Pope Francis caused a massive controversy with this shocking tweet

Pope Francis has millions of Americans scratching their heads.

He sent out a tweet attacking a fundamental value.

And he kick-started a massive controversy.

Pope Francis joined the liberal chorus in attacking the Second Amendment.

Francis fired off a tweet demanding governments ban all weapons.

This is another example of Pope Francis straying from his position of leader of the Catholic Church in order to wade into hot button American political controversies.

Pope Francis has fired off statements attacking nationalists, the idea of secure borders and has promoted the fake news hoax of man-made climate change.

His behavior has infuriated millions of Catholics.

They believe the Pope should stand for spiritual guidance and not meddle in Americans’ domestic political affairs that do not intersect with Church teaching.

Pope Francis calling for complete and total gun confiscation by the government is an outrageous attack on American values.

And the Bible never states you cannot defend yourself.

David was armed with a slingshot when he slayed Goliath and delivered a victory for the Israelites and those who believed in God over the pagan Philistines.

Pope Francis has presided over the most controversial tenure of any Pope in generations.

He’s assumed the role of left-wing political activist and he has divided the Church.

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107 Responses

  1. Cyndy Klaene says:

    I think the Pope is his own swamp. He is Evil and He is a False Prophet.

  2. Jerry Rockwell says:

    Dear Pope, That is a great idea. Maybe you should read your Bible. War and attacks against the enemies of God is a central theme in the Bible. If God was so adverse to war then explain why God instructed Israel to take the promised land away from it’s original inhabitants? God encourages nations to fight against evil. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if no one had weapons to fight Hitler? Pope Francis, there were pacifist during world war II that just surrendered to Hitler, and what happened? Weapons are not the problem, the evil hearts of man is the problem. Do I need to preach to you, the so-called spiritual leader of the world? I am very glad it is just a title bestowed on you, because you are certainly not infallible. Stick to something you know a little bit about. Maybe you priests, should worry less about wearing your collars backwards, and put your pants on backwards. That may equal less sexual abuse from you infallible SPIRITUAL LEADERS.

    Let’s call this what it is, a deflection from the sex scandals, you are personally involved in to a subject you are totally ignorant about. READ YOUR BIBLE, and do not become ignorant before the whole world!


  3. bouboulina says:

    Not surprising coming from a Lefty Argentinian variety Jesuit–he is a fly in the sacred ointment of the Vatican–he got in because there are elements among the Vatican cardinals who wormed their way in & share his leftist views & voted him in.

  4. Jan says:

    Thank you , you just said what I was going to say. I’ll just “ditto”. Hes not a pope and we need to get rid of him.

  5. St Anthony says:

    I think Pope Francis needs to clean up his swamp

  6. Joanna says:

    The Pope does not stick to religion either!! To me he is nothing but a damn fraud!!!

  7. Lulu says:

    I think he’s destroying the Church from within. He’s not a pope and the Church needs to get rid of him now. I have not said this before, get out of my business and stay out and don’t tell me what I’ve said!!!!!!

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