President Trump just put Jeff Sessions on notice with these two tweets

President Trump may be drafting his pink slip for Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Trump supporters were furious that Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation.

Now Trump just called out Sessions one last time.

Jeff Sessions’ recusal from the Russia collusion investigation has allowed Mueller to go on a fishing expedition fueled by “17 angry Democrats.”

It’s been the overwhelming focus of the Department of Justice’s resources.

But President Trump urged Sessions to lay down the law on the blatant corruption of the “other side.”

So far proven liar James Comey, disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok, and many more have gotten off scot-free.

Not to mention the Clintons.

Mueller is turning the screws on President Trump’s former associates to get them to rat on him.

But Trump has been in the public spotlight for more than three decades. He doesn’t have anything to hide.

All President Trump is asking for is equal application of the law.

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