Portland’s Mayor has had enough and sent Antifa one message they never saw coming

Antifa has destroyed the city of Portland.

So far, the city has done nothing to stop them.

But that could change after the Mayor said he’s had enough and sent Antifa one message they never saw coming.

For years, Antifa has wreaked havoc across the country.

But nowhere has been as hard hit as Portland, Oregon, where Antifa militants have seized control of the city.

Nearly every day since the death of George Floyd, they have rioted, attacked random people, and even taken control of multiple city blocks.

Out of fear of being called racist, the city’s mayor, Ted Wheeler has refused to take serious action, even telling President Donald Trump he isn’t allowed to send in the National Guard to shut down riots.

His hope was that the Antifa militants would slow down with time, but that was proven wrong on New Year’s Eve, when one of their most violent riots occurred.

And in responding, Wheeler surprisingly pointed the blame on Antifa.

“The who: violent Antifa and anarchists,” the Mayor said. “They rampaged through downtown Portland causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage with spray painting, window breaking, fires and fireworks.”

“Why? This is the hardest question of all to answer,” Wheeler continued. “Why would a group of largely white, young and some middle age men destroy the livelihood of others who are struggling to get by?”

He went on to admit that his past efforts failed, and that he needs to take serious action to stop Antifa violence.

“My good faith efforts at de-escalation have been met with ongoing violence and even scorn from radical antifa and anarchists,” Wheeler said. “In response it will be necessary to use additional tools and to push the limits of the tools we already have to bring the criminal destruction and violence to an end.”

Wheeler laid out three steps he is taking to try to stop the violence.

First, he is calling on federal, state, and local law enforcement to work in tandem, something he has previously fought to prevent.

His second step is calling on state legislators to increase penalties for repeat offenders.

And finally, he is calling for those convicted of criminal destruction to be forced to meet with the businesses they damaged, and be required to do public service to clean up the mess they caused.

Only time will tell if he sticks to this.

Previously, he laid the blame on conservatives who were being attacked by Antifa, but now he seems to realize the error of his ways.

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