President Trump just dealt a major blow to Obama’s crown jewel

When Donald Trump ran for President he pledged to repeal Obamacare and undo Barack Obama’s legacy.

Never-Trumper Senator John McCain, blinded by his hatred for the president – singlehandedly prevented the full repeal of Obamacare.

But that has not stopped President Trump from doing what he can to destroy Barack Obama’s crown jewel.

The Obama administration spent over $2 billion on a website for Obamacare that didn’t work and $100 million a year to advertise it.

Now, the Trump administration has cut Obamacare’s advertising budget to almost nothing and is slashing funding for bureaucrats that sign Americans up for the Obamacare scam.

CNN Reports:

The Trump administration is once again slashing funding for a program that helps Americans sign up for Obamacare.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced Tuesday that it would provide only $10 million for the navigator program for this fall’s open enrollment season. The move is the latest effort by the Trump administration to undermine the Affordable Care Act.

This past year, navigators only received $36 million in funding, down from $63 million in 2016. The reduction was paired with a 90% cut in Obamacare’s advertising budget.

The agency once again defended the decrease by saying that navigators, which usually hail from non-profit and community organizations, are not effective. They enrolled less than 1% of consumers who signed up for 2018 coverage in 34 states using the federal exchange, according to CMS.

Senator John McCain and the Senate Democrats may have stopped the full repeal of Obamacare for now, but President Trump is unraveling it where he doesn’t need Congressional approval.

Not only has the President terminated the individual mandate, which forced Americans to buy health insurance against their will, he has cut funding for advertising the program.

The left is losing their minds as they see their savior Barack Obama’s legacy being destroyed before their very eyes.

Obamacare has been a tremendous failure and has devastated the American healthcare industry.

Americans have witnessed healthcare premiums skyrocket after the passage of this legislation.

President Trump’s recent actions against Obamacare will continue to chip away at the program’s viability and save taxpayers millions of dollars.

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100 Responses

  1. A Seeker says:

    YES! That was it!

  2. M says:

    Richard M Crooks, You really are not very intelligent, are you?
    My name is none of your business.
    Your comment stated I could not tell the truth well, I just stated facts that all well informed knowledgeable people are aware of and my personal opinion. I told NO lies.
    All you know to say are the same old empty accusations we have heard a thousand times. You have no substamce or anything useful to anyone. You really should get some good mental counselling for your DJT syndrome and your hatred for Trump supporters. You are really in a angry stressed out condition and that’s unhealthy.

  3. Richard M Crooks says:

    Boy Von Potter you need one hell of a lot of help and unfortunately there is know help for stupid, there was not one thing in your statement that was true but then you love the DICTATOR TRUMP AND THAT EXPLAINS IT KEEP LYING MAYBE THE BRAIN DEAD REPUBLICANS WILL PROMOTE YOU TO SOMETHING.

  4. Richard M Crooks says:

    Bill Lockman you are so right on. The low life disgusting bunch in Washington told people to go to ER and does anyone have a clue as to what that would cost. And then when people can’t afford who gets screwed WE THE PEOPLE.

  5. Richard M Crooks says:

    M you are one disgusting low life and afraid to post your real name just like all idiots. YOU NEED A HELL OF A LOT OF HELP AND UNFORTUNATELY THERE IS KNOW HELP FOR STUPID and you can’t post the truth just like LIAR DICTATOR TRUMP.

  6. M says:

    Richard M Crooks, You are obviously a Dem lib who doesn’t work, is living o. welfare and, it makes you angry as Hades to lose your free stuff”! ( no such thing as free stuff because the working taxpayer is paying, through the.nose for it) You care not at all for the working people whose premiums had gone so high they couldn’t pay the premium even with subsidy, also insurance companies had pulled out of so many areas many people had to travel hours to get medical care, and etc., etc., etc. The subsidized amount paid out annually is staggering.
    I don’t begrudge helping people who can’t help themselves but when healthy able bodied working age people sit on their butts and let
    hard working Americans support them, I resent that. These high dollar social programs, free stuff for welfare recipients (that working people can’t afford) is what “we the people” get the. Democrats have the majority and the Whitehouse. And no, working people for the most part, don’t like it! What say you Mr. Crooks?

  7. Richard M Crooks says:


  8. Ginger says:

    Bill Lockman is a paid troll trying to put a positive spin on Obamacare. One of the reasons President Trump won was because people were complaining about the rising cost of healthcare under Obamacare in 2016, prior to Trump’s election. So, to make the false claim that since Trump’s interventions, premiums have gone up so much, and before that Obamacare was great is a flat out lie. Bill, you’re not convincing anyone with your paid advertisement for Obamacare.

  9. M Tisdale says:

    Christopher, Thank you for your service and for protecting our great nation and it’s citizens. I am so sorry for your devastating injuries and your illness in addition to them. But, am so happy to hear you are getting wonderful care at VA. That makes me happy because our wounded warriors deserve the best care possible. Another thing I noted in your comment is your positive attitude. Good for you! You take care. God bless you and yours and especially caregivers if you require help.

  10. Maxine Tisdale says:

    David, What a horror story! Sorry for what you have been through with your “no insurance-insurance”! Just wanted to let you know I read your story.

  11. David says:

    Apparently, you or no one you know had their insurance dropped and could not find ANY insurance to cover Chemo, Radiation or Oncology visits.

    While I had insurance I watched patients being told by social workers they could not be treated unless they covered the charges, out of pocket. Then, months later they came to me, no company would cover me, no exchange would cover me, my insurance company was mandated to drop me.

    I waited over six months prior to being forced onto a Government sponsored insurance plan. That infuriates me. I did not want or need the Government involved in my life.

    Health Care skyrocketed due to the rules and other nonsense forced on the medical community, insurance premiums raised as well. NO, not the greedy Insurance Companies, the controlling Government Officials who believe they know better than anyone else how to run a business, which includes the Health Industry.

    How many people died under this UN-Affordable Care Act? I went to my DC representatives and was given the same rhetoric and lies they rely on. Frustrated I asked, “if it is so great, why am I not qualified for private or ACA and why are YOU not on it

    AND, there are free and sliding scale clinics in every large city throughout the country, and yes those that will not work or are too “poor” prefer to sit in Hospital Emergency rooms for a hangnail while those entering with a real issue must sit in the queue.

    Stop watching, listening and reading the misinformation on this horrible “law”, especially those that parade “disabled children” claiming they cannot get coverage. SS disability covers all of them too. …. END of Rant

  12. Joann says:

    There you go again “YOU KNOW NOTHING IDIOT”. Why Don’t you get your facts straight before you post?

  13. Joann says:

    Diane, simply stated, “you are an ignorant no nothing idiot”.

  14. SusanL says:

    Dianne, President Trump donates his salary and owns the golf courses where he plays. What’s the problem?

  15. SusanL says:

    Well said. Thank you!

  16. SusanL says:

    This should be the next wrong corrected. Congress has taken money from our Social Security accounts for years. This money belongs to the American people that paid into Social Security.

  17. SusanL says:

    Only winners under Obamacare was Insurance Companies and Congressmen! Follow the money.

  18. SusanL says:

    Follow the money! The only winners here ARE Insurance Companies and Congressmen.

  19. G says:


  20. Debra Felder says:


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