Pope Francis just showed his priorities with this shocking move

Pope Francis is cementing his name as the Social Justice Warrior Pope.

He has repeatedly attacked President Trump on everything from immigration to the Second Amendment.

Now the Pope made an announcement that will rile up Trump supporters.

Pope Francis announced that he is hosting a gathering at the Vatican to combat global warming.

Axios reports:

Pope Francis is hosting a gathering next week at the Vatican with executives of major oil producers and investment firms to talk about how the companies can address climate change, according to several people familiar with the event.

Why it matters: It’s one of the most significant developments showing how corporations are working with other world leaders on climate change amid President Trump’s whole-scale retreat on the issue.

Situational awareness: One year ago today, Trump announced his intention to withdraw America from the Paris climate deal, which now has support from every country except the United States. Three years ago, Pope Francis wrote his encyclical — a papal letter sent to all bishops of the Roman Catholic Church — on the importance of addressing climate change, a first in the church’s history.

Last year President Trump announced he was exiting the Paris Climate Change Accord.

In his White House Rose Garden announcement, President Trump said:

“The fact that the Paris deal hamstrings the United States, while empowering some of the world’s top polluting countries, should dispel any doubt as to the real reason why foreign lobbyists wish to keep our magnificent country tied up and bound down by this agreement: It’s to give their country an economic edge over the United States. That’s not going to happen while I’m President. I’m sorry.”

This outraged the Pope, who has made combatting global warming a top priority of his papacy.

But Pope Francis failed to lift a finger when Ireland’s Eighth Amendment – which banned abortion – was on the chopping block last month.

Ireland is still predominately a Catholic country.

So the Pope surely could have influenced the vote to save the abortion ban, but he decided to stay silent.

Now thousands of innocent Irish babies will be sentenced to death by abortion.


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144 Responses

  1. SEABEETOM says:

    Hey Pope, If you want to get involved in politics, how about the Catholic Church pay property tax on all the property here in the UNITED STATES??? PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

  2. Frank Norton says:

    The Pope and Stormy Danials : Two peas in a pod . Both broke Gods Command not to lie. Stormy in more ways that one; with the Pope I am not sure .

  3. Bruce says:

    Why doesnt POTUS use his EO and seize the Popes funds because of the Popes involvement in Pedophilia? That would shut the lying Pope,s mouth. The world knows that there is No Such thing as Global Warming.

  4. Jack says:

    Cut out of the same cloth as B. Obama and company. A walking, breathing, false prophet. I would suspect that Catholics are hard pressed to understand except read again Bible about false prophets in our time.

  5. Mike H says:

    Worst pope in modern history. Can’t take care of his own house. But wants to change everybody else’s .Stick to church Business. You could also call President Trump I’m sure he could straighten it out for you.

  6. N says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder and Pelosi, The pope, Behar, Hillary, Comey, Whoopi, Baldwin, Beck, Waters, mcShame and Griffin are the poster girls!!!Just more liberal useful idiots on display !

  7. N says:

    You libtards want the lib democrat Nazi communist party to run the country like this fool here!!!You libtards should move out of the country and go to Russia or somewhere else and live with your own kind!ASAP! President Trump and America’s patriots will accommodate you!

  8. N says:

    The pope is the Devils disciple!

  9. John Rountree says:

    Let’s see. This guy questions the existence of Hell, and now he is worried about global warming.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      WORSE: Pope Francis just declared WAR on GOD! It’s not man who controls or influences the climate; it’s GOD! Our collective impact is something akin to a gnat swatting at an aircraft carrier, trying to alter its course.

  10. Joan says:


  11. Jarhead says:

    Francis should resign as Pope and stay with his passion with politics.
    IF he doesn’t …….fire him and get a GOOD Catholic (i.e.; NOT a Marxist) to replace him immediately.

  12. zee says:

    The Brazen ‘Beenie cap’ w/ White Dress Speaks.
    Wow. I AM a Recovering RC. & Very Spiritual.
    > WHY Do Remaining RC ‘follow’ this Jesuit ‘heresy ???
    & Don’t Tell me, Ignorance IS Bliss.

  13. meee says:

    the poop is no POPE he is truly from DOWN UNDER, he is EVIL…he needs to be watched carefully. The people where he comes from hate him, they tried to tell us that when he was first elected, but who listened…. GOD SAVE US, he is in with osambo and evil …birds of a feather…. he is a disgrace to the catholic church, they should get et rid of him fast before he does more damage

    • allen heart says:

      The Holy See was wrong about the sun orbiting earth, evolution,, and now climate change. The Church was never mentally equipped for a scientific viewpoint and that hasn’t fundamentally changed.

  14. With the catholic church in such danger with all the corruption displayed by the media, why on earth is our pope getting involved in politics. He should have his hands full just following the bible. Where is his stand on abortion in Ireland? He said nothing. Did the prophesy come true that in our lifetime we will see an anti Christ pope. He retired the German pope so he could change religion just like obama changed our country. We all better wake up & realize just what is happening to our country.

  15. Jack says:

    The Pope should stay out of politics and lead eh Catholic Church! Not interested in his political views!

  16. Jarhead says:

    Pope Francis should make all his comments limited to the Catholic Church + + PERIOD! If he can’t do that he should be asked to resign (or be FIRED), & be replaced immediately. Francis has done more damage to the Catholic Church than all the gay priests combined.

  17. Fran says:

    I wish the Pope would stay out of politics and just take care of the problems in the Catholic Church. We have Gay Priests having partners and in some cases Priests having woman bearing their children. It happened in Ireland and the young girl involved wrote a book after the Priest died and buried with “high honors” about her”live in” relationship and bearing his child. Either let Priests marry or stop the hypocrisy of young gay men using the Church as a haven for homosexuals . I have respect for Cardinal O’Malley and I think he would do a better job at stopping the corruption in Rome and elsewhere in the Church. I am a Catholic, but I resent a Priest giving the impression he is celibate when in fact he is not! There are some Priest I’m sure who keep to their commitment to celibacy, but not a lot.

  18. zee says:

    & some say: the Jesuit wearing a ‘white’ dress & beenie cap is the
    ‘False Prophet’.

  19. As a Catholic I still can’t believe the papal convocation could ever have selected…1) a Jesuit 2) a Marxist theologian 3) a divisive leader 4) a feeble minded liberal social activist 5) a celebrator of LGBTQ life-style 6) an individual who single-handedly its trying to undo all the Church has accomplished after 2000 years…etc. etc. etc. Who in their right mind would listen to an individual who believes he is so all knowing, especially when it comes to American policies, that we and our President should drop to our knees and listen to Francis with bated breath. It would be best for him to stick to destroying his institution before tackling another. He is the purveyor of religious illness, his place is the Church not the State.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      While I’m not a Catholic and never have been, I am somewhat conversant with the doctrines and practices of Catholicism, having grown up in a heavily Catholic area; listened in on catechism classes in my public school classroom (lone Protestant and had nowhere else I could go for that time), and subsequently studied it, along with many other religions’ doctrines and beliefs. I agree with what you state here; it boggled my mind too! And it’s plain Francis is attacking Catholic doctrine as well as global politics. So many of his pronouncements just fly in the face of those doctrines. Makes me wonder if he ever knew them or the Bible at all.

    • Barbie says:

      Pope Francis is a marxist and he can go to hell. His theory is “Do as I say, not as I do”.

  20. Terry says:

    It was written in the US constitution that congress shall make no laws establishing religion or restricting the free practice thereof.

    Based on this a court created a ruling called the separation of Church and state which has been used in the US to silence nearly all christian religious speech and symbols from public view even going after preachers who dared to MENTION at church what politicians supported the religious rights of the people and/or the ones who wanted to abolish them claiming that it might influence the voting of the congregation and thus somehow violate this court ruling about the separation of Church and state.

    Therefore between this and the BIBLE being contradicted by this pope there is absolutely no reason why anyone in the US should pay any attention to what this individual says about the US, its LAWS that existed long before Trump took office, or the PEOPLE’s rights he thinks should be abolished for a false sense of safety.

    Fore every criminal that succeeded in their crime of attacking a group of people (thanks to gun free zones) there have been at least two attempts that failed due to ARMED citizens who were present the media and ANTI GUN liberals refuse to discuss these and focus on the inanimate object the criminals who success was aided by disarming the civilians in the area chose to use instead of the actual reason/motive of the attack.

    Until this hatred of inanimate objects and the owners of the 250+ million legal ones is stopped and the focus returned to why the criminal actually committed their crimes we are headed to becoming just like England (now banning knives etc. on the same excuse), France, Canada etc. all of whom have had mass shootings, stabbings, bombings, murders by use of vehicles (in one incident 84 dead 202 injured the only weapon was a truck) nations where the people have no right to protect themselves, their families, or their nation simply because the GOVERNMENT is in fear of their citizens being an armed people they can not suppress and control.

    When we look to history at the horrors every government has done after disarming those they feared among their own citizenry no one with any intelligence would chose to join their ranks this goes clear back to ancient Rome when Caesar declared that “in a civilized society civilians need not be armed we have the protectorate to defend them against criminals” in nearly every case they then HIRED the criminals in question to be the “protectorate” went on to declare himself a god and the crucifixions of those who refused to worship him began.

    Now we have a pope who apparently never read the Bible or just ignores what it says when it contradicts his personal political agenda.

    When the BILL OF RIGHTS was placed in the US constitution it was done so by men who FEARED that those GOD GIVEN rights that NO MAN can take away would be infringed or outright ignored by the government when they get in the way of some politicians agenda thus they PUT IN THE CONSTITUTION the Bill of Rights that RESTRICTS what the government is allowed to do. Now we live in times where they have restricted, infringed, and now want to remove them all. Speech is now HATE SPEECH and banned unless it agrees with all the PC nonsense. Freedom of religion is now DISCRIMINATION unless you follow the GOVERNMENT IMPOSED RESTRICTIONS on RELIGIOUS Beliefs. Search warrants, property rights, etc. not one of the protected rights of the people have gone unrestricted/changed to suit the governments political agenda.

    All on the excuse of “FEELING SAFER”, “THE GOOD OF THE CHILDREN” or the worst one yet “NATIONAL SECURITY” for those who do not understand in reality these are code phrases for the GOVERNMENT feeling safe to do what they want without fear the people will defend themselves (like we did in 1776 and 1812) taking away all rights of parents concerning what their children learn about morality and their rights (as all tyrants did to create the monsters who blindly follow orders no matter how horrific) and spying on the people to ensure no opposing beliefs or true facts about the governments actions can be voiced in a public venue.

    These were all done under the presidents of the past several decades to slowly eat away people rights so like the slow erosion of a houses foundation few notice until its too late all the while ignoring those who see what is coming and try to warn them.

    • Dianna says:

      The pope needs to come down hard against abortion! God didn’t say Thou shall not kill unless your a women, then you can kill the child I knit in your womb . The liberals did.
      Pray for their souls🙏🏻

    • Dianna says:

      The pope needs to come down hard against abortion! God didn’t say Thou shall not kill unless your a women, then you can kill the child I knit in your womb . The liberals did.
      Pray for their souls🙏🏻 Post it

  21. Marie says:

    The Pope needs to tend to the problems that the Roman Catholic Church and leave the political comments out of his daily routine. In other words MYOB!
    Clean out the pedophiles and gays out of the church! Let the priests marry so that they can stop going after young boys. This should keep you busy for many years! The Catholic people are sick of hearing about priests and cardinals and whoever else is having sex with the children. These are sick people and the Pope is protecting them just as the RC Church has done for centuries. The Romans were a bunch of pedophiles and I guess it continues!

    • Jan says:

      Totally agree, Marie. I also, do not like him promoting abortion by keeping his big mouth shut. To me, he is a poop of a pope.

  22. Dee says:

    The pope needs to stick to religion and stay out of politics.

    • He may think he can cool the fires in Hell, but he is going to be in for a searing shock, and get all heated up! It burn, burns, burns……the fires that can’t be quenched!

  23. Mott D Dorn says:

    He needs to stick with his “Sheep” and leave other issues alone seeing all he is doing is in putting his opinion

  24. john says:

    Do the Pope thing, not the political thing!

  25. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Puck the Fope. He’s a globalist tool.

  26. Walter Martin says:

    He needs to work on CHURCH problems and STAY OUT OF POLITICS

  27. Earl says:

    God bless President Trump.
    Pope Francis , thumbs down.
    The vatican is its own corrupt business.
    They wonder why people are leaving the church.

  28. JEAN-PIERRE BEX says:


    • Connie Carnahan says:

      I am Catholic too, and I think this Pope should be saving some souls and stay out of politics.

      • KarenL says:

        Absolutely right! The Pope should stick to what he’s supposed to be doing, not turning the church into a tool for communism. Disgusting!

  29. Francis Trevallian says:

    The College of Cardinals elected a Jesuit who was a chemistry teacher and by all accounts a mediocre pastor in Argentina. He is not a diplomat whose only apparent claim to fame is his vision of social justice that is not necessarily a vision shared by others in the Curia. His almost vitriolic criticism of President Trump and America may well result in American Catholics of both political persuasions decreasing their support of “Peter’s Pence”, the annual contribution to support the Church in Rome.

  30. Catherine Scott says:

    The Pope should remember that heis a servant of God not a politicaian. The Pope went to the U.N
    And talked about final warming. Then he and Obama preached to the American people how they should lnot band certain Musilum countries from coming to our country. Ones that we had no way to check their back ground. The Catholic Church is having problems, they are losing their parishes,schools are closing. I think he best do the job he was given by the Vatican.

  31. Rich says:

    Maybe the Vatican is offering to pay for all the global warming nonsense. Nobody pays but the good old USA. Not for Trump and not for me. The new world order can kiss my butt

    • Robert Baird says:

      Rich, I would bet my last cent that it was NWO operatives who replaced a ‘living pope’ with this clown. I believe (but not positive) that this was a 1st for the Catholic church. I can’t remember who Francis the fanatic replaced, but I doubt he stepped aside to ‘spend more time with his family’…..lol. The NWO commies were all in for the hildebeast to replace obama, but Donald J. Trump threw a monkey wrench into their plan and over went the apple cart! This is why you are seeing worldwide backlash over President Trump’s administration. The NWO is not about a country putting it’s own people 1st….what an insane concept. Soooo, Rich…..I’m with you all the way…..the NWO can kiss my a**!!!

  32. Gerald Ladd says:

    The cat licks should be real proud. They were hard up for a pope on a rope, and went to a communist country, to get a communist pope! They deserve all they get with this asshole!

  33. Ricky says:

    Strictly a Peronist who couldn’t hold a candle to John Paul or Benedict. Look at Argentina…..enough said.

  34. James D. Mele says:

    I think Soros bought this pope and is pulling his strings. This imposter should kiss President Trumps ring and beg his counsel. I have no respect for him and his misguided left wing agenda. He is no Catholic leader and should not continue the charade.

  35. Mike H says:

    I am very surprised that the pope ,(this pope ),has not moved the Vatican to California with the rest of the nut liberals. Maybe he needs to tear all the walls down so everybody can come in there. Like he wants everybody else to do.

  36. Secora Kersey says:

    This guy is the wolf in sheep’s clothing that we all heard about he is destoring the church from the inside out

  37. Alfredo Dizon says:

    This pope has the devil in him, I tell you all.

    While he sits on his throne surrounded by his many convicted and guilty pedophiles of bishops & priests, he chastises the President of the United States about global warming?

    The Bishop Felixberto Flores from the island of Guam accused and removed from his position in Guam for molesting many young altar boys and his blood nephew, still sits within his circle in a recent photograph and still holds the title as a Bishop. A guilty pedophile!

    Climate change is not the problem, the problem is that what this devil of a pope is not doing for his catholic following.

    Has this pope been to countries in the Far East and in India and Africa where chemicals and soot fills the air? In all these countries, trash is dumped straight into the river, streams and ocean?

    Why don’t he give money from the Billions of dollars held by the Vatican and the countless accounts of the different diocese’?

    Why doesn’t the Vatican challenge Planned Parenthood, or defend the rights of bakers and other business’s the refuse to do business when their beliefs are contradicted by evil “unions” condoned by the secular world.

    The Catholic church is corrupted with the ways of days past when Jesus chased the fools out of God’s sanctuary.

    I hope you see the wrong in all you do, for I admit my great many sins & faults, but many will be led to HELL by this pope and his group corrupted more and more as time goes by…

  38. Julia Marks says:

    At least he’s doing something “positive,” at least in his mind. As opposed to allowing pedophiles to run so free in his “church” that one of his assistants has been arrested for running a child sex trafficking ring. And then there’s his passion for abortion. Caring about us having too much water vapor in the air, and being closer to the sun so that temperatures are rising is, essentially, harmless. For him, that is.

  39. Lewis McCoy says:

    I am a Christian and I have a personal relationship with my savior Jesus Christ. I do not believe that the Pope is my representative before my God nor is he the authority on climate change.

  40. Thomas says:

    Has the pope given up on God and turned to a gathering of mortals? Will he have golden calves and asherah poles displayed at the gathering?

    • Cy says:

      Francis is a Jesuit and an idiot. but I repeat myself

      • Ray Anton says:

        You are right Cy. He is also costing the Catholic Church millions with his obvious left wing leanings and pontifications. I and many others in South FL stopped our church donations the day we saw him hug Cuban career criminal Raul Castro. I now send them to St Jude’s Hospital, Disabled American Veterans and other charities. A waste of a Pope!!

  41. Derek Stone says:

    A founding tenant of the U.S.A. is separation of church and state. You may worship what or whomever you choose to. The government is not allowed to say that you may not worship in your own way. So my question is, why do we care what some buffoon from a foreign country has to say about the running of our country? The catholic church has untold wealth! If this guy is so concerned about the poor people, why then, does he not liquidate some of his vast assets, say a hundred million and give it to the poor. Sell off a few priceless paintings. Sell some of the vineyards they own in French wine country. The list is endless. Religion ….The opiate of the masses.

  42. Larry says:

    The Pontiff’s 3/4 bubble off level…

  43. I am a devout Catholic and never thought I would go against the head of our Church. That said, I have heard since I was very young –“Never mix Religion with Politics”. — And the fact that He did nothing to help the Ireland voters ban abortion is very frightening. Someone above may have said something similar, I don’t have time to read them all. In God We Trust.

  44. Mary says:

    The Pope should be apolitical. We have enough armchair politicians in the media to outweigh action of the politicians. Politicians are useless scum.

  45. TomHall says:

    Pope needs to read the bible.It says obey mans law but also says not to be a part of the politics.Hes literally destroying the church and exceeding his authority.Another prophesy fullfilled

  46. George Semper fi says:

    This would had disgraceful before PC. Now a days il Papa is so far beyond the domain of the area of his expertise he should take his own divine inspired advice and resign before he denigrates further the destruction of Christianity.

    Semper fi Fulton J. Sheen, Malachi Brendan Martin, and Pope John 23rd….

  47. MD Patriot says:

    Pope Francis needs to stop being a liberal politician and stick to the basics of his job…..preaching Christianity.

    • jim hunt says:

      MD Patriot That would almost be funny if it weren’t so sad,where in the bible does it direct anyone to preach Christianity,there is a vast difference in the biblical gospel and Christianity,The Pope is an anti-Christ just as anyone else who believes and teaches false doctrines,christianity believes they are free from the law,thus they are workers of iniquity just as the bible and Yeshua says they are in Matthew 7:22-23,before this is over you will see what I mean.

  48. Carol Waters says:

    Please stay out of politics.

  49. Albert says:

    This joke of a pope means nothing to me and I object to his thinking we should care about his position on GW. I don’t tell him how to run the Catholic church. It’s because of leaders like him that I left the Catholic Church.

    • Gloria Bouiilion says:

      Amen! Same here. God Bless President Trump and America.

    • Linda says:

      I left the Catholic Church at age 12 when I was told I didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell to get to heaven because 1 – I’m not a male and 2 – I could never become a Catholic priest.

  50. Art Ross says:

    Climate change began about 15.000 years ago when it began to warm and all the glaciers thqt covered Canada and the northern tiers of states in the US started melting…the ice is still melting in the Arctic as well as in Antatrtica as well …. Man had nothing to do with that however today the natural Global warming is being augmented by man made warming form smoke and other effluents emitted by the nations of the world… That can be slowed but we have no control over the natural warming which is much more significant than the warming effects caused by man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. 1of50millionArmedPatriots says:

    The hypocrisy of this Pope is inescapable as he picks and chooses which human or now environmental cause that suits him. He has failed the faithful by failing to rid the church of the pedophiles and by failing to clean up the criminally corrupt Vatican finances. God will have a lot to say to this wannabe Christian who has lost his way.

    • marie reis says:

      I am a catholic but have disliked this fake pope. He needs to stick to religion and leave politics to the politicians. He is not a true Christian in my opinion. He always seems to be siding with the liberals. He cannot control the weather; he is not God. Now I know for sure he is some kind of fake.

  52. Rick says:

    this jerk os a false prophet we were told about. Ignore amything he says

  53. gvhparkridge says:

    A Baptized Commie….I guess lost His power to change weather, his committee will handle it.

  54. Frank says:

    The Golden Rule this Pope embraces is he who has the gold makes the rules! Just continue to give all YOUR money to me and you will be fine. Must be a Democrat?
    Oh that is right, this Pope is likely not legally able to vote or to be a registered Dumocrat in this nation?
    I really am empowered to have my opinion?
    GOD Bless!

  55. j.p.theo says:

    It seems global warming is not established. However pollution is a problem – focus on that.

    As a Catholic -this pope breaks my heart. Not a word about the pro-abortion vote in Ireland. Not a word about the Christian persecution in the Middle East. Not a word about accepting Christian refugees from the ME into Europe. Prioritize Sir – prioritize.

  56. Warren says:

    Frances is a Jesuit Puppet Pope for the Bilderberg Group same as obama hillary Bill Bush 41/43 Carter Nixon All Traitors except obama can’t be a Traitor if you are not a Citizen…!!!!

  57. Frank says:

    The Golden Rule this Pope embraces is he who has the gold makes the rules! Just continue to give all YOUR money to me and you will be fine. Must be a Democrat?
    Oh that is right, he is not legally entitled to vote here?
    I really am empowered to have my opinion?
    GOD Bless!

  58. Dr Rose Sharon says:

    This is a Pope that allows Beyonce to be worshiped in his Catholic Church, takes money from Saudi Arabia to build Catholic churches, who endorsed homosexuality, he is nothing but a pedophile with pedophiles priests, what a great waste of space period

  59. Harry Harcourt says:

    He did nothing about Ireland and now he is sticking his nose in American politics.
    Take care of our church.

    • marie reis says:

      Yes, he should have spoken up against the killing of innocent children in Ireland, and did nothing. What a hypocrite!!!!

  60. Earl Spencer says:

    Pope Francis should be holding Mases for Global Warming, I can not think of anyone better than GOD to take care of the problem.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      GREAT response! After all, GOD still is in control of the climate, and is in fact USING it to His purposes at the present time.


    to a certain degree, I do believe in some global warming. we are cutting down too many trees which give out oxygen to the planet. that being said too many children being born, too many homes being built. too much concrete in the world.
    try hemp, NO not for smoking, like jess, a lot of products can be made of of hemp. but big business only cares about profits, not people.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Truth be told, the entire world population could be contained inside the state of Texas still, today. And God’s command was to be fruitful and multiply; that was never rescinded. The problem is more in the stewardship than the space and resources themselves.

  62. John says:

    The Pope needs to re-evaluate his priorities. His job is to save souls and leave the saving of our planet to those most capable. That does not mean that you are far more understanding of facts just because you are a left winger.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      NO; his JOB Is to bring people to Jesus Christ, and to shepherd the flock (care for those who have already come to Him) to be saved. The Pope, like any other human and/or Christian, has NO power or authority to save anyone, including himself.

  63. Dr Rose Sharon says:

    In fact the Pope is not a Christian at all, this man celebrates non Christians than Christians, he never condames the killings of Christians in Nigeria or anywhere in the world, in fact the Pope is a Representative of Satan in the Vatican, every Christian celebrated the move of the America Embassy to Jerusalem while this Pope was busy condaming Mr President Trump for the move, he is a great disgrace and Shameful

    • Frene says:

      Agree! The Pope should take care of his church full of corruption to sexual misconduct. His ambitions is to be part of the political power of the One World Order. Catholics are not damn, they know exactly what he is up to. However, he is still popular in the third world country but it wont be long.

  64. George V Rowe says:

    The so-called global warming, climate change movement is FRAUD of the worse kind.
    Suggest reading: “Blue Planet in Green Shackles: What Is Endangered — Climate Or Freedom?” by Vaclav Klaus.

  65. madmemere says:

    I guarantee his “little proclamation” will “rile up” a LARGE number of Catholics as well – -I just happen to be one of them.

  66. What an absolute disgrace this Moron is. has he lowered his thermostats, does he pay a carbon tax on the Poop Plane, and Limo ?

  67. Thomas says:

    Apparently this pope is cut from same one who supported Hitler after WW2 and letting the NAZI leaders escape. If he bother to read the Paris accords it takes billions of American dollars to spread around the world. Not their money ours.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      That would be Pius XII and he was Pope through WW II as well as for several years afterwards. But Francis is taking it much further than Pius did by far.

  68. jim says:

    No disrespect intended to my Catholic friends or to MOST of Catholic Church.
    This is the most f ed up pope I have lived thru.
    He seems more like a “community organizer / communist agitator than a man of God.
    You really need to get rid of this “whatever”.
    That Polish pope who passed a while back was definitely what a pope was supposed to be.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      What do you expect from a man raised in Peron’s Argentina? That wasn’t like what “Evita” portrays! The 1st 2 pieces of information about Francis I learned told me EVERYTHING I needed to know about him, and they have been proven out, solidly over the past years: that he was raised under Peron’s leadership and that he’s Jesuit. Having already learned the history of the latter and remembering that of the former, he is exactly what I expected him to be.

    • Cheryl says:

      According to the prophecy of St. Malachy, this is the last pope. He is also the false prophet. The big hat the popes wear has the number 666 on the inside. Anyone who has read Scripture knows who wears that sign and what it means (perfect man). The only “perfect man” was Christ.

  69. CaptTurbo says:

    The Marxist fake pope needs to make the volcanoes stop farting.

  70. Kathy says:

    This pope has no business putting his nose where it doesn’t belong…he is infallible ONLY on church doctrine, and NOT on politics…so who is listening? I’m not. He is ensuring more Catholics walk away from the church..already losing many members..I agree…keep our monies here and support OUR president..no one asked Francis his opinion anyway. Whats his stand on abortion? Its ok in Ireland now..once a great Catholic country.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      I don’t think I’d even give him “infallible” in matters of the RCC doctrine; he’s been violating that and flying in the face of it since he took office. I’ve never been a Catholic, but I grew up in an area where I was the lone Protestant in many of my classes, and 1 happened to be a Catholic catechism class (I wasn’t required to participate, but had to hear it since there was nowhere else I could go); later, I made a point of studying various religions on my own and in college as well. WAY too many of Francis’ pronouncements are in direct opposition to Catholic doctrine as well as Biblical Christianity.

      • marie reis says:

        The longer this pope is there, the worse he is getting. He must be working for the devil; he certainly does not follow the Christian catholic beliefs or the bible. And people still think that he represents the catholic church. What a total farce this person is. He should be voted out of his position in the church. What a total disgrace.

  71. francis is NO pope, punto. he is a communist agitator.

    • Jess says:

      What a WONDERFUL Pope. Probably the BEST Pope the world has ever had!

      • JEANETTE FOSSUM says:

        Jess, what have you been smoking?

        • John says:

          Jess you need to start paying attention to facts. The pope is the true definition of destruction incarnate.

          • Gail Davis says:

            Jess: This Pope is a communist. He needs to stay out
            of politics and stick to religion. Before he starts opening his mouth he should start cleaning up his house of pedifiles.

      • You are out of your mind. The Pope is not what you think. He is an ambitious man, not for the church but for himself. He is in cahoots with evil politicians. The church has tremendous problems he is ignoring, he is using the church to promote his political stunt in One World Order.

    • Robert Smith says:

      If the Pope. Is looking for a fight Mohamed the child raper is a subject to get involved in .
      Rape is running wild in Europe..Have a gathering of you’re Muslim followers and address that problem.Stay out of politics.

  72. Joanna says:

    The Pope needs to follow the teachings of Jesus….instead of politicing..Sad a susposed man of the cloth does everything BUT…..

    • Michael says:

      Joanna, ill tell you a joke…these 2 guys were talking…1 guy said the Pope is Argentinean…guy 2 said good…the catholics have been in there to long…lol

    • Jess says:

      He’s following the teachings of Jesus PERFECTLY! What Jesus are you following????

      • Thomas says:

        Don’t recall anything in the bible saying to take anothers hard earned money and give it to someone else.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        WHAT “Jesus” would that be? Even our Lord Himself warned that in the last days (in which we are now firmly ensconced), there would be many false “Jesus'”, a situation which calls for DISCERNMENT. Francis is the BEST candidate yet for the post of “false prophet” in Johh’s narrative of the Revelation that Jesus gave him while he was on Patmos. You must understand, Jesus is the WORD made flesh; meaning HE is the actual Author of the whole Bible, from Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21 ( He had a lot of scribes, but the entirety has only 1 Author), and this Pope is both altering and adding to that WORD, both of which are condemned actions.

        • Linda says:

          I believe Jess is confusing Lucifer with Jesus. Either that or he has given way to false doctrines and seducing spirits.

  73. Dee says:

    The pope needs Tod keep his nose out of our business.

  74. Frank says:

    Appears the Golden Rule is in control, not GOD!

    • Richard McClure says:

      Which Set of Golden Rules are you speaking of. Do unto others as you would do unto ones self or Do unto others and Blame it on someone Else.

  75. True Believer says:

    How absurd. But hey, what do you expect out of a Nazi pope. He should stick to religion. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be the False Prophet. If the Catholics fall for this, they should be ashamed. Besides all the stupidity of climate change, I ask that Pope, how are you going to stop volcanoes from erupting? Like Kilahula in Hawaii spewed more CO2 into the atmosphere that a whole year of the world with their living could ever do. Doesn’t he understand that plants to survive have to have Co2 and then they put oxygen in the air. Oh I forgot, he is an uneducated fool. All he is trying, I said trying, to do is make our great President Trump look like a fool and in so doing is making himself look like the fool he is. All you Catholics quit sending your hard earned money to the Vatican.

    • Jean Forbes says:

      I agree. He is a total disgrace to the Catholic Church. When he announced the Muslims were right re Jesus not dying on the cross I couldn’t believe he would say such a thing. He needs to step down.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        IF Jesus didn’t die on the cross, why did the Romans let Him be taken down? Just asking, since that wasn’t their general pattern with crucified criminals and they were capable of telling dead from alive.

  76. Michael says:

    I understand the Pope is revered by millions…but he puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like me…Global warming was made up by that fat slob, Al Gore and the coalition that figured out they could get rich from it…evan scientists admitted they lied about global warming…this planet has been weather cycling for centuries

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