President Trump ended Nancy Pelosi’s career with this joke

Nancy Pelosi is already scheming ways to “resist” Trump when she becomes Speaker of the House.

But there’s just one problem with that.

President Trump may have crushed her dreams with one joke.

Earlier this year Trump railed against MS-13 gang members calling them “animals.”

That earned a harsh rebuke from “abolish ICE-ers” like Nancy Pelosi.

She defended the vicious murderers in her infamous “spark of divinity” comment.

President Trump was speaking at a campaign rally in Indiana, a state that has been affected by MS-13.

And he destroyed Nancy Pelosi:

“If you want to summarize the difference between Democrats and Republicans, just remember this, Democrats want to abolish ICE. Where did this come from?

“These are evil people in there. This is a group of gang members.

“I can’t say animals anymore because Nancy Pelosi got very angry when I called them animals. I called them animals. She went crazy.”

Just yesterday the remains of a teenage boy were found mutilated by a machete in Long Island. An MS-13 member has been charged with his murder and is being held without bail.

Democrats have lost their marbles.

Their 2018 campaign platform is to defend violent gang members and abolish ICE.

Yet Nancy Pelosi is so deluded into thinking the American people will hand her over the Speaker’s gavel.

In her radical San Francisco district, she’ll win re-election.

But there will be a massive revolt if she runs for speaker again.

Do you think Nancy Pelosi defending MS-13 gang members is a smart political move?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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