible to fool a large majority of Americans to vote for him as president. Furthermore, this former president is not carrying out treasonous actions by forming and directing protest groups against President Trump. NO FORMER PRESIDENT HAS EVER PERFORMED NEGATIVE ACTIVITIES AGAINST A NEWLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, EVER! OSCUMBO is still speaking against President Trump and stupid liberal Media, several Congressional persons, illegals, some black radical groups, criminals and a few Rhino Republicans, disguised Democrats, and those former Democrats who were in Obama’s staff and organizatons still in Washington, have turned against their now boss, President Trump. This last group are the ones that make up the SWAMP in Washington who must be removed, every last one of them, ASAP. So far, they, along with most dimwit Democrats in Congress, are stonewalling our President keeping him from doing for the American people what he said he would do. These guys need to be voted out of office as well at each of the next two election periods. It is my contention they are doing this on purpose because their candidate, criminal and liar of liars, lost even though she won the popular. And we can thank the Electoral College for selection the rightful candidate to be our president, Donald J. Trump

  5. M says:

    There is so much difference between President Trump and BHO, it is as if we are talking about the President of two different countries. All Obama wanted to do was tear down our Country and he thought the military was a useless appendage. Too bad liberals don’t or can’t understand America has peace through power. The build up and improvement of our military and wage increases for military personnel is long overdue! I wonder if liberals understand what I mean by that statement. 🙂 I thank God for President Trump!

  6. Hazel Taylor says:

    God bless President Trump and Vice President Pence and their whole Administration. God bless the American Patriots who voted these men into office!!! We ask God’s Blessings on the United States of America and may we come together in Unity Under God, with Liberty and Justice for all under our Sacrificially fought for Freedom that our U. S. Flag stands for. May forever in Peace may it Wave!!!!!!
    Thank you President Trump for signing this much needed bill for our Brave Military, and ample and able equipment for the defense of our Nation. May the eyes of the haters and offenders of our President and Administration be opened to the accomplishments and betterment of our Nation and turn from their hating and offenses and support the duly elected President and help bring this Nation to it’s greatest days on earth. We need to wake up positively, morally, spiritually, truthfully, and bring back integrity and excellence in our Government, institutions, schools, businesses, security offices and news reporting. It all starts from the top, and I believe we’ve got those at the top now that are awake and alert to the changes that need to be made and bring about our greatness that was an example to the world. Let’s let our lights shine and support our duly elected leaders. God Bless America!!!!!!!!


  8. Hal Lemoyne says:

    I agree and support President TRUMP’s long for our awesome brave active US Military men & women serving

    with their honorable lives protecting all of our needed US interest

    regardless wherever, whatever & whenever needed

    my loving support for them & our honorable US President is proudly unequivocal

    this is the TRUMPing Truth
    this is my TRUMPing Truth
    Amen & Amen!!!

  9. Don says:

    Not even close! Obama was and is now a proven illegal with foreign born citizenship, Kenya, and he even said that to a Kenya group when he was there not too long ago. Also, almost everything he did in his 8 years was not for the American people, but to aid him in any number of ways. Even after his time in office, he continues to screw the American people by the use of huge sums of American taxpayer’s money for his benefit. He also started and advised a protest group to go after President Trump wherever the President was speaking on behalf of a Conservative Candidate or any where the President was in the public scene! This is treason and he should be charged as such and sent to jail. I’d like to seen him in Guantanamo with those buddy Muslim terrorist of his who are still there. Remember how many he freed from Guantanamo? You and I know that most, if not all, went right back into warfare, killing anybody who opposed Islam and Sharia law. And some are still active in various places. Now, President Trump has done more for the American people in his 21 months than Obama did in his 8 years. Furthermore, we can thank God and the Electoral College that Donald Trump won this past election and not Hillary Clinton. Knowing what I know about this evil woman, she would have been no better and perhaps even worse that Obama. Most people do not know her criminal record as all democratic news media will not bring out any of her crimes and all the lies and false accusations she presents.

  10. Randall Clark says:

    President trump of course!!!! Trump will go down as the best president in history!!!

  11. Kathy says:

    The only thing that obumer ran was running up his checkbook and his ego. He was the worst president we have ever had.

    • Mott D Dorn says:

      Well he DID do something right, He got OBL that we were chasing for 10 years. That’s the 1 good thing.

      • Rodney Andregg says:

        ~ Obama didn’t get OBL That was SEAL TEAM 6 that got OBL and THE INFO: was so strong on his location Obama could not say to stand down because that would make Obama showing support to the enemy….But he did call a “Stand-Down on Benghazi ” because he would have to go to the communications room (War Room in the WH) until all was completed and he didn’t want to do that because in the morning he was scheduled for Las Vegas a Fund Raiser to beg for money for Demoncraps, Obama is a Treasonous Traitor that committed Treason at least 6 different times, he belongs in front of the US MILITARY FIRING SQUAD and made to look like Swiss Cheese. ~

  12. Ron says:

    This bill should never have been named for McCain in the first place!

    • Phu Nguyen says:

      He is NEVER deserved for that very kind action fro the PRESIDENT

      • Dorothy says:

        John McCain is a traitor to this nation…naming that bill after him denigrates all of the men and women who served this nation, those that never made it home and all the Veterans who served with honor.

        • Mott D Dorn says:

          Was done to try to smooth the feathers on the DNC, I think some “Tar and Feathers” would be better!

        • Russell says:

          I always liked John McCain. He was offered up by the Vietnamese as a bargaining chip while a badly injured POW. His father was an Admiral, but McCain opted to stay with the other POWs. Unless there is a different account in the historical record? That was a very brave and poignant decision and one he never regretted. As far as his actions in the last 2 years, I definitely have been disappointed. My father died from brain cancer when he was 49. There was a definite personality change. Senator McCain has been battling brain cancer for some time. I can’t help but wonder, could the cancer have disrupted and/or skewed his thinking. If I get slammed for trying to be a character witness, I can take it, I’m a big boy! I voted Trump and will again in 2020, I was personally disappointed by Trumps disparaging comments about McCains war record before and after the election. Senator McCain should not be forever remembered for the last couple years actions, but the long and storied career I personally would be proud of. God bless you John and your family.

    • Darlene Dean says:

      It doesn’t matter! PresTrump didn’t rename it! I’m thankful for McCain’s service but the fact is that the Bill Got Signed! Obama nor the Congress wouldn’t sign it! Our Military will benefit from this! Wish McCain would support his Republican President!

      • Go look at the film when Jane Fonda was in nam.those pows gave her little notes blinked their eyesand other means to tell her the abuses being put on them.she turned around gave all the info to the vietnamies.Macain The injuries you got was it from when you bailed out or was it by torture?

    • Jean says:

      I agree why would you name a bill after a traitor???

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      I agree. I don’t mention John McCain’s name around Veterans……. especially Vietnam Veterans.

  13. K says:

    I’m so very pleased to see our Military be praised & rewarded for the heroic act of defending our Nation and the freedoms we enjoy. Hussein Obama tore our military down to a decades past level AND he wasn’t known to show respect to those who serve & have served. Thank God for a President that is proud of our military, military families and is doing much to bring our forces back to a level we did not see under the past administration.

    • Lee R says:

      AMAN!!!!!!!!!!! I agree 100%

    • Mott D Dorn says:

      AMEN, I still remember the 70’s when our troops were spit at and such, I was lucky and did not get it myself, But there is still a lot of “Bad Blood” among the ‘Nam vets that some take it out toward out returning troops by now showing up,, For the men are the offspring of the the people that were spitting on out returning troops. Was a very bad time for the USA.

  14. bagster53 says:

    this poll should rattle the kenyan freaks cage , the obomas are traytors to our country , they set the country back 60 years with their phony b/s , but that shouldn’t surprise you what can you expect from an illegal kenyan , just to prove what a racist he really is he never speak of his white mother

  15. B Taylor says:

    I like President Trump, but he is being misled by the military industrial complex. The equipment he is buying is mostly way to much money and not very reliable. I worked for several defense contractors and they are all shady actors, who always charge to much. Several systems that are way over budget and defective are LCS(navy), F-35(air force) and Zumwalt(navy). None of the LCS in commission have been able to leave port without breaking down in the engine room. Also, they are seriously under armed , one 57mm gun that can only fire forward of the ship. Then we have the Zumwalt that cost well in excess of one billion dollars, has one gun that is completely unproven and the ammo costs one million per shot. Then we have the F 35 which is short range and has small payload. Plus operational readiness and reliability is suspect. The main problem in military procurement is what I call the Iron Triangle. The cabal of retired admirals and generals who infest the upper reaches of the contractors and their buddies on active duty in the Pentagon are the villains who drive this public rip-off and endanger the lives of service members.

    • john v lee says:

      B.Taylor maybe you should follow your own advice and use spell check

    • veritas says:

      B Taylor — what a thoughtful and well researched analysis. Yes, going all the way back to Eisenhower, the military industrial complex has led to projects that were huge wastes of money. We are already #1 in the world in military spending and #2 country is not even close to us. What we need to to appropriately spend the money on the most reliable and best equipment and taking top care of our troops.

  16. Maryann says:

    Barak Hussein Obama was NOT a commander in chief. He was there for the freebies. President Trump is the best in ages.

    • Chuck Hobbs says:

      He was there to “fundamentally change” our country. Which was liberal speak for betrayal, treason, anarchy, racially divide, etc…. He was a traitor in chief.

  17. Donna Schneider says:

    President Trump did not name the bill. He wants to do everything possible to improve the military & make the lives of soldiers & their families better. God bless him!
    Blame the McCain backers who named it. Our President did not let the name get in the way of doing the right thing for our military! He signed this bill for them & to protect all Americans! God bless President Donald Trump!

  18. marian grossman says:

    I have asked repeatedly to be removed from this bullsh-t site.
    Trump is the worst so called President in republican or democratic history! He is a lying, unhinged, ego-maniac child. The poorest example to our young people with his lack of knowledge(dumber than a brick) his very limited vocabulary and his “no knowledge of history”.

    • von Potter says:

      THANK GOD for PRESIDENT TRUMP, the CONSTITUTION, our MILITARY & the USA FLAG, Pledge of Allegiance, Nat’l Anthem, the NRA….and everyone’s CPL’s…….

      Time for all the whining/crying liberals to be sent to JUPITER…….

      • Nancy says:

        Thank you for saying that !!!!! I would have, but you beat me to it. I hope marian gets her wish and they drop her.

        • Rodney Orr says:

          Nancy, you really have to feel sorry for people like marian!!!! You have to remember what Jesus said while he hung on the Cross, “FATHER FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO”!!!!!! These people have been brainwashed so bad, that they really do not know what they do!!!!!!!

    • Tasine says:

      And you obviously cannot read OR think. Trump is doing exactly what his VOTERS want to hear. That is what PRESIDENTS, not community organizers, DO. If you do not like him, that is your business, but you cannot in honesty call him names such as you just did, ignorantly, of course, but ignorance is not a good excuse when dissing the US President. The conservatives could not stand Obama, but we did not go crazy as a result. You leftoids have lost your minds over Trump’s win, NOT BECAUSE HE HAS DONE POORLY, BUT BECAUSE HE HAS DONE SO WELL. IT IS CALLED JEALOUSY ON YOUR PART.

    • cliff says:

      PLEASE ENLIGHTEN US all WITH “proof” OF ALL THOSE lies. YOU are only “parroting” the LIBERAL DEMOCOMMUNIST “talking points” fed to, and spewed by the “fake news”media”.
      The one that was constantly trying to DESTROY HISTORY (and our REPUBLIC) was OBUNGHOLE the GAY MOOSLIME FRAUD POS and his “team” of corrupt “haters” of our COUNTRY.
      The days of the limp-wristed PU**ie apologies are OVER and we NOW have a REAL COMMANDER IN CHIEF occupying the WHITE HOUSE. MAGA!!!!

    • marian grossman you have to be one ignorant individual. The US is
      getting greater every day in spite of 8 years of that chicago moron that was in the white house previously. You must have had a very severe head injury then you slid down the ramp the day you were born

    • jimtermini1 says:

      You are so detached from reality that your future chances for equanimity are in great peril.

    • Ken says:

      Why do you read it then, ass wipe?? Go back to the Clit on Nudes Nutwork and continue your brain douche!!

    • Chuck Hobbs says:

      Well now let us review some of Obama’s ignorance of the history of the United States. He didn’t even know how many states are in the union, he said in a speech that the union was comprised of 57 states. Obama is supposedly a constitutional scholar, he quoted the Declaration of Independence in a speech and stated that is was from the Constitution. These are just two instances; there are many more. But these demonstrate how stupid Obama is and how gullible you are.

      What I would suggest is that you are the one who is dumber than a brick, to use your own analogy, and that you are also as ignorant as the rest of the liberal left. You need to go back to your safe space crying closet with you comfort blanket and coloring book and stay there until such time as you can behave like an adult. While in there you might try reading some history books written by real historians, not the propagandist drivel currently being taught in schools. You might also want to study the English language, its grammar, and sentence construction.

      Finally as a bit of advice, a quote that is sometimes attributed to Abraham Lincoln the 16th president, it is “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

      • Phyllis Schultz says:

        Well said! Unfortunately the left has no desire to learn the truth, especially if it doesn’t go along with what they want to hear.

    • jerry bishop says:

      And the nig was ???????????????

    • Kathy says:

      no that was obummer. 51 states, allah etc.

    • James Garlick says:

      Sounds like you need these emails more than anyone else here. You seem to be suffering from “group-think” inside the MSMs liberal “bubble”

      Get a grip on reality and enjoy the great things this president has done for this country in his less than 2 years in office so far. Open your eyes to the truth and rationality. Like it or not, Trump is going to be president for another 6 years followed by another republican president. Just look at his great policies that have bettered this nation since his inauguration.

    • Christopher says:

      You may not like the man who holds the office, but it is my hope that you do NOT disrespect the office of POTUS. That being said, I wish you all the best and a very pleasant tomorrow!

    • mark says:

      just don’t click on the comments or e-mails, problem solved, now you can go to your safe place and dream of crooked Killary.

    • Ric says:

      Marian, you must live under a rock. Blaming Trump for some of the stupidest things and then trying to elevate Obama above what he really was… a liar corrupt beyond belief and who did more damage to this country such as racial divide, attacks on our police and much, much more!I, for one, am glad he is gone and he can take that cell phone and pen and shove it where the sun does not shine. Obama’s own generals called Obama a *ussy. Hell, he “shat” himself at the mention of Putin and Kim Jong un. Liberals screamed and cried about President Trump taking children from their their parents coming into our country illegally when Obama did the same damned thing! Where was your outcry with Obama? There wasn’t any outcry because you are all hypocrites! Go back under that rock now!

    • Mary Degraw says:

      Hes smart. You just see between the words. Ppl who know, can figure out his use of certain words and lack of and Caps. All done for a reason.

    • Jerry says:

      you are such an idiot the country is much better and morons like you have no respect for our military or country Trump built an empire what the hell have you done except collect welfare checks.You democrats are the devils in this country and this November you dirt-bags will be done

    • Fleeta Livengood says:


    • M says:

      Marion Grossman, Since you are obviously a genius, I don’t understand why it is such a problem for you to unsubscribe yourself from this website. You have at least two options on your phone, you can put the site in spam mail or simply block the website while you are on it. Also, at the bottom of the page, while you are roading comments,, there is a message that will unsubscribe. We surely want you to find a a way to do away with this site on your phone and/or computer so we won’t have to listen to your TDS ranting and raving. Good riddance to bad rubbage! TA-TA NOW!

  19. Chuck Hobbs says:

    It’s about time we had a leader who appreciates the military. I spent most of my adult life in the military and retired while Clinton was in office out of disgust for his loathing of the military. Obama’s treatment of the military was even worse. We have military members from all branches who have died needlessly because of a lack of funding.

    For a military to stay efficient it must constantly train, equipment and facilities must be maintained, and the morale must be kept high; this can’t be accomplished without the necessary funding. What all the leftists don’t seem to understand is “freedom ain’t free” and we must be ready and able to defend it constantly.


    • Nancy says:

      Chuck you are so right !!!! We are a military family and we are barely getting by on our retirement and S.S. But, the worse part is the active duty families. I know a few young couples with children who are really struggling. That raise for the military doesn’t sound like much but it will certainly help them. My husband retired after 20 years in the Navy. He would have gone for 30, but under Clinton, he didn’t want to, and they forced him to retire anyway. It was during the “cutbacks” in the Clinton era. Now, my daughters husband has left the Navy under Obama because it was no longer a “man’s Navy”. He said that the recruits coming in were poorly trained and big babies to boot. They whined and cried about having to work “too hard”, in their estimate. He couldn’t stand it anymore so he got out and now he works for the Government ship builders. It should be getting better for him too under President Trump, with more money for new ships and equipping them better.


  21. OLD VET says:

    just remember that the big man is a big man and has reason for what he does ,have no love for McCain but trust the big man .

  22. bob angelo says:

    McCain is old and senile Should not be allowed in Congress. Ole school Republicans suck. They are all against Trump. All the more reason we LOVE him. The press and the LIBTARDS hate him. So apparently they also hate America. His accomplishments go on and on. The economy, unemployment, etc., etc. The world respects us again and they all know we are again the leader of the free world. So tell me what is there NOT to like about this man? What am I missing??We still love America and this man is making us PROUD again. God bless Trump and God bless America. I stand behind this man 200%.

    • Nancy says:

      I agree with you. I don’t blame him for not mentioning McCain “the traitor’s” name. All McCain has done is backstab the President and make speeches about everything he does wrong. I don’t think that I have heard ONE word of good out of him. McCain should take his sick self home and spend the rest of his time with his family.

    • Phyllis Schultz says:

      You have to understand, President Trump could walk on water and liberals wouldn’t like him. It’s all about control and power. His winning took it away from them and they can’t stand that, so even if he did exactly what they would do, they would find a way to turn it around. I wouldn’t mention McCain either if he did the bashing he did on President Trump.

  23. judith faurie says:

    I thank God for the bill. I really dont care who it is named after, as long as its not

  24. Sharon Jenkins says:

    I don’t understand why Pres Trump would name the bill after John McCain.

    • Nancy says:

      He didn’t. I read in another article that McCain himself came up with the plan and put his own name on it.

      • Dorothy says:

        But it really isn’t his name….John McCain was an Admiral and John McCain II was also an Admiral, but John McCain III is a traitor. So we can all think that the bill is really named after his Grandfather and Father not after the traitor McCain the third.

  25. FRED SCHLOEMAN says:


  26. Fr Tom Martin says:

    I do not like the bill was named after a traitiry

  27. Barbara Cook says:

    President Trump has been 300,000 times better than former Obama ever was in his 8 miserable years in office.

    President Trump will always continue to be better at what he is doing for America and the American citizens, and our Military.

    I am supporting President Trump 400,00%, because he is succeeding on what he campaigned on during the primaries during the 2016 Election.

    I am very proud of President Trump and his whole administration and his staff along with Vice President Mike Pence and his administration as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Continue with good hard work that y’all are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Russ Russell says:

    There’s simply no comparison.

    Donald Trump is a superior human. Barak Obama is a failed human with a spine of jelly.

  29. old biker says:

    Why the hell would in mention that traitor’s name.

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