President Trump just scored a big win over Mexico’s President on the Border Wall

President Trump was elected to build the wall on our southern border.

Mexico’s new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, said he would “resist” Trump every step of the way.

But the Mexican President just made a statement that was a big win for Trump supporters.

Mexican President Obrador can’t take it anymore.

He spent months attacking President Trump’s border wall proposal.

But he’s finally thrown in the towel.

Yahoo Reports:

Mexican president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he does not want to fight with US President Donald Trump on immigration.

Trump’s hardline approach on the subject has ramped up tensions and riled Mexicans, who he previously claimed would pay for the construction of a wall between the two countries.

But the leftist Lopez Obrador told reporters in the border state of Sonora on Saturday that angry exchanges were not the answer.

“We are not going to fight with the US government, we are not going to fight with President Donald Trump,” he said.

“The migration problem is not resolved by building walls or by use of force, but it’s a diplomatic job of respect,” added Lopez Obrador, who takes office on December 1.

When former Mexican President Vicente Fox complained about President Trump’s border wall, Trump famously said: “The wall just got 10 feet higher.”

Trump has already secured over $1.5 billion of funding for the wall and construction has even begun in the state of Texas.

President Obrador finally realized he was fighting a losing battle.


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  1. James says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you. We must once and for all destroy the Democratic party, it has gone way to far left. It should be now referred to as the Stalinist party. Do not vote democrat ever.

  2. God’s Sooooo fed up now, and going to help us

  3. Do Your Part to Help President Trump Build the Wall. Vote for Law and Order, Free Enterprise, America First Loving, God Fearing, Common Sense, Wall Building, Honorable Republicans in the 2018 Mid Term Election. – TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!! – SEMPER FI!

  4. olivia vasquez says:

    It’s time Mexico take care of there own people , the Wall is needed and is long over due to stop illegals from entering our country and draining our resources. Why should American Taxpayer have to pay for their needs, we need to take care of our own people here at home starting with the Homeless in this country , it all starts at home first before you start helping others, when you see the need here in this country is great. You would not neglect your own family , and take what rightly belong to them and give to a total stranger that doesnt belong to this country. There’s no free LUNCHES .

    • Joyce Fargen says:

      Amen to that Olivia ! Let’s take care of our own first! Putting America first should of always been! Proud we have a President that cares so much for America & all legal Americans! So proud he believes in God also God Bless him & his lovely Family ! God Bless America ! Amen!

    • Joyce Fargen says:

      Olivia, very well said & e agree with you ! God Bless America!

    • JOHN ERKER says:

      An even equal or more pressing issue concerns the illegal drugs which pour across our southern border. These drugs, many of which come across the border at the unprotected areas of the border. A ‘wall’ would surely make it more difficult for these ‘killer’ drugs to make it into the U.S..

    • Linda says:

      True. Thanks.

  5. olivia vasquez says:

    It’s time Mexico take care of there own people , the Wall is needed and is long over due to stop illegals from entering our country and draining our resources. Why should American Taxpayer have to pay for needs, we need to take care of our people here at home starting with the Homeless in this country , it all starts at home first before you start helping others, when see the need here in this country is great.

  6. merridee says:

    it is Mexicans that are entering our country, they brings drugs, child trafficking, cartel money, Mexico needs to help build the wall.

  7. F. J. Garza says:

    Even if Mexico does not directly pay for the wall; they may do so indirectly by all the money we save on supporting foreign nationals illegally residing in the United States. And the reduction in money being sent by Mexican nationals back to Mexico.

  8. Ken says:

    If walls don’t work why does Mexico have one on their Southern border.

  9. Jerry says:

    Keep those taco heads out of our county,they just want a free ride.if they don’t like it,they can kiss our asses.BUILD A NICE HIGH WALL!

  10. SANDRA TAIT says:

    in my opinion Obama stole enough money from this country by giving the FDA

  11. Frank Norton says:

    Mexico is one of the worlds most dangerous countries , and it is not in war. When Spain removed the riches from Mexico, it took the wealth from the pockets of the people except for the few Spanish people who stayed behind to run the country. Today most of the wealth is in the hands of the few. In the U.S. today one must build a wall around their property to protect their possessions from the poor. Our home has fences, and iron fixtures on the doors and windows, just like the wealthy. I have watched it all after vacationing yearly in Mexico over some 40 plus years.

    • Bill F. says:

      One way how each of us can do our part in showing Mexico we are in charge is to take our vacations somewhere else. Like Central or South America. It would probably be cheaper.

      • Deb says:

        Those places are just as dangerous as Mexico! Those people are illegally border jumping here just like the Mexicans! Vacation in the good ol’ USA-keep the $$$ here & see our great nation! Why would anyone want to go any where else?

  12. arschloch says:

    Since the dumb-o-craps, led by ‘lil sucky chumer’ and the three battle axe commitee, do not like to live in our Constitutional Republic, deport them all to Iran and with in a few days they will all be serving as fertilizer; which matches their attitudes.

  13. sheldon Nadler says:

    If walls are not necessary, why do millionaires and billionaires build them around their houses? Why did China build the Great Wall of China? Illegal immigrants and drugs need to be kept out of the US. My idea is to have a minefield on out side of the border and if they can get over that and they get themselves killed, oh well!

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Sheldon, you mentioned the Great Wall of China, but that never stopped the Mongolians from coming from the north and conquering China, ruling it for generations, did it? And some of the houses of those people with the most security get broken in – – all it does is delay the process somewhat in hopes police respond in time. Trump has only gotten $1.6 billion – – not even a 20th of what will be needed.

      Have you seen where almost all those prototype walls have weaknesses and can be collapsed? The French thought they had the wall of all time in the Maginot line in WWII, but the Germans went over it and around it – – didn’t stop them at all. And you miss the fact that this proposed STUPID wall would have over 600 property battles with Americans, where it cuts off their land from the only water access.
      And if it were completely built, all Mexicans would have to do is get a cheap flight to Canada, land and walk right in the USA, with rides in the USA to where they wish to go.

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        Maybe the US needs to build a wall along the Canadian border. Illegal immigration must stop at all cost.

        • T-pac says:

          Yep 👍🏻 and only the pecker head liberal nut cases want them here so they can COMMIT VOTER FRAUD!!!!

        • Dr, JD says:

          Sharon, do your realize that is the longest border practically in the world? Do you have any idea how much that would cost and how little it would work?! Some of the ignorant posts here, trying to make everything so SIMPLE, are not thought through at all. All it takes to defeat a 12 foot wall is a 13 foot rope or digging under it. To get drugs into America, have you not seen the elaborate tunnel builders of the Mexican cartels?

          If you think the cost of education is high, wait until you see the cost of ignorance. It makes much more sense to spend that money on crumbling infrastructure in America, like bridges that are falling apart all over.

          • von Potter says:

            Lets see now, the tunnel is leaking, and will never stop………The bridge and its metal is rusting out…..So pretty soon there will be a boat to carry people to and from the Canuck border…

          • Joseph says:

            Uhhh…the prototype walls are 30 FEET high, and digging u der them with 5 feet of reinforced concrete is gonna be tough!!!

          • Joseph says:

            If you think the cost of ignorance is gonna be expensive, just continue to listen to your made up excuses for NOT having a wall…Liberals need the votes that they lost when they murdered 60.5 MILLION babies…and those votes have to be replaced!!!

      • TooLateNow says:

        To use the typical Liberal argument: The cost is worth it if the wall just stops one person!

      • Marty M. says:

        Well Doc your perspective and response is quite right. The wall is not the definitive answer. In fact With a few definitive actions prior to, I would say “Open the borders, come on in…” So what are those definitive actions necessary?? Simply remove what is attracting all the illegals in the first place… #1 Children born here in the US of illegal alien parents do
        not automatically become citizens. #2 Immigrants here illegally receive no public benefits, no
        jobs and those who hire them severely punished. #3 Illegals caught in any criminal act will be immediately
        deported and imprisoned in the country they came from. If they cannot gain citizenship (benefits) just for having a child once they get here, they don’t get welfare, and cant get jobs unless they come in legally, they wont be so anxious to get here.

      • Robert A Woertendyke says:

        He get back to licking your windows! Build the wall!

      • Dee A says:

        Israel built a wall and its working.

      • Satindoll says:

        I have often thought we need a northern wall. Know of people that just walk across. Need to keep the unwanted OUT!

      • Joseph says:

        The Great Wall of China DID keep out the Invaders coming from the South, East, and West…the Mongolians were already in China asshole!!!they still are.

    • Janet says:

      . . . and why does Obama have one around his Washington DC “secret office!”

    • Deb says:

      HEAR HEAR! I’ve been saying for a long time mine BOTH borders!

  14. Jesse (Bear) Garcia says:

    We are asking the wrong people as to building a wall. Why haven’t we asked the legal residents of Hispanic and mixed Hispanic and native American what they want. You will be surprised at the answer. Born and raised here, never crossed a border, never migrated but Americans by a border that crossed the. Ask about the struggles to become real Americans, like not only learning the language but trying to understand what was being said, the prejudices encountered, the service to this country by joining the military, the right to live in residences where the majority of Caucasians lived, the denial of services by businesses due to discrimination and the final acceptance as citizens of this country. It was Hell! Now the left wants to receive them with open arms without any merit whatsoever. They may share the same surnames but have a different feeling about being a member of a member of a free society.

  15. John says:

    Kick the DemoCraps out of office in November!
    If you love America, this MUST BE DONE!!!!!!
    We must save our country from these America HATERS!

  16. Anthony Perez says:

    We can fix this problem by voting more Republicans into office. There are way too many left-wing Democrats running around with little or no brains to know what’s right from wrong. Come on people – get out and vote for more Republicans!!!

  17. MIKE C says:


    • JOYCE SULLENS says:

      So true.

    • truthistruth says:

      Rant, fester, complain and whine . . . what Trumpettes are good at doing. Soros is just your excuse not to take personal responsibility – – do you not have several billionaires even richer than Soros to provide the GOP with money?

      Time to quit yer gritching and face some reality. The numbers of the other side are growing faster than the Trump side, the young are not drawn to the GOP, the Trumpettes are predominantly older people who will die off sooner. Best you make some sort of peace with the Democrats, because they have the numbers — they have the people expanding and having kids, like Mexicans and other minorities, and they are supported more by the millenials. If we push things too far, we could be decades before we ever take Congress again and the presidency.

      • Joseph says:

        LMAO…that’s rich!!!The Democrats are the ones who want to replace the kids they have murdered(60.5MILLION) with abortions…and yes their are several billionaires who do support the Republican Conservative agenda…we do not have any that support openly the use of radical, and violent means of protest…they are growing, but the Left keeps killing them with abortions…and if what you are saying is true, any do Republicans have Governors in 32 States, have the majority in almost all the red States in both Houses of Congress, and how come almost 30% of Latinos are expected to vote Republican(more than ever before)in the midterms…almost 19% of Blacks are expected to vote Republican(more than ever before!) in the midterms???where exactly are you getting your information from?

  18. Katherine Goble says:

    Am in favor of the wall, but not in favor of killing, injuring, or hanging of anyone. Also, the name calling rant some on here have lowered themselves to, makes you no better than the left wing zealots with their protests, gerrymandering, and smear tactics. Grow up people. We can disagree without being hurtful or hateful.

    • John says:

      ever hear the term, you have fight fire with fire, a lot of truth in that!

    • Robin Lee says:

      I ask myself if I’m wrong calling Oh Bummer the name B.O. and the other one Killery. I feel that way, but then JESUS DID say “FATHER, forgive them for they know know not what they do.” It is so mind-blowing to see that he allowed the FATHER in HIM to separate from HIM just so that we could be be saved and be with HIM forever in peaceful heaven.

    • JOYCE SULLENS says:

      Katherine, I agree. No killing or injuring anyone, but I do want the illegals sent back across the border.

  19. bagster53 says:

    try going into mexico illegally and see what happens to you, the least we can do is protect our border the same way mexico does, remember the marine who crossed it by mistake , oboma left him sit in prison down there for 2 years

  20. Gini says:

    If it would have been built years ago, as promised by congress, we wouldn’t be having the problems that we have today.

  21. K says:

    How comical, Mexico has much tougher immigration laws than we do and yet they don’t want us to have our big, beautiful wall!
    Makes me realize just how much money and drugs and human trafficking must somehow benefit all those who staunchly oppose our southern border wall. Not just those here, not just those leftists that want future dem illegal votes but also those in Mexico who benefit from what’s truly going on. We’ve been far too easy on illegal drainers. They get everything free, even over legal citizens that can’t get help. They steal id’s, they sell children they murder & rape and they market illegal drugs to the most vulnerable. I realize there are some who are decent but that does not give them the right to come here illegally and milk us of benefits that should be reserved for LEGAL citizens. We’re all sick of this BS. The old saying, 1 bad apple spoils the bunch, that’s what comes to mind when the left describes how wonderful their “dreamers” are. Sorry, it doesn’t work. If anyone is not here legally, they need to go. They have the opportunity to go the legal route but instead they chose the illegal route. We should not be bullied into taking care of any of these people.

      • Ric B says:

        HOGWASH, bunch of ignorance. Mexicans come to America for predominantly the SAME reasons that our ancestors came here . . . for an OPPORTUNITY for a better life. And look who is doing some of the hardest work in America with construction, roofing, landscaping, blue-collar jobs – – it is not white teenagers that are taking those jobs. Once we put the squeeze on immigrants, our farmers can’t find Americans, even at much higher rates of pay, to take those jobs. Crops in some places rot in the fields.

        And despite what Trump says, their rates of crime are LOWER than among American citizens. I was part of the baby boom generation, and we took construction and mowing and roofing jobs if we could get them. But the young today do not have the work ethic of generations past – – most have been raised on video games and junk food. Who are some of the hardest workings in American today – -= > Mexicans and Mexican-Americans.

        • Rex says:

          You’re right but they did it legally. And those that are helping these innocent people break the law are making money from it. If they can’t get money from these poor people they take their girls were they force them to swallow balloons with drugs and transport them across. A wall will reduce the opportunity for illegal activities and also Channel immigration into areas that can control the situation. I agree with you in that if Congress doesn’t act and create laws that accommodate more easily immigration we still only have half of the problem licked.

        • Joseph says:

          It don’t matter why they come here, make them cocksuckers come here LEGALLY…and no matter what YOU say the Mexican is not the hardest working people in America…if they are such hard workers why don’t the go put as much energy working in Mexico?

    • Guy Edgerton says:

      I like the way you think, the Democrats want to men so they can vote for them ! if they can afford to have a coyote bring them across the border then they can afford to go through the legal way!

    • JOYCE SULLENS says:

      We give too much free stuff to illegals. They would stop coming across the border if they weren’t given free food, housing and education.

    • Inkpad says:

      Amen and don’t forget the corrupt carrier politicians here in our country that desperately want trump out its costing them millions and they know when he clears the swamp lots of them will be in prison where they belong!!!!

    • Deb says:

      HEAR HEAR! Just had a DACA murder & maim crew/member on fishing boat off of cape cod. Already bonded out😡

  22. jack brewer says:

    i think troops would be better. i have driven a lot of the border by car it is to much distance to wall it would help in cal

  23. Theodore Cicero says:

    The violence in these posts is stunning- killing and torturing an ex-president. You are indeed all deplorables: poorly educated, crass and sociopathic. Makes me ashamed to call you Americans, let alone Christians. If the stupid wall gets built, it ought to be around encampments where we can house you people with your guns and 2X4s

    • Guy Edgerton says:

      it’s obvious that you don’t like us Americans so let’s build a wall so you can stand on the other side and you won’t have to look at us and we can keep you out and Us in that away everybody’s happy!

    • Butch says:

      The Democratic party is now the new columnist party attacking people who don’t believe what they believe, loot and set fires what’s next burning books like the Bible. If you vote Democratic you are voting against America they have allow 22.1 million illegal aliens in to rig the American vote,The Democratic party needs to be gone vote American not columnist party !

      • Ric B says:

        Yes, the Democrats are the columnist party, Butch, but with Trump being compromised by Vladimir Putin, the GOP has become the communist arm of the KGB thug Putin. Add it up: trump got the RNC platform criticism of Russia watered down, constantly praises and defends Putin, one of the world’s greatest criminals, Trump’s people start from day one to end the sanctions on Russia but Congress puts a stop to that, Trump advocates to G-& to bring criminal Russia back into it after we prove that they attacked our election process in the 2016 election, and then at Helsinki, Trump defended Putin and blamed America for the problems between the two nations. Trump is COMPROMISED!

        • Robert A Woertendyke says:

          Richard 19 months no collusion found, oh there was collusion ! Killery and Obama Bin Laden’s collusion! Only thing watered down is your koolaid your drinking!!

    • John says:

      Tell that to your antifa cowards, they are the facists that would do the things you say, They would follow in the footsteps of Hitler and your hero, stalin

      • M says:

        Oh MY GAWD!! Are you really that ignorant?!? The name of “antifa” comes from being ANTI-fascists, not wanting America to follow in the footsteps of the fascists, neo-fascists and KKK members who marched in Charlottesville. Fascists attack the press like Trump – -there are a list of tendencies of fascists you can find on the web and inside the Holocaust Museum in DC.

        Would you guys quite babbling you simplistic and erroneous cult slogans and wake up somewhat? MAGA, build the wall, drain the swamp, Democrats are back, Kenyan president, and all those debunked conspiracy ideas that fill your brain rather than to read a newspaper or a book or to start critically thinking.

        • Robert says:

          M,the Kkk was formed by the Democrats in retaliation for the Republicans giving them their freedom! Antifa is the definition of Fascism! You may want to put down your libatard newspapers and turn off your CNN, and invest in a dictionary pre-1986!

    • Wiki an says:

      So do not call us anything!
      Just get your pea brain out
      Of America,go to Iran , see how long they let you shoot
      Your mouth of, degrading their ayatolla!!
      I am proud to be an AlMERICAN.

    • Ric B says:

      T Cicero, I have a similar reaction as you do – – – because the hatred and words of violence and ignorance coming through most of these posts is shocking. And the arrogant pretense that you are so much better than groups you malign. One thing is crystal clear, the GOP is a party of factions that does not get along well even with other members of the GOP — – your anger to other Republicans that don’t agree with you is almost cult-like. You love to call yourselves THE Christians and pretend the other groups are not “real” Christians at all. Your solutions to things, like building a wall that makes little sense, is just something that con-man Trump picked up to play fools like you. Trump has made most of his money by conning people, spreading lies and has learned to use the vitriol of a lot of you to HIS advantage. And many of you are too cult-like to see you are being CONNED.

  24. TexRancher says:

    A good place for Mexico to back their mouth is their southern border. Secure it and a large part of our border problem disappears. Second, get serious about enforcing our laws including getting rid of ILLEGALS occupying this country now! No big search, just deport them according to the law when encountered! Not hard since there are so many here now that you can’t swing a dead cat by the tail without hitting one!

  25. Joe says:

    To Hell with the Mexican President! Build the damned wall!

  26. Dave says:

    Good walls make Good neighbors… Build The Wall !!!!

  27. Marc Byers says:

    Build the wall, both countries will pay for it, if you want to come to the USA, do it legally or stay home, it is not the USA problem that your country is screwed up and you all want to leave, too bad, this is USA, don’t mess with us, MontanaMarc

  28. Will Harden says:

    Why bully Mexico over the wall ?
    They don’t have the money and have problems that we never dreamed of.
    It should not cost more than an interstate highway and we have them going all over.
    If we can build the wall we can forget Mexico except for the people who want to enter legally.

    • hydro says:

      Mexico doesn’t want the wall because that would leave all attempting to scale it left in Mexico – one would think that would be enough for the Mexican Government to just maintain their other borders and eliminate the main issue of allowing any and all to traverse thru their country on the way to ours. Try to go the other way illegally into Mexico and see how nice they treat you.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      All foreign aid to Mexico should be rescinded until the wall is built.

  29. CG says:

    My question is is the wall to keep them out or to keep us in? Hr1268 bill starts the emprisoning of americans. Its already signed and starts oct 1 2020.
    So you liberal whinnie democrats should be the first to start crying and wiping your ass with it but TOO LATE!!

  30. TJ says:

    For every dollar they send “HOME” . Take 50 cents for the wall . problem solved !

  31. Mike W says:

    If you let criminals run amok you will have nothing but anarchy. Criminals are criminals for a reason – they don’t subscribe to the rules of society. They think they can do what they want – take what they want without impunity. We have two choices agree with them or put them in their place. It is that simple.

  32. Cecil Simmons says:

    Please.. me name is a jose whorenandez me can help biulded de woll. Me love a gringo.

  33. Walter says:

    We need the wall on the borders of The United States of America

  34. Walter says:

    Build the wall I’ll help you build it I bring my family down.
    to help you build it for free..

  35. Sandra Haddock says:

    Maybe, if Mexico is smart, they will bui8ld a wall on their southern borders! LOL* The USA wall will mean that there will be many many many immigrants backed up in Mexico! Sorry, Pres. Obrador, walls really do work. Do some research and see how effective they are or have been in the past. The Vatican (a country of its own) has a wall completely around it, Germany had a wall between the east and West that was very effective.

    • Fr Tom Martin says:

      I think the wall is essential to USA security. I am not convinced Mexico should pay for it or any part of it. We want the wall and we should pay for it. Mexico does not want the wall so why should they pay. To me it is like forcing employees to belong to Union when the Union has a different political ideology

      • John says:

        Oh, they can pay for it with the billions of dollars we send them to subsidize their economy.

      • Joseph says:

        Yeah, but it is their people coming into our Country, and rightly so they should have to help prevent this…they damn sure don’t want us just walking into their country demanding free stuff, medical benefits, and education, so why should we be obligated to help their people?

    • ahem tonto says:

      Good thinking. To the U.S. Congress, build the wall, now!

    • JIm says:

      Mexico actually has a double fence wall with guard towers…..

    • Joseph says:

      Mexico bet rich off of all that hard working Mexicans that will remain in their Country to make it rich economically…LMAO….let’s see how hard working they are when they can’t get into the US and steal, rape, rob, and murder our women and children…Walls are very effective, and we should have one on our border…

  36. James McCrea says:

    There is a crime problem on the border, criminals are taking advantage of both countries, the Presidents should get together and build the wall for the benefit of both.

  37. we need THE wall…….. Mexico has walked all over us since obama was our so-called-president. He was not even an AMERICAN citizen,,,,… He shouldbe in jail or hanged…….

    • Robert Terry Moore says:

      I absolutely agree with your statement. What were never problems before, such as which restroom to enter, gender neutrality, and many others, all became significant issues under Obama.

      He was the worst ever in the history of this country and when all is said and done, every issue dealing with spying on the Trump Campaign, weaponizing the IRS to silence or intimidate conservatives, the corruption in the FBI and DOJ and unrestrained migration, etc. all can be traced right back to Obama.

      He needs to be tried, sentenced and jailed for all the harm he has caused this country and thank Goodness, President Trump is trying his best to clean up his unmitigated mess!

      Let’s all hope he succeeds in truly ‘draining the swamp’!

    • David Rose says:

      I think Haley’s torture would be the best punishment for ODummy. Just tie a rope around his big toe, throw it over a tree limb, pull him up, and tie it to the other big toe. Then insert a 2×4 between his knees and take a ball bat and beat him on the balls until he tells the truth … TELLING THE TRUTH WILL KILL HIM.

    • jim says:

      I think Obama should be buried in the wall just sayin , that could be his legacy

    • JERRY Grant says:

      obama was born in kenya our first illegal president that is a muslim queer with 2 adoped daugthers and a idiot wife that a chicogo pros—e

  38. James P Hutchins says:

    Build the Wall.

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