Pope Francis made one comment that everyone thinks ended his career

Pope Francis and the Catholic Church are facing a massive scandal.

The Pope finally addressed the bombshell report that he knew about the sexual abuse scandal that rocked the church.

And he made the one comment that had everyone thinking his career was over.

The Pennsylvania grand jury report detailing allegations of sexual abuse by Cardinal McCarrick sickened Americans.

This scandal took a disturbing turn when Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano claimed Pope Francis knew about McCarrick and enabled his predatory behavior.

The Daily Caller reports:

Pope Francis refused Sunday to address accusations from the former top Vatican diplomat to the U.S. that he knew of and ignored Cardinal McCarrick’s abuses.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò released an 11-page letter Sunday morning detailing the alleged efforts of Francis and scores of other Vatican officials to protect and empower McCarrick despite knowing of accusations that he abused seminarians. Francis said Sunday he would not comment on the letter, as he believes that it “speaks for itself.”

Francis acknowledged he had read the letter, but said he would let journalists draw their own conclusions about it.

“It’s an act of trust,” he said, according to The Associated Press. “I won’t say a word about it.”

Critics contend that Francis should resign.

The McCarrick scandal has the potential to decimate the Catholic Church in America.

At least one state attorney general – Josh Hawley of Missouri – has opened up an investigation similar to Pennsylvania’s.

Pope Francis had already been criticized for his slow response to this horrific story.

For the Catholic Church to push past this scandal, the Vatican must forcefully denounce the abuse, fight to expose any predators in the ranks, hold everyone accountable and put into place safeguards that prevent this from ever happening again.

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71 Responses

  1. Michele Helton says:

    Thank you Ronald. I pray the same for you also, and for all.

  2. Mike says:

    Some do not. That doesn’t discount those who do.

    I’m not sure who makes “any phony vows.” Perhaps you have been deluded since 50%+ make marriage vows that they don’t take seriously. A vow is a vow.

    IF, by some stretch of the imagination, I were to take a vow of celibacy, I would wish to be in company with those who took the same vow – seriously. “If they want” is precisely what they “want” when they take the vow.

  3. ronald poole says:

    Thanks for your answer. I pray that you will have continued peace.

  4. REALLY?
    Which Church had to have been Founded by Jesus Christ HIMSELF?
    ANSWER: The Roman Catolic Church

    Which of over 44,000 Protestant churches were founded by HUMANS, over 1500 years LATER?
    ANSWER: All of them!

  5. Michele Helton says:

    Ron.. I do still believe that the Catholic Church is the True Church. I acknowledge that man has corrupted many of the teachings but for me that doesn’t change that this is the Church Jesus founded. If I allow the evil and false teachings that have become so pervasive to sway me from my faith that I’m following what Jesus wanted, then I have failed him. Perhaps that doesn’t make sense to others? But when I pray, especially for guidance to adhere to Christ’s teachings, I find solace in my Catholicism. You see, I was christened in the Catholic Church but raised by a Lutheran family member. I was forbidden to attend Mass. For more than half of my life I longed for Something that I couldn’t put a name to. The first time I attended a Catholic Mass as an adult I was filled to overflowing. I just sat there with tears pouring down my face and finally I felt whole. You see, my very soul had ached for this. In many ways being Catholic has saved me. I thank you for responding to my comment Ron and I hope I am able to answer your question, even a little. 🙂

  6. ron poole says:

    Michelle, I just do not understand why would a Christian lady continues to support an organization that puts their faith in the hands of a human. You are missing out on a wonderful experience. Christians do not need anyone other than JESUS CHRIST. Millions of Catholics have been fooled over the centuries. At the end times, Jesus will not ask where you went to Church

  7. Michele Helton says:

    I believe that when Jesus said he was sending a confessor, he was referring to the Holy Spirit and not to a man.

  8. Michele Helton says:

    I don’t trust this man. Yes I am a Catholic and I know this doesn’t reflect of the everyday worshippers – this attitude of his. We believe in the Church that Jesus founded. And the principles that Jesus taught. I have felt that Pope Francis was not going to be good since he began as Pope. He condones things that have been expressly forbidden behavior. He goes against the word of God. I don’t like that he attempts to meddle in American politics or tell us abortion is okay to make room for immigrants. NO! It is Never okay to murder. I haven’t trusted him since he took the office while Bennedict is alive and kept him there. I can’t say why but it feels like a hostage to me. I believe that the reason he is so pro immigration into America is because these people are coming from his background. In the Bible, when foreigners were taken into a household they were expected to adhere to the beliefs and practices of those who housed them. Not take over and destroy them. And this excusing and protecting of abusive priests and clergy is the last straw for me. My son told me when Francis was first introduced that he was going to bring a very bad change within the Church. I will continue to honor Jesus Christ and the laws that he and Father God set down for us. I will continue to be Catholic but I will not use it as a way to condone or excuse what I see happening. God bless you all in Jesus Name

  9. Randy N says:

    Would to God we would diligently study His Word. 2 Timothy 2:15,16 The LORD has put at least 11 clues as to who the Antichrist is, and has been for (centuries!!) It is a religious figure who controls Both church and state!! Who wants worship, and is full of blasphemy, and hypocrisy. This institution is backed by Satan! 2 Thess. 2:3-12, Rev. 13:1-10. There are true Christian’s in every church, however if the foundation is not built on the ROCK Jesus! Then, we’d better be very careful indeed. (Rev 18) I hope that many will see what God has been so desperately trying to get across to us all. Please, please pray for the Holy Spirit to guide in the search for Truth as it is in Jesus. Time is almost over! The last of the prophecies are about to be fulfilled. Let us give the glory to the only One Who deserves it, our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. Amen! John 14:15, Revelation 14:6-12
    May God bless you all as you seek His will in All that you do!

  10. N says:

    ‪Expose, boycott and prosecute all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats post-haste ,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump! Vote Republican in November, no RINOs, please!‬

  11. ronald poole says:

    A fair response. Of course, there are thousands of celibate heterosexuals in the priesthood. The problem is that in an effort to prove that CatholicChristians are different. They are proving they are not. In fact, in that effort, the Catholics are ridiculing Christianity. The fact is that Catholic Christians have strayed so far from the HOLY BIBLE that they are no longer relevant. The end times are coming and the Catholic Church actually will be against Christ, Reminder I did not say the Catholic people.

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