President Trump just dealt a major blow to Obama’s crown jewel

When Donald Trump ran for President he pledged to repeal Obamacare and undo Barack Obama’s legacy.

Never-Trumper Senator John McCain, blinded by his hatred for the president – singlehandedly prevented the full repeal of Obamacare.

But that has not stopped President Trump from doing what he can to destroy Barack Obama’s crown jewel.

The Obama administration spent over $2 billion on a website for Obamacare that didn’t work and $100 million a year to advertise it.

Now, the Trump administration has cut Obamacare’s advertising budget to almost nothing and is slashing funding for bureaucrats that sign Americans up for the Obamacare scam.

CNN Reports:

The Trump administration is once again slashing funding for a program that helps Americans sign up for Obamacare.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced Tuesday that it would provide only $10 million for the navigator program for this fall’s open enrollment season. The move is the latest effort by the Trump administration to undermine the Affordable Care Act.

This past year, navigators only received $36 million in funding, down from $63 million in 2016. The reduction was paired with a 90% cut in Obamacare’s advertising budget.

The agency once again defended the decrease by saying that navigators, which usually hail from non-profit and community organizations, are not effective. They enrolled less than 1% of consumers who signed up for 2018 coverage in 34 states using the federal exchange, according to CMS.

Senator John McCain and the Senate Democrats may have stopped the full repeal of Obamacare for now, but President Trump is unraveling it where he doesn’t need Congressional approval.

Not only has the President terminated the individual mandate, which forced Americans to buy health insurance against their will, he has cut funding for advertising the program.

The left is losing their minds as they see their savior Barack Obama’s legacy being destroyed before their very eyes.

Obamacare has been a tremendous failure and has devastated the American healthcare industry.

Americans have witnessed healthcare premiums skyrocket after the passage of this legislation.

President Trump’s recent actions against Obamacare will continue to chip away at the program’s viability and save taxpayers millions of dollars.


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101 Responses

  1. Richard M Crooks says:


    • M says:

      Richard M Crooks, You are obviously a Dem lib who doesn’t work, is living o. welfare and, it makes you angry as Hades to lose your free stuff”! ( no such thing as free stuff because the working taxpayer is paying, through the.nose for it) You care not at all for the working people whose premiums had gone so high they couldn’t pay the premium even with subsidy, also insurance companies had pulled out of so many areas many people had to travel hours to get medical care, and etc., etc., etc. The subsidized amount paid out annually is staggering.
      I don’t begrudge helping people who can’t help themselves but when healthy able bodied working age people sit on their butts and let
      hard working Americans support them, I resent that. These high dollar social programs, free stuff for welfare recipients (that working people can’t afford) is what “we the people” get the. Democrats have the majority and the Whitehouse. And no, working people for the most part, don’t like it! What say you Mr. Crooks?

      • Richard M Crooks says:

        M you are one disgusting low life and afraid to post your real name just like all idiots. YOU NEED A HELL OF A LOT OF HELP AND UNFORTUNATELY THERE IS KNOW HELP FOR STUPID and you can’t post the truth just like LIAR DICTATOR TRUMP.

        • M says:

          Richard M Crooks, You really are not very intelligent, are you?
          My name is none of your business.
          Your comment stated I could not tell the truth well, I just stated facts that all well informed knowledgeable people are aware of and my personal opinion. I told NO lies.
          All you know to say are the same old empty accusations we have heard a thousand times. You have no substamce or anything useful to anyone. You really should get some good mental counselling for your DJT syndrome and your hatred for Trump supporters. You are really in a angry stressed out condition and that’s unhealthy.

  2. SusanL says:

    Follow the money! The only winners here ARE Insurance Companies and Congressmen.

  3. Bill Lockman says:

    The Affordable Care Act is actually based on a conservative idea developed by the Heritage Foundation in the ninety’s. And this includes the mandate. Google it. The ACA offered health care to millions of people who didn’t have it resulting in increased health and saved lives for countless subscribers. It has become a success, and was surviving in spite of the initial sabotage inflicted by Trump and his Republican supporters, but as the sabotage has continued the premiums have gone up even though most insurance companies had successfully adjusted to the law. The Republicans are well aware of all this, though Trump may still be, as usual, uninformed about it, so why were they so intent on getting rid of the law. Since Obamacare was so beneficial to so many people one would think the adult approach by the “loyal opposition” would have been to offer fixes they may have thought it needed. Instead they obsessively tried to remove it, not caring about the harm to millions of people that would cause. However, this was predictable, since while the law was being debated, in spite of repeated appeals by Obama to the Republicans for their input, they refused to cooperate. The ACA was then claimed to have been “rammed down their throats”. The explanation? The law was Obama’s and allowing him such a success was intolerable. Wonderful.

    • G says:

      Bill Lockman, what planet, in what solar system, has the ACA you refer to? I know you are not talking about the ACA on planet earth! It was too expensive for working people to afford, oh wait, the taxpayers subsidized it and taxpayers were privileged to pay total premium for same coverage on people who don’t work. I could go on and on about planet earth’ s ACA but I don’t want to bore these good conservative Republicans.

    • Debra Felder says:

      What planet are you from? Majority of USA CITIZENS DO NOT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH “obamacare”!

    • SusanL says:

      Only winners under Obamacare was Insurance Companies and Congressmen! Follow the money.

    • Ginger says:

      Bill Lockman is a paid troll trying to put a positive spin on Obamacare. One of the reasons President Trump won was because people were complaining about the rising cost of healthcare under Obamacare in 2016, prior to Trump’s election. So, to make the false claim that since Trump’s interventions, premiums have gone up so much, and before that Obamacare was great is a flat out lie. Bill, you’re not convincing anyone with your paid advertisement for Obamacare.

    • Richard M Crooks says:

      Bill Lockman you are so right on. The low life disgusting bunch in Washington told people to go to ER and does anyone have a clue as to what that would cost. And then when people can’t afford who gets screwed WE THE PEOPLE.

  4. zee says:

    ‘o’ Care sponsored by ( ( & including his et al) >choom choom. puff puff .sniff sniff . sip sip . & eat ‘pizza’ . Ahem.
    Total sic bastard. whew.

  5. Ernesto Sanchez says:

    AWESOME!! Thank You, Mr. President …. for all you try to do, and are doing for this country, and people. Keep on kicking ASS ….. WE ARE NOT TIRED OF WINNING YET!! God Bless You and Family.

  6. Den R Zampieri says:

    O Care is terrible. Repeal Repeal

    • zee says:

      Yes it is- ‘o’ Care Was a Complete LIE &
      they ‘Grubb’ et al Laughed re it. Did U see that Video???
      TERRIBLE__ Must Stop ‘o’ care (hitler care)W/ More Repeal.
      > History tells us – Hitler took ‘over’ health care, Said
      ‘Free’, ppl ‘fell’ for it. Then took away ‘Self -Defense . ( i will
      Defend/Protect U. ppl Said OK , great, thnx —
      Then WWll. What More IS there to Say ???

  7. zee says:

    > Termination of the ‘Individual Mandate’ WAS/ IS a
    Huge Big Deal ___. & hope that Most PPL Understand
    THAT , even if not ‘personally’ affected.

  8. Ralph says:

    Everybody in Washington should’ve had Obamacare,seeing they think obama was so great.he was the worst history,and all those people that think he was so great need there head examed.and all the people that are against Trump,all you people should go to a different country and live.

    • von Potter says:

      Obama was never a President………Clearly states in the Constitution that you have to be a LEGAL CITIZEN of the USA before you can become a candidate for presidency…..He was ILLEGAL from the get-go……..a muslim and did his utmost to destroy the USA…..

      • von Potter says:

        Forgot to add that you have to be a LEGAL CITIZEN FOR 14 years before anyone can become a sitting president……..

      • Annie says:

        Agree 100%
        Had to drop health care, am on SsdI, s
        Less of a biggie for me, I heal by oldage organic , cuz they work…now if i Broke something, different story, I would need a Clinic…but am very carefull…a Semi hit me at stoplight, but Turmmoric and Oragano kepp my pain very small
        The doctor’s visit Alone, $175.00…then the surgery to put titaniun spine back…that cost was placed on the driver

        • zee says:

          Wow Annie -so sorry. Glad U on Tumeric/0regano Alternatives for Pain etc.
          Add LASER if U can. I am Alternative/Holistic person. God Bless U ♥.

      • Richard M Crooks says:

        Boy Von Potter you need one hell of a lot of help and unfortunately there is know help for stupid, there was not one thing in your statement that was true but then you love the DICTATOR TRUMP AND THAT EXPLAINS IT KEEP LYING MAYBE THE BRAIN DEAD REPUBLICANS WILL PROMOTE YOU TO SOMETHING.

    • brenda says:


      • Nancy says:

        Works for me! Now, IF only the AMERICAN citizenry would Wake UP, & VOTE for what’s best for this country, WE might have a chance to undo the damage of 8 years of Obama,

    • Debra Felder says:

      You speak the truth, I can not understand why everyone doesn’t see his true colors, “Obama is one of the BIGGEST CROOKS to hit DC”! Everyone must be aware of him & his cronies, justlike the Clinton’s!

    • dandy says:

      those TIT SUCKERS in dc were not covered by the OBAMACARE

  9. Bill M. says:

    Off the healthcare subject for a moment, I would like to know when if ever Social Security will be returned to the way it was intended to be. Disability paid less than full retirement until a last minute change made by ‘Backdoor Barry’ to where disability and full retirement both pay the same. His reason for this, to be able to provide SS to illegals. This should be an illegal move as SS is considered a seniors income which by law cannot be cut without written consent from the recipient. I don’t remember signing any such agreement. Go to the Social Security website and see for yourself that disability and retirement now pay the same. Thanks Barry, my wife and I lost $525 per month to provide for illegals who have never paid a dime into SS.

    • i hope that S.S gets back to way it was first constructed under President Roosevelt in the 30s the culprit that messed it up was another Democrat Lyndon Johnson who took it out of the trust fund to help pay for the Vietnam war that our great Generals had fun with

    • SusanL says:

      This should be the next wrong corrected. Congress has taken money from our Social Security accounts for years. This money belongs to the American people that paid into Social Security.

  10. Mary Beth Fels says:

    Good answer Carol, however, this country now has two generations of citizens ( and non-citizens) that have been told the government will pay for it (anything and everything) but have never been educated to the fact that the citizens are the government. Our elected officials have been more than happy to keep the population in the dark under a cloak of secrecy, protocol and custom perpetrated by the media in all forms and just now we are seeing this cloak beginning to fray around the edges. When we are able to see the entirety of what has been covered we will see the cesspool of a swamp which is inhabited by the deceitful representatives WE have elected and the bureaucrats THEY have appointed. All of them slopping at the government trough ,gobbling up the unconscionable package of benefits THEY voted themselves and we, the citizenry, stupid enough to continue to allow it. It is long past time to get the politicians out of office and put the citizens back in office. This President is the only one with enough talent and ability to turn this country around and get it on the right path . We have two generations of people who have no idea what boot straps are or how to use them. The government workers have guaranteed their jobs by taking care of the population from the cradle to the grave thanks to the generosity and the bottomless well of stupidity of the American voter.

  11. Cheryl says:

    We need to completely remove every trace of obama like he never existed tose 8 years. He did the same with his previous records.

    • Diane says:

      Why, because he was our first black president? 65% of Americans think he was BEST president in our lifetime. History will not allow you hateful Republicans to remove him no matter what you think. Trump is very jealous of Obama’s accomplishments and popularity. He will NEVER receive the accolades of Obama’s success; as a matter of fact, he will go down as the worse president……ever.

      • Mark Smith says:

        Diane, the Lying Gay Muslim never had any accomplishments other than spending the Taxpayers money like it grew on trees, He got in a TON of Golf Games and spent millions on Vacations, Gave Millions to his Muslim Buddies in the Middle East, he Apologized to every country in the world for the USA being the USA. OBAMA is nothing but a Pot smoking Faggot Muslim Communist.

        • Janet Hall says:

          And Mark, you’re being nice. This Diane person was either in a comma for 8 years or she’s smoking crack.

          • Diane says:

            So typical of right wing (nuts) conservatives to attack! Guess you got the green light from Trump and his nauseating attack of everyone who doesn’t agree with him. Trump has outspent Obama on golf….look it up……but then, again Republicans aren’t into facts, now are they?

        • G says:

          Good Job Mark Smith, I was about to get hold of Diane, the little snit troll. I thought during the time BHO was in office the Dem libs were as bad as they could possible get! Not, since we now have a fab good patriotic President who is actually doing his job and doing it very well, the liberals of all ages act just like they all lined up and took a CRAZY pill. They are like demons from hell and I can’t believe them! Case in point, look at how they conducted themselves in the Strzok hearing yesterday. I just hope no little children or young people were watching. I wouldn’t want them to know any adults acted like they did and, on national TV for all the world to see! How embarrassing! The scariest thing of all to me is they have not only gone crazy they are now getting violent also. What next?

      • C E Ballard says:

        And what rock did you just crawl out from under?

      • Charles says:

        You are sooooo full of IT your eyes are brown!!!!!

      • Colonialgirl says:

        Hey stupid; He was ONLY ONE QUARTER BLACK, but HALF WHITE and one quarter Arabian; GO check his background. He was also the worst president since Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and Jimmy Carter.
        Obama had NO “successes” he was a total failure whose speeches were 90% “I”, “ME” and so on. A totally useless piece of crap and history will finally admit that truth.

        • G says:

          Hey Colonialgirl, I read an article written by a guy who had a lot of info about BHO that had some of the usual weird stuff we have read about his birth, education, religion, his brother, father, etc. The most interesting thing to me was, BHO was supposedly 50% white, 46% Arab and 4% black. None of this matters, what does matter is tthese snit twits whose memory is so short they have forgotten about how expensive the worthless useless obamacare was, there were no job and welfare programs were at a historical high and Obama telling everybody to get used to it as it was the new “norm”. Oh, forgot to mention the horrible foreign affairs situation, ISIS was rampant, national security at all time low and people fearful of terrorist attacks and liberals trying to destroy the first and second ammendment on a daily basis (and still are). Did I hear you liberals saying stop, oh please stop! Well, I could go on and on but, I’ll take pity on you dunba– libs.

          • zee says:

            G. ‘o’ =lots of Ashkenazi Jew. Read about ‘them’.
            >colonial girl = Need Way more ‘info’ , if u can find it.

      • circle8 says:

        obama was the best gay black president we ever had because ignorant people voted for him and the DEMOCRATS submitted fraud votes for him.

      • Debra Felder says:

        Hey Diane, are you for real? Obama was probably the worst thing ever to happen to the USA!
        Get real, or go somewhere else with the “SWAMP” & the takers who feel they are owed instead of. “THE GIVERS” continuing “MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”

      • Joann says:

        Diane, simply stated, “you are an ignorant no nothing idiot”.

    • BOBBY says:


  12. Bruce says:

    Thank God for Donald Trump. As stated before me, he has accomplished more in his first two years than every president since Reagan combined. Think about this, folks: why would you pay more to get elected to a job than the job will pay you the entire four to eight years you will have it? Because you want to make more contacts and more wealth for you and your back room buddies. Donald Trump doesn’t need to make more business alliances and back room deals to increase his wealth, he could walk out right now and probably never spend all that he had BEFORE he became President. The Clintons were to the U.S. what King Ahab and Queen Jezebel were to the nation of Israel in the Bible, and Obama and his wife (?) are an abomination in the eyes of God and man. Obama did more harm to this country than any president in history. He could only have done more harm by setting off the nuclear weapons on our own soil. Trump’s alleged indiscretions are between him and his wife and God, as they all took place prior to his entering office, unlike the Clintons who turned the White House into a house of shame and are continuing to perpetuate pedophilia. The liberals want to overturn the election, to stop his progress, to defeat his agendas – all of which are for the good of all citizens, not just a select few. The liberals have truly shown their true colors, and are bordering on starting a second conflict within our own country. There is no such thing as a “civil war”. They are promoting anarchy and violence in the streets. When that happens, NO ONE WINS!!!!!! But they are doing their best to bring it about. The “Pope” says no one but U.N. troops should have guns. The U.N. is and always has been a sham. The U.N. did not save Europe in two World Wars. There will never be enough U.N. troops to stop crime, much less wars. And “gun control” is not about gun control, it is about people control. A government who fears its citizens having arms should also need to fear rope. (N. B. Forrest quote) President Trump has fulfilled Biblical prophecy by making Jerusalem the capitol of Israel, which every president before him after the re-establishment of Israel as a nation has said they were going to do but never did. President Trump DID. He delivers on his promises. His words are not spoken lightly. It is a horrific testament against our nation that so many are willing to resort to the very violence they proclaim to abhor to stand not only against him, but against any and all who support him. Men, women and children are being violently attacked for nothing more than their political party. This is reminiscent of Germany when Hitler was rising to power. You don’t like your opposing political party? Well, attack them. Cuban dictator Fidel Castro did the same by just simply shooting his opponent. Is this really what we want in the United States, where we claim “liberty and justice for all”? As for the illegal aliens, let them do as the preceding immigrants have done upon arrival at this country, apply for legal citizenship, work hard, obtain your citizenship legally. President Kennedy’s father still lived in a time when business’ had signs out front stating “NO IRISH ALLOWED”. Look what his sons achieved, before those small minded individuals and groups felt it necessary to remove their influence form society. If man does not learn from history, he is doomed to repeat it. This nation has gone from being a small group of colonies in the wilderness to putting a man on the moon in 200 +/- years. No other nation has come so far so fast, and, sadly, no other country is sinking as far as fast. People must learn to look at the totality of circumstances and the proverbial “big picture” for what the U. S. needs to do to keep the standards of freedom we are blessed with by our founders. We are NOT perfect, but we are the best thing out there. But the liberals are attempting to destroy us , even if it means destroying themselves in the process. Freedom IS NOT FREE. It was purchased with the blood, sweat and tears of our nation’s leaders and military. Our liberals are trying to take it away. Let them never forget that there are many of us who are quite aware that if you would have peace, you must prepare for war. I am not willing to give up my liberties for someone to enslave me because they disagree with my political beliefs. Those who would sacrifice their freedom for security deserve, and will have, neither. (Ben Franklin) Rome fell much faster than it rose and the reasons were the same, internal corruption. Let us not allow the godless tear down what the rest of us have worked so hard to achieve.

  13. N says:

    If the evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s Commie party traitors to America continue to go unpunished(Hollywood ,RINOs etc)! They’ll continue their treasonous ways! Enough is enough with this Deep State BS! Drain the rat infested swamp, ASAP! President Trump!

    • Diane says:

      Now that’s funny since Trump’s Administration IS the swamp! Obviously you’ve forgotten about Pruitt (maybe you’ve got Alzheimer’s) and Tom Price casually spent thousand of taxpayers dollars. Then, again, Trump, who spends thousands golfing at his private residence while conning taxpayers dollars to pay his hotel. This entire administration are the swampiest Administration to ever hold office (for now), but hopefully they’ll be gone soon enough when we get Mueller’s report. Can come soon enough for me. Good riddance!

  14. Richard Cox says:

    Hey, Trump, for better or worse, was LEGALLY ELECTED! Get over it!! Dems try to deceive themselves by claiming it was the fault of Russian meddlement, NOT SO! Jobs and the Economy are the issue which the Dems had no plan for addressing, merely taxing and wealth redistribution.

    I am an Independent, the son of a Republican father and Democratic mother, so I see BOTH sides. I did not vote for Trump, I did not vote for Hillary either. Our good jobs being sent overseas are the root of what is undermining our economy, and THAT is at the crux of the election issue.

    I judge politicians by one criteria, jobs and the economy. If we have more living wage jobs in a good economy then many of the other social issues will self-correct.

    Extremists want to link unrelated topics to federal funding! In the upcoming mid-term elections throw out the Extremists on BOTH sides! Depolarize Congress by splitting your tickets at the state levels and elect strong Moderates willing to do the down and dirty work of negotiation and compromise!

    My idea for how we can drastically reduce party politics and make Congress functional again.

    This stupendous memorandum of understanding resulting in an $83.7B for my state is very welcome. Yes it happened as part of the Trump administration (good), but more so it came about due to bilateral actions by WV Republican Senator Shelly Moore Capito and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, both strong Moderates.

    This is a prime example for the rest of Congress to follow, rather than staying in their party end zones screaming at each other. I am an Independent, and our two Senators working together to pull this off for our state makes me also feel that the other states would do well to purposely elect delegates from each party so as to encourage if not force such bilateral actions as working together and compromise to eliminate the polarization and extremism in our government. Throw out the “my way or the highway” candidates on BOTH sides, those who are not willing to undertake the serious and hard business of negotiation and compromise that our form of government was based on.

    This is the way to use your vote to get Congress functional again.

    Also re ENERGY solutions see this important new low cost clean energy technology coming online:

  15. LOLA COLLINS says:

    I am offended that my comment was not posted just now. There was not one thing in my comment which was not true. THANKS FOR SHUTTING DONW a patriotic AMERICAN CITIZEN. No bad language, no lies.

    • G says:

      Laura Collins, The same thing has happened to me and a lot of other people as well. Please try again we need good comments and food for thought!

      • Jhn says:

        I’m offended also Lola, Seems that Patriot Pulse is either engrained in too much social correctness or afraid of the establishment democrats. Makes no sense. I make factual statements and back them up with reason and my comment is very seldom printed.

  16. Edward Shick says:

    Leave our first Foreign President just take his Obama care and take it to ether Indonesia or Kenya and then stay there ,Do not return to America We have several People that should be going on a one way trip .

  17. Bad dude says:

    If the ACA was so affordable ,how come so many families have to be subsidized by the government so they can get insured.

  18. D J says:

    What Americans don’t realize is in Obamacare once someone reaches 60 years in America you will not get health care for any major medical care. Unless you are in the Demoncract Party class and they make that determination. The others exempt from this is Hollywood elitist and a few others groups. This written in the last few pages of Obama care. So Americans beware on what and who you support.

  19. Beth says:

    They had alternative health care plans but the left rejected everything because they are on this obstruction thing you know so blame John McCain for that one or we would probably have something by now. So maybe when we get some more Republicans in the party which are NOT RINOS we can get a good healthcare plan in place. The premiums on Obamacare we so sky high how was anyone to pay it!? Then to add insult to injury we were penalized! Obama was a moron to force people into something they could never afford especially when their were no jobs at the time we live in WVa and it was especially hard here!

  20. We says:

    I hope Mr Trump does away with Obamacare completely but….There is no reason why this country shouldn’t have a health care plan that covers all working citizens of this country. I think the answer is a single payer plan. You pay for what you need. Single persons pay one amount. The larger the family , the more you pay on a weekly basis. Total coverage. Medical, vision and dental. Seniors and veterans free. It can be done…just have to eliminate insurance companies from health care and get big pharma in line financially….no reason we all can’t be covered.

    • Martin says:

      No single payer is not the answer. Getting the government out of our healthcare is the only answer.

    • Carol Goodman says:

      Single-payer (government paid with our tax dollars) is NOT the answer. With private companies, you chose what is right for you and you shop around for the best price. When government is involved, it is always more expensive and less efficient.
      If you are disabled in some way, or elderly and poor, I’ll be glad to help out with my tax dollars. But if you’re not working because you’re a lazy A** , you’re an alcoholic or drug addict who won’t work, well you made your bed and I’m not willing to give you ANY of the money I’ve WORKED for. There MUST be limits to what the taxpayer is expected to endure. And remember the old adage: “What you subsidize you will get more of”

    • Ron says:

      ANY healthcare system. single payer or not, managed by the government would be a disaster! The government couldn’t proper,y manage a one room brothel! Want a look at government healthcare? Take a look at the VA! And those countries that have such. Waiting lines, and bureaucrats, not doctors determining treatment!

    • Charles says:

      Single payor is what the VA has, and they are not living long enough to get an appointment because some govertment appointee cooks the lust to get a bigger bonus!!! REALLLY THATS WHAT YOU WANT FOR EVERYONE?????

      • Christopher says:

        As a 100% disabled VET, I have nothing but good things to say about the VA. The South Texas VA has been there for me since I was diagnosed with Gillian Barre Syndrome. God bless them for all the hard work they do. God Bless America!

        • M Tisdale says:

          Christopher, Thank you for your service and for protecting our great nation and it’s citizens. I am so sorry for your devastating injuries and your illness in addition to them. But, am so happy to hear you are getting wonderful care at VA. That makes me happy because our wounded warriors deserve the best care possible. Another thing I noted in your comment is your positive attitude. Good for you! You take care. God bless you and yours and especially caregivers if you require help.

  21. M Tisdale says:

    You cannot build Rome in a day however POTUS has gotten so much done in a short amount of time. He has gotten so much obstruction from the Dem libs I don’t see how he has been able to complete anything. If the Dems would cease and desist interference he would have time to work on healtjcare,infrastructure, and Lord knows what else. I am so thankful he has the stamina to keep going and that he is such a fighter. Any of you complaining would have thrown up your hands and quit months ago. He is fulfilling a campaign promise to get rid of obamacare as well as save the taxpayers money. This insurance was costing billions per year of taxpayer money. Of course to those who never pay taxes, you don’t care. All you know is you lost “free stuff”. This Country has got to do more cuts in spending. We cannot continue to borrow money to operate the Country. Here again, this seems to be only a problem and concern to people who actually pay taxes. The rest of you don’t understand what I am talking about. POTUS policies are creating jobs and growing the economy so everybody, able bodied, will have a job and save more taxpayer money as welfare spending decreases as more people become selfsufficient. I know this is boring stuff but it, and a lot more spending has got to be cut or we are going to become a mirror image of the South and Central American countries that all the people are illegally coming here from. Scary but, think on that for awhile!!!

  22. Mike I says:

    Where’s Trumps alternative health care program that has been promised to be better, cheaper, etc.?
    Where’s the infrastructure that’s been promised?

    • maritza heg says:

      Democrats , liberals, leftists keep obstructing every one of his efforts, Mike ! You know that !
      You’re one of them or you’re just trolling here…..

  23. Richard M Crooks says:

    What a disgusting post what are people to do without insurance, I know go to emergency rooms and stick the county’s and states with paying the bill. Boy is this smart.

    • Carol Goodman says:

      “what are people to do?” Take care of themselves. Go out and shop the the insurance that best fits YOUR needs and at the best price you can find. Without Obambicare, you’ll be paying for your family alone, not your family AND 2 or 3 more families

      • David says:

        Apparently, you or no one you know had their insurance dropped and could not find ANY insurance to cover Chemo, Radiation or Oncology visits.

        While I had insurance I watched patients being told by social workers they could not be treated unless they covered the charges, out of pocket. Then, months later they came to me, no company would cover me, no exchange would cover me, my insurance company was mandated to drop me.

        I waited over six months prior to being forced onto a Government sponsored insurance plan. That infuriates me. I did not want or need the Government involved in my life.

        Health Care skyrocketed due to the rules and other nonsense forced on the medical community, insurance premiums raised as well. NO, not the greedy Insurance Companies, the controlling Government Officials who believe they know better than anyone else how to run a business, which includes the Health Industry.

        How many people died under this UN-Affordable Care Act? I went to my DC representatives and was given the same rhetoric and lies they rely on. Frustrated I asked, “if it is so great, why am I not qualified for private or ACA and why are YOU not on it

        AND, there are free and sliding scale clinics in every large city throughout the country, and yes those that will not work or are too “poor” prefer to sit in Hospital Emergency rooms for a hangnail while those entering with a real issue must sit in the queue.

        Stop watching, listening and reading the misinformation on this horrible “law”, especially those that parade “disabled children” claiming they cannot get coverage. SS disability covers all of them too. …. END of Rant

        • Maxine Tisdale says:

          David, What a horror story! Sorry for what you have been through with your “no insurance-insurance”! Just wanted to let you know I read your story.

  24. Fr Tom Martin says:

    Keep at it President Trump. Sooner it is gone the better. I do not need his legacy to remind me of him. The fact he was a terrible President is enough. I will never forget the sorry guy or his wife

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