Pope Francis said five words that rocked the Catholic Church

Pope Francis has been a controversial Pope.

Francis has injected his liberal world view into the political debate.

But nothing compared to the five words he just said that rocked the Catholic Church.

Critics of Pope Francis have accused him of bending to secular liberal cultural sensibilities.

Liberals believe the Church must adapt to the modern world if it seeks to remain relevant.

Traditionalists contend that if the Church drifts from its core beliefs it will lose its place.

Some Chrisitians are concerned Pope Francis believes the Church needs to “modernize.”

Those fears only grew when Francis told a homosexual man who was the victim of sexual abuse by a priest that “God made you this way.”

Breitbart reports:

“Chilean Juan Carlos Cruz, a victim of alleged clerical sexual abuse, claims that in a recent meeting with Pope Francis the pontiff told him that God had made him gay and loves him the way he is.

“Juan Carlos, you being gay doesn’t matter,” Francis reportedly told Mr. Cruz in April. “God made you like this and loves you like this and it doesn’t matter to me. The pope loves you like this, you have to be happy with who you are.”

Cruz is one of three victims of Father Fernando Karadima who were in Rome in late April for three days of meetings with Francis. His comments came in an interview published on Saturday with the Spanish daily El Pais.

It is possible that the pope used those very words and it is also possible that Mr. Cruz walked away with that message, but that the pope’s words were somewhat different. In a matter of this nature, the exact words matter a lot.”

God’s love is eternal.

Pope Francis is correct to tell the man God loves him for who he is. And this could be a case of the Pope’s words being misinterpreted or incorrectly reported.

That may have been the case here.

In his report on abuse by Chilean priests, Francis faulted the Bishops for allowing individuals who exhibited homosexual behavior to enter the seminary.


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85 Responses

  1. Cheryl says:

    There are 2 popes left. One is an ex and the current one, according to the prophecy of St. Malachi, is the last one the one holding the papacy now. Many scholars also say he is the false prophet. His actions show this to be true. We have already seen the anti-christ (or one who fits his description) in the last president of the US. Time is drawing near for the one world government and these 2 will help Satan lead to the battle of Armegeddon.

  2. Nick says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder and Pelosi, The pope, Behar, Hillary, Comey, Whoopi, Baldwin, Beck, Waters, mcShame and Griffin are the poster girls!!!Just more liberal useful idiots on display !

  3. Nick says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  4. Larry says:

    CHEWBOY, God mad Adam & Eve and gave them PARADISE .It was pure and gave them all they needed to survive as human beings , as long as they obeyed his ONE RULE. Do not eat the fruit of ONE TREE. OR YOU WILL LOOSE PARIDISE. WE ALL KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY , THEY DID NOT HEED GOD’S WORD.
    This I do believe , as someone who is 80+ yrs and with little time remainding on this earth ,if their is not a GOD to greet me when my heart stops I’ll be very disappointed. That is if I have time to request forgiveness for my transgressions against HIM, it not easy living in a world so full of SATIN helpers.
    By the way , I do believe we are born male and female it the only way we could multiply as was GOD’S PLAN, when he created ADAM & EVE. ALL THE OTHER DEFORMITIES IN HUMANS ARE THE RESULTS OF “ORIGINAL SIN” AS we are decendents of them. We were perfect before and not we pay the price and we ALL STILL CAN GET THE ETERNAL REWARD IF WE FOLLOW “GODS PLAN”. Such as gays do not have to sin to live in this world, many women and men do not have to sin to survive and do harm to each other, sexually or physical . or mentally abuse each other. BOD BLESWS YOU ALL AND POPE FRANCIS , HE NEEDS LOTS OF PRAYERS.

  5. Terre says:

    This Pope’s a Jesuit- look up what that is – it’s not good; it is, in fact, rife with all kinds of evil. This guy’s working with the powers that be, at the upper echelons, to bring in the nwo. For Francis to tell this guy God made him that way is a slap in the face to the Almighty! God’s Word says exactly the opposite – He calls it an unnatural affection – that man will exchange the natural use of the woman & women will do the same. He also warns us of what the consequences of such a CHOICE will be – yes – it’s a choice – if you’re born with male genitalia, you’re a male; born w/female genitalia – yup, you’re a female. God doesn’t make mistakes. He’s perfect in all of His ways. Period. Yes, God loves this man – BUT – He HATES his sin! Let’s call it what it is – plain, pure, simply sin. For Francis to tell this guy he’s fine being queer is a lie from the mouth of Satan. God says, in living in such a manner, people defile their own bodies, they sin against themselves, the other people involved & against God. But if people don’t read God’s Word for themselves, they won’t know this, will they? Therein lies the problem – people would rather believe the lie than know the truth. That’s also something Jesus said. Funny how He’s always right…hummmm. This Pope, as with most of them, is in apostasy. This’s called wickedness in God’s sight. He’s teaching a false gospel – it is NOT the gospel of Jesus Christ! And what does the Lord say about that? He says – well, look it up – it’s interesting! Don’t take my word for it – don’t take anybody’s word for it – look it up for yourself – be a Berean! I pray the Holy Spirit calls the unsaved Catholics to repentance & gives them hearts that’re moved to come to Him in humble repentance before Him – Jesus is the only one who can rescue us from our sin problem – He’s the ONLY ticket into heaven. Beware. Be prepared. Because what’s coming is horrific; there’s coming a very great deception – it’s going to be so well orchestrated, it’ll look & sound like the truth. But you won’t know it UNLESS you belong to God. Why? Because there’re things that the Holy Spirit shows to only those who’ve made Jesus their Lord & accepted His gift of salvation & are living their lives according to His Word. It’s one of the many perks of being the King’s kid! Look at the skies, weather, the tainting of our food & water, government corruption on a scale not seen since the times of the Romans – these are signs, signals. The breach occured long before 9/11 – 9/11 was a breach – not by whom the main stream news reported – but it wasn’t the 1st breach. Look at where our nation is spiritually. When a nation passes laws that contradict God’s Word on moral absolutes & then punish those who obey God’s Word, that nation’s turned it’s back on God, thumbed it’s nose at Him & rejected Him. Upon doing so, God gives them what they want – their sin, & gives them over to it – He removes His protection from that nation. You see, God will not be made a fool of or toyed with. America, you’re in for very hard times. Unless you turn from the evil you perpetrate & propagate, you’re DONE. We can no longer be considered a Christian nation, as we, as a nation, aren’t following God. And if we’re not following God, who’re we following? Look it up – that’s interesting too! We check everything against God’s Word; why? Because Jesus’s been given the Preeminence & the highest authority, therefore, His Word is the highest authority. It’s by His Word that every person’ll be judged as they’re called to stand before Him. What horror to realize then that you’ve made the wrong choice of whom to follow, to have the realization that master Satan deceived you, made a fool of you your whole life – & enjoyed it immensely – that all you had to do was open the Big Instruction Book for Living Excellently, read its contents & simply follow the directions. But by then it’ll be too late. God will remove His Spirit from this earth at the close of redemptive history. Carpe diem! Sieze the day – while you still can. God’s merciful & loves man so incredibly much, He took the punishment for our sin that was rightfully ours – He paid our ‘fines’, as if our sin was His own. He was the only acceptable sacrifice in our stead, as He lived a perfect, sinless life, He was without spot or blemish. You’ve got to uber love someone to take the blame for some-
    one, knowing they’re guilty, & take the death penalty in their place. Like, really, really uber love them. But He will keep His Word as to the verdict for those who reject Him – He has no choice; He’s a holy God, sin can’t be where He is, & He’s bound by the legal rules set forth in His Word, so He will carry them out. We break His heart when we refuse to acknowledge Him for who He says He is. He’s long since proven He’s truthful. Won’t you please let Jesus into your heart & life?

    • True Believer says:

      Thanks for taking the time to explain to people who have not been saved what they are going to be in for fairly soon since we are in the end times and to READ to good book for themselves and not anyone especially a Pope tell them what is right and what is wrong and how to obtain salvation. Since time is of the essence, they should start in Acts where Paul is converted as he is the apostle to the gentiles and read thru all of his letter to Philemon as all other books in the Bible are Jew only and are there for our learning. If they really want to get into it all verse by verse, go to http://www.lesfeldick.org and start with his tapes But God. After going thru those they they can start with Genesis for all the other learning. It is to say the least, fascinating.

    • Carolyn says:

      Amen, amen! Well stated!

  6. Jean P. says:

    Faithful Catholics do not go to church or drop out because of a certain Priest, Pope, Homily or certain people. We go to worship God . No other reason. One hour a week is not too much to attend to the God who created us.

  7. Jean P. says:

    Faithful Catholics do not go to church or drop out because of a certain Priest, Pope, Homily or certain people. We go to worship God . No other reason. One hour a week is not to much to attend to the God who created us.

  8. Rosemarie says:


  9. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Poop Francine is a tool of satan. He should marry Berry Obamarx and Mitchell Obamarx.

  10. john says:

    I was raised a Catholic, but although I believe in God, I do not attend church, and I know I am one of millions who feel the same way, the church through it’s pandering to the rich and other groups have in fact CHANGED the word of God.

  11. Kevin J. Leclerc says:

    I’m Holy Catholic………….. Vatican II, Rome Ended Catholicism in Rome !!!!!!!!! NOT IN ME,…… Just in Rome !!!!!!

  12. zee says:

    > “Allegiance” ??? to the Pope ??? i don’t think so. hmm.
    I Am a ‘recovering’ RC & proud of it.

    • Bill says:

      As a practicing and long term Roman Catholic and having my primry education under the Sisters of Notre Dame of Coronodolet, we were taught of the ‘infallability’ of the Pope. Ove the yearsI’ve obviously grown up and live in reality and while I admire the Pope, I believe he’s just like you and me, capable of making errors. Please, no follow ups from Catholic Church officials. One thing i must say, hopefully the Church is coming into the 21st century and dealing with issues of the time, whatever they may be.

  13. As a Catholic I am expected to believe in and have allegiance to the Pope, (in this case Francis), as the head of the Holy See. Up until the 2nd Vatican Council in 1962-65, I had done so. After this period, I lost faith in the leadership of the Church. I continue to go to Church but I do so with no interest in or allegiance to the Popes since that period. I saw in John-Paul II and Benedict XVI potential leadership, but was disappointed when they caved to liberal and Marxian expectations (Marxist theology). I expect my Church to be conservative, and to follow the teachings of both Old and New Testament. I could care less in Francis and his misguided attempts at social and liberal dogma. He is a nobody.

  14. Roger Culwell says:

    The main problem is you have held on to a position that Christ filled over two thousand year’s ago, man is no longer a go between to get to God, we can all get to God through Jesus Christ our Lord, no man goes to the Father but by me, man can not forgive sin, only Christ can, when Jesus died on the cross that vail was rent from top to bottom, and Christ became our high priest for ever, and as far as Peter goes he was never a priest, he was an Apostle.

  15. Rick says:

    another idiot who knows nothong
    if you no nothing dont speal of what you notjing

  16. Mike H says:

    Communism is sure making a strong come back. It’s pretty much in every country now. Now we have the pope preaching it also. I have never read about anything in the Catholic Church that is now coming out of the Popes mouth?.And this is a guy that’s protected 24 hours around the clock also.

  17. Rick says:

    another idiot who knows nothong

  18. Amelia Carter says:

    Francis is just another of Satan’s minions.

    • Pat says:

      Wow!! You hit the nail on the head with that remark. He’s absolutely not a real Christian. The Bible is the only real truth. It’s the word of God and the poop (oops, Pope) can’t change the word of God.

    • alrfal says:

      Amelia……..Keep in mind that Francisco is a Pope with TWO FACES !!

  19. Nick says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder and Pelosi, Behar, Hillary, Comey, Whoopi, Baldwin, Beck, Waters, mcShame and Griffin are the poster girls!!!Just more liberal useful idiots on display !

  20. Marc Jeric says:

    That phony Pope was a street preacher of Marxism in the streets of Argentina.

  21. Ronda says:

    I’m a Catholic and have raised my daughter in the church along with the values of the church.We,both my daughter and I attended Catholic school.I, felt very close to Pope Paul.I,felt he was a people’s Pope.I have never felt that about the Pope now.I,felt he was always appointed as, Pope to bring the people’s they felt they were loosing from the Catholic faith.The youth and the Hispanics.Too draw them back to the faith.He traveled all over trying to identify with the youth of the faith and only speaking in his native language in which is relating to the spanish language.I, have never felt close too this Pope.He,was here for the youth,Hispanics and the chaning of time.

  22. Jarhead says:

    Pope Francis should be replaced, asked to resign, retired and sent away from any/all media……he has left the Holy Roman Catholic Church to be a radical liberal political fruitcake .

    • Pat says:

      I just see it like what else is new? The ROMAN Catholic church is just like the ROMANS of old. Remember the Romans killed Jesus.

  23. Janice Lee says:

    Pope Francis is an idiot!

    • josephine says:

      TOTALLY agree!!! This libjerk better read THE bible! God’s word! And especially Romans 8!

      • Rick G Leroue says:


        • Jim says:

          Rick if not God’s Word or writing ✍️ please tell us who did??

        • Bob Fox says:

          Interesting take on the Bible Mr. Rick G Leroue. You are obviously not acquainted with the manuscript evidence, archeological finds that substantiate a lot of it, prophecy and the science of statistical probability. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead and Scripture says that holy men of God were directed by the Spirit to write the Word of God. While you might not believe in God or the Bible, the Bible is clear on who wrote it. You might want to read some books on Apologetics. Apologetic arguments defend Christianity.

        • Nunyer Binnis says:

          Prove it.

    • Rick G Leroue says:

      IF THERE IS A HELL. HOPE THAT’S w3ere your going.

      • Lynn Pressman says:

        Yes ! That’s where he’s going.
        He’s a disgrace to ALL TRUE CATHOLICS..
        BOYCOTT anything he supports…
        Fight BACK PEOPLE…

  24. Michele OBrien says:

    I am Catholic and I have disagreed with this Pope on many things but not this. I agree that God made this gay man gay. I also agree that God loves this man. In the New Testament Jesus Christ constantly preached love for all. Even for your enemies. I feel this Pope is a communist. I think despite the fact he is so educated and so smart he is seriously naive when it comes to the world. I was very angry when he encouraged all Western countries to just inundate themselves with these immigrants from Middle Eastern and African countries. Really? Easy for you to say Pope Francis when you are living under protective guard in a beautiful walled City. How many did you take in? I know you took in that one family for publicity purposes but after that? How many. There was so many things he had said and did that really made me truly dislike him.
    About a week ago he made some remark that led people to believe he may literally be retiring soon. I pray that he does.

    • Rolland Hamm says:

      God would not make this man gay but would give the man freedom for HE HIMSELF TO WANT TO BE GAY. The absence of wisdom, knowledge and understanding is a reality for all of mankind is REALITY. GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING. HUMANKIND IN TOTAL KNOWS ONLY A LITTLE OF WHAT GOD KNOWS. Even the Holy Roman Catholic Church at its 2nd Vatican Council said THE HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC DOES NOT KNOW ALL THE TRUTH BUT IT KNOWS ENOUGH TRUTH FOR SALVATION. The telling fact is even Science in every belief it accepts does not know all the facts of anything.

      • Bill says:

        Gee Roland: You sound like the homophobic idiots running around doing their damndest to eliminate gsay people. Got news fo ya” It’s a proven fact that people are either born straight or gay and we as gays or lesbians disdn’t choose thes ‘lifestyle’ Why on earth would onc ehoose a so called ‘lifestyly’ in which opens them to harrassment, dicrimantion in employemnt and housing, being beaten up on the streets without ptovocation and even being killled just for being ‘who they are’ There are indications the Catholic Church is slowly coming into the 21st century and are starting to realize that gay people like straight people are all made in the likeness and image of God, regardless of who they love and sleep with !

        • Pat says:

          God said “Go forth and multiply”. Read your bible. How can you queers multiply with only each other. It’s a SIN to go against the will of God, so do what you wish and pay for it the hard way. We were given choices and you made yours, but don’t try to defend it against the word of God. You’re absolutely sinninfg in your chosen life style, period!

        • Ed says:

          My friend I think you better read the book of Leviticus and then read 1 Timothy chapter 1 , Read Ephesians and then Galatians. God does not lie nor does His word . He tells you in these books that first of all Sexually immoral activity in the life is an abomination to the Lord. Later when you read the New Testament you find that no sexually immoral person shall enter into the kingdom of God. Any perverse act concerning sexual behavior is what is being spoken of . This includes fornication , adultery , all gays and lesbians and transgender persons. Take this thought in mind Christ says I do not condemn you ,but my words shall condemn you . Reading the Bible is God’s word and God breathed. No matter how you try to rationalize a life style God is not a bigot nor are Christians or Jews who accept the word of God and follow the rules and commands written in the word. Every promise and prophecy has been or will be fulfilled in its time . Some people think that Hell is the end , it is not Satan and all those who rebel against God and His rule found throughout the Bible will eventually be cast into the lake of fire . God does not make anything imperfect . Man has to make the choice to follow God or to follow His own sinful desires and will . We are all born for the purpose of serving God respected His ways otherwise we condemn ourselves by following evil ways and becoming a slave to Satan.

        • True Believer says:

          You are NOT born gay. That is a choice just like you choose your toothpaste. It is not natural but what happens in a number of cases the gay people get a hold of a very young person and the abomination they do to that young person makes that young person want more because it feels good. That is all. If you want to go to heaven or be raptured and not have to go thru the Tribulation, you had better get your spiritual house in order and I mean now because we are very very close. Say what you want, but the truth will come out and for some it will be too late. Sex is for procreation and nothing else. Yes, dolphins and humans can enjoy sex just for the pleasure but with it comes responsibilities which it is evident a number of people don’t want to accept like the abortionists.

  25. Roger Culwell says:

    God only made two people Adam and Eve, the rest of us came because of reproductive organ’s, from them, gay’s are born because some one abused a child sexually some where in your family tree, your blood line, you just check back with your parent’s and some one abused a child is why they are gay, sin’s of the father’s past down, or generational curse’s it’s that simple, a lot of thing’s are past down through our bloodline, that is just more difficult to get rid of God is the only one who can deliver you, I know of one who hated it so bad she cried out to God and got her own deliverance, but some one abused a child, so stop blaming God it was man’s sin’s.

    • Bill says:

      Time for Roger to go back to school and get with the current program. NEWSFLASH; gay people are born that way and so are straight people. I’t’s idiots like promote this BS make life a living hell for many gay paople.

      • Nunyer Binnis says:


      • Roger Culwell says:

        Roger has been to the school of the Holy Spirit, they are born that way because some one abused a child, in the past or they are made that way because some man raped a boy and over powered his will, and it allowed demon’s to come in and cause him to be that way, it’s all because some man raped a little boy, and then it’s passed down, and came come from the rape of little girl’s to, they cause demon’s to come in those children by doing that to them, and even if they get straight there children can still turn out that way. but it’s from abusing children,

  26. Richard Hennessy says:

    There is nothing wrong with what is reported that the Pope said. Unfortunately, in trying to be gracious and emphasize the positive, he didn’t say that God loves this gay person as he made him (a person who has gay attractions), but he doesn’t accept what the gay person does (have gay sex). God loves alcoholics (people who cannot handle alcoholic drink), but he doesn’t accept drunkenness, The solution for alcoholics is to refrain from alcohol. Gays must resist the temptation of gay sex. It is a cross they must bear, because unnatural sex is not permitted. Adultery and a host of other sins are also attractive, but not permitted.

  27. Bill Bratton says:

    It has been prophesied by Malachy over a thousand years that this would be the last Pope, maybe Francis will change the church we know or he will destroy it. The church was infiltrated by gays, communists and Freemasons long ago we are now seeing the result. Dolan in New York concurs with this Pope, it is trying to be a traditional Catholic today, soon we will be having mass served by a person claiming to be a man but was born a woman, men marrying men in the church, the whole friggin world is upside down.

  28. Sherry says:

    I am a fifth generation Catholic and raised my son one. However, because of his liberal ways and political views (Pope Francis) I am no longer happy with the church. If fact my son and grandchildren have left the church and I am considering joining them Loved Pope John but not Francis!

    • Invisible Man says:

      The Pope occupies the Throne of Peter for a short time, and who knows why GOD has allowed this person to do so. I took a wait and see attitude after he was installed by the College of Cardinals, but today, with everything I have seen, I hold to what Pope John Paull II had taught, of the Gospel, Church teachings, and it’s Dogma. These things are not negotiable to any Catholic. GOD’s Law is Eternal, and will not change.

      • Pat says:

        Wow! You Catholics are really brainwashed. You can’t really believe the Pope actually occupies the Throne of St. Peter. Thia whacko popew even okays gay life, abortions, etc.

        • Invisible Man says:

          For you “Fundamentalist types” that supposedly take every word in the Bible literally, you seem to skip over, or interpret what is actually written with your own unique twist. Christ gave Peter, HIS Disciple, the Keys to the Kingdom. Of all the Apostles, it was Peter, whose name in Latin means “Rock” that Christ chose to be the rock upon which HIS Church on Earth would be built. Christ also said that the Gates of Hell would not prevail against HIS Church, and since you are so Fundamental in your beliefs, then you also know that nothing in Heaven, or on Earth happens that is not GOD’s Will. Who knows why this man was Elected Pope, but GOD knows, because each one of us is part of HIS plan.

          • I Ed says:

            I think that you better read how the sentence is structured . You will find that the comas make the sentence refer back to Christ himself and not to Peter. Christ is known as the Rock of ones salvation from old testament to New Testament . The church is built on Christ and not a sinful man. No matter how you try to make it so it is not . There is only one foundation and that is Christ Jesus . Paul tells you that in the Letters of the Bible. Do not allow tradition to blind you to the truth of the word

  29. Richard Edwards says:

    The Pope Is an idiot it says in the Bible that homosexuals are an abomination to the Lord that is why he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah he needs to go back to teaching the Bible instead of his liberal beliefs

    • Michele OBrien says:

      That was the Old Testament. Jesus Christ himself preached love for all. all

      • Invisible Man says:

        Jesus hated sin. Christ preached, “Hate the sin, not the Sinner”.

      • Roger Culwell says:

        what he called sin in Gen. is still sin all the way through the bible to Rev. he never changed one sin, and said it’s ok now, he said repent and turn from the sin. but those sin’s come from abusing children.

        • Invisible Man says:

          Just where do you see in my post that Christ said one sin is now Okay? Do you take the time to read what was written, or do you simply jump to conclusions?

      • I Ed says:

        Michele ,
        since God is the same yesterday and today and forever , He does not change His mind about sin. He is totally righteous and can not look on any form of sin . He turned His back on Christ while he was on the cross due to the fact at that time Christ had taken on the sins of the world. He loves the person , but hates the sin that the person is involved with . Sin brings spiritual death and a separation from all that is pure and holy. Therefore no sin will be allowed into the kingdom of God . If you live in rebellion to the commands of God. Listen very carefully Christ says very clearly I do not condemn you but my words shall condemn you . That means every word of the bible that classifies certain types of sin will be the judge of the life.

  30. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    “Be not conformed to the world” is a pretty clear commandment to NOT follow what the world is doing; instead we, as Christians, are supposed to be endeavoring to conform the WORLD to Jesus! “Modernizing” is what’s killing most of the churches, including the Catholics, literally, since they no longer have a relevant message of hope for the future of anyone. The world doesn’t hold such hope and churches that conform to it don’t either. Relevance isn’t the issue. Jesus asked His disciples if He would find faith in the Earth when He returns; looking at the churches of today, I’d have to say “not very much” but He will always have His remnant!

  31. Jim says:

    The pope is an atheist freak trying to merge Islam and Catholics. Islam is not a religion it is no deferent than Christian Science.

  32. Dennis Miller says:

    Catholic folks are not allowed to read the Bible, they are only only taught to listen to the pope for their guidance. You will never never ever see a Catholic carry a Bible to mass. It will not happen. They are directed by the catacsim or what ever. They go by MANS word only . Do some research and ask questions. If you ask a clergyman in the Catholic faith about the Bible he will tell you to mind your own business and stay away from the business you k the Bible. To the catholic clergymen the Bible should be banned

    • True Believer says:

      You are so right. I have a number of Catholic friends and they all think the Bible is a bunch of fables told around a camp fire. I have converted a couple of them to the truth but my goodness there are soooooo many and we have a very short time to do so as the rapture is just around the corner, as early as Sept. 19th this year.

      • Invisible Man says:

        Are you for real? We read our Bible every Sunday, after Mass. What supposed Catholics do you know that thinks the Bible is a bunch of fables? Somebody is lying, here. I wonder who it could be? Just the same, our Bibles are read at home, not in Church, because the Celebration of the Mass is the Last Supper of Christ, where the Priest Consecrates the Host, which then becomes the Body of Christ. This is done after the first two readings from the Bible, by a Lectern, who is not a member of the Clergy, but someone from the Congregation that offers to do the Readings during Mass. I love reading all the people’s comments who don’t know a thing about the Church, and Mass, tell those who attend Church every Sunday, what we do, and what we believe. I am going to have to try that with you, and tell you exactly what you believe. Somehow, I don’t think you would appreciate it.

        • I Ed says:

          I want you to very carefully read the book of Hebrews in which it tells you that Christ died once for all time. Now you and the catholic church are trying to make Christ lay down his life for sin over and over again and therefore deny that portion of the Bible that tells you that He made one sacrifice for all time. He will not go to the cross every Sunday for the sins of man. The emblems are only a symbol of the beating that He received . By His strips we are healed and by His blood we are cleansed. They do not change into the actual body of Christ otherwise you would be crucifying him yourself weekly. The tell us of His suffering and death and resurrection and soon coming to receive His followers to be with Him for all eternity.

        • Susan Dix says:

          God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Man is attempting to change God to suit their perversions. God’s laws are eternal and have
          not changed. Just because the Pope thinks that God made a man to be
          gay doesn’t make it true. God has not changed His opinion about sexual
          perversions of any kind. He destroyed Sodom and Gommorah for those
          abominations that went on there. It is still man rebelling against God.
          The Pope flat-out lied to the man to make him feel better about sinning.
          He should have told the man to repent and turn away from the lifestyle.
          I guess the Pope wants to be popular and lead people on the path to their
          destruction in Hell. This Pope is a deceiver.

      • Rick says:

        snother idiot who knows nothong

        • I Ed says:

          Rick , the question to you is this , If God is the creator ,preserver , and governor of all things who created you ? Do not tell me your parents without God giving you breath you could not be alive nor could you have an eternal soul. Don’t be so shocked you have a living soul that because of your ignorance will one day face God and His judgment will be sure and final

    • Thomas Schap says:

      I find your portrait of Catholics as non-biblical goons is insulting and silly and an enormous fallacy.

      The Catholic Church’s magisterium (official teaching) is completely dependent and grounded in the Bible. ALL Catholic theology and teachings are fundamentally Biblical. Catholic teaching is grounded in the canonical bible.

      Some of the greatest Biblical scholars of the 20th Century are Roman Catholic.

      • True Believer says:

        You are missing the whole point. Yes, there probably are Biblical scholars but they are not teaching what they know to their sheep who are following them. Unless you are well versed in Latin, you cannot even understand what is being said at Mass. Just a bunch of gyrations of crossing etc. Real Christian teachers are teaching the Bible. Paul’s teachings started when he was converted on the road to Damascus Acts thru Philemon is for the gentile. All the other books are for our learning and Jew only by the way. Even Mathew, Mark, Luke and John are Jew only but for our learning. This is the reason by the way, there are so many different sects of Christianity because they the Catholics were not teaching the Bible or letting common folk for that matter to read the Bible. Tinsdale in the UK, translated the Bible into English so that every plow boy could read the writings and learn from the Bible. Yes, the Catholics did transcribe the books and had wrote many of the old Bibles because back in those days that was the only way to have the written word until the Guttenberg press was invented in Germany.

    • Joan Sheridan says:

      Dennis Who wrote the Bible? By that I mean who put all the Books in the Bible and said they were inspired? It was the Catholic Church. Any good Protestant Minister will tell you that.
      Also if you go to Mass you will see all the readings at mass are from the Bible.

  33. True Believer says:

    He is loosing revenue and can’t stand that. The Church would not be loosing people if they would start teaching the Bible instead of you have to let them interpret because you are too dumb to understand. I understand they are now letting Priests marry which in times past were allowed but because the men were telling their wives what they heard in the confessionals, they had to stop being able to marry which in itself is an abomination. I know I am going to get flack for saying this but in my opinion it is nothing more than a cult, like being a Muslim with all of their pomp and circumstance. Muslims are the same think about it.

    • Michele OBrien says:

      I am Catholic and I have disagreed with this Pope on many things but not this. I agree that God made this gay man gay. I also agree that God loves this man. In the New Testament Jesus Christ constantly preached love for all. Even for your enemies. I feel this Pope is a communist. I think despite the fact he is so educated and so smart he is seriously naive when it comes to the world. I was very angry when he encouraged all Western countries to just inundate themselves with these immigrants from Middle Eastern and African countries. Really? Easy for you to say Pope Francis when you are living under protective guard in a beautiful walled City. How many did you take in? I know you took in that one family for publicity purposes but after that? How many. There was so many things he had said and did that really made me truly dislike him.
      About a week ago he made some remark that led people to believe he may literally be retiring soon. I pray that he does.

      • Roger Culwell says:

        sorry but NO,NO,NO gay’s are because some one abused a child it is an abomination God made only Adam and Eve, every one else was made by there parent’s, God would have to go against his word if he were responsiable and he will never do that, they are gay because some one abused a child sexually and it’s passed down through generational curse’s.

    • Michele OBrien says:

      The Eastern Orthodox church and the Oriental Orthodox Church as well as Eastern Catholic churches allow men who are already married to become ordained as deacons or priests. However if their wife dies they may not remarry and must remain celibate. The mainstream Catholic church does not allow priests to marry or be married.

    • Invisible Man says:

      The Seal of Confession is unbreakable. Priests don’t tell each other what they heard in the Confessional, as once the Priest leaves the Confessional, he forgets every thing he has heard. If GOD can forgive your sins, after a sincere Confession, Act of Contrition, and Penance, that is given to you, to amend yourself to GOD, who then can judge you, as you have been forgiven.

      By the way, there are over one billion Catholics in the world, so we have no fear of losing anyone, except for those Cafeteria Catholics that don’t want to be told not to engage in certain behaviors, or like some, but not all of the Ten Commandments. Unless they repent, and Confess their Transgressions against GOD, they are lost. Their hope, as it is for everyone else, is Salvation through the Blood of the Cross.

  34. john says:

    Well if the church wants to be more “liberal” how about eliminating the weekly mass requirement? seems Catholics are the only religion that is required to do this,that would be much more welcomed than some of his other ideas

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