Pope Francis will never recover from the horrible truth about this sex scandal

Pope Francis may finally have reached the end of the line.

Controversies rocked his tenure as Pontiff from Day One.

And now this sex scandal may be the final nail in his career’s coffin.

Pope Francis barely survived a scandal surrounding a Pennsylvania priest that molested thousands of young boys.

Even though it appeared he may have known the man was a predator, Francis skated by with no accountability.

He may not be so fortunate this time.

A bombshell report surfaced accusing Francis of knowing that one his protégés was an abusive monster and that Francis promoted him to a high ranking position within the church anyway.

Breitbart reports:

The Vatican received information in 2015 and 2017 that an Argentine bishop close to Pope Francis had taken naked selfies, exhibited “obscene” behavior and had been accused of misconduct with seminarians, his former vicar general told The Associated Press, undermining Vatican claims that allegations of sexual abuse were only made a few months ago.

Francis accepted Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta’s resignation in August 2017, after priests in the remote northern Argentine diocese of Oran complained about his authoritarian rule and a former vicar, seminary rector and another prelate provided reports to the Vatican alleging abuses of power, inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment of adult seminarians, said the former vicar, the Rev. Juan Jose Manzano.

The scandal over Zanchetta, 54, is the latest to implicate Francis as he and the Catholic hierarchy as a whole face an unprecedented crisis of confidence over their mishandling of cases of clergy sexual abuse of minors and misconduct with adults. Francis has summoned church leaders to a summit next month to chart the course forward for the universal church, but his own actions in individual cases are increasingly in the spotlight.

Catholics across the globe were appalled.

Francis fell out of favor with many traditional Catholics because of his left-wing political activism.

But that is a forgivable transgression.

Tolerating and rewarding sexual predators is a sin that should lead to resignation.


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104 Responses

  1. Recovering RC says:

    To RicB/tit. Read my post(s).
    > A ‘pity’ Indeed___ that you
    appear to be ‘them’ By your ink.
    > & Don’t know it. Or Do you ? __ hmm.

  2. Recovering RC says:

    “Catholics across the globe were appalled.”
    > Stupidos. For How Long, Stupido. NO Tv/radio/
    internet ??? No Access info? Braindead? Heartdead?
    SoulDead ? ppl. Want MORE info re ‘why’? hmm.
    > Jesuit ‘bouncer’. & Cannot Even ‘live up’ to the
    Name of ‘false prophet’.
    > i am a recovering RC.

  3. Emmanuel says:

    The main cause of all the problems is celibacy. Take that out and sex scandals would cut drastically.

    • Recovering RC says:

      Not necessarily. Not AnyMore.
      > Too much pedo/lgbtq ‘stuff’.
      >’Spiritual Warfare’ IS ON.
      > “As Above, So Below”. It’s Real, folks.
      > Too many ‘dark entities’ coming
      Into ‘humanos’ , then a ‘humano’
      Becomes ‘a vessel’. Then, mind/ heart/
      Soul IS ‘controlled’ by the Luciferian/Satanic
      AGENDA. Know ‘This’. Also AI (artificial intelligence)
      is at play here. Comes thru ‘portals’.
      > I Can EASILY ‘spot’ ‘Them’.
      > ‘They Walk Among Us. boom.

  4. c banales says:

    you may sit their and judge the Pope and who are you to judge? here we go again trying to get rid of the catholic church. The catholic church will never stop to exist as Jesus promised he would be with us until the end of time.

  5. Steff says:

    I am a Catholic and do not approve of the actions of Pope Francis. Instead of standing up to the evil done by some of the priests and even bishops of the church, he chooses to try to conceal it. Our church cannot continue to allow this hypocrisy to occur. No church can survive with those who commit these major sins not being punished and stripped of their priesthoods. They have caused many to lose their faith and leave the church. To allow this to continue is a blasphemy against our Lord, Jesus Christ, who instituted the priesthood through the apostles.

    • Brenda says:

      The church has actively hid these sexual crimes for years now. It is so sad. I can’t make myself step inside of a Catholic Church now.

      • copper T says:

        please do not blame the Church . I am a devout Catholic appalled by the actions of this Pope, but I need the Mass and the comfort my faith gives
        God is in charge and will deliver due justice to this Pope and other corrupt human leaders of His church

  6. John J says:

    Popes and democrats are immune from consequences!

    • Terry says:

      They are never immune to consequences! They cannot hide from God!They will pay here and there! I am not Catholic! I am Mormon! I adored Pope Paul! This one is a false pope! The prior one was very weak and should have never been out in!

  7. eric siverson says:

    My Church used to say holy Christian Church now they say holy Catholic Church . But the holy Roman Catholic Church now says Universal Church . Yes I have noticed This pope is very thoughtful of the Muslims . And I have seen when the Roman Catholic Church partnered with the Muslims to fight the Orthodox Christian church . Yes I do believe there is a power that wants to bring all the religions under one ruling force . Just like there is a global power that wants to bring all the Nations under a single ruling force . The United Nations could be this force . From what I have noticed of The past history of both The Roman Catholic and the Muslim religions They both try to control the government than the army and the police . This has always cost the people their freedom and liberty .

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Sorry to add in here;but, father Malichi Martin (behind a veil) stated the Devil had entered the Vatican—–remember when the “smoke” changed Twice—–white to black?

      • Cyndy Klaene says:

        Gary, I agree. This Pope is Evil and a False Prophet.

        • Alene says:

          “For All have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. Forgiveness comes from the Lord and Savior. “Repent and sin no more.” (that comes from Jesus the Christ. The first quote came from St Paul. Seems to me that the Pope like all other human beings must repent of his sins, and not repeat the same. Christ must come first even when being considerate of others. Pray for the Pope and ask God to guide him. That is what we the people of the Christian world need to do.

      • pamela bouchey says:

        I do not understand how a man of God, could disavow all his teachings, that he learned about God when he was a young child up to his becoming Pope. At what moment did he switch sides and become the Devil’s minion? The New World Order has infiltrated the Vatican.. He s the “False Prophet.’

      • Terry says:

        For this reason, they should never be allowed to do so! They are evil! YES, I remember when the smoke changed twice!

  8. I ha ve not liked n or agreed with Pope Francis since he was named Pope!I have voiced my opinions and reasons for themand have seen many others do the same. Whether I have said it before or not, I am entitled to say it again. If yhou don’t want to hear it, then don’t ask for comments!

  9. I ha ve not liked n or agreed with Pope Francis since he was named Pope!I have voiced my opinions and reasons for themand have seen many others do the same.

  10. Angela says:

    Those who comment that if priest were allowed to marry homosexuality would cease. In fact homosexuality is a transgender activity between two people of the same sex who are attracted to each other. They would not be inclined to marry someone of the opposite sex. So stop promoting marriage for Catholic priests and nuns.

    • Celia says:

      HOG WASH!!! One can be lead into homosexual behavior for many reasons, not just being born to it and one of those reasons is weak people who do not have the normal man and woman relationships for whatever reasons.

    • Alene says:

      The complicated condition of homosexuality is often considered the results of child molestation, or from childhood of abuse by one parent or the other. Some just believe they were made that way. I personally have no judgment on the condition. Do I think it is sin? The Holy Scripture says that it is. I have known a few homosexuals and have heard them express the misery they experience. In a couple of cases, these individuals were not with partners, but their confusion and self degradation was evident. It seemed they could not change even when severe effort was made. Many want to and do commit suicide. That tells me of major desperation. I would never be unkind, or mean to a homosexual. That would be putting myself in the place of one to make a moral judgment and that is God’s job. I chose the road to treat human beings as that. Should another be different to a fault, it is definitely their own fight, and my prayers are there. Should he/she suffer from all that is within them, that is one very bad thing. However, when their ill behavior is perpetrated upon another, either a child or anyone where the law is broken, they are owed justice for their harm to another.
      I also have known a couple of priests who withdrew from the priesthood and married a woman they knew. That sounds like a plan. Those of other religious faiths marry and practice their faith. As long as the marriage does not interfere with their practice most seem happy. Many protestant preacher’s wives are talented and contribute to the work in the church services. I hope that all teach the love of Jesus the Christ.

  11. Jane M Hummel says:

    This Pope and our President have single-handedly made a mockery of religion, reverence, and honesty. The church has known about their priests for years, but the nuns never spoke out. The president is a racist, ill-equipped to run a country or even a successful business and has incited more riot-style behavior than George Wallace and Larry Flint put together. They should face their actions and be held accountable.

    • eric siverson says:

      I believe this pope and the last U.S. president made a pact to work together in the fall of 2015 . What if anything have they accomplished for the benefit of either one

    • Celia says:

      Perfect description of your beloved Obama.

    • Cyndy Klaene says:

      Yes, Obama is a racist. He and the rest of the Dems that have wronged our Country do need to face their actions and be held accountable.

    • Terry says:

      President Trump has never done what you say! He is involved in a religious meeting every week where prayers are said for him and the nation! You are not well read!

    • Alene says:

      I was not aware that Trump had any interaction with the Pope? Vaguely, I recall they met. It matters not. The Pope would have to put it on a 4th grade level for Trump to know what he talked about. Yes, I recall his wife went with him. I cannot imagine what they have to have a pact on, unless it was the middle-east. I think that the Pope has given a lot of slack for the Muslims as to keep peace. If there is possibly a few Christians as there are in Lebanon, Syria, perhaps they would escape being killed. We never think of Christians in the middle-east, but there are some. Actually, Saddam Hussein, during his rule, had a community of Christians that were allowed to live in peace and not be hurt by Muslims. I am not aware that Trump is worried about Christians in the Middle East, but he may have given his approval of continued awareness of them. I think your description of the Pres. is so very accurate along with another line of adjectives. He promotes and encourages hate and anger more than the devil himself. His unleashing the anger and hate for others within the citizenry of this nation is amazing. It has made the soul of this nation a punching-bag for the devil.

  12. Marie says:

    Maybe the pope is guilty of sexual abuse himself. He was very friendly with Obama who is a homosexual. And he is protecting his fellow priests. Why is that? This man is not a man of God.

  13. DaveD says:

    I am a Christian, but not a Catholic. I believe that there are many true followers of Christ amongst Catholics, among them one of my own grandsons and his family. I also believe that the sexual abuse problems amongst Catholics and the Catholic priesthood can be traced to two distinct areas in their entire belief system. The first, and overriding problem has to do with priesthood celibacy, which is non-scriptural and not entirely historical. Priests through the middle ages and into the Renaissance were married. Amongst them is the much revered liturgical music composer Giovanni di Palestrina. Men (and women, such as Nuns) not allowed to marry due to church “tradition” ) is not natural. Thus, the priesthood naturally attracts people who may be strong spiritually, but do not possess the personal willpower to overcome natural human tendencies towards sex. Sex and the power to procreate are gifts from the God that they worship. Yet, they are content to slide into sexual deviation by a distorted view of sex being too “carnal” and “vulgar” for them to participate in throughout their lives. Not only is such a view not normal, it is against God’s will for mankind. The second belief-system problem stems from the confessional booth and its historic use. While it may lend a soul-cleansing effect to the believer who has sinned, it brings the request for forgiveness down to an earthly entity (the Priest) and his granting of Earthly penance for expressed wrongs, such as saying so many Hail Marys or days of fasting and the like. This Earthly aspect of “letting it all hang out” and then receiving penance from another person is closely related to the lasciviousness exhibited worldwide during Mardi Gras, which culminates on Fat Tuesday entering into the pre-Easter period of sack cloth and ashes, and “giving up” something or other for the period of Lent, ending on Easter. All of this is Earthly nonsense to non-Catholic Christians. We regard Christ himself as our great high priest to whom we owe complete allegiance. Through prayer, faith, and belief we go to Him for all of our needs, not just forgiveness for being an absolute non-Christian during Mardi Gras. So, Catholics, erase the ridiculousness of non-marriage of priests and nuns, and practice enough “heavenly” faith to trust your savior, Jesus Christ, rather than an earthly priest, and most (but not all) of the Catholic Church’s sexual problems should disappear.

  14. Pat Salvato says:

    He better fire the priests maybe he should let them get. Married
    I also think he should stay out of politics

    • Bud says:

      These men are perverts and would be so if they are married, single, openly gay or ordained as pastors. Nothing, not even a fresh and honest confession on their part will change their attitude. Such a shame.

  15. dlmstl says:

    The ‘Lavendar Mafia’ probably has its share of adherents in the College of Cardinals. Turning a blind eye was bad enough, the cover-up is unforgivable.

  16. David Proffitt says:

    Pope Francis will get to the truth, and the guilty will be punished. As history shows us, it is better to wait, and see all of the facts, before passing judgement.

  17. renato says:

    he need to go now,before it get even more worse because sooner or later the cans of worms is already
    opened and more worms will eventually will come out and it get even worse than you can imagine,so if
    I were him it is better to resign now and save your legacy weather it’s good or bad.

  18. Tom Edwards says:

    Seems anymore that is a big part of the Catholic Religion! We hear about more all the time. We even had it in our local Catholic Church about 30 years ago.

  19. Cloud says:

    We need to pray for the very souls that are completely brain washed by these evil slave mongers.

  20. Cloud Farrow says:

    This religous cult has been miss guiding its flock for centuries. Goog Christian people have been greatly harmed as a result. Gebrand hot it right. The people starve at the gates as they parade around in there robes and gold crosses.

  21. Harold says:

    It is about time the Catholic Church recognizes its problem: It is better to marry than to burn with lust! When the Apostle Paul spoke about the subject of marriage
    he compared the relationship of husband and wife to Christ and the church. (Ephesians 5). Paul also said he himself was a eunuch by choice (he was not married, thus did not have sexual relationships with women (and certainly not little boys … emphasis mine). Maybe the Church should recognize that its problem is lust and fornication committed by young priests, the same priests that eventually grow older still molesting young boys! The Catholic Church needs to allow its priests to marry so that their “lust” or passions can be focused on a lawful wife as stated in Ephesians. Allowing for priests to marry would nip their lusts in the bud!

    • M Wilson says:

      Pedophiles and homosexuals will act on their preference whether married or not. The celibacy requirement doesn’t help if they’re heterosexual, but every church has to deal with this whether catholic or not. Deal with it they must. File charges and stop them from having contact with children. Background checks and policies ending 1:1 adult child interactions. Only 2 or more adults with children to keep things on the up and up.

      • eric siverson says:

        Should have heard Billy Graham’s rules for his male and female workers . worked and they were scandal free for 50 or 60 years

    • Alene says:

      That is what would be the best way for our ministers to behave. Most do, who put Christ first in their lives, they remain true to the Lord and their wives. Some of their wives find they are not equip to be faithful, because of their own selfish nature wanting to be the center of attention. I think this has to do with the modern world. Yes, the Catholic Priests likely would be happier if married. Some are capable to keep their minds on their work. Perhaps we will be able to ask God what he would choose for them and the preachers one of these days.

  22. Steve says:

    This so-called “pope” has been spewing the same NWO agenda as the criminal soros & sucks up to the muslims , if his “flock” listens to him he will just get them raped , tortured & murdered . He is the direct opposite of Pope Urban II that launched crusades against islam.

  23. arlene kucan says:

    Vatican 2 was the downfall of the Catholic Church; prior to over 50 years ago the congregation went to mass to visit Christ; suddenly I felt as though I were there visiting my neighbors and friends. The solemnity was gone. It felt as though SOMEONE was missing.

    • Suzi Q says:

      Arlene, I agree with you 100%. I feel like I’ve been searching for that SOMEONE who has been missing, since Vatican 2. Because of this Pope, whom I haven’t like since he came on the scene, I have quit going to Mass and I feel a great loss. But I still have my faith….I just prefer to be alone with it.

  24. Ric B says:

    I wondered why this website went into bashing a religion, then I got to the end and saw that you hate this Pope mostly because you think he supports liberal ideas like feeding the hungry, tending to the sick and that you mind God’s sheep. If conservative and materialistic, like Republicans, you would be very upset.

    • JLS says:

      Ric B. You are sadly uninformed. Liberals talk about feeding the poor , might write a check. But if you would leave the comfort and sanctity of the US, you would not find a liberal in a dirty hole actually touching and feeding the poor. Never.
      It is always the conservatives and usually the religous conservatives who act and get their hands dirty.
      Wake up your whole point is based upon an open lie.

    • Teragram says:

      No! We dislike this pope for exactly what he has been accused of: protecting sexual predators.

    • Nick says:

      I don’t think Christ had lieing to, stealing from, and molesting thier children in mind when he told Peter to tend his flocks. You are stupid.

    • eric siverson says:

      I’am a liberal too So I support feeding the hungry and helping the sick . And that is why the pope can be forgiven for being a liberal . But the democrats add a lot of other ideas like purchasing abortions and standing up for a new definition of gay marriage . So that you now have to support a whole bunch of diabolical sins just to be liberal .

    • Alene says:

      I am not Catholic, but have always admired the way that the Church supported help for the poor and those in need. I was attending a protestant church and the Sunday school class I was in was helping a woman with a couple of children. She had just had surgery and one of the ladies went by with lunch and the woman had her neighbor, a man, who had come by to check on what she may need. (like groceries etc). However, the church woman got all in a flutter whether this woman deserved having the help the class was giving her. I was furious, (at home of course). Deserve, well NO. NO one deserves!. No one should have to deserve what is given them if it is a gift. I thought we would give and do for people based upon their needs and our possession of plenty. I say I was angry, I still am as this is how people look at the poor……IF THEY DESERVE HELP! No one deserves what Christ gave to us, but he did it because he loved our souls and our lives. I see more and more of this greed among so called Christians. To me this kind of Christians stole the first part of that title they carry. We would be Christ – like and not so self righteous. One is not like Christ Jesus if they seek out those who do not need help to help. I have known people who would rather do without assistance themselves, than see black people get public assistance. And they were sure that “those” people did not “deserve” what they got. I can assure you that those who met requirements of eligibility were the recipients and deserving something was not the consideration. I need not get started as I have seen a lot in my day.

  25. Gary D. says:

    With all of the shielding, transferring and cover up of these ugly pedaphiles, ruinning families for life…How could the catholic church, a self righteous organization not aggressively resolve these ugly problems…Nothing worse than adult men sexually assaulting young boys

  26. Elizabeth Dulski says:

    Pope Francis should resign and a new pope should be elected. He knew about this Bishop’s crimes and yet he appointed him to an important position. I miss Pope John Paul II who did not involve himself in politics.

  27. Pat says:

    The world is a very evil place today. Have never trusted this Pope by his actions. Many so called men of God in all religions today are more guided by the devil than the word of the Lord. Anyone who abuses children and covers people who do this are workers for Satan.

  28. Robert Anes says:

    Bring Pope Benedict back !

  29. lisamaians says:

    I never go to church ever since i left grate school ,Thy are all Devil worship cults But i do believe that God save you from the church ,and i be doing just fine So are our kids and grand kids My brother suffered plenty abuse from those so called priests That is why we stay away from those evil doers .I believe God saves you from the church !!!!lisamains

    • Alene says:

      Lisa: I’d think you are a good person and care for others. We are to love others and do what is right to be like Jesus the Christ. Always pray. Pray to the Lord God in the name of Jesus. Pray every day and always be thankful that the Lord loves you. God be with you.

  30. Jean Baker says:

    The Catholic church is a man-made church, not the church Jesus set up when He was on earth. After the Catholic church was set up it perrsecuted and killed members of the true church .

  31. Julie says:

    Wake up! I see God cleaning the evil from us. I rejoice that God says enough is enough. Watch him clean up the devil followers. I’m watching it now. I left the Catholic Church when I worked with a man that was molested by a priest. ???? He was a mess. The Catholic Church’s him 1 million to keep his mouth shut. He gave away all that money because he wanted to comment suicide. God stopped him but he was miserable man. I know evil when I see it.

  32. Obama went Pope Francis should go Peace, everywhere

  33. Keith A Breedlove says:

    Notice the difference in treatment — years to acknowledge and take action, if any, when dealing with priest pedophilia/homosexuality and the near-instantaneous promise to hold those Covington high school students accountable and even threaten expulsion for being accused of racism (which was apparently a lie).

  34. The Catholic Church teaches that you’re going to sin every day in thought, word, or deed. So it’s no wonder what’s going on in the Church. They need to start believing what the bible says and quit listening to an idiot in a pointed hat.

  35. john says:

    “…Francis fell out of favor with many traditional Catholics because of his left-wing political activism. But that is a forgivable transgression….”

    Uh, sorry, no it isn’t !!!!!

    • Alene says:

      Why is it that God does not forgive sins when a person asks forgiveness and repents, returning to God? That is what the Holy Bible says. And how far left wing were you speaking of. It is different in parts of the world. The US, doesn’t have much left wing. Democrats are actually moderate. I do not feel I have to repent for being a Democrat and vote for whom I like best. I do not agree with everything they have on their agenda. But I just choose what seems to be the best in the bunch.

  36. Karen says:

    The American People will accept World Order for anything we are not stupid like they seem to think!!

  37. Shirley says:

    This has been going on for years and being covered up. They should be in prison, not held in high standard. I have never said this befor, so why won’t you post this. What are you afraid of?

  38. I think the pope should resign and a new on should be installed. I am snot suggesting that the Pope is guilty of the same type of thing but Popes should be very securely examined and I think Priest should be allowed to get married and all should certainly maintain very pleasant and safe and religious life and their wives should be very devout an devoted Catholics.

  39. Shirley says:

    This has been going on for years and being covered up. They should be in prison, not held in high standard.

  40. Shirley says:

    This has been going on for years and being covered up. They should be in prison, not held in high standard. This is the most convince religion of all.

    • Karin Isbell says:

      Th e entire Vatican should be dissolved. The RC church was founded on false premises, incompatible with biblical precepts.


    • reality check says:

      That directly involves Trump who has been recorded by the Toronto Star as telling over 6,000 lies. The man lies about everything – – like how he was conducting negotiations on the Trump Moscow project all the way up to the election – – and Trump continually lied about it. He lied in saying other presidents approved of the wall, and all living presidents said they did not.

      • brendan says:

        reality check, you need to do a reality check of yourself. Your statements are ludicrous and so typically liberal. This article was about the CC and there you sit typing nothing but garbage about President DJT. Grow up, get back on your meds and move out of your mother’s basement. A beautiful mind is a horrible thing to lose and you’re very close to losing yours.

        • reality check says:

          Read, Brendan, the prior post was about LIARS and DJT is THE worst Liar ever as president – – so much so that some fact checkers had to create a new category for serial 4 Pinocchios. I understand you cannot face your cult leader being untrustworthy, and so if there is a disdain for lying, Trump is the worst most of us have ever seen. I think it is truly sad that you believe a proven conman like Trump over scientists, scholars, economists and professional journalists. It is clear most Trumpers act like cult followers and cannot handle the truth about their very flawed cult leader.

          • Celia says:

            You are such an obvious dope. Always continually bashing Pres. Trump in every post you make. Even when it would be better to discuss the topic at hand. You are only making your post to stir the pot, not because you have a real opinion. Is someone paying you? If so, I think you failed them, as you have made it too obvious.

          • Ilka Mayer says:

            he retired because he saw what was going on. I guess, he is praying , and truly ashamed what is happening to his church.

      • eric siverson says:

        Several presidents have built the wall . Just not all 2000 miles of wall . Trump wants to build about 500 mikes of fence .

  42. Patriot says:

    As a Catholic, I have turned away from the church (not my faith) because this man continues to put himself into politics instead of what he should be doing, teaching about God. I find it disgusting,.

  43. kaye says:

    i don’t call this a church, to me they covered up for years about priests raping kids. how can any priest tell people to be good when they are committing a sin themselves. i have no respect for this catholic religion. Besides this pope is a liberal who spends his time telling our President what to do and dealing with issues he knows nothing about. he should stick with religion. one priest in the North raped over 1000 kids and was covered up. the ones who covered up this sickness is as guilty as the rapist. Let them get married maybe this will stop. One fine day they will answer to God for their sins

    • Keith A Breedlove says:

      Ask any of your Protestant or Mormon friends if having married clergy stops or minimizes sex-related scandals of all types. This appears to be a problem across all faiths.

  44. gary b vogt says:

    The pope is a pedophile how do you think he got the white smoke.

  45. Janice Vogt says:

    I feel very sorry for my Catholic friends. The sooner this sad situation is resolved, the better.

  46. Dennis Stewart says:

    Jorge Bergoglio aka Pope Francis Perverted Pope Pandemonium.

  47. Teresa says:

    Anybody notice the wording in this article? …the Universal Church….in case anyone doesn’t know what this is, it’s the New World Order One World Religion. This’s the whole point behind ecumenism – bringing all faiths together to become one. How’s that going to work? Well, at 1st it’ll be voluntary, but in due time it’ll be mandatory – & you may lose your life if you cave into it. So, should you cave? NO! Get out your Bible & red those perfectly pressed pages & learn what God says’s going to happen if you do & also what the consequence of caving’ll be. Pretty dire. See, God, in His perfect love & unfathomable generosity tells us EVERYTHING: what’s going to happen, some general timelines, & the solution to it all. What’s happening in the world’s very bad – BUT it’s NOTHING compared to what’s to come. It’s simple, really: you believe Jesus’s who He said He is – & you can because He’s more than proven it – you acknowledge you sin – be-
    cause we ALL DO (it’s due to our sin nature) & you need God’s solution to this sin problem – because He’s the only one who’s got the solution – ask Him to forgive you & come into your heart & life & make you His. Because if you haven’t done this, you’re not His…so…who DO you belong to? Who’s the prince of the air right now? Who’s God’s arch enemy but was once His most beautiful, highly ranked angel? Yep, you guessed it – Satan. And you’re his automatic enemy because you’re made in the very image (likeness) of God (NO, you’re NOT God!). So based on even only that, ANYTHING satan tells you’s a lie – he can’t be trusted & he’s more than proven that through the eons of time. Don’t let him make a big fool out of you. His ONLY mission’s to dupe as many people as he can, make them work for him, & take them to hell with him. Simple. And, yes, he’s having the party of parties using you; when he’s done with you, guess what he does? He throws you out like a vomited on tissue – because that’s what all humans’re to him – a pile of vomit. Isn’t he great? Pope Francis’s a Jesuit – look that up – it’s NOT even remotely good.

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