Pope Francis left Christians up in arms with one bizarre betrayal

Pope Francis is in hot water.

The leader of the Catholic Church created a massive crisis as the Vatican prepares for Lent and the Easter season.

That’s because his bizarre betrayal left Christians around the world up in arms.

Pope Francis exploited the season of Lent to issue a fire and brimstone tract supporting the highly dubious theory of “man-made global warming.”

Breitbart reports:

In that text, the pontiff said that the earth “is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth” as “once beautiful landscapes are now covered with rubbish.”

He also denounced a failure to recycle paper and other resources, while calling climate change “a global problem with grave implications” and “one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day.”

Citing “scientific studies,” the pontiff said that “most global warming in recent decades is due to the great concentration of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxides and others) released mainly as a result of human activity.”

“Every effort to protect and improve our world entails profound changes in lifestyles, models of production and consumption, and the established structures of power which today govern societies,” he warned.

Instead of celebrating the time of year where Christians honor Jesus making the ultimate sacrifice, Francis hijacked Lent to promote his radical left-wing political agenda.

During Lent, Christians give up something meaningful from their lives to honor Jesus spending 40 days fasting in the desert before triumphantly returning for Holy Week.

Francis morphed this sacred time to stage a political rally for his pet policy causes.

Catholics are increasingly fed up with this liberal Pope.

They believe he should be spreading Christ’s teachings and instead he is more concerned with Al Gore’s radical environmental agenda.

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141 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    Jesuits are the current Biblical “money lenders” ! As an order, they have done more to plunder nations and cultures by preaching the word of god, while they fill their pockets and that of the Vatican. Francis will do more harm to the Church than all the sex scandals and Crusades combined!

  2. Linda H says:

    Vasu Murti, It took me a few days but I finally finished reading your post. I agree all of those foods are good for you. I like them and eat them. All I can say is that God didn’t give us canine teeth so we could eat carrots

  3. Clydean says:

    Pope Francis is a Jesuit. Read about Jesuits and u won’t be
    so surprised by what he says and does.

  4. Irma says:


  5. Steel Magnolia says:

    ps. & ‘Blessed’.

  6. Steel Magnolia says:

    ps. To Sandra Lee Smith. (IF U come back for review).
    You Are Astute.
    > Be More Astute.
    > READ the Above mentioned.
    > C U In the ‘VeryWhere’ .

  7. Steel Magnolia says:

    Hold 0n. The ‘Signs’ Are Ev’ry Where.
    >Many ‘ppl’s In the Past , ‘thought’
    the Same ie (near end) We Are Still
    Here. HOWEVER, The ‘Signs Today’
    Are Much More ‘Developed’ & 0bvious.
    > ASK for ‘GUIDANCE’ thru the HS (holy spirit) To SEE. & Do NOT be ‘Deceived’.
    > Lucifer IS V. Adept in ‘Deception’. Satan
    Is below Lucifer. How Can You REALLY
    ‘Know’ ??? i dunno. PRAY? for Divine
    Guidance_ YOU WILL KNOW, When ‘that’ Time comes. ps. methinx i have burned up trillions of ‘brain/heart’ Cells
    thinking re this. GOD BLESS. Be Strong.

  8. Steel Magnolia says:

    Sandra, this jd ‘character’ seems to be
    beyond ‘repair’? & No ‘place to go’.

  9. Steel Magnolia says:

    Would ? Any0ne Here WANT to /0R Be Interested to Know
    Some Truth re Popes/ Catholic Church &&
    WHY ALL USA Presidents ‘visit’ the ‘infamous
    Visit To a ‘sitting ‘pope’
    An Excellent READ : The Vatican-Moscow-
    Washignton Alliance. (former Cardinal) pen name:
    Avro Manhattan. Free download, If still available.
    > KNOW History ie JESUITS. ( AHEM)

  10. Steel Magnolia says:

    Vasu is a he.
    clik name & see
    the deal. Where & Who
    supports him. GAK.

  11. zee says:

    Yeah, BACON IS ‘meat candy’.
    I saw a Chef wearing a T-shirt w/
    “Meat Candy”.
    >Then i saw a cartoonie W/ a Corral
    made of Bacon Strips, instead of wood.
    LOL. Eat BACON – Tastes GOOD !

  12. Bob Fox says:

    A lot has been done in the name of Christianity that is not Christian but one would have to know what Christianity is in order to understand what is and is not Christian. Christians do not have to tell anyone they must convert or deserve to die. The Bible alone talks about the sheep and the goats and where their eternity will be spent. Christian’s are called to be part of the Great Commission where Jesus said to Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all the things Jesus commanded. The Great Commission is the Christians’ marching orders. We can’t make people convert, change or believe but we are called to win those to Christ that are touched by The Holy Spirit and willing to change. Those that won’t listen should be prayed for like they did for me when I was doing my own thing.

  13. CHRISTIANS … Do not go around hurting people. They are the most Peaceful People on the Planet. They do not teach that people from other religions should convert or deserve to die. America was founded because people wanted a land where you are free to choose your Religion. That is why America is here. Now, we have a movement of people who want to dictate what Religion you must worship with? That is AGAINST everything AMERICA was founded on. SOMETHING is happening in America and it is something that will strip you of every FREEDOM that your fore fathers fought and died for. FREEDOM is not FREE. No matter haw much time goes by? You will always be called to stand up and fight for your FREEDOM. Here we are again allowing a gigantic overflow of folks that are bent on taking your freedom’s away from you. Allowing them into your Country. It is unfortunate that BULLIES always want to push their agenda’s onto others. Instead, of enjoying their God and allowing everyone to live in Peace. Allowing each person to choose their own GOD of choice. You are the only one going to HELL if you choose wrong. Why is it anyone else’s concern? I vote for ALL FREEDOM’S.

  14. Linda H says:

    Stella Honeycutt, Lola called you an ignorant cultist and you agreed with her. You said in another post that your husband was Gods preacher . Did he believe in the end of time. If he did Lola called him an ignorant cultest. The bible says there will be an end of time. The end of the time when man rules the earth not that the earth is going to explode. You said it yourself, mans turn will end
    That is mans end of time
    Do you still agree with Lola

  15. Linda H says:

    Milton Wiseman, Hi. It’s nice to meet a brother in Christ.

  16. So then what would be the purpose for cows, pigs, etc. if not for food? Pets? Taken for walks on a lease? Playing in the yard with our children? And why was the sacrificial meat that God demanded at the alter in the temple ( BBQ’d I might add) given to the Levite Priest as their share for the work they did? God gave us meat to eat. And being good stewards we use the skins and other parts for our benefit as well.

  17. Bob Fox says:

    Lola, have you ever heard or read about the arguments for the existence of a Creator of the Universe? If not, you are at an extreme disadvantage when talking to someone who has. One of the many arguments is called the Axiological Argument which states that morals and ethics are not what men do but what they should do. Therefore there must be a transcendent being who has revealed morals and ethics to mankind. This does not have to do with anything about religion. If you look around and see what is happening in your immediate environment you will see that everyone does what seems right in their own eyes and what they think they can get away with. What if we all adhered to the same morals and ethics that a transcendent being revealed to mankind? Then there is the question of who determines who the one transcendent being is? It has been done by many people and the answer comes from investigating. Will you investigate or is it easier to say you just can’t know for sure.

  18. Linda H says:

    Lola, As I said above you have a right to your opinion. Your opinion is that people who believe in God, Jesus and the Bible are ignorant cultists. My opinion is you have never read a bible in your life. You listen to the world and believe. But as for me I would rather be judged by you and stand with God than be judged by God and stand with you. My opinion is the same about anyone else that judges me.

  19. Bob Fox says:

    Water Baptism is an act of obedience before God and man and symbolic of one’s willingness to put off the old person and put on the new. Water is symbolic of being washed clean and rising up from the water as a new creation willing to serve Jesus and try to walk in His ways. Jesus did not command the thief to jump down off the cross and be baptized. He told the thief he would be with Jesus in Paradise and this was based on the thief’s belief in Christ. Water Baptism does not save anyone. An infant or any human being not arriving at the age of accountability does not understand the purpose of Water Baptism so it would serve no purpose. Baby dedications would be in order and indicate the parents would raise the child in a Christian environment and dedicate the baby for that purpose.

  20. Tart says:

    I read 2 sentences . After that, I agree with the rest of the comments. Poor misguided veggie freak. BTW, Jesus had fish many times and meat at his LAST supper.

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