POLL: Did Epstein Commit Suicide

POLL: Did Epstein commit suicide?

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell in what was “officially” labeled a suicide. Authorities claim he snapped his own neck.

But there are some things that don’t add up: there is no security footage of the inside of the prison complex where he died, the rotating guards didn’t check his cell every 30 minutes like they were told, and he was transferred to an empty cell even though they had a cellmate for him on hand, and the official coroner’s report is “pending further review.”

Plus, Epstein has dirt on a lot of very powerful people whose careers would be 6 feet under if he squawked to authorities about them. Two such people are Bill and Hillary Clinton, who have been surrounded by many mysterious and unexplainable deaths of people tied to them.

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